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The experience of Joy in life


Everyone will agree about the importance of living with Joy… There is no problem in that…however, not everyone will understand joy in the same way.

For some Joy is “not bothering about anything” 🙂 Believe it or not, that is the meaning that some may have in their heads about Joy. To be joyful is to be careless… or with a pretty word: “care-free…”

For others it is about “entertainment.” To get our minds busy in something that will make us laugh and smile.

For others it is about getting into activities that will bring pleasure and elation.

The mind is always in between.

The mind interprets. Joy is not an interpretation.
The mind gets stuck into “right or wrong” actions due to that interpretation. The mind is looking to become something important, something special in the future.

That could be called ego and that is in the mind.

For some, the greatest pleasure or high is found in sex. For these individuals “Sex is mental.” 🙂

The mind worries, the mind assumes, the mind interprets, the mind longs for something, the mind is busy….

The mind could hurt us physically and emotionally. We typically do that unconsciously. A thought appears. The mind interprets. The mind sees the difference. The mind wants to obtain.

Some may hurt themselves trying to obtain a flawless body.
Some may hurt themselves by feeling guilt and shame when the result of their expectations is not obtained.

Paul: “But we have to do something in this life, we cannot just enjoy it…”

Do something. Achieve something. Once you do that, do it again… just change the flavor, would you?

That is the trance of a repetitive mind. That is the mind who is always looking for fulfillment and cannot obtain it.

“Doing” is part of living. “Doing” with an expectation is a disease.

Paul: ” Do you want to go to heaven?”
These are the “good” things that you have to do to get there….

“Just doing it” is to miss the seed of an action, that is our intention.

Paul could become an ascetic and “do everything for others” but, if Paul’s mind is expecting something in return that is the greatest way to build up his ego….his mind.

Paul is expecting for a thank you. Paul is expecting for recognition. Paul is expecting to go to heaven… Same thing.

The mind keeps its longing for presence, that is to be “someone” to affirm its importance, its value.

That is the mirage.

Joy cannot happen when the mind is busy, becoming something, fighting for something, expecting something to happen or when having fear that something will not happen.

If God does not accept you for the way you are and has the aim to “make you better” that will create an expectation and fear in us, undoubtedly.
Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not reaching the expectation.
While living in that fear, there cannot be love to God or to anyone.

Any type of fear takes away our joy.

Being in Joy is a state when there is acceptance of life.

Paul: “But you need to improve. You need to become better…”

Here we go again… “Being” does not require improvement. We just need to let it happen… to let it be.

A child enjoys life until he learns about “improving” himself. That joy goes away.
Let that “improvement” come automatically as a growth in consciousness by acceptance of life but not as “having to do something.”
That is openness.

That type of “improvement” does not come by “doing something.”

The mind needs to be clear, pristine…. Pure.
Purity is not attained by “not doing” something. Purity is in being what we already are… but we cannot let that happen… because we are afraid. Then the mind will be in between.

As long as there is fear of any kind, there cannot be purity.

To clear our minds from beliefs, hang ups, taboos, constraints and expectations is to dissolve that mind which interferes by interpreting life rather than by allowing a complete and direct experience.

Are we afraid of that?

Then we cannot know what joy is.



Whenever there is a strong recognition of something or someone who appears for the “first time” in our lives; there is something that we already know about them or that.

We may not be able to explain what it is. We may not be able to give a “reason.”

That strong recognition is insight.

We could read the words written by someone. We may feel aligned with those words for they allow us to remember something that we knew.

That is insight.

As our consciousness changes in our life time, we will be able to recognize things as “true” for us.

The mind could be deceiving. Our senses deceptive, but that insight is the driving force in our destiny if we recognize it.

The piece of the puzzle in life will fit as it is meant to be if we learn to listen to that insight.

Nothing happens out of a random whim. There is a script already going that will allow us to reach our destiny in life.
The clues are out there. Every experience, every encounter, every step is getting us closer to it.

That magic of “fitting in” gets disturbed through unnecessary thinking and by blindly following our emotions.
Thinking and emotions are the 2 extremes of human behavior.

It is in the above realization, when we could understand the necessity to allow our intuition, our insight to evolve in us, for that is the stamp, the mark that life has placed in us to uncover life itself through our own experiences.

That is how to “know the self” means to recognize that we are a piece of the “big puzzle” which moves harmoniously by flowing with the calling of that insight.

That is how we could be “true to ourselves.”

The mind collects information to figure out life. Many may think that the most information we acquire, the better off we are.

“I read all the books from Chopra, Dyer, Tolle, Krishnamurti, Osho, Lao Tzu, Plato, St. Augustine and Einstein.”

Did we recognize something in those books about ourselves which will help us to find ourselves? 🙂

To be a walking library of “self-help” authors does not mean that we could live life with joy.

“I have joined many religions throughout my life. I am very experienced in Spirituality.”

So what? 🙂

To bring a “Spiritual” resume with us does not mean that someone has found joy in his life. Joining a group does not mean joy. “Joining” and “Joy” are 2 different words. 🙂

When the piece of the puzzle fits the Totality, Joy is the only avenue. We have “arrived.” 🙂

Everything is already in us.
Why can’t we see it?
Why do we look out there for that insight which is in us already?

That may be another paradoxical aspect of life: To go out to search for something, which is inside. So much for that cliché.

However, that “inside” is only a door, a passage to recognize the outside as being the inside as well. 🙂

Question: Dear avyakt7 May I know: How to identify whether the soul is second timer BK in this cycle?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

Similar questions have been asked already. Please do a search in the blog under “search articles with keywords,” just type in : Second timer.
Here a couple of pointers:
1) Once they follow the “code of conduct,” they will usually feel at ease almost right away with all of them.

2) Their questions about gyan and understanding will have greater depth and they will understand those concepts of Gyan in no time.

3) There has been a search of God previously or had a deep interest in that topic before gyan.

Best wishes!

Question: Sweet Brother, your churnings of gyan are really beneficial for me. Thanks to BABA, DRAMA & YOU. I feel and believe that I was there in golden and silver ages but is it possible to remember the incidences or the experiences that I had at that time?

Thank you for your appreciative words, dear soul!
The aim of this knowledge is for us to “remember.” That “remembrance” happens to different souls in different ways.
Some may have “flash backs” of that time; others may have dreams about it; yet others have soul recognition of other souls and the self. For others; it will be a sense of belonging, of being part of; and yet for others it will be to understand gyan at different depths. All of the above, will give you that “clue” that you are looking for.

In your case, if you appreciate the churning shared here, it is evident that your understanding of Gyan is what gives you that “clue” about belonging to the Golden and Silver ages. As you know, not many can understand these things, and even less put it in practice; that is to be “practical” knowledge.

Best wishes!

Comments on Avyakt Murli 7-22-12

1) Contentment is a sign of perfection (2-7-75)
2) A stable stage while seated in the seat of faith. (2-8-75)

Both Murlis today are completely related. Packed with many points of gyan ready to be churned and imbibed. 🙂 This churning today will be a bit deeper.

Interestingly, both Murlis go along with the points shared yesterday about “Do you know if you know?” 🙂 (We are in the same page!)

The goal in this Murli as a sign of perfection is the experience of “Contentment.” The theme then, perfection.
In the second Murli Baba clarifies that we need to burn all of our weaknesses in the fire of deep love. Therefore, contentment is a “virtue” in progress. As weaknesses are being burnt away, so our contentment increases.
Easily we could see that “dying alive” is nothing else but burning those weaknesses, the old sankaras which are trapping us. As Baba mentioned in the first Murli, we should realize that sanskaras are changing automatically in time. We should be able to observe that in ourselves.

However, through our awaraness we are “expediting” and focusing on that process according to time. The Paradox being that “nothing could be expedited, for everything happens according to time.” :-)This is a deep point to churn for those who would like to figure out what is the Drama all about. It is related with the point: “Pay attention and do not be in tension.”

Therefore to be content, we need to be “empty” first of those “tamo” (degraded) sankaras. This is dying alive. It is a process of feeling contentment while burning away the old things.

Baba also mentioned about the path of “knowing” to reach that contentment. There is knowledge which needs to be experienced at the practical level (point #2 out of the 4, in the second Murli) as well as the movement of sanskaras changing in time (mentioned in the first Murli.)

That goes along with “faith.” (Second Murli) which has the support of knowledge. It is not blind faith. BapDada mentioned that we need to accept the Father as He presents to us in His current form in time. This has a different meaning according to our experience. That is our recognition is different from soul to soul (numberwise.)
Also, to see that knowledge is experiential. It is not meant to be mechanical repetition of points. To recognize ourselves inside this knowledge, our roles and our behavior according to time (form.) The fourth point was about the recognition of this special time. Therefore, when there is recognition of all of those points, we have faith in the intellect.

Recognize the Father, experience of gyan, recognize the self, recognize time.

Once gyan is experienced, we can move into understanding what is “going on,” that is our vision needs to change. Baba mentioned in the first Murli as having “the eyes filled with love, cooperation and pure feelings of mercy” for discontented souls. This happens when there is understanding of why there are discontented souls through the experience of knowledge. Again, this process does not happen at the intellectual level but as weaknesses are burnt, a “new light” starts to sparkle in the soul. A new understanding, a realization.

Another example about changing vision through understanding is explained in the second Murli: Do we move because the instruments of destruction move, or are we; the instruments of establishment “running the show”? That change in vision will make me see that I have a task to perform, a purpose at this time and I need to focus on that task which will be instrumental for the other side of the coin to come along as well. There cannot be one side without the other. Both come together. Both are required. Baba wants us to take “charge” in our task of establishment.

Once our vision has been changed through understanding, then we are ready to “learn” a new way, or form; which Baba mentions in the first Murli as the main method to keep everyone content. We need to “mould” our sankaras according to time. That is the form, the method, which shows us that we have learned. We need to be like gold, malleable, ductile, changing to be in tune with others according to time and situation.

Our contentment is related with others as well. It is a relationship, thus Baba urges us to have “unlimited” relationships with othe souls, to experience practically how our inner contentment is able to influence others as well. This is not about theory only.

Another example of changing “form” through learning is to check ourselves. As we become closer to perfection, those little “stains” or weaknesses will be obvious and they will become “brighter” to others. Checking is learning; that is the form, the method.

That is to know.

This is what knowledge brings, thus the slogan supports this journey:
“Imbibe the power of knowledge and the obstacles will accept defeat instead of waging war on you.”

Poetry: Wish I could tell you

I wish I could tell you
I wish I had the opportunity to be
Time and circumstances are in between
Just like a drama dream

Love increases in silence
When I see you, I have to pretend
There is a strong recognition
But, this is not the time to spend

A super hero wearing a mask
Sacrificing all for one task
Love is always for the villain
And I am just like penicillin

I could be anything for you
Superman, batman or a watchman
I am careful not to give you a clue
For If you knew,
it would be a dream that just flew.