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When change appears

Being “born” again, is not an easy process.
Yes, the Universe will protect the caterpillar by giving a cocoon, but that cocoon is meant to disintegrate to allow for the butterfly to rise and fly with its own wings.

Observe that there is nothing in their being, connecting the caterpillar with the butterfly, but yet they are connected. That is Nature’s way of showing us what being “born” again entails.

Some may experience a disease as a consequence of some experience in Life, others may lose their beloved jobs or a relationship which was giving life to that particular “I.” Those supports will need to be shaken, the foundations of that Life will be soon gone for the new one to appear.

It is necessary.

What to “do”?
Close your previous Life as an accountant closes the books at the end of the fiscal year. You may meet people that you have not seen for a long while, you may have fleeting relationships to support your transition, it is all part of the plan.

When a cycle in our Lives finishes, there is a period of transition where things will feel as if the floor that gave us support and security is moving and shaking as in an earthquake.

Do not be afraid!
What you used to be, what you thought yourself to be… soon will be gone.
The disease, the life-threatening incident, the extended “vacation” for lack of a job…all of that is collaborating to take away the person you were before. You will be all alone with yourself.
Isn’t that what “normal” dying entails?

Can you resist that?
It has to happen. Any resistance will only add greater experience of pain and suffering.
Surrender? Give up?
No. This is not a fight. It is a trip.
Fill yourself with wonder. Wow!! Look at that! 🙂

The caterpillar is meant to be a butterfly.
To fly is only theory for the caterpillar. To experience “real” flying, is for the butterfly.

If the caterpillar could know about the need of this process, if the caterpillar could see what the future holds; the caterpillar wouldn’t fight the process of change. It could not be afraid. It will let it happen.

Here is when we experience the lesson of “let go and let it happen.”

Every one of us, will experience the process of change in our lives. There is nothing that we can do to stop it, therefore, to “flow,” to join that process and to allow it to sink in is the path of those who know that change is inevitable, for it is Life itself.

When we separate from Life, the individual “I” suffers. That “I” becomes anxious, hoping to go back to the “old” self and the old times.
The butterfly is awaiting for change but yet the “I” will fight to remain a caterpillar. Isn’t that irrational? It is the sensation of security weighing more than rationality.

Beyond creeds and religions; beyond ideals and beliefs, everyone has a mission in Life and that mission needs to be accomplished for the common good.
Every Life is a mission waiting to be unfolded.

Nothing personal but… we are all together in this.

All teachings are according to time

Those practical aspects of Life are what “spirituality” is meant to address. Most everyone would like to be healthy, have good relationships, and able to enjoy their own being.

The above is what we observe in Nature.
A squirrel running around in Nature, embodies all of those characteristics without defining or analyzing the concepts of “healthy,” “enjoyment,” or “ good relationships.”

Is a squirrel worried about being wealthy? Or powerful?
Here we enter into the “Office mentality,” it is a different life style there.

Observe how “spirituality” or “religious teachings” have been taking us away from Life itself for the sake of another “Life” in the world of spirits. That world exists for some; however, human beings are meant to be human beings and to experience in its totality the meaning of that.

The old paradigm of “beliefs” may need to be replaced by the practical experience of Oneness with/in Life.

Any God out there wouldn’t oppose to this unity of consciousness.
Any God out there could observe that according to time, the world of duality and the “good and bad” mentality needs to allow for integration, non-duality to appear.

It is a matter of timing, not of fashion.

These writings cannot change someone’s consciousness. However, it is a way to gain some insight for the generations to come.

Newborn children are already in that consciousness of Oneness, without being taught about it. They are called, “Crystal” children.
Observe how Life itself generates the collective consciousness needed in our planet according to time.

One thing is to have intellectual knowledge about Oneness, yet another is to live it.

As most individuals are living the “Office mentality,” there is a need to bridge the gap between them and the “Crystal” consciousness.
That is the job of those who are being “reborn” again. Dying alive. That means to step out from one consciousness into another in the same Lifetime.

That “job description” is not easy. There is a process, which needs to be respected and cared for. It is the process of emptiness, of allowing Love to be a natural feeling coming from our freedom from beliefs, fears and emotional traumas.

That is the work of the “Life walker.” It is inner work for the common good.

For those who are walking that path at this point in their lives, these writings could be of help.
But also, I’d like to share the only 2 books that I have in my home, which I recommend for those who are ready for them.
I have shared these before, but according to time, here they go again:
1. “The Knight in rusty armor.” By Robert Fisher.
It basically outlines the different steps that a Life walker will walk into a new consciousness.
It does not mean that the “steps” should be exactly as the book for everyone. No. This is not “spirituality for the masses.” We are not separated from Life. We will receive exactly what we require.

2. “Hua Hu Ching.” Attributed to Lao Tzu.
Oneness couldn’t be expressed as succinctly and to the point as what this book expresses. It is something that will be understood when we experience the words as part of our life experience. The translator (Brian Walker) has done a pretty good job by putting this work together.

Wish you find value in those teachings for your own Life as I have. 🙂