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Harmony is out of the mind

Have you heard the singing of a yellow warbler or a robin bird?
Be aware of how you feel. You may enjoy it.
Those sounds have a pleasing effect on us. There is coordination, balance, symmetry, agreement, peace in that. It happens without rehearsal, naturally.

That sensation we label as “harmony.” There is agreement with the environment.

I could take someone right out of that sensation if I ask:
“Why do you like that singing? Please elaborate.”
Even worse, I could ask: “Why do birds sing?” Then meaningless answers may arrive: That is the way they attract potential mates. They are protecting their territory. Truly, a bird does not DO things out of a plan, an objective. That is rational, not harmonious.

The mind keeps questioning. It keeps coming up with plans of action. Ideas, ideals and fantasies filling up our time.

Inner nourishment and delight is in the experience of listening to the bird’s song, not in knowing intellectual answers.
We only have preconceptions based on our human expectations and understanding of the world. Can’t ask the bird for “answers;” instead, ask your neighbor: “Why do you breathe?” Then, we could realize the value of our questioning and spare the bird from a meaningless question. Intellectual questions/answers are without fulfillment.
The intellect, reason, logic have a place in Life. That is the “office world.” We can hardly survive in that world without it. But to know harmony, we may need to open a different door.

Enjoyment of Life means to enter into that door of harmony.

Our “black or white” mentalities are not “trained” for harmony. We want to live Life in the “right” way, which is to follow a set of rules, commandments, expectations that we believe to be the representation of “righteousness.” We will apply those rules every time, the goal is to be consistent with our ideas. To be “right” we must get rid of “wrong.” “Wrong” is our definition of unacceptable…. Living in that intellectual, conceptual manner we lack fulfillment, harmony.
Harmony is not an idea, a concept. There is nothing to get rid of to make things “right” but rather to integrate. Can we integrate “right” with “wrong”? Not in our minds. Our  strict “concepts” and ideals do not allow for that. 

A song does not have a preconceived structure. It does not follow a particular pattern. A bird does not have limits of what is “right” or “wrong” to sing. Those are only expectations of the human mind, which are obstacles to discover joy.

“Mind” the environment. The inner and outer world. Be aware of the discordance of our own voice. Have we heard how unpleasant the sound of it may be? What we ARE manifests in so many ways.
Harmonious living cannot be put into a recipe. There is no method to study, concept to DO or commandments to follow.
Harmony changes continuously. Every song Life plays even though different, is in accord with the time, setting and environment. That is why, no one could teach another to be harmonious. Moving with it, is not following it. That is beyond the limits of any sort of “spirituality” or moral standards. Without harmony; enjoyment of Life is reduced to another method to “practice” and achieve by our monkey mind.

An enticing “objective” only to dream about. 🙂

The wisdom of contradiction

To complete the last article, consider this:

Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” ( From Batman Begins)

The above is a “spiritual” quote with the teaching to “never give up.” Nevertheless, it is not the complete phrase describing Life.
“Why do we rise, sir? So that we can learn to fall.”

Now, that is the complete experience.
To rise and fall come in the same package. Those are not different things, as we have been conditioned to believe. Being “successful” is only a word that we use to segment our lives. Yes, you can be “successful” at work, in sports, in your family life, at church, and whatever else we may think that we are “successful” at. BUT, that is not the whole package.
What about your health? What about your inner peace? What about your fears? What about your sex life?
Are you “successful” in all those facets at the same time, for as long as you live?
Under the above “reality” the perception of “success” and “failure” will vanish.

Now consider this:
“The true path is to go North. Follow me.” Sounds familiar?
That is incomplete.
However, the sage came a few days later and said: “The true path is to go South. Follow me.”

His followers were baffled. Why is this sage contradicting himself? Logically, there is no “truth” in contradiction! He is not a sage at all!
Which one is the true path? It is North or South? There cannot be both!

The sage gave the full experience: North and South. His followers may need a little de-conditioning to understand that.
If you could walk North all the way on Earth, wouldn’t you end up South?
That is “reality.” However, our minds are conditioned to perceive North and South as 2 different things. The “reality” of their difference is only referential.

Most religious “spirituality” avoid the full experience and embraces only one side of their own creation of duality.
“Do not do this…” This is the “true” path!

What could be the practical lesson out of the above?
Any spiritual path which does not embrace the whole human experience, is only a partial path.
Any religious holy book embracing only one side of a duality, is not the complete path. It is partial. It may have benefits for followers, yes… but it is not complete.

Self-realization is a path of inclusion,  completeness; where openness of that which we know as “I,” opens in such a way as to disappear in the immensity of Oneness.
That openness can be labeled as “surrender” ”egolessness” or some other “spiritual” label.
“You” are God, not because you ARE, but because “you” ARE NOT.
“You” are Life, not because you ARE the same as Life, but because “you” ARE NOT.

When “you” ARE, you cannot be anything else. “You” ARE stuck in “you,” so self-absorbed that “you” can only separate from everyone else and Life. The paradox being that that which we think we ARE, we ARE NOT. What you put in words, is not.
Perhaps, this is the main issue with “spirituality “for the masses:
It is so concerned in making believers become something that they ARE NOT instead of supporting the seeking of who they ARE.

When you find who you ARE, you will find all the answers, without asking a question.  🙂

Quietness to know

To know in words who we are, who God is, what will be our future, how to live Life, etc. is never going to allow us to BE the answer. It will only give us an answer. Right or wrong… it is all the same.
Fear to live, fear to die will remain despite “knowing” the answer. Then, of what good is to know an answer?

We may have many questions about Life, but lost in questioning we cannot enjoy what is.

Enjoyment is in a quiet mind.
We cannot “make” our minds quiet, we need to allow it to experience that quietness. That is all. Any use of force will be a violent action towards our mind, a step away from quietness.

Here is something that I have learned: There is nothing “spiritual” in just “doing,” in acting to fulfill an ideal. If we qualify an action as “good, spiritual, moral, etc.” those labels are only taking us away from the observation of our own feelings.

Feel quietness, feel at peace and our actions cannot be away from that feeling.
There is nothing coming from the “outside” which can make us quiet, constant peace as a natural state of being. Quietness needs to happen naturally without any type of “effort,” or labor to be “real.”

“How do I obtain that?”
You don’t. It happens.
When the “I” is open enough to allow for things to be as they are, when the “I” is open enough to be at ease with his own company, when the “I” is open enough to invite Nature and its harmonious make up, into our own selves.

That change is slow, for we may need to seek silence rather than noise, seek solitude rather than loud company, rest rather than movement; free time rather than busy-ness…

If we “do” these changes in ourselves to try to “achieve” quietness, peace, etc. we could never obtain it. It is impossible.
Because achievement is of the “I.” What could someone “achieve” if we are aware that we are ONE with everything?
Nothing… but by being separated, then there is an “achiever.”
I am not saying that to “achieve” is “bad,” No!
I am saying that quietness, peace, solitude and tranquility are not achievements.

Those will happen naturally as the “I” opens its own preconceived, structured self.
There could be a method of “meditation for busy people” but there cannot be a method to reach “Tranquility,” for that is BEING it.

Simplicity in living. Simplicity in being… those may be necessary to experience that quietness. This means to be uncomplicated, easy…
Knowing is hidden in that state of BEING.

That is the knowing necessary to live and die without fear.
The answer is there. But that “answer” does not come out of a question. It comes out of BEING.

We will get there… whether the “I” wants it … or not.

We make our destiny? OR Is destiny already made?
Isn’t destiny “you”? Isn’t “you” destiny?

A mango was sitting on my countertop. It was still green.
Have you noticed how the mango changes to become a ripe mango even though away from the tree?
Is the mango at anytime separated from Life?

We see 2 different things: A mango and everything else… Life. Nevertheless as time goes by, as Life changes, then the mango will change.

Let us assume that the mango had “consciousness,” the mango has an “I.”
Wouldn’t it be silly if the mango said: “I want to make effort to become ripe” or “I want to be ripe now.”

What would happen if the mango had the ability to dream about the future?
“I see myself doing this….10 years from now.” There is nothing wrong with having a dream, but Life changes will shape that mango to become something… when we become obsessive about the “form” of the change, then we have a particular objective: “I want to be xyz” but the end result, destiny is meant to make the mango ripe. That could be through any experience: I could be a beggar, a millionaire, etc. The end result is to attain insight, to be a ripe mango, ready for other experiences which will bring growth.
Growth happens through different experiences in Life, it means further insight.

Human mentality is caught up with “change” in a way which does not acknowledge Life.
“I want to change the world.”
The world will change by itself. That “I” is part of it.
“I want to change myself.” That is the hardest trick to do. Could you grab your shadow?
Don’t you see that you are the mango sitting in my countertop? Change will happen “naturally,” it may not be what “you” expected, but believe me; it is exactly what is needed…it is the experience that will make further changes for you and for all.

Are you interested in finding the absolute truth?
Some like to exchange one word for another, they may call that “God.”
Your perception, my perception, their perceptions… all of them have their own truths and falsehoods.

Since there are different perceptions, what is the truth?
🙂 It is a matter of utility. Today your truth has utility, tomorrow it is mine.
What do you desire? His truth, her truth, their truth?
Look at your heart. Feel the direction of its beating, its pulsing…for if you pick right or left, it does not matter…still you will find your destiny… just like the mango sitting in my countertop.

The heart has the answers. The head can only think of questions. Is that my truth?
No…my truth has falsehood and my falsehood… truth. 🙂

Is the answer more important than the question?


“There are no “bad” questions; only “bad” answers. “ We hear that cliché all the time, which is meant to encourage the shy ones to ask a question…

Let us take a look at this heart-felt quote:

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

A question will set up the answer. GIGO : “Garbage in, garbage out.”

In the realm of spirituality, in the realm of life; there are no “why’s.” Things happen “because” that is the way it should happen. No need to discover the “cause,” when the consequence is the child of that cause. “As the father, so the son..” 🙂

In the realm of the intellectual mind a “why” is very important, when in life; it is meaningless.
A “why” does not deal with what it is “now.”
Someone may say: “But to know why something happens; will allow us to understand how that came into the picture…”

Intellectually perhaps, it adds information to our minds, but nothing else.

Life has many interconnected variables. There is not a single answer that could fit all of them… although that is what the mind wants. That is how a “black or white” view of life came into existence.

“She treated me badly because…..” fill in the blank with something. It does not matter what it is.

Another question frequently asked is “how.”

“But, how do I do that… What is the method to get to that?” Experience, play with it. Please read the quote above.
A method means a recipe. Spirituality is not something that we cook with many ingredients. This is not a formula to make Coca Cola. 🙂 There is variety, every human being is different although the same 🙂

Here are more questions to “think about.” 🙂

1) What is the beginning of time? That question assumes that time is something with a beginning. The answer is already set up by the question.

2) Does God exist? That question has not been lived, experienced. It is just a bunch of: “Yes, because ….or No, because…” then we add stuff to support our thinking…no experience. If there is experience, that question wouldn’t be asked.

3) What is the purpose of life? It is assumed that life has a “purpose.” In the experience of life, the answer will appear.
4) Does my religion hold the truth? It is assumed that the truth is something to keep or hold… It is assumed that words, a dogma are the “truth.”

Mathias was sharing with Ananda about the “questions of life…”
Mathias: Friend, now you are a little growing shrub. Many animals will try to make a prey out of you…
Ananda: Why?
Mathias: There is no “why” in life; my friend. Flying birds are out there, they will feed on the best food that they can obtain. Being a little shrub is related with birds.

Why a big fish eats a small fish? 🙂
Because they are small….because they are fish… because someone is hungry… because it is lunch time… because it is 1 pm…. Because … because… because…

As we learn to free up our minds from the intellectual clutter, we shall see the answer in our experience… and then we shall wait for someone else to experience that similar experience so they can understand us, and save us from saying so many words and giving so many explanations … which could be so easily misunderstood by those who have not experienced the experience.

So “the answer” is : Wait and see… It will happen… if it has to… 🙂

Questions from Brahma Kumaris readers

1. Dear brother, I am more than 25 years in gyaan. I go to attend daily class murli at centre once. I do read murli at home. Practically i live alone. Only my dad is here. I cant surrender in centre. I work as teacher in secondary school. I am standing at cross-road of life— whether to marry or not. I am in contact with a BK sister who lives in foreign country. I got her on facebook. I find her a suitable match. She promises for a pure life after marriage. She is 4 years in gyaan. Although she is from poor family background, she is of good character who understands gyaan well. Please advise me to marry or not. Is marriage bad for me? Or is it that according to baba’s murli and latest signal i should not create new accounts? Many thoughts come to my mind when i read murli because of which i become afraid of marriage. Baba is Dharmaraj too. I am willing to marry not for lust but for practical reasons because i am not a surrendered brother. Please do advise me what should i do. Thanking you in anticipation in baba’s yaad, sweet brother.”

Dear reader.
Is Avyakt7´s advice so important to you? Do you feel that Avyakt7´s advice would be able to change your destiny when it has been made already?
To value your understanding of the knowledge that you follow, is vital for your own development.

Best wishes!

2. “I always face dilemmas in making small and big decisions. My mind changes every now and then. After taking decisions I think opposite one would have been better. Like this, it would be very difficult to deal with any situation. Please help me on this. Thanks.”

Dear reader,
As you forget about ¨making decisions,¨ and allow your intuition to take over, to feel what is…then that feeling will be so strong that even if it does not turn out to be as you ¨wanted,¨ it will be the right thing to do according to your destiny and the Universe.
Oneness implies more than “I.”
Best wishes!

3. “baba i want to marraige subhra suman khuntia ,would u request plz give sugges.”

Dear reader.
Unfortunately Avyakt7 is not a match maker 🙂 Please see question 1 above.

Best wishes!

4. “is it something that people who are emotionally weak or less intelligent( i strongly believe that intelligence is not that part which is equally belong by everyone “scientifically”) more prone to spirituality as they looking for extra support to deal with life or expetations created by surrounding,also who are more intelligent can be able to deal with everyday practical life or competition more efficiently which creates ego ( can say “confidence”) can easily say that spirituality is the ” weakness job ” , do we look for”god(imaginary power)” when we are weak , a’companion’ in our weakness, actually we look for it when something is not going on with expectations and we want someone to change for it…. can spiritually be followed by someonne who has everything going on as planned can you have your elaboration on it …”

Dear reader,
Perhaps this conversation between Mathias, the wise tree and Ananda could send some light into your question.
Ananda: If destiny is already made, then what is the function of God?
Mathias: The same as yours…
Ananda: Which one? To experience the experiences of life?
Mathias: To exist
Ananda: But.. that idea that God will help you…
Mathias: It is in you…
Ananda: It is an idea…
Mathias: It depends… If it is in your destiny…
Ananda: If it is in your destiny….yes…But it can be there and then it can go away, it could change..
Mathias: That is what some people call your “fortune.”
Ananda: Yes.. and also ¨Maya,¨(illusion.)
Mathias: That could be for them. But no for you..neither for Mathias. Perhaps Mathias has to ask God for the Sun to come out tomorrow?
Ananda: No friend. The Sun will be there …even though many times we do not see it…

Best wishes!

5. “Dear Brother, What is neutral karma ? How to perform neutral karmas in our daily lives ? And In golden age why is it that there is no consequence of karma ? Even though we are soul concious we still play our part and hence karmas should be associated !! Thank You.”

Dear reader,

Avyakt7 would like to invite you to do a search on “neutral karma” as a keyword in this blog. There are many articles already here which will answer your questions…

Best wishes!

BK reader follow up question from September 15.

1.”The questions I asked were not my beliefs but words spoken by baba through murli’s. I have tried to see from a process perspective and did not quite get it- Sins getting absolved thru remembrance- through our communion with god we are sending energy to the souls of the world to reach their destination in this journey. My thinking is that we are the ones responsible for the state of the world and we are the ones who have to fix it. Why I want to absolve the sins- If I have to enjoy the present I need to be debt free- not only that need to stop taking more debts and also earn income. Its not easy to enjoy the present when you feel huge load on your shoulders. What sins I want to absolve?- There is no register where I can go and peep into each entry and then see which ones I need to fix. I am only aware that there is a negative balance that needs to be settled. Powers from Baba- We are aware of people and situations that come on a daily basis- I feel going to the study and looking for solutions is the first step- Baba gives us direction say Go NORTH. I need to figure out what is north for me- this is meditation for me- personalising gyan and seeing whether it works during the situation if it does then great if it does not then go back to the study and repeat till such time I succeed. Now these questions I put forth are seemingly basic… Dont know if my approach is correct.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for replying back.
Baba said something in the Murli and you believe that what you heard is literally true, right??
That is your belief. It will not be a belief once you have your own experience. Then, that will become your “experience” which is not the “absolute truth” either. Until a religious follower is not willing to confront the fact of their beliefs, there cannot be an opportunity for further realizations. There will be fanaticism; but no spiritual realizations.

Avyakt7 respects every belief. It is what you believe and avyakt7 is not here to prove you right or wrong.

However, there is in your belief system a word that Baba has also mentioned: “Numberwise.” Let me ask you this. If Baba as a teacher was going to speak to a multitude of understandings and capacities. Which one he will pick to explain his teachings; the “top” understanding, the “lower” understanding, the “middle” understanding?

Evidently has to be the lowest, for otherwise, this knowledge could not be explained to the masses. In the realm of the “masses,” “black or white” teachings are necessary. “You must not do this. Never think that. etc.” This is the same for every religion, not only in your BK path.

That is why it has been said in this blog, to avoid taking things literally, which is something that every religious fanatic is good about doing. However, there is no fanatic who has ever reached a different stage of consciousness. Their own fanaticism will not allow them to see something different.

Baba has taught about “being a detached observer.” He has explained that the Drama is predestined. He has explained about karmic accounts. It is a beginner’s understanding to believe that a karmic account is a “debit or a credit in the bank of karma.” That sort of explanation, even though simple and within the reach of the masses, is not accurate at all. If we have experienced how a karmic account works, if we have observed in ourselves how actually it gets settled, then we wouldn’t take beliefs as truth. However, many are just happy when someone gives them the “answer” and you just follow it.

Those types of individuals will not be able to pass the childhood stage of spirituality. They need to be told what to do rather than experimenting for themselves so the understanding happens.

The answer cannot be written in words. Please don’t take this as another belief, but see it for yourself. Get tired of looking for written answers, for formulas in the Murlis and in other books. Nothing understood intellectually is spiritual. Those are just pointers, maps if you would; but you have to do the walk yourself, experience what works for you and to be open to life or God if you would, to show you the answer. If you are a honest searcher and spirituality is first on your list, you will get the answer only when you are ready to understand it.

Baba has also said that his teachings are according to time and circumstance in an avyakt Murli which was explained in this blog. If someone wants to pull a Murli from 1960’s and tell you that it is current, I would look at the time and circumstances. That was his teaching. Nevertheless, many seem to forget that.

Dear reader, as long as you have a belief in your mind you will only listen to those things that agree with your belief. You don’t enjoy the present by “being debt” free. You enjoy the present when you have gratitude in your heart for life itself, when you wake up and are amazed of the beauty and perfection of all, when you don’t depend on others to feel in a particular way, when you simplify your life so you have more time for your inner understanding. That is not related with having debts or credits. It is an attitude of life based on changing your vision.

The huge load over your shoulders are only in your own mind. Don’t think and just feel life, the problems are over then. It is a simple as that, but for many it will be difficult to realize. It is better to tell them to pray, to ask God for forgiveness while their minds are still in the same situation: unhappy, looking for shortcuts, looking to please others, looking for salvation, to be “better,” to get a better “status” in the future etc. With that type of mind, you will only feel a heavy weight in your shoulders.

Your belief is that you are responsible for the world. Until that heavy weight on your shoulders is completely vanished, you are not ready for the world. You can wait and settle all your karmic accounts, or you could understand your own mind by putting your own beliefs aside and by observing it.

I cannot answer your questions based on a belief with just another belief, another story to try to convince you. However, avyakt7 knows that you have understood his point.

Best wishes,

2.“Om shanti.. The date of avyakt bapdada for meeting double foreigners in this season in october 2013??”

Dear reader,
It may be. Please find out from a more accurate source than this one.
Let me repeat this again: This blog is about Spirituality for all. It is not interested in particular belief systems or practices. It is interested in the common good.

Best wishes!