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An unlimited view of the “8 powers.”


One of the most popular teachings in Raja Yoga is without doubt the “8 powers.”
Interestingly enough, I do not recall a Sakar Murli where the 8 powers are mentioned.

It is the avyakt Murlis, the word “power” is used, but not only 8. BapDada uses the word “power” for other things as well such as “love,” or “knowledge,” etc.

The “8 powers” is “spirituality 101” for non-believers; that is people that are looking for something practical in their life to “do.” Without a doubt, it is a good starting point to know about the ability to “tolerate,” when before that, it was about reacting fiercely to everything experienced in life which we don’t like.

This article has simply the aim of showing that there is more than the “8 powers,” to understand practical gyan. This article is not saying that “to teach the 8 powers is not good,” No. It is fine. However, there is a deeper aspect to “understanding” spirituality that merely naming things and “doing” according to that definition.

Commonly, it is asked: What is the difference between a power and a virtue?

Answer: Power is what we use to feel spiritual when there are no virtues. We cannot say that a deity has “powers,” for a deity has virtues. As a matter of fact, we can only see “virtues” when we recognize our own “vices.”

That is why, in the golden age , no one would say: “That Narayan is so virtuous, I like it when he is so cheerful.”

Cheerfulness is considered a “virtue,” but it can only be seen when there is “lack of it.” See?

Which ones are the “8 powers”?
1) The power to cooperate 2) The power to pack up 3) The power to tolerate 4) The power to accommodate 5) The power of judgment 6) The power to withdraw 7) The power to discriminate 8) The power to face.

Interesting that there are “8 powers.” Isn’t discrimination in a way related with judgment? Isn’t that when we discriminate “this” from “that,” we have made a judgment? ☺

I have read some interesting stuff on the web about it: “Judgment involves an emotional reaction to things as they are; discrimination sees the truth but remains calm and impersonal about it.”

As we can see, in “spirituality 101,” the commandment is : “You shall lose yourself in empty words, but talk the talk.”

Look for differences, contrasts and similarities, You will not find nothing of value.
Waste of time.

However, “people” like that. Living in their minds, they feel “powerful” when they know that they are “discriminating” rather than “accommodating.” ☺

What makes it even funnier is when we try to apply the “8 powers” to “real life.”

Here is one experience that I had in my early BK life.

I went to a retreat. I shared the accommodation with 2 other souls. One of them snored like a bear!

So, I woke up and remembered my list of “8 powers.”

Went through them and said: “Which one should I apply in this moment?” Shall I withdraw? And just go back to bed or shall I use the “power to face,” and wake that brother up and ask him to please refrain from snoring? Or shall I use the power to “accommodate” and move to another room? Or perhaps, shall I use the power to “pack up” and “pack up” my stuff and go to a nearby hotel? ☺

Evidently that was a great dilemma.

That is exactly what happens when we use words to be “good.”

As we become peaceful through the experience of our inner peace, and as we allow the “truth” behind the heart to emerge with that wisdom, the right solution will appear without using our minds with useless things to think about.

“Being” good is not directed by words that are tinted with duality. It cannot be for there is no completeness in our actions but our activities are limited by our thoughts of what “should be.”

Needless to say, if we decide to find another room in that situation and someone finds us there the next morning and then say to us: “What are you doing here?”
Then it sounds good to tell them that “we were using the power to accommodate,” rather than, “I just decided to step outside.”

Spirituality with words could become a source of egotistical trips to the land of no return.

Being is not the same as thinking.

Question: Dear Brother, Am in gyan for some years , i enjoy listening to murli and attending classes,,,listening to sr brothers and sisters . But am not sure what seva i can do .This question haunts me . As others would expect me to give small talks ,meet people and give gyan ,dont know why it drives me far away. Can u guide -what seva means and its importance

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

“Seva” or “service” is the consequence of self transformation, through Gyan (Knowledge,) yoga (experience of the self and God) and Dharna or (inculcation of divine virtues.) That is Raja Yoga 101.

In a nutshell, as you change yourself then automatically there will be service on the same extent, because we exist in relationship with “others.”
“Service” is not something that you “do.” It is the consequence of “being” transformed. In that, you can make “photocopies for Baba,” if your consciousness is the right one, so you are irradiating peace; that is service.

One more time, your “doing” is always in function of what you are. You cannot benefit anyone unless there has been benefit on the self first.

“To do things” or adquire things for the benefit of others, depends on your resources; your “karma.” But to “do things” as to everything you “do” is service; that means to be “service itself,” then you do not need to worry about “what to do” anymore.

Best wishes!

Question: BABA’s student asked me today how would she or I know if she had taken the Raja Yoga Course in her last birth. I said I don’t know. Your comments please. Thank you.

Thank you for your question! 🙂

I can answer that question for sure.. 🙂
Once I took gyan for the second time through my “double sister,” in the comfort of my home; I started going to the center.
In my first class as a “new Brahmin,” the sister was talking about this life being about “settling karmic accounts,” then I mentioned: “until you become karmateet.” 🙂

Obviously that made them wonder, for I was just a “baby BK” in their eyes. From that point on, I was eager to know everything about gyan and my mind was in “ecstasy,” when I realized a new point in gyan.


First “sign:” You will get this knowledge “right away.”
Second sign: The quality of your questions. That quality depends on how deep you have churned. A second timer, usually has greater depth.

Just in case you were wondering, I am a “second timer.” 🙂

Back to the basics: What Is Raja Yoga ?

Some of the questions that I am receiving would like to me to give advice based on “Raja Yoga.” Usually those questions are coming from individuals new to “gyan.”

Raja Yoga is a method to gain soul consciousness through a loving connection to the Supreme soul, from our soul (self) realization.
This connection will bring “strength” to deal with issues. “Strength” in the sense that those “issues” will not have the same appeal, the size of the perceived problem will be largely “reduced;” due to experiencing fulfillment and inner peace.

The method of Raja Yoga has the support from a philosophy; known as “gyan” or the “knowledge.”

This knowledge supports the experience of Raja Yoga, but at the same time allows a person to act with wisdom, even though self-realization may have not be fully experienced.
In this way “knowledge” is a map; so our actions are in tune with the knowledge of how “life works,” which is known as the “Drama.” (The plot, the movie, the design, the plan, etc.)

Knowledge without the stage brought up by “Raja Yoga,” will make us “act.” Act “right” if you would, if we apply knowledge properly; nevertheless the emotions and feelings will be there.

I spoke with a Brahmin soul not long ago. She mentioned that she had some karmic accounts with her mother. If her mother didn’t show appreciation for her for any reason; she would feel affected. She mentioned this to a counselor; the reply of the counselor was, that “she was a human being after all and that she shouldn’t show her mother that she was affected.”

That is what I mean by acting. We are taught to show “toughness” when inside of us there is a river of emotions waiting to overflow. That is unhealthy for we are repressing.

The “easy” answer is to be “cured” by yoga, by the experience of deep meditation, then this is the way that we “settle” karmic accounts, for whatever used to affect us before; all of the sudden that does not have any power over us. That is the magic of Raja Yoga.

In that sense, there is no other system that I am aware of, where learning the steps are so easy, but at the same time… so difficult. Here they go:
Just be in soul consciousness, connect with the Supreme, send loving feelings, relax – End of report.

An alternative is to connect with the inner self and to be absorbed by that experience, where thoughts are meaningless and bliss is the “glue” to keep us in it.

For that continuous practice and a “clean” intellect is needed, and that is the reason why Brahmin souls follow a meticulous “code of conduct” consisting of a vegetarian diet, (Sattvic food items of preference) regular meditation and the practice of celibacy as the main components.

In the world meditation is offered to “heal the self,” what is not offered is the knowledge to “clean up the self,” so a spiritual life could be truly experienced.

Question: Dear brother, one of my friends is suffering from Blood cancer(LEUKEMIA). How can i help him through Raja Yoga meditation? can meditation be helpful in curing or preventing cancer in individual life? please let me know how can we help people suffering from cancer. Thanking you in anticipation

Thank you for your question!

You can help by sending good wishes and pure feelings, that is it and it is plenty. The power of blessings is able to help souls.
We need to remember that we are eternal beings. We need to remember that our “idea” that “this one has to survive, please God help him;” is purely devotional. Perhaps the Drama has a “new body,” for that soul already in store. Perhaps that soul needed this experience to be “free” from a karmic account in this birth. We do not know.

All we know is that, this soul is eternal and cannot perish, but this soul will go on into another role if that is the way the Drama has it. Otherwise, that soul will stay here whether with physical suffering or perhaps even “cured,” but still as we know the time will come to “depart,” (for 5000 years) therefore; let us keep this “unlimited awareness” in our mind and we can help that soul by sending those pure feelings; that means without feeling sorry or pity or even “mercy,” but just to wish them the very best that is stored in our hearts for that being by blessing that souls to go through those difficult moments so the feeling of the “crucifix is transformed into a pinch of a thorn.”

Best wishes! 🙂

The answer of all questions :-)

Sister Yolo was teaching a Raja Yoga class. Sister Yolo had deep devotional sanskaras and was speaking about God.
Sister Yolo: “ God created the Golden and the Silver ages through Brahma. God is also the bestower of salvation for all. God gives everyone happiness and then Ravan comes and snatches it away. God is the director of this Drama and Dharamraj; God’s right hand, will punish severely those who do not follow His law.”

Brother Gulp was present in that class. Brother Gulp had some background in philosophy, logic and world religions before he became a BK. Most would view brother Gulp as an “ego centered” individual who always thought to be “right,” although he had deep realizations.

Brother Gulp: “Sister, If God created the Golden and Silver ages through Brahma, then who created the Copper and Iron ages? Aren’t the Copper and Iron ages just a continuation of the Golden and Silver ages?

Sister Yolo: “ Baba says that it was Ravan who created those ages.”

Brother Gulp: “ and… who is Ravan, dear sister?”

Sister Yolo: “Ravan is our vices.”

Brother Gulp: “ But our vices are not a being like God. Those are just roles fixed which play at the right time. If our vices created the Copper and Iron ages, wouldn’t our virtues create the Golden and Silver ages? After all that fits the teaching of duality, right?”

Sister Yolo: “ No, brother. Baba says in the Murli clearly that it was Ravan. Anything else is your own manmat.”

Brother Gulp: “Sister, how can God be the Director of the Drama when the Murli has mentioned that God is in bondage of the Drama?”

Sister Yolo: “Baba says that because He is humble. Baba wants to stretch our intellects…”

Brother Gulp: “If God is the director of the Drama, why he didn’t come and saved us at the end of the Silver age? Why He had to wait till we became completely tamopradhan?

Sister Yolo: “Because the Drama is like that. It is fixed that we have to come down.”

Brother Gulp: “ Who fixed it, God or the Drama?”

Sister Yolo: “brother, you are asking too many questions. Let Baba answer those questions for you. Go and sit in Baba’s room for 30 minutes and ask Baba to open the “lock of your intellect” so you can understand.”

Brother Gulp went and sat with Baba for the next 5 years. Brother Gulp learned that there was no one who could answer his questions, for no one understood the knowledge completely.
However, brother Gulp had experiences in Baba’s room. Those experiences magically answered his questions and sustained him and his thirst for knowing for he had no more questions!

Brother Gulp learned to keep silent and to let everyone do the talk, while he was experiencing the experiences…. Words do not satisfy as much as spiritual experiences.

Reader’s comment: On the journey to find my “true Self”

Name: Raj-to-be
Comment: On the journey to find my “true Self”

On my journey to find my “self” and to become soul consciousness, I have realized that I have created thoughts in my mind that have made me believe falsely that I am experiencing the soul consciousness, but then as the lightness, peace and the blissful feeling were missing, it made me realize that it was the illusion of my smart mind.I felt I needed to change my method , then It all became clear that nothing should be forced , it should come naturally. It is when the thoughts of wanting to be soul conscious or wanting to find the “self” stopped, I started noticing the spaces , I let the nature of my true self take over me and just be …which has started and will surely (i am hoping) make me fully become soul conscious and find my true “self” ….in the progress of finding my “true self” that I lost in the cycle …but surely will find….