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Realizing or “Churning” Knowledge – Avyakt Murli- January 10, 1988


Note: For those who are wondering on how to “churn” knowledge? From the “unlimited Teacher.” 🙂

Today BapDada is observing how far each of his invaluable jewels has accumulated the jewels of knowledge – each jewel of knowledge is invaluable, and the Father has filled unlimited jewels in the apron of the intellect of each child. Baba gives and equal amount of jewels to each child, but these jewels keep increasing the more they are used for the self and for others. Some have increased their jewels and others have not – some only use them at a time of need, while others use them always and increase them multi-million-fold. Some are not able to use these jewels as much as they should, and so do not understand the value of the jewels – they do not experience the attainment of an obstacle free stage, of happiness, joy, power, and peace. The reason for this is lack of churning power – the knowledge is in the intellect only and has not been inculcated or absorbed. Those who churn, use the knowledge in every task in life – whether for themselves or for others. The others just remember in the intellect what they have heard, without making it part of their life.

Just as with physical wealth, if knowledge is stored away and not used then that wealth will not increase. The jewels of knowledge must be brought into life and used in action, or they will not give real joy. Knowledge is compared to jewels – it is also compared to light, and is a power. Knowledge is an elevated weapon for fighting a battle. The more the knowledge is used in action, the more there is the experience of power within the self. A weapon is useless if it is not used when it should be used.

All of you have a right to the jewels of knowledge, and so have them with you – but you are number-wise in being full of them, because of lack of churning. To have food is one thing, but to digest that food, and turn it into blood, and make it part of you, is another. When you churn knowledge, it becomes your own – you claim a right over it. This will bring intoxication.

To churn means to go into the depth of the Ocean of Knowledge – to be introverted and go into the depths of each jewel. Through this you will understand the significance of each point of knowledge, and will find out and enjoy the intoxication it has, and will come to know when it can be used in action for other souls. While churning, it is only theory, but when you are tested, you will find out whether you churned accurately or not. Have you conquered Maya with ease – or was there labour and waste?

You should know how to use something and have the practice of using it. Scientists bring powerful bombs to the battlefield, and think they will definitely win because they have such bombs, but if they don’t use the bombs properly they will miss the target and go to waste. The method of using the weapon was not right. Similarly, each jewel of knowledge is very, very valuable – no adverse circumstance or obstacle can stand in front of the jewel or power of knowledge. If there is not success or victory, then the method of use is not accurate.

Churning must be a constant practice, or you will not be able to use each point of knowledge when it is needed, you will not be able to remember which point to use or how to use it. Don’t be careless like Kumbakarna, who said “let them come – we will conquer them when they come”, and did not prepare beforehand. This carelessness is deceptive. So day by day keep increasing the power of churning. Whatever you hear in the revised course sakar murlis, or in the avyakt murlis, you should churn on that. Every day you hear different points – so churn every day on on different points, and increase your power of churning. Churn all day, every day, even while working or doing service, whenever your intellect is free. There are many tasks where you don’t have to use you intellect much – there is very little activity in which you have to pay full attention – you can think of other things at the same time – so while performing actions, while walking etc. If you get some time in solitude, it is very good – at that time you can go into the depth and clarify further some point. Go into the details of the point, and you will really enjoy it. But first become the embodiment of the point – experience its intoxication – and then go into the expansion. Then you will not become bored. If you just keep on repeating points you will lose interest – so experience the point and go into the depths – get intoxicated by the point, and understand its significance. Experience a knowledge-full powerful stage (swadarshan-chakradhari).

So whenever you get some time, make your intellect practice churning. It will become easy for you to conquer Maya automatically. Maya will go away on seeing you busy. No need to allow Maya to come, then fight with Maya – that is slow progress. Now is the time to make fast progress – now is the time to fly.

If you know how to churn, the power of churning will make it easy and natural for you to experience a merged stage of remembrance – a stage merged in Baba’s love. While performing mundane actions do not allow the intellect to be filled with mundane, ordinary thoughts – but have a powerful stage, powerful remembrance. Don’t just perform karma, but be a karma yogi, a yogi in action – churn or remember Baba, while performing mundane actions.

Those who practice churning will be able to attain whatever stage they want to attain – if the link is proper there will be no leakage – you will be able to experience easily, at will, the angelic stage, the seed stage, etc. When the knowledge is remembered well or churned well, then the Bestower of Knowledge is also remembered automatically. So do you understand how to churn? Is it easy or difficult?

To al the knowledgeable children of the Ocean of Knowledge; to all the elevated souls who conquer Maya easily with the power of churning; to all those who increase the practice of churning, and with churning power experience themselves to be merged in the Father’s love; to those who understand the value of the jewels of knowledge; to those who use the power of knowledge in action; to such special and invaluable jewels who always maintain such a high stage, BapDada’s love, remembrance, and namaste.