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Conditioning in Death

Is there Life after death?
Generally, no. Neither for “you” or “I.”
What is death?
The complementary state of Life.
Is death painful?
Once “you” are death, No.
What happens after death?
You will find out, but “you” will not remember.
How does rebirth happen?
When “you” are no longer there, someone else is.

These kinds of questions will fill our minds. When a dear one dies, then we say : “How lucky I am !” and we will continue on with our “objectives,” “goals,” and “successful activities” as if there was no death at the end of the road, to wash away all of our “accomplishments.”

Our society has sold us the idea that there is a permanent “Me,” an unchanging “I” that needs to continue on in “heaven,” the “afterlife,” in another realm, even if it is “hell,” but “I” must continue.
In another realm, “I” will take a new label as a name: “Spirit” is good, “atma” (soul) is better…

A religion is nothing else but insurance for the “afterlife.” Your monthly payments are due now, while alive and then you are promised that “you” will get the pay off “over there.” What a sweet deal!

“The office world” will sell us “insurance” to be prepared for those events that we cannot control. With a little money back, we believe that we could compensate any “loss” from any “act of god.” But it doesn’t finish there. “I” have to take care of “my” family too, even though “I” am no longer here. The message is clear: “Live for others.” Worry, preoccupy in making sure that “part of you” survives very well, despite “you” going away.
Your heirs may not give a damn about the little cash you left, but “you” think that “you” have fulfilled your duties. A golden star in your chart when God counts your virtues for the final judgment, hell vs. heaven! Yeah It is all about “you.”

Our Life is filled with fear and then we fear death. Isn’t that a sorry state to be in?
If that “I” dies while living Life; who could die, when death arrives? That is the riddle!
I know, it is hard to “get it.” However, it is not meant to be “gotten.” It is meant to be experienced.
When? When you are ready. Until then, enjoy “your” Life.

Questions have been answered straight to the point, so free “yourself,” let your mind go for a walk, a long walk…. to enjoy. 🙂


Question:Dear Brother, As often stated once we have received this knowledge as ” this is our last birth in the cycle” before taking a new birth in golden age, how does this work for souls who are in Gyan and shed their body before settling their karmic accounts?

Thank you for your question!

First, according to “pure gyan,” everything is beneficial in the Drama. Then, we have the knowledge of being “numberwise,” and also the knowledge of roles being performed until the “end of the kalpa,” before those roles start repeating again.

Therefore, being numberwise means that not every soul will be able to “settle all of their karmic accounts” while in the physical realm. But, at the same time, if a soul “leaves his body” now; we know that that soul still can take rebirth and settle more karmic accounts in their next birth. As we know, we can “settle” karmic accounts through suffering and that could happen in this life or the next one.

The phrase “this is our last birth in the cycle,” was spoken when at the time it was thought that destruction was very close according to the circumstances of the time. However, it was the last birth for Brahma Baba, as we know.

BapDada likes to play with this concept of “this is it, no more time left.Hurry up now.” This is a good way of making someone “make effort” rather than to “sleep in carelessness,” for everyday, “should be our last day….” and as we know, we should be “ever ready,” with “attention and no tension.” 🙂

Best wishes,