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Quoting when there is not knowing


The “spiritual” seeker looking for pretty quotes to gain a particular viewpoint of life, is only feeding his intellectual mind.

That mind creates the squares, the straight lines and the triangles, which do not exist in Nature.

Intellectual life is not an “illusion,” for it is very real for most; but it is a world created by common agreement.

Living with concepts of what is “beneficial or not,” our lives turn into fear to experience life as it is.

The “I” is born as the center of that perceived benefit.
The “I” will be or do or have something if that is perceived as beneficial.

Therefore, our perception of what is beneficial is important. That perception will drive our lives.

“That job is more beneficial for me,” brings the same feeling, as “Heaven is beneficial for me.”

Notice that to build our lives with keywords and ideas or definitions is but to taste a drop of water to quench our thirst for knowing.
That knowing implies drinking water, experiencing not talking about it.

When we drop the security of keywords, ideas, beliefs and philosophies; we discover another world which is indefinable, ever-expanding and with many possibilities.

The price of being comfortable in the realm of ideas, thoughts and beliefs is to live in a golden jail unable to fly.

To overcome our own fears means to open up to life. The greater the fear, the greater is the presence of that “I.”

Embracing fear means to be fear. That experience will show us the one who is fearing. That is the one who wants to “benefit” in life.
It is the “I.”

To know that “I” is to be enlightened. Just to talk about it, is self-deception.

To know the “I” is not the final chapter for there is no – I.
But for the “I” to experience “no-I,” dying from the known becomes necessary.

Everything we know becomes useless when it is time to become someone else.

Being someone else is needed to see that who we were.
Thus, the paradox is that to know about the “I” is the window to escape from the “I” but intellectually, the one who escapes is still the “I” thinking to be someone else.

Thus, change happens imperceptibly, little by little as to not leave any footsteps of that.

The moment we realize that we are changing, is the moment when our past becomes the present and change becomes no-change.

To live is to realize change but not the one who is changing.



Typically a “normal” person will go through life without having “realizations” about his own life or life in general.

For most people, it is about using their own experiences based on the location of the consciousness that they currently have. That is their “truth.”

Their life “catalog” is usually tinted with the colors of “bad,” “good” or “neutral” experiences and through them, there will be a reaction towards life.

That reaction becomes their actions and thus, because they come from a certain location of consciousness, the consequences of those actions are “limited.” They are unable to see the overall picture.

In which way are they limited?
My religion is the “true” one.
People who wear several rings in their hands are tacky.
Einstein is the greatest scientist in the world.

All of the above beliefs are limited in their scope because they come from the perception of a limited consciousness.

Generalizing something or segregating are two sides of the same coin originating from the same type of limited consciousness.

Please see that the above is not a religious thought. It is not a “dogma” or an “ism.”
It is just a realization coming from observing life through observing the self without being colored by defending a particular belief system or making life fit my belief system.

That is what I call being “honest.”

A realization typically impulses someone to perceive things in a different way. Those realizations are not intellectual reasons, but a perception, what is called an “Aha! moment“ which is driven by your intuition and supported by your feelings. There may not be a way to put those realizations into words, but it is not necessary unless you want to write those in a blog… 🙂

Depending on the integrity and self-confidence of the individual, then his actions will be according to those realizations. Nevertheless; a realization cannot be set up as the “ultimate truth.” It is evolving as our circumstances and consciousness changes. It has a timing and a purpose like everything in life.

That is what I call “openness.”

The above may not be for everyone. For it entails a life of discovery. There is nothing there to take as a dogmatic truth or as the “way things ought to be.”

It is far easier to accept something coming from someone else. Someone who we may see as “illuminated,” or “awakened.” We could just follow and relinquish our own life of discoveries.

Nevertheless, someone who is already awakened could see that not everyone is in the same conscious level and rather than proselytize to feel good about his own “truth” or ideas, that individual may want to allow for every person to discover according to their particular capacity.

That is what could be called a “spiritual teaching.”

A teacher in spirituality is not someone who necessarily has the gift of gabbing or someone who has lots of information in his brain. It is not about reciting a dogmatic view of the world either.

A teacher merely gives the environment for realizations to occur. A teacher does not give the “truth” but the initial soil for a new seed to grow into a tree.

That tree ultimately will need to feed itself through its own foliage, that is; those things which it left behind through realizations, will be the leaves falling around that tree in time, which paradoxically are the true source of nutrients for that tree to grow strong, beautiful and happy.

Knowing the self

Knowing yourself

When the words, to “know the self” are uttered; immediately there is an interpretation of those words according to our consciousness.

For some, it will be about looking at the mirror to see our latest freckles or to discover that little mole that just popped up from “nowhere” by our left ankle. 😉

For others, it will be about “looking at our thoughts and desires.” Yet for others, that little phrase means nothing.

In Spirituality, the key element is to realize something by looking at it in ourselves.
That is, read whatever scripture, holy book or Guru’s words of wisdom; see those words in yourself to find their truth.

For example, a Guru just spoke about “lust.” Then there is a “pretty” girl walking by, someone may stop and look at her. Another may say something to her, yet someone else may not say anything and pretend that he didn’t watch a thing.

Let us say that we want to “judge” who is exhibiting the “vice” of lust in the above scenario according to the Guru’s teaching…for whatever those teachings may have been 🙂

Any takers?

There is no way to tell by just looking at their actions. To look at someone is not lustful. To say some words to someone is not lustful either. To pretend not to see, is deceitful but no lustful either.

We have to go beyond the outside “movie film” and observe/feel what a person feels. What is in his heart? Usually, we could observe that in their faces but not always. Many good actors out there! 🙂

Only I can know with certainty what I feel and how I feel. It is not about someone else, but about me.

This is the first realization in the spiritual path.

To observe “me” there is a need to be in a peaceful, tranquil state of mind. Slow down, relax and watch the show in front of your eyes… 🙂

Someone who is engaged in “knowing himself,” needs plenty of time, plenty of solitude. A busy schedule will not do. To be surrounded by everyone and your funny cat; may not work. Those are distractions in the beginning. Please note the word “beginning,” for a life away from everyone is not what life is all about.

It is in that serenity and amplitude of “doing nothing” throughout the day, where we could catch our emotions, our anxiety for action, our cravings for emotional support, company, need to be someone in life, etc.

All of that inner noise is not allowing us to see with clarity, and our minds will be in continuous turbulence, trying to find a way on how to fulfill those recurrent desires… Isn’t that so?

The mask of being “good” or acting “good” or putting up a “façade” with others is our own deceitful way to deal with this turbulence in our minds.

Basically, “I” cannot deal or understand myself but “I” can pretend that “I” do.
Pretending sooner or later will show the real naked picture of ourselves to ourselves.

When we see that picture and not before, is when a “true” spiritual walker has been born.

At that point, any beliefs are of no consequence. What matters is to return to that tranquility, to that serenity in our day to day living.

It is when we reach this understanding, that we finally make choices in life to support that tranquility, that serenity. Before that, is just lip service and internal chaos.

We say that we want to be peaceful but we act in the opposite way. We say that we are “good,” but there is no goodness coming from a clouded mind… there is just a “script” to do, something that someone has told me to do, so I could be qualified as “good,” “honorable,” “worth of being God’s child,” etc.

When we are not watching ourselves, we make “mistakes.” Those mistakes are not “financial” issues necessarily; but mistakes in treating another human being without care and concern by using our words in a very sloppy way.

Those mistakes are very costly for they will come back to hunt us down. You can call that “karma” or “God is punishing you,” Avyakt7 just like to call that “oneness.”

What I do to “my hand,” I do it to myself… not just “my hand,” but “myself.”

When we go away from Nature and only take a hike into tech “progress,” we lose sensibility to beauty. When beauty is lost in our lives, all we have left is a “lie,” that is the “ugliness” that we see only in “others;” but the one that we fail to see in ourselves.

That beauty beyond duality in knowing ourselves, is the one which does not know about ugliness.

Question: Brother Awesome site.. Keep it up.. What specie points of knowledge do you churn.. I understand you mainly try to experience self and feel it. Would like to know what specific points read in Murli that u churn constantly. Do u have a list that you revise that can be shared here. Most importantly to keep away from maya Om shanti

Thank you for your question and kind words!
This site is “awesome” thanks to all of you who participate by sharing your experiences and asking questions for further realizations.
That has been one of the main interest in this site, to share information which typically we will not see any place else, because it comes from our own experiences in this path, when applying this knowledge.

Dear soul,

I do not have a list of topics to “churn,” or realize. The inspiration comes and “I” write. Many times that inspiration comes while hearing a Sakar Murli. As a matter of fact, many of the things shared here as “intellectual gyan” was because of the realization that there was “more to churn” and not just take things as a “finished product” by repeating things literally. The Drama has given this role the time and the experiences to realize things from another perspective, what is known as “out of the box.” That is all.

However, in the last few months, different experiences and information has arrived which has increased my interest in Avyakt Murlis, for they really have lots of “hidden” information which many times our devotional sanskaras will not allow us to see. To find out that Spirituality is universal, explained in different ways through different experiences at different times, is one of those realizations.

From that an “openness” to what life brings has allowed me to change from “intellectual gyan” into practical Gyan. Thus, many of the sharings here are based on experiences.

That is how we arrive at what you have described as my main interest: To experience the self. The soul.
It cannot be otherwise, once we realize that “we are not the body. We are souls.” Intellectually, that sounds great but it doesn’t do nothing to change me into that awareness. It becomes just dead words to repeat in another talk and to debate about in another forum.

If there is no experience of the soul, we will not know God. Even though, we have the “theory,” even though we have experiences or we see BapDada in the meetings in Madhuban, we will not really know HIm but just know ABOUT Him.

In spirituality to know means to “be.” In our case, to become. It is not related with thoughts and words to debate about.

That is why the emphasis in knowing and experiencing the self. Because if I do not know the self (Being it) how can I know others, How can I know God if the point of reference, which is the self is unknown? 🙂

To study the self, to watch our own thoughts and emotions arise and to be able to detach from them as when watching a movie or a TV for we have the knowledge of being eternal, is something to be experienced and not just talk about. To be the embodiment of that.

Therefore, the “churnings” will come on that as the Drama brings the necessary information for me to understand and share, not as the “truth,” but as my experience.

Best wishes!

Comments on Avyakt Murli, April 14, 2013

The fast effort form the present last period. original : 1-22-76

This avyakt Murli has many jewels which all are related about going into the experience of the self.
Externally, it is about the following: Not having desires,” do service” to the self and others, to be a great donor like Lakshmi, to give that which we don’t have for giving is receiving, to have all attainments, to fulfill the responsibility of love to companions, to be jewels of contentment… anything else?

How all of those “keywords” could be related with the experience of the self?

The Murli mentioned: “If you are a soul who is free from limited desires, because of being contented, you will always be seen as a sparkling star with a look of happiness. Contented souls would be always selfless and would always experience everyone one else to be innocent (blameless.) “

Form this point is that the rest of this “churning” will be developed.

If we are not to have desires, and then we observe that we are discontented because we do not have a particular attainment, then BapDada mentioned, to “give that which we are lacking,” for giving is receiving.

I wonder how many souls have realized the “beauty” of that apparent contradiction, which we could find through “churning.”

How can I give something which I do not have? Something which I have not attained?
For instance, Can I give love, if I am not “love”? How can I not be “love” if as a soul, I am love? 🙂
Because I do not realize that which I am. That is, I cannot have Self-respect until that is realized at the practical level. This is not an intellectual riddle.

For many, this will be about “making up” what we “think” love is and that which we “think” love is will be returned to us (for giving is receiving) and then, we will say: “How come I am giving love, but I am not receiving it?” Simple. What we “think” is love, is not love.

How can we serve the self and others at the same time?
We will “think” in terms of separation. This is “me,” and here are the “others.”
But BapDada has mentioned that “giving is receiving,” so how can I make a distinction between “me” and the “others” if what”I” give is what “I “get”? There is no distinction in reality. That is why by working in the self, serving the self, that is self realization, automatically “I” am serving others.

However, there is no self realization if “I” perceive myself as “distinct” from “others.” There is no “true” service if I have the “desire to serve others,” because being that a desire, BapDada has mentioned that we need to be “free from desires.” Therefore, that “I” of “ego” must not be there.

The “I” can truly be “contented” for I am “self-less” and when I am self-less, I am contented. When I am contented, I have all attainments and when I have all attainments, then I am “truly” serving for what I give, is not really giving, for there is no one “giving” (self-less) so it is a “true” donation, bestowing and as a consequence, “I” will get that in return… so truly, I only gave to “myself.” 🙂

The above could be a little challenging to understand, but really behind the “simplicity” of words, lies something deeper, which we need to perceive to understand. Otherwise, it will be about “putting the happy face” to make-believe to others that we are content, but we are not. We are just “acting.” “Double actors.” 🙂

However, when we have tapped into the seat of self respect, that is soul consciousness and we have that true remembrance from the heart , that is experiencing it rather than intellectual dreams; then that reality has “true” contentment. We cannot keep that when there is truly no “I”- ego- thus, it will go into “others,” automatically without “desiring” it to be so.
That is we will become, “instruments” of the Father without “desiring it.”

Readers Remarks: Congrats!

CONGRATULATIONS Dear Divine brother avyakt7 Ji for your tireless service! Been in Gyan for 23 years, and interestingly enough, thanks to you, i’m now learning the art of “accurately” churning Baba’s Murlis! 🙂 Also been sharing your comments world-wide. Thank-you IBY *

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul, thank you for your kind words, and for spreading the sharings here, “worldwide”… That is pretty big .. 🙂 Just to be “accurate,” the “churnings” (realizations) through this role are not the “accurate” way to churn, but just another way to churn, to realize things. The bottom line: whatever way someone chooses to “see” Gyan, the result should be “self transformation.” This is not a “mental exercise,” but a way to discover our “elevated half.” 🙂

Best wishes!

Brilliance or Madness

My Mind is a River of Steaming Thoughts

Neither do I want to build a Dam or Halt them

Today they are Brilliant and Deep

I ask how much Brilliance is Normal, 

what’s Genius & what’s Madness?!?


These are the unlimited type of thoughts I love

but how many unlimited ideas can be processed

in the span of a day, before the last one settles

the next emerges? They overlap each other like

a collage with many vibrant and bold images.


Maybe the problem is that I wish to capture

each and everyone one, dive into the nooks and

crannies of their truth and share them in conversation.

If I understood that Truth is Eternal, Not mine

and can never be lost nor found…


then perhaps I wouldn’t feel the urgency to hold on to it,

explore or exploit it further than it is showing up.

And since truth is eternally inside everyone, then

it’s not out of the ordinary to have a flowing stream

of fantastic realizations, in fact it is quite Normal!


Being in itself is both the experience of brilliance

and madness, oh it’s a relief that I’m not a Genius!