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Relationships in Life


When we become trapped in labels and traditions from society, we may not be able to listen to our inner voice based on an indisputable feeling, which will let us know the way we should act in life.

Ananda does not feel the same feelings for his family members as his sister Raysha does.

Even though Ananda had mostly a good relationship with his parents; the feeling is not as strong as it could be for Raysha.

Ananda asked Mathias, the wise tree about that.
Mathias responded: “Raysha is related with both family trees; your father and your mother.
You Ananda… you are related through them indirectly, through Raysha.”

Ananda then asked: “Which one is my direct family link?”
Mathias responded: “The Universe.” 🙂

Obviously, there is information that has value at a particular point in time. Knowing what is Ananda’s direct family link will be only intellectual information at this point. That is of no consequence.

Mathias also added: “Raysha will have feelings of motherhood towards her father who is almost ready to depart into another experience. Raysha had been her mother in another life.”

Then, Mr. Intellectual and Mrs. Devotional come into the picture:
“ But … that is not logical… That is nonsense.
If you are the daughter how could you be the mother at the same time? “
“My belief is that this is the only lifetime and then you either go to hell or heaven. There is only one life according to the Holy book written by God.”

Feelings don’t lie.

As we learn to observe all the labels that we use to categorize people into brothers, sisters, aunts, etc. Those categories already define the type of relationship that we are allowed to have now.
That is neither “good nor bad.” Our feelings and not our thoughts are the catalyst for action or reaction, that is why it becomes important to know ourselves by acknowledging our emotions first, to find our feelings.

Sometimes, we may meet someone that we would like to get to know better in a relationship, just to find out that “she feels like a daughter.” What do you do?
Do you rationalize that experience as: “ That is nonsense. She is not your daughter.”

The feeling will not go away, could you get married with your daughter? 🙂
Honesty is not just a word.

Life has many “spider webs” which will connect us in different ways and at different times. That is, what you feel very strong about today may not be later on; (that is why dogmas are necessary to keep the same thing in our awareness) the interesting challenge is to learn to act according to the present time, by respecting the whole experience, the circumstances, the individuals involved and our feelings as well.

That comes with growth in life.
Life is truly a teacher.

I want someone like ME

someone like me

A Spiritual aware individual will take the opportunity to experience a relationship as a way to know himself.

Life is a relationship. That relationship could be viewed in different ways, as plentiful as the people on Earth. Only our beliefs will put an end to that diversity.

When a relationship is taken to the personal level, the opportunity to see those unknown “issues” in us popping out like hot pop corn, is there.

Unfortunately, for most it is not about seeing ourselves through the reflection of others, but is the game on how to change someone else, how to manipulate someone else to fit our standards; that is how to make someone an extension of “me.”

“I want someone who has the same qualities as me…how lucky they are!”

The game is about becoming like the other. Whoever is dominant, wins.

This game creates expectations, which will backfire the “players.” Those expectations are translated into feeling hurt, feeling deceived, feeling betrayed.

As long as our emotional health depends on another to give our life some sort of meaning, we cannot be free to enjoy life. There cannot be enjoyment but dependency.

It is the game of the “master and slave.” The pleasure of the master resides on the existence of a slave. A slave, wishing to be free, will suffer until he gets out completely from the claws of the master. Wishing, longing to be free is just part of the game of still being a slave. Part of the emotional drama, which makes some individuals alive…even when experiencing suffering.

A relationship of that kind could be labeled as “love.” But it is far from that. It is called a symbiosis.

Symbiosis is what many relationships are nowadays. Nothing wrong with that, for it is in “fashion…”!

Once we realize about that symbiosis, we may want to change it…. that is when “problems” start…
The expectations to demand attention, the rules, the regulations spoken or not; and the game of blaming the “other” is then played. The “winner” is the one who collects more “evidence.” 🙂

Some like flattery, praise, and adulation. They will readily take it and believe it. It is about building up an image. Nevertheless, belittlement, condemnation, insult and offense will not be far behind, the opposites are always shadowing each other.

It is fascinating to watch what comes out of us when in relationship with others. If we like what comes out, we found a trigger which has the same potential to bring rejection in us.
Like it or not, is the same thing… Please explore this sentence.

We can learn many things about ourselves by being with people who are not like us.
For the “normal” individual looking for “ another Me,” that is something unheard of.

For an aware individual, it is the golden chance to learn… and go beyond “me.”

On Man and Woman


Possibly this is the duality which most could be familiar with, because we are living this duality throughout our lives. From this understanding based on experience and not on a conceptual definition, we could understand dualistic thinking.

Are there any differences between man and woman? This question already has set up dualism in it, so the answer could be dualistic: Yes or No. This is the type of answer sought by talk shows to create polemical debates.

When we look at someone without those labels which only create differences between human beings, we are a step forward. It is true that from the majority, their view on someone will be dualistic: “You are this. I am that. There is a difference. I will treat you and perceive you based on that difference.” However, their view on you should not affect what you feel about them. This is to live in the reality of “now” and not in a conceptual world of yesterday, made by artificial traditions, beliefs and such.

There is no difference between man and woman, but there is. Can we live with that? Man and Woman are human beings with complementary energies. That is all. Just as day and night.

That energy is not related with the way the body looks or functions. That is why there is homosexuality and in that realm, there is still male energy and female energy.

That variety of complementary energies is shown in animals and plants: There is asexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. There is a range.

Similarly is with human beings. What is the sense on labeling that variety as “good or bad” if it is the way it is?
Acceptance of what is will give us the openness to feel oneness. Rejection of what is based on “moral” codes, beliefs, traditions, etc. will surely destroy our possibility to perceive totality, wholesomeness and harmonious balance.

When there is a magnet with a positive polarity near a magnet with negative polarity, there will be a strong attraction of those 2 magnets. That force of attraction will make those 2 magnets crash with a force which is proportional to their magnetic,”attractive” intensity.

The same is with human beings. Many will “hit” one another and find out later the consequences of it.

When a human being, has not explored the male and female side in them, there will be a tremendous neediness for the other side. Their “opposite side.” Everyone is looking to be complete. That completeness comes according to their own nature. Thus, it is important to explore in ourselves and find out what is our nature, our role in life.
For some, it may be to live with a partner, for others there is no need for it, and yet others may find anything in between.

Different needs, Different nature. There is variety.

Please see the importance of first balancing our own polarity within ourselves to be become wholesome within ourselves. Then this wholesomeness could be shared in relationship, thus making a greater unity.

However, in reality this rarely will happen, because there is no such inner observation.

If our polarity is strong in one side, we will search without doubt to find our other “half.” That search could be detrimental when neediness is the instigator of that search.

This is why, some religions advocate the complete separation between male and female energies as a way to find God. Please be aware, that this is just a tool to reform the self which needs to find their other half within themselves first, to become a complete unity by balancing inner energies. Nevertheless, when this method is not understood, there will be rejection towards the other side. With that rejection will come an inner fight, for the need to meet our other “half” will be there.

No matter what we do or think. We cannot lie to ourselves for too long.

A person suppressing his “natural” need for the pursue of an ideal, will experience many inner fights of emotional nature until that need is either expressed (which will happen as an emotional explosion due to repressing ) or that repressed energy will end our well-being through an emotional, psychological or physical disease.

On the contrary, those who have not found their own unity, even though they may find a partner in their lives; will experience the sensation that something is missing. This could translate in a continuous search and disappointments, for there is no one who can give us something that we do not have.

That is the mirage.

When that unity is found within the self, which expresses as being self-sufficient, self-reliant and having self-respect out of acceptance of all, and not out of rejection of all, then that person is ready to expand that self into a “bigger” self, that is a relationship. In that experience of unity beyond the boundaries of the self, is when the male and female energies are complementary of each other.

In the realm of metaphysical “new age,” there is the talk about “soul mates” and also about “twin flames.”
A “soul mate” being any relationship which had a strong influence in our many lives, which is the product of karma. On the other hand, the “twin flame” is depicted as that relationship where harmonious “unity” is felt. It is said to be the first relationship someone had as a couple in their first incarnation, which later on due to karmic accounts, that relationship had a gap of many lifetimes without that “other half.”

It is also mentioned, that for this meeting to happen again, those karmic bondages which initiated that separation need to be clear. Thus, a relationship with a “twin flame” is something that could only occur when there has been spiritual work which will allow that full recognition. The purpose of a “twin flame” relationship is not to experience romantic love, but to experience unconditional healing love that will allow further spiritual progress and to radiate that expression onto other human beings.

Here a link to recognize a “false twin-flame.” 🙂

The above belief could have some “truth” in it. However, the main point is that without that inner work to find unity within the self, there is not a chance to experience anything further. The “normal” realm is all there is then and that realm comes with all the “normal” problems and issues that we hear about all the time.

A Divine relationship is not made on Earth for self fulfillment, but it is made in “Heaven,” as an aid to progress on the spiritual path, for in that state of consciousness, unity is all there is.

Questions by Brahma Kumaris readers

1. Can you please explain the today’s avyakt vani (15-09-2013)…and I also request you from the bottom of my heart to please explain the every sundays avyakt vani. This is my email xxxxxxxxx.Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Dear reader,
Thank you for submitting your request. Please bear in mind that this blog is no longer about the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. It is about Spirituality in general and for the common good.
The “common good” in your case, could be for you to share the points that you would like additional explanation along with your own realizations, then avyakt7 will share his insight. Avyakt7 does not want to play the role of “authority of Brahma Kumaris Gyan,” for that, there are other people which every religion has a source of elucidation. Avyakt7 is a spiritual walker, but avyakt7 is not the “traditional” spiritual walker. Avyakt7 will not fish for you, but avyakt7 can share his experiences about fishing, so you could make your own. Thus, as long as you send me your points and your own realizations, Avyakt7 will give his personal insights.

That is the deal.. 🙂

Best wishes!

2.dear avyakt7, I am willing to know abt what is cosmic intelligence ? how it works ?

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question.
I have heard that term from Osho, when speaking about consciousness: Individual, collective and cosmic intelligence, I believe. This is just out of what I recall.

Cosmic intelligence is what in Brahma Kumaris is known as the “Drama,” what in Taoism is known as the “Tao,” what in Christianity and monotheistic religions is known as “God’s creation and God’s will.”
Different terms, similar meaning.
How it works?
It is what it is. Because it is “natural” there is no explanation for it, but there are words to describe it. It is the interplay of nothingness and beingness. The interplay of duality which is neither “this nor that,” but both. It is the creation and destruction of itself in time. When you are in that consciousness for you are part of it: individual, but yet interdependent; then you are poetry with all; you are a verse of unity on that poem, you are a “uni-verse.” (cosmos.)

If the above does not make much sense, that is because it is meant to be like that. Only the experience of that unity can be known and then understood. It cannot be understood if it has never been known.

Best wishes!

3. Three fundamental questions. 1.God says ” Remember me and your sins will be absolved- How? 2. You sit down in front of me and tell me your story of this birth I will take 50% of your sins 3. You take power from the father? – Process please- because just by sitting in meditation and taking power from the father and feeling that you are taking power ain’t helping. I have got answers from people but do not seem convincing. Would be nice to hear from you Avyakt7.

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question!
The above is your belief and at the same time you mention that it is not working for you. Then, my questions are: What do you want to accomplish? Why? If it is not working for you, are you willing to change?

Do you want your “sins” to be absolved? Is that what it is? Do you know what specific “sins” you want to be absolved? If not, how would you know when those “sins” have been absolved? 🙂 How do you know if there is something else left?
Please consider those questions seriously and please reply back with your answers.

Best wishes!

4. The below email is from a female BK who had the chance to know a BK male in close proximity. Before she used to deal with him at a distance only. They have been in very good relations ever since.
With her permission, her email is being cut off to protect her privacy and shared for the “common good.”

…But, now I can see that there is a shift happening in our relationship. It is becoming lokik from alokik (worldly from spiritual) in many sense, and that purity is no more in a relationship (I am talking in a thought level). The more I try to resist him in actions, the stronger it persists in thoughts. But, I feel that we both need some space from each other because it is affecting our pursharth..(Spiritual efforts). But how to go about it. If I resist him in any way, the mind persist him in everyway….And if I don’t, then those feelings become stronger. Which way to go? I have many more personal issues in my life and I am not able to concentrate on them because it takes all my attention….its like my mind remains all the time busy with this new feeling…. I feel I am getting away from my self…first, I used to be his friend and now he is my best friend and I feel the need to share everything with him. Being aware of all this, how to control this. Just watching and observing is not of much help!!

Thanks and looking forward for your reply!

Dear reader,
Thank you for allowing me to share your email. As mentioned and for future reference to all, Avyakt7 does not wish to be engaged in giving personal advice to anyone; but if someone is willing to share a situation for the common benefit of all, then; by all means that email will be answered.

You mentioned that “Just watching and observing is not of much help.”
I need to reply that “watching and observing” is all that is needed. for then you will know what to do. If you truly watch and observe yourself, you could perceive that change in feelings. You could perceive your change on thoughts, you could see how your mind is pursuing that person. You could see how those new sensations are taking up your time and energy. Is him the culprit?
NO. It is you on your side of things.

If you have observed yourself, you can see that you have a belief. You call yourself a BK. You try to maintain that “purity” but you are finding out that “purity” by avoidance is not “purity” at all. Once the male energy is in contact with female energy and there is a “click,” then “nature” starts and beliefs fade away.

You can repress and close the door, but I assure that your issues have been postponed only. There will not be “purity” there but just a belief that there is.

That is why Baba comes as the “husband” for all the females. In this way, that feeling of love could overcome that desire. The issue is that many times that love is not true from many, it is not honest. If you haven’t felt a relationship with Baba, then what are you going to love?
An idea. That is the issue.

That is why, “closing doors” has been the best policy, but honesty is a better one.

If you stop pretending, then you will find out what you actually feel. If what you feel is about extinguishing the hormonal passion through an experience with him; then you know that at the end of that experience you will not feel good about it. Once the passionate experience is felt, then “reality” comes. The “dream” vanishes.

Here is avyakt7’s rule of thumb:
If you have been in BK knowledge for at least 10 years and you are in your 40’s and you have not conquered sex lust, then you need to wonder, What have you been doing in all that time? When you reach your 40’s you know better. You are no longer a little kid. The hormones should be realized by then and you should have figure out how they work in you.

This is what observation brings. If you are not 40 yet, then perhaps you should wait if your belief is important for you.
Perhaps something should be expressed to the other person in a mature talk without trying to hide feelings. Just let him know what you feel and what you want in your life. Don’t play tricks with yourself. Be honest in what you want.

If you want to maintain celibacy and you have not conquered sex-lust and the BK male hasn’t done that either (you will find out by just observing him, feeling the vibes or just by asking – Now you see how important observation is?) then you are kidding yourself. Celibacy will not happen.

Your honesty is of paramount importance. Decide what you want in your spiritual life and see where you are.

On the other hand, if sex lust has been conquered, there is no reason to suppress in your life to know someone if you wish to. Experience. However, just know that if the other person expects to indulge in a sexual relationship with you, then you will have to deal with his disappointment, anger and even insults if you decline.

If you are not ready to play with fire. Don’t risk yourself in getting burned.

If your feelings are of outmost care and you are not obsessed through hormonal games and mind trips about that person, then perhaps; you could discover something different, but it takes inner work, it takes OBSERVATION to know when we are ready.

One last item, please be aware that the above is coming from someone who is not experiencing the childhood stage of spirituality anymore, thus; in this stage inner observation is all there is, to be aware of the self is of paramount importance.

Best wishes!

Relating with Relationships

In the topic of relationships, everyone has things to say about. 🙂
We live in relationship.

There is no living without being in relationship. However, the “other” could be hell and neediness becomes the greatest factor on finding that “someone” despite that hell.

Typically we see the issue in the “other” and never in us. Thus, the longing to find that someone “special” could be following these “normal” paths:

1) It could be a “job posting” such as: “I am looking for this and that in my potential mate. If you have these things, please apply. Applications will be considered after a careful screening.”
2) It could be a “killer hunt”- Fatal attraction: “I want him or her. There is chemistry between us. Nothing could separate us.” Wonderful material for a romantic story with lots of drama.
3) It could be a plain “cute puppy for a good home” ad. That is “take me before it is too late. I promise I will behave.” 🙂

We think that relationships are always in term with the “other,” but the self is forgotten.

In all of the writings/sharings in this blog, the importance of knowing the self, of having a relationship with the self has been emphasized due to its extraordinary importance.

As a matter of fact, let me share this about avyakt7.

Avyakt7 started his spiritual life in search for truth. That was all for him. What is truth? Who has the truth? I want the truth and nothing but the truth.
That”desire” took me into God… but that wasn’t all there was…
Finally I had to find myself. That is my truth. It was a search to the outside to get to the inside again. Full circle. That relationship was my path.

Below we have 3 videos about the topic of “relationship.” All of them are good. All of them have something to teach us. However, there is different depth in them which will fit different understandings.

The first one, is with Mooji. The second one with sister Shivani from the Brahma Kumaris and the third one with Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng,


(note: brackets are included in links for those receiving emails. Cut and paste the links without the brackets to view the videos.)




Question: how should one respond to a life situation, where you are getting failure in which ever stream you touch. You are professionally not being able to perform, relationships are not working and seems burden and you feel insipte of following all codes of conduct and being firm in the foundation of gyan, the constant happiness is not there, maybe because of the worst situations and their effect….so, is it like karmics and we should just accept and wait for the drama to change or there is something wrong with the self, which need to be worked upon? I mean how should one respond to all these circumstances, when you really working hard, but nothing seems giving the result. Search for what’s going wrong inside or just accept & accommodate everything comes my way……it seems a lil tiring and challenging!

Thank you for voicing your feelings!

Dear soul,

It appears to me that you are beginning this path by the way you express yourself and for what you are experiencing. If that is so, let me tell you that it is “normal” what you are experiencing. 🙂

If you have been many years in Gyan and you are still experiencing the above, then there is something that needs to change and that change will only happen when you realize what it is.

Usually, and by the way you express yourself, it is something about ego… it is the same “ego” issue at the beginning of our BK career and at the end of it, just the subtlety varies…until is gone…

Life has different ways to allow us to diminish that “ego,” as a matter of fact; your own suffering now is a way to “burn” that heavy ego away.

We suffer because there is ego. Greater ego means a greater experience of suffering is needed when “working on it.”

Dear soul, stop working “so hard.” Stop trying. Just sit down, relax and see that everything is falling apart around you, but not “you”… unless you want to think that. So, just smile and let life take everything away from you.. 🙂 Become free from all of that known “success.”

If you resist the situation that you are living by opposing to it through thoughts like: “This shouldn’t be happening to me” or “I was very successful and now I am not. I need to do something about it” all what you are doing is prolonging the situation, for life will not change unless you are ready.

Accept what is happening, surrender that ego who wants to fight and let the magic begin. All you need to do is to let life burn that ego away. Keep your “code of conduct” with you if to reach your highest self in this life is what you would like to reach as a BK, “buckle up” and go for the ride without looking back.

Just FYI. I have been there, learned what I just shared after many years of “complaining,” and now I am glad not to be “in the loop of success for “normal” people” anymore. So, life gave me a T-shirt: “Proud to be a failure.”

Freedom from every known thing is invaluable… even from failure.

Best wishes!

Are you in a conflicted relationship?– By: BK. T.D Joseph

Article by: BK. T. D. Joseph, Bangalore, India tdjaum(AT)gmail.com – If you have questions or remarks about this article, please contact the author.

Can you be happy despite some conflicted relationships you may have been caught in? If you understand the nature of people and the nature of time we live in, you will form an answer yourself.

People generally act or react under the weight of many factors such as sanskar, environment, time, current values, experiences … etc. Hence they are like those six famous blind men who tried to describe the elephant. All six of them were correct in their own way—they were describing according to their experience. Hence some kind of conflict is inevitable.

Another factor is that, in general, people’s immediate concern is their own convenience, rather than truth. Without knowing this, we may try to assert truth and get into trouble with people. This can be illustrated with a story. A rich man had a daughter who was very ugly-looking, hence was finding it difficult to get her married. In desperation, he had her married to a blind man. And they were leading a happy married life. Years passed. One day, rich man had a visitor who was his childhood friend. When he saw the rich man’s son-in-law, he suggested that there is a capable doctor in his city who can cure this type of blindness. Rich man became sad within, and began to resist the idea. If you were his friend, you would assert your point with more and more force and will end up in troubled relationship with the rich man. For you do not know that the reason behind his refusal is his convenience—he is afraid of the possibility that once cured of his blindness, his son-in-law may abandon his wife. Who knows there is something like this hidden in those who oppose you?

Why are you bothered about a speck in other’s eyes when you have a plank in your own eyes? Jesus asked humorously. Behind the humor there is a fact which speaks of human nature in general: people are more inclined to see other’s mistake than theirs. This is the reason why when you make a mistake, you can find 101 excuses and not even one in the case of others. As others are aware of your mistakes, you lose your freeness of speech when you offer a suggestion/correction to them. They may resist, and you will assert; conflict ensues.

Relgious teachings too contribute. For example, the teachings such as God is omnipresent, or “I am THAT [God],” would make people think that sin originates from God; as a result, they would be less motivated to fight against it. So is the case with its contrasting teaching that Satan is responsible for our sins—this too does not make people responsible-minded. Hence people take things more and more casually, become more and more insensitive, engage in loose-conduct and act thoughtlessly towards others, all of which results in conflicted relationships.

All other species have a collective sanskar where as each human is carrying a unique sanskar, carried over from previous births. (Gita 3:33; Mathew 12:35) Hence every one would act or react differently; and there is no basis for expectation with regard to others’ behavioral pattern towards you. Like gasoline and fire that are bound to react destructively upon contact, differences in sanskar are bound to cause conflict in relationship. Jesus’s own family members who were in a better position than others to believe in him, did not do so. (John 7:5) Instead, they were trying to defame him saying: “He is out of his mind.” (Mark 3:21) Hindu epic Ramayana shows Rama, despite being an Avatar, was hated by Kaikeyi the last of King Dasaratha’s three wives and a queen of Ayodhya. She effectively conspired to get him go into exile moments before his coronation as King of Ayodhya so that her own son should become the king. “The righteous detest the dishonest; the wicked detest the upright,” declares the Bible (Proverbs 29:27) “The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them.” (Psalm 37:12) If one has a satvik sanskar (love of righteousness) and the other is tamasic (love of unrighteousness), conflict is unavoidable. If you are in such a conflicted relationship, how can you cope with that difficult situation?

First, look for their track-record, and find out whether they have the habit of learning from their mistakes and going forward. If not, do not try to reason with them! It is interesting to note that famous scriptures ask us to be detached observers (rather to solve), wishing them well in our heart and to “keep away” from them so that we may not learn to be like them and endanger ourselves. (Proverbs 22:24, 25) Words and actions are manifested thoughts. Hence no use reacting to the symptoms—their words and actions. At the root of their thought lies the lovelessness or a painful past, an aspect of themselves they don’t like, or they may have been seriously hurt by other people. They are simply addressing their pain in the wrong (unhealthy) way, having a conflict with you. Instead of resolving it, they are hiding it. If they get in your face, leave or just ignore them and continue doing what is good for you. (Gita 16:22) Their action is their Karma, and your response is your Karma. Hence it is not wise to respond to those who enjoy causing/having conflict with you, you become a party to their Karma.

Nature’s way is to let the people learn from experiences—primarily from others’ experiences [which are like an ocean around us], and those recorded in the scriptures and story/history books, and secondarily from own experiences. Confronting or correcting the contentious is not our job. “They will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead,” declares Jesus. (Luke 16:31). “If one wants to see the truth, he can see it without any external help; if he does not want to see the truth, he cannot see it even with external help,” said Vidura to Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata Epic. Just like a child being afraid of the dark, some adults are afraid of the light. They make themselves unhappy—it is actually their choice, and their loss. Hence it is pointless to get affected by what they do to you. “Perfection means not getting affected by anything.” (Murli 1.11.1971) “Even if someone defames you, you must not become angry. Never try to reason with him.”—Murli 21.02.2013

Bhagavat Gita, the Hindu Scripture, stresses even-mindedness and sakshibhav (detached observance) throughout its chapters, and calls it as “supreme devotion.” (Gita 18:54) [Gita advocates non-violence (16:2), not a literal warfare, and identifies “sin” as our real enemy (2:69; 3:37, 39, 41, 43; 18:66)]. In literal war-field, even-mindedness or detached observance makes no sense; hence Gita must have been originated from omniscient Supreme Father, The Father of all fathers and Preceptor of all sages (Gita 14:1, 4; 7:10; 9:13, 17) who has put in place the impeccable Law of Causation (popularly known as Karma Principle) through which the righteous and the unrighteous would receive appropriate and proportionate rewards either in this birth or in the next. “The Supreme Lord” tells us what each one is going to inherit: “The Satvik (the wise and the pure) go upward; the Rajasic (the greedy and the passionate) stay in the middle; and the Tamasic (those hurting others) go downward.”— Gita 14:18.

We will not understand what this means unless the Real Sermonizer of Gita, Shiva Baba, the Supreme Soul, Himself reveals it. (Gita 10:23) His revelation, through His Murlies, shows that just like in a day of 24 hours, man passes through three states (wakeful, dreamy and deep-sleep), history too passes through similar states—first a period of soul-consciousness, then a period of declining consciousness, and finally its opposite (body-consciousness). History repeats itself every 5000 years (Gita 9:7, 21), of which the first half, figuratively called Day, or Heaven on earth, (made of 1250 years of GOLDEN age + 1250 years of SILVER age), is the period where the Satvik live in soul-consciousness, manifesting divine qualities. And the other half is called Night or Hell on earth (made of 1250 years of COPPER age + 1250 years of IRON age) where the Rajasic and the Tamasic, having fallen into body-consciousness, live manifesting opposite of divine qualities in declining order, resembling dreamy and deep-sleep states respectively.

Thus quality-wise we have four Ages—Golden, Silver, Copper, and Iron. The more the quality one develops, he goes “upward.” The lesser the quality, one goes to the “middle.” The emptier the quality, one goes “downward.” In simpler terms, there are three categories of people—the pure (those making themselves and others happy), the impure (those making themselves and others unhappy, and the mixed (those who neither help nor hurt others, but are concerned only about their own well-being with no regard for others).—Gita 14:17.

When the history passes through one Kalpa (cycle of 5000 years), the pure are born in the upper part of the cycle, the impure are born in the lower part; and the mixed are born in the middle. The higher the stage happier the people, and the lower the stage more miserable they will be. The greater the love towards God, the greater the co-operation from Him. (Gita 7:17; Murli 18/1/1970) This is perfect justice. God is not saving you, but your virtues do. He is not lowering your status, but your vices do. Each one is given according to the measure of qualities he has developped. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more,” declares Jesus.—Mark 4:25.

Shiva Baba teaches that in the present period called Confluence Age [where the running Iron Age and incoming Golden Age confluence], with knowledge, meditation and simple Rajayoga, the soul has the power and understanding to perform the right actions, which is the foundation of the Golden Age that is to come very soon. He also presents the unique concept of “number-wise,” the principle of perfect justice—one receives in proportion to the degree of effort he has put in. His often-quoted statement is: LET THOSE WHO CAME LAST GO FAST. The story of Sudama who gave all he had—a handful of rice—has the significance that he surrendered “body, mind and wealth” [tan, man, dhan] to God in the Confluence Age and in return he received the inheritance of jivanmukti for 21 births; i.e., in the upper part of the Kalpa.

Shiva Baba asks us to be always joyful. This shows that omniscient Father knows that it is possible to be always joyful despite conflicted relationships which are very much part of present life, linking ourselves with Him, the ocean of peace. The glory of Shiva Baba is that though He is “minuter than the minutest” in size, He is the one who gives “brilliance to all bodies”—inanimate and animate and is “infinite in power.” (Gita 8:9; 11:19) Just as we, after removing rubber insulation, connect the copper wire to power source, remove the envelope of ego, and connect the soul to this infinite power source. This will compensate for any loss of joy caused by conflicted relationships we may have. “When you find the FATHER, you will have found everything, and you become the master of three worlds… You swing on the swing of supersensuous joy. You swing in God’s lap being lost in His love and remembrance” in contrast to the sorrow we experienced for last “63 births.”—Murli 20.11.1985

Therefore, the fact that we are having some conflicted relationships need not be a source of worry for us. Actually it is the other way around; we have to sympathize with them. It is like we have a delicious meal set before us whereas those who oppose us, like flies that go to trash, enjoy petty joys of selfishness. They never enjoy the real happiness that comes from making others happy. (Acts 20:35) Yet, we can copy the zeal they show in loving unrighteousness into our loving the righteousness. (Gita 3:25) Hence we need not ask why they behave with me like this—actually it should be their worry! Relatives and friends are actually one of the false sources of security—they come, remain for a while and disappear after some time. Hence in effect, their support or opposition makes no difference. Remember, today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s trash. Hence let it pass! At the same time, let us use their opposition or non-cooperation to our advantage. A ship’s sea-worthiness improves in adverse weather conditions. So is our worthiness when we are around difficult people.

I have seen BKs [Brahmakumaris and Kumars] who live their lives emitting divine qualities despite having opposing family members (especially life-partners) who are like live volcanoes, and difficult work environment. When I asked one of them how this is possible, his answer was really inspiring and golden: “Having a contrast always in front of me is a blessing as it reminds me, free of cost, what I should not be! Also it is their choice to make themselves unhappy, and it is their loss. And I am conscious of the time we live now—this is the fag end of the Iron Age where people, in general, will be Tamopradhan—devoid of any good qualities. Though the world may have many rulers, there are actually only three rulers in the world at this time—“Lust, Anger, and Greed”—which rule over both—the rulers and the ruled alike. (Gita 16:21) And I can see the Golden Age on horizon.”