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The sinner mentality


Life is One. There are no divisions in it. No parts. No stages.
All of those concepts/ideals are added by human beings in their quest to dominate, control, possess something, which is perceived as different from “them.”

“Morality” is a human invention, which has been consistently used to “teach” others.

For example, if Mike decides to walk completely naked on a congested street; more likely, Mike will be arrested. Why?
He is acting against the law. Some may label him as being “immoral.” Some others as being “offensive, “ etc.

The interesting thing to observe is how such a belief arises. This is not meant to go against the rules of society, but just to observe the “moral” invention behind it.

A “Life walker” will merely observe and perceive if there is any contempt or rejection arising inside. If there is, that becomes “food” for further discoveries about the self and its beliefs.

The sinner mentality is part of that “morality.”

Every action that we perform toward “others,” we do it to ourselves.
Because there is Oneness. There is no separation.
Some may call that “karma” and create a fictitious web of separations between the “doer” and the “receiver” of an action.

When we are lost in “actions” we oversee the intention.
What was Mike’s intention while walking naked on the street?
That is his “doing” to others and thus, to “himself.”

Because a society cannot control an individual by intentions, then “actions” became the most important item.

A religion is based on the premise of actions. Good actions. Bad actions= Karma = Heaven or Hell.
That is not Life.
That is just a religious belief.

A God watching everyone to punish some or to reward others is not Life.
It is a belief.
That is the starting point of the sinner mentality.

In Oneness there is no such a thing as a “sin.” There are consequences.
Human consciousness changes through the experience of those consequences and not through the adoption of a belief system.

If we are One with Life, Life will teach us when we are ready to assimilate… In the meantime, the experience of suffering will prepare the “student.”
Suffering is not “bad” at all… Neither good nor bad. It just “is.”

A belief system is a human invention. It is a limited perception, an attempt to explain something that cannot be explained without a human point of reference (previous beliefs, traditions, moral values, etc.)

Here is another paradoxical realization: Every belief there is, it is not “bad.” However, it has its timing.
That timing is observed when consciousness changes.
The belief in Santa Claus is not bad at all. But it has timing. If we persist in believing in something well beyond the lapse of that particular consciousness, then inner conflict will arise and inner dishonesty will be felt. Dissonance.

The belief of being a “sinner” has elapsed for many. However, many others are still living in that “reality.” It is a matter of consciousness.

I could write many convincing rational arguments to demonstrate that the sinner mentality is an illusion; however, intellectual arguments or logical premises cannot erase what we feel. To believe that rationality can overcome feelings and emotions means not to understand human nature.

Here another paradoxical realization:
Rationality is great for making a living in our society but… It is deficient for the experience of living Life in joy. Rationally, most will look for the accumulation of wealth to feel happy but… 🙂 there will be disappointment (suffering) when the result is not as expected.

Rationality kills our feelings and without feelings there is no experience of fullness.
Is rationality “bad”?
It is neither “good” nor “bad” like everything else in Life. It “is,” thus observe it and enjoy it.

Question by reader: Does God ever become “imperfect”?

Note: The question will not be written for it is of little benefit to the “common good,” unless you belong to a particular religious path related with the question. This blog does not have a particular religious belief to support or defend.

Dear reader,

The aim of this blog is not to “debate” about belief systems.
Avyakt7 is not interested in any beliefs. Avyakt7 is interested in self-realization and self-transformation and those are the topics of this blog.

Avyakt7 is finding through his own spiritual work, that to bring forward ideas, beliefs or intellectual arguments about God has no benefit for my spiritual work. However, everyone is free to believe in their own beliefs.

Believe in your beliefs, but note that those are “your” beliefs.

Spiritual teachings are there to be understood and practiced so our consciousness can open up. They are meant to awaken us. That is all.

Intellectual theories or speculations about God or the Divinity are useless to Avyakt7, and thus; this blog will not go into that.


Perfect and Imperfect, Duality.
God and Devil. Duality.

Let us go beyond that.

Best wishes!

How did the Universe begin?

🙂 I decided to start my own “researching” into some interesting scientific “tales/discoveries” which are taken by many “believers” as fact of life.

This is the first article under “scientific tales.”
Many times scientific theories have been used to disprove this gyan. I will merely point out some of the issues with current scientific ideas.

In Gyan, we know that the universe wasn’t created. It has always existed.

For western scientists, there is no really an answer; although many individuals will defend the “Big bang theory” as the “de facto” theory, equally treated as any other religious belief; however, without God doing His “magic act.” Then, the issue becomes tricky for those who believe in God’s magic to create things out of nothing, sort of like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat… 🙂

If you have the time to go through these links, you will find lots of “obscure, scientific lingo;” something to keep you at awe of how much you do not know or cannot understand. Nature is simple. All we need to do is observe it. “As it is above, so it is below.”
This link by an astronomer, tells you:” 1) The Big Bang. We have extremely strong evidence that the universe as we know it had a beginning, that everything which we can think of, matter and space alike, started off compressed together and has been expanding ever since.”

Then, here: http://old.richarddawkins.net/articles/806-stephen-hawking-says-universe-created-from-nothing Stephen Hawking, remarks:”God really does play dice.” Then, any other explanations basically goes into “nothing,” other than ” we are making progress,but we do not have the whole pie yet.” However it is an interesting read to understand the historical ideas and more ideas about how everything started…

and here, another scientific “breakthrough;” – “There is no big bang.” http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/03/there-was-no-big-bang-universe-endlessly-expands-contracts.html
Dr. Paul Frampton, Louis J. Rubin Jr. distinguished professor of physics in UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences, and co-author Lauris Baum, a UNC graduate student in physics, have proposed a cyclic model which solves some of the issues presented by the “Big Bang
“This cycle happens an infinite number of times, thus eliminating any start or end of time,” Frampton said. “There is no Big Bang.”

Finally we have Roger Penrose basically stating that the big bang happens after the end of the universe, starting a new one…. Here an amusing video by Penrose explaining the different “Crazy ideas” (as he mentioned) of his “very well respected fellow scientists;” even calling one of the ideas to be “fantasy.” 🙂

Perhaps science is becoming more and more like religion? Perhaps the “devotional” stories had the answer all along in a very simple language; but scientists keep misinterpreting things… I love this interpretation of the “Big Bang” theory in Wiki hickey…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_interpretations_of_the_Big_Bang_theory#Hinduism It says: from the Rig Veda:”… world beginning from a point or bindu, through the power of heat.[19][20] This can be seen as it being corresponding to The big bang theory.” 🙂

I guess they didn’t know about Shiva, the point and the power of tapasya (heat) to create the “new world” through Brahma… Easy language.. maybe too easy for brainy scientists…

Now, if someone does not know about the “beginning, ” what are the possibilities of knowing the “middle” and the “end”?

Food for thought, drink for feelings.