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The inner world and the outer world


When we read any religious book or “new age” writing, or even when we hear our spiritual co-worker, preaching to us about the need to “change the world;” we could observe that separation between “me” the changing agent, and that which needs to be changed; that is “the world,” as something different from “me.”

Then, as we progress in our understanding, we could find out that there is “my inner world,” and then, there is what exists “out there,” the outer world.

In this stage of realization, we can even say something like: “if I change myself, I will change the world;” or even put that with greater wisdom; “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

A slogan such as that one could get plenty of “likes” in Facebook or twitter. Everyone understands those slogans, specially if well-known, respected individuals have uttered those words of wisdom.

There is another level of realization.
My inner world cannot be divided. That is my thoughts, feelings and words have to be in the same direction. Otherwise, I am fragmented.

Let us say that Maria (A Spanish woman) has a son. His name is Andrew.
Andrew is a 40-year-old “kid.” All his life Andrew wanted to live life the “easy way.” He dropped out of college; he dropped out of every job he had and he just got in trouble. One thing after another. However, he knew that he was safe, for he could live in his mother’s house.

Even though Maria understood that Andrew was a grown up man; Maria was very attached to him and would put up with Andrew’s “games,” and regular tantrums and then blame society, blame his “bad friends,” blame his “bad luck,” etc as the main cause of Andrew being out of work and vegetating at home or with other “undesirable” people.

Maria’s thoughts are pulled in one direction. She understands that her son needs to go out and live life for himself. She does not need to put up with Andrew’s childish behavior.

Maria’s heart is being pulled into another direction, for in the Spanish culture it is usual for a grown up son to live in the same household with his parents.

One day, Maria’s words will be supportive of his son; and completely against him, the next day.

Maria wants peace of mind, but she cannot experience that.

This is a little illustration of a fragmented personality. Be aware on how important our “beliefs” are. If Maria wasn’t a traditional Spanish woman, she could probably act in a different way.

This is why, we need to get our traditional beliefs and concepts, our complexes, out of our heads to be able to “see,” for the first time.

Someone like Maria will be unable to “be the change” that she wants to see.
Do you know why?

Because she cannot see. 🙂

Therefore, she cannot change herself.

“Changing yourself,” is not like “doing something” to change our doings,; but just to become acquainted with our “original” nature, that is to have the chance to experience that peace that Maria is looking for.

Maria only wants to experience what she is, She is looking for something that she is.

This experience cannot happen unless Maria has the adequate environment to experience that peace on a regular basis. The environment is important for Maria to “recall,” to “remember” who she is.

This is the importance of practicing “meditation,” so in that experience, we could learn to “see,” again.

However, in my experience, to be alone with Nature has that power to allow us that experience of peace.

For example, go to the beach by yourself. Pick a time when no one is there. Rainy nights are excellent. Sit there and just “absorb the environment.” Let yourself go, let the “outer world” come into the “inner world.” Be nurtured by that wholesome spiritual food… then you will forget about the pettiness of “worldly problems,” when there is the magnificence of life out there.

Then, we could perhaps experience this: When the inner world is in tune with the outer world; there is neither the concept of “inner” nor “outer.” It is just being.

In this experience, we can “see” newness.

“I” don’t change myself to change the world.
“I” become the world and the world becomes “I.”
There is nothing to change and no one changing things.
Therefore, change happens by itself….for that is life itself.

Knowing the Self


“The witness of all things,
Without action, clinging or desire.

Meditate on the Self.
One without two,
Exalted awareness.

Give up the illusion
Of the separate self.

Give up the feeling,
Within or without,
That you are this or that.

My child,
Because you think you are the body,
For a long time you have been bound.

Know you are pure awareness.

With this knowledge as your sword
Cut through your chains.

And be happy!

Ashtavakra Gita – The self

“Both praise and blame cause concern,
For they bring people hope and fear.
The object of hope and fear is the self –
For, without self, to whom may fortune and disaster occur?

Who distinguishes himself from the world may be given the world,
But who regards himself as the world may accept the world.”

Tao Te Ching – Ch 13- The Self

Forgetting Ourselves

“The purpose of studying Buddhism is not to study Buddhism but to study ourselves. It is impossible to study ourselves without some teaching. If you want to know what is water, you want science, and scientist wants laboratory, and in various ways they may study what is water. So it is possible to know what kind of element water has, or when wind comes, what kind of form water takes, and what is the nature of water, but it is impossible to know water itself. It is same thing with ourselves. It is impossible to know what is “I.” That is why we have teaching. By teaching we will understand what is ourselves. But teaching is not ourselves. It is some explanation of ourselves. So if you attach to the teaching, or to the teacher, that is big mistake. To study teaching is to know yourselves — through teaching you should know yourselves. So that is why we do not attach ever to the teaching, or to the teacher. The moment you meet a teacher you should leave the teacher, and you should be independent. So that you can be independent you want teacher. So you study yourselves. You have teacher for yourselves, not for the teacher.”

From Zen Mind: Beginner’s mind by Shunryu Suzuki- Ch 12.

“If you could rid of yourself just once,
The secret of secrets
Would open to you.
The face of the unknown,
Hidden beyond the universe
Would appear on the
Mirror of your perception.”


Question about Blog

Dear Brother On the right side of this page there is heading Feeling like thoughts……i am not able to open it,….the topics like What is meditation? To be awake. ?? i searched many time …hve logged in twitter but it directs back to this page…so kindly tell me whether theses are headings only or have u posted any article under same .. thank you

Dear soul,

What you see in the blog is all that is written. Those are avyakt7’s quotes for “posterity.” 🙂

So, if you read “what is meditation?” The answer and the end of that writing was: “To be awake.” That is all.

Those are writings catered for those who are so “busy” that they just want something short to keep in their busy minds to forget about… 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: Baba says he is the creator of drama then why so many bad scenes.. I understand karma effects is making these souls suffer and be in bad scenes. Since baba is the lord of mercy, why not forgive them and not make them suffer

Great question!
News for you, dear soul: Baba (God) hasn’t created anything. Sometimes I feel like writing 108 times in an article nothing, but GOD DOES NOT CREATE A THING.
When listening to the Murli, I am surprised how still BKs go along with that devotional talk despite “knowing” gyan. 🙂

The Sakar murli says: “Baba is the creator of the Drama.” But yet we know that nothing can be created for everything has always existed. However, we do not remember the Sakar murlis when Baba says that “He is in bondage of the Drama,” or when He says that ” The Drama is more powerful than God.”

None of that is to be taken literally. Please, let us remember this….alright??

Scenes in the Drama are just that, scenes. What you call “bad” may have a hidden benefit in it, for we know in “pure gyan,” that “everything is beneficial.”

Everything that happens is meant to make us experience the full range of life, that is duality, at this time. Brahmin souls become soul conscious, so Brahmin souls can experience a world without duality as well. A Brahmin soul experiences happiness in greater intensity than any other soul, but also the most sorrow than any other soul. There is no ‘free lunch’ here.

Life is to experience. We are imperishable. Nothing lasts forever, but…everything repeats forever! 🙂
Therefore, there is no need for Baba the “lord of mercy” to do anything, but Brahma Baba is doing lots of things for Brahmin souls “up there.”

Best wishes!