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The “truth” is …a loaded word

Are you saying that “No- I” is the truth? Are you saying that all religious teachings about God are false?
No. I am not saying that. I am saying that “truth” is a loaded word. All we have are perceptions based on a state of consciousness. There is no way for the “I” to change “his” consciousness, thus it follows that there is no such a thing as “free will” for the “I.”  “No-I” is Oneness. If you cannot perceive that, then free will and predestination become important “keywords.”

For instance, someone has a near death experience. His experience is not the “truth” but only his experience at that point in time. Others may have a similar experience. There are some religions believing in a God. There are others which do not even mention God. Which one is the “true” religion?

It depends on the state of consciousness of the followers and their experiences. However, many followers do not honor their state of consciousness, what they can actually perceive, but rather follow blindly what someone else will tell them, hoping to gain some “benefit.” Then, a belief becomes  more important than honoring your consciousness. 

Let me explain in a different way. Your senses will give you a perception. What you perceive is not the “truth” but merely what your senses are able to perceive.
You see a table. That is what you can see and touch. Humans with similar senses, have agreed that in fact, there is a solid table there. Any scientist versed in quantum physics will tell you that matter is mostly empty space “in reality,” thus our perception of something solid is not “true” although for us, it is.

Is the scientist version the “truth”?
No! for that is not our perception neither the scientist’s perception. It is theoretical. Thus,”No-I” is not the “truth.” It is a perception based on a state of consciousness.

So… the truth is that everything is a perception based on consciousness?
No! Please don’t use the word “truth,” for that little word will not allow you to look deeper. I am pointing out that many perceptions are possible out of a “fact.”

Death is a final fact for some. For others is a transition. Some who have not experienced the “transition” want to believe in that, then at that moment inner dishonesty follows. From that point, a perception is changed into an ideal.

When you are not caught up in finding the “truth,” you may see the “truth” of it… 🙂
Honor your consciousness, allow it to change… That is to be one with Life.

What is real?


Relying faithfully in the information that our senses transmit is a great way to forget about our eternal nature.

What we perceive with our senses is not necessarily real. As a matter of fact, the outside perception is possible only through a referential entity: ourselves, which is made up by our experiences and thoughts.

This collection of information gathered through generations, make up a collective consciousness, which becomes the agreement of what is “real.”

Quantum physics mentions that what we perceive as matter, our bodies and everything else, which are composed of electrons, are particles and waves of light at the same time.

Please see that any “truth” which explains life as being just “one thing,” is denying the other side of perception.

Our physical eyes allow us to perceive matter. Solid particles which get together and make up bigger elements. Our eyes cannot perceive waves of light, which is the other “reality.”

Aren’t we, matter and energy at the same time?

If we trust in what we perceive as being “true,” we will find out that we are missing a different perspective.

That is why consciousness is not related with outside information, which we cannot truly know; (knowing as “being it” and not information or definitions) but instead is related with the understanding of that which we are. That is “being it.”

Take the thoughts away, take the ideas and beliefs out, take the emotions out. What do you find? 🙂

Look at your face in a mirror.
Take a picture of it.

Look at your face in the same mirror ten years later.
Do you see the change?
Is that change you? 😉

However, we have an inborn “idea” of what beauty is and we compare the past with the present, even though we are never the same. We are always being and becoming.
That idea of beauty is there. Even though we understand that our face in the mirror is not truly us, when we hear someone calling us “ugly,” then we accept that information and behave in a certain way.

We believe to be “ugly” and we start building a complex of inferiority even though we could realize that those changes in our face are not really us. Beauty is a matter of perspective. However, when we call something as “beautiful” we create automatically, that which is ugly. Duality.

Why is it, that we cannot believe in the information that we “clearly” understand, that “I” am not that “face in the mirror”?

Because we are not conscious of who we are. Our eternity, through the recognition of the “reality” of “self and no-self.”
We only understand that mentally or as a belief, as “nice” words, as information.

We could say that we are souls or spirits, but that does not mean a thing when there is no consciousness beyond the information coming from our senses.

To say “I am not the body” is not that useful when the idea of what “I” am instead is something, which “I” have not experienced.

The realization that all information which relies on my sense organs is not necessarily true, will give me the opportunity to look for that “truth” in the only possible place that I could find it, which does not rely in my sense organs, that is in discovering what is “me.”

Quantum physics and Spirituality

This experiment in quantum physics named the “double slit” experiment shows that mater as perceived by a “normal” human being is not so in “reality.”

Most human beings will perceive matter as “particles.” However, as we can see in this experiment a particle could be a “wave” as well. This paradox has been named the “wave–particle duality.” If you would like to know more about this, please read this wiki article.

By watching this practical video, we can see that everything depends on the observer who is “measuring” what appears to be “reality.”

How is that related with spirituality?
Spirituality had the answer long ago. There is a pre-ordained Drama which moves everything from the quantum level of the electron through a particle. This is something which Science hasn’t quite figure it out.

There is also a “role” which perceives and observes the things happening in the Drama in a particular way. That role is within the Drama.

Observation based on expectation (as in the experiment) is not observing but inferring, thinking.

This is the same phenomena that a human being displays. When we observe life, when we observe our own inner world; we already have an expectation of “what to get out of it.”

If “I” observe “my thoughts,” it is so I can get rid of my wasteful thinking. That is an expectation which will not allow me to observe.
This is why, reality as it is or “truth” could be observed when that “I” is not there, for otherwise; there is thought and with that thinking there is an entity called the “me” manipulating information based on previous experiences.

To understand this principle of duality means to understand the principle of “being and non-being.” A person immersed in spirituality, may want to consider the following points:

1) what “I” observe is not necessarily real.
2) What my logic and reasoning are able to find as “facts,” are not necessarily true.
3) There is a paradoxical quality in very phenomena in life, so if “I” attach myself to a particular belief or concept; “I” will be missing the other side which duality brings. There is the reality of the concept but also the reality of the “no-concept.”
4) As long as there is “I” there cannot be the whole picture. “Truly” observing is not possible.
5) The way we have perceived the world as emphasized by “traditional” physics, mathematics, history and any other source of human knowledge is not truly real, for the “I” has been lingering in that observation. This is what is commonly known as “biased” perception.
6) This is the reason why we should not be attached to a concept or perception of the senses, for it is a half-truth as best.
7) Egolessness is the way to observe without bias.

A drop of water belongs to the Ocean just like a human being to the Drama of life. To feel separated as “me” different from life, means not to see the “reality” of being the same thing at the same time.

It is my “effort” or my “fortune”?


The question of “my fortune” or “making my own effort,” usually comes up in souls who have thought a bit about the concept of predestination.

Question: If everything is predestined, how is it possible then to be “my effort?” that is the million rupees question! 🙂

Then the “typical” politically correct answers will say something like:” You don’t know what you did in the last cycle, so you have to make effort.” But then we hear something like: “What Baba can do, if that is in the child’s fortune!”

Then, my favor politically correct answer, arrives: “It is your responsibility/effort before something happens. After that something has happened, then it is Drama/predestination.”

Sounds good huh? 🙂

At the same time, that answer proves that what is truly important is not the “before” or “after,” but the “NOW.”
Neither what happened yesterday nor my golden age status, but “now.”

Now that we have a better handle on duality, then we can understand something else; we can really grasp the concepts of “being and non-being.”

Those words weren’t my invention. Quantum physics talks about it as well as some scriptures.

Since predestination (Drama) is the opposite of “Free will,” /”my effort.” Then… we can see that both concepts are complementary of each other, just like day and night. That is duality….

So… it is “my effort” or it is “my fortune”?
Both at the same time… 🙂

Any rational, logical analysts out there who cannot understand that concept of “unity of opposites”?

Of course, all this rationality is just to display the illusion of “power of words.” In reality those concepts are just a description… just information… words… their utility resides in making us “think.” 🙂 and keep the mind busy with knowledge…

The experience of living life is beyond those things. That is why the key is to experience the “being,” the self first… so then, we are ready for “non-being.” 🙂

Wait a minute… Baba hasn’t mentioned those words… that is your Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, New Age “manmat”! 🙂

Being is the awareness of our existence. The physical world. Non-being is the soul world. Seet? 🙂

Spirituality is beyond religions…

Being and Non-being: The never ending circular path


The paradoxical aspects of reality are finally starting to be grasped by “quantum physics.” There is a possibility, a chance a “hidden card,” which cannot be known by traditional physics and science.

Realizing not knowing is progress leading into knowing.

When we translate that “finding,” in our reality as human beings; we realize that we are not only “humans,” but “beings.” We realize that to be only in the consciousness of a “human,” is not allowing us to see the other half. At the same time, discovering “being” means to realize that we live in the world of humans. That is the balance.

Gyan is very paradoxical; that is why it is very difficult to be understood by “normal” people who have been indoctrinated in analysis, logic and reason alone. The truth is more than that, and I cannot define it or cage it in words.

In Gyan we have the paradox of “free will and predestination.” We have the paradox of “our future is your past and your past is your future.” We have the paradox of the “unique moment,” which will always come back. We have the paradox of being multidimensional beings according to our consciousness: physical, subtle or the soul.

In spirituality and the knowledge of the self; all of that will take us into the paradox of “knowing or perceiving,” the paradox of ego and egoless-ness, the paradox of being trapped in physical consciousness with emotions and dual thoughts; then to move into a subtle consciousness through feelings, to realize the being, the naked self… however, that is not it… then comes “non-being.”

In Gyan those words are represented through the experience of the physical reality which transforms into a more subtle reality to then be aware of the soul which eventually will “return home,” that is to a world of “non- being-ness.” Once there is that “experience” (There is no “experiencer” at that point) then the cycle will repeat, through the experience of the physical realm again. It is a cycle.

The above knowledge is not a “trademark” of Gyan alone. It is “universal knowledge” of the self. The issue is that it has been “interpreted” in different ways by different people who have not had the experience themselves and then used words “literally” not realizing that spirituality cannot be conveyed literally in words. That experience escapes words.

Christianity is a good example of the above. The teachings that we know about Christianity at this point in time being taught, are not really from Christ. Those teachings have been interpreted by the main “disciple,” that is Paul. That is what we usually know.

St. Paul was a roman citizen. He had more education than any other disciple. He was part of the “in” group of the time. He was part of the “higher-ups” at that time.
To make the point, the verse in Matthew 5:39 (TRANSLATED BY THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION) mentions: “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

The above is a profound teaching. Here are some interpretations:
and some quotes from Nietzsche, (whose writings I used to enjoy in my teenager days.)

As we can see, everyone has its own interpretation; everyone who does not have an experience on ego, duality, karma and the roles of the soul. An interpretation without Spirituality.

The path of non-resistance has been practiced by many. Gandhi had his own version. At the spiritual level it could mean to “accept” and to strip down that ego who believes in “possessing things.” – “My cheek.” Then, here is everything else for you… 🙂 Buddha also taught something similar when someone spitted on his face. He thanked that person for the opportunity he had to find if there was any anger in him. He told that person that he didn’t have anger. Then when that person came back the next day to ask for forgiveness; Buddha told him that there was nothing to forgive, for that was “yesterday,” and he wasn’t angry. However, if that sense of guilt was so great in him, he could ask for forgiveness to his disciple Ananda, who in fact; became angry by the action of this person.

Different “interpretations” according to our state of consciousness. Many let themselves be taken literally by what the words mean, when the spiritual meaning could be behind those words and could be understood by those who have experienced the experience. Those teachings cannot be understood by the “normal” people who only have analysis, logic and reason in their heads; for spirituality is paradoxical; in the realm of “being and non-being.”

Question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qngieHWZXcM The Quantum Physics said that the whole world is ONE consciousness, and everything is made of “consciousness”. Which mean, everything is consciousness, even the table, the chair, the plant… But as Baba said, only animal and we soul are consciousness. How do you think about that?

Thank you for your question!
Good video to watch.
Dear soul,
What you re referring to as “all one” is the concept that Gregg Braden in that video mentioned: “Everything goes back to a seed the size of a pea” or something along those lines. Braden is referring to “matter” not consciousness.
Baba says that we are souls. Have you experienced that?
That is all that matters.

Below some “concepts” that I was able to pick up from that video:

1)”nothingness got everything.”
That is an absurd
We know that everything has always existed. This concept goes hand in hand with the first and second law of thermodynamics. “Existence has always existed and always will”- TM avyakt7) 🙂

2) Hear the explanation about ” one electron” change that into soul… See that there are no objects (individuality) just relationships…

3) Gregg Braden (all one) matter…there is no separation between electrons, no separation between people… Individuality is an illusion…the brain very cleverly puts it all together… we are creating our own reality.. we are the imagination of ourselves (this comes from Billy Hicks, a comedian- towards the end- He makes way more sense to me than many scientists together … 🙂

Someday, scientists will find that it is a destined “Drama.” But requires to be sort of egoless to “see that” and understand it without “blind faith.”

Best wishes!

The 5000 year cycle and the quest for proof according to our consciousness…

This article is dedicated with love to those who can understand it…according to the Drama… 🙂

This is a casual talk between Mathias, a wise tree; and Ananda, an “old child” with interesting questions…

Ananda: Mathias, I have a question: If the cycle of time lasts 5000 years and every star in the sky is moving. How is it possible that I will observe the same stars in that same location every 5000 years?
Mathias: You have to have faith…
Ananda: I want to understand. Mathias. 🙂
Mathias: When the cells of an animal are ingested, do those cells form part of the one who eat the animal?
Ananda: We can say that yes and No. The cells are there but they are not the same cells ingested previously for they are transformed into fuel which goes through the circulatory system.
Mathias: Interesting answer, friend.

Mathias: We will talk about quantum physics. Do you know about it?
Ananda: Sure. It is the world of electrons and atoms. Where those can be potentially in many locations until the observer is conscious of them.
Mathias: Something that is in one side can be in another side at the same time?
Ananda: In classical physics that cannot be possible. In quantum physics that is perfectly possible.
Mathias: How does that occur?
Ananda: Because in quantum physics we talk about elements without matter. So there is no location.
Mathias: No? Why not?
Ananda: Because at that small level, there is no matter per say; but waves, energy; so there is no location, ubication.
What is interesting is that something that doesn’t have mass makes up something “bigger” that has mass.
Mathias: Something that doesn’t have locality makes up something that has ubication….
Ananda: Yes!

Mathias: What was your question?
Ananda: If stars move and they have different movement, how is it possible for them to be in the same location in 5000 years?
Mathias: You mean, they have one ubication and one locality….
Ananda: Exactly. How is that possible for the same star to be there in 5000 years?
Mathias: What you have spoken with me doesn’t answer your questions?
Ananda: Yes, but we are talking about stars, celestial bodies which have mass and locality.
Mathias: And that mass and locality is there and is not there…
Ananda: Then we are saying that everything could be real or not real…
Mathias: It depends on what?

Ananda: Depends in my understanding. Which depends on the role which is destined for me to play.
Mathias: Then, if that is destined, then … what you don’t understand?

Ananda: What I don’t understand is how is possible that when I see the sky in 5000 years the starts will be there, exactly at the same position that I see them now?
Mathias: You understand… You just want to put it in words that others can understand.
You have said the exact answer. There is a part that you have said that Mathias does not agree. But it does not mean that you are wrong. It is your perception now who is taking you to this answer. That will change…
Ubication, locality, to be or not to be there; depends on our understanding.
Collective understanding makes up something. That celestial body is also matter. Matter is transforming just like the cells of that animal transforms and make up the blood of the one who ingested the animal and becomes part of him. Those celestial bodies also move. But not just in the way that human’s believe: rotation, translation … That is limited. That is like saying that you can only move by walking or running.

How would you describe the change experienced in meditation? Supposedly you have moved. What has moved? Your consciousness. In that level of consciousness there is a perception.
Human beings nowadays are in a distinct level of consciousness. In that perception there is a location and ubication. When you go back to that location and ubication you will have the perception arranged to that particular location and ubication.
Ananda: I understand now!
Mathias: Your location and ubication has changed.