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Courage to be


Which religion has the truth?

That question implies concepts of “truth” and falsehood. That is duality. When there is duality, we are not grasping “reality” and thus, the paradoxical “real” truth.

However, the above question makes a great introduction for philosophical talk and historical research. As a matter of fact, it is the main ingredient for debates and exchange of words.

Nevertheless, there is nothing behind all of that.. other than plenty of words.

That is the same stuff that we will find when we look for a spiritual enlightening video in ”youtube.”

No realizations, but just history. Concepts. Easy to follow explanations lingering in duality. The same repetitive concepts to dull the mind in the assurance that “we know something.”

There are very few, “spiritual teachers” who will share out of their own experiences. Most, is about “spiritual research” done by others or to relate an interpretation of “holy scriptures” written by someone and whose position is defended by a follower.

From a religious perspective, that information could be important. That means another follower signing up, another “proof” to support a dogma.

From a spiritual perspective, it is useless information.

In Spirituality, “book” information is plain useless.

When we share something spiritual, it should be able to sparkle a different view, a different perspective about our own inner world, so there is a realization, which in turn will bring another perspective, a change of vision.

That perspective when made practical becomes our new self. A new attitude is born.

Unfortunately, most are unwilling to live by the realizations of their own experiences and rather have the “comfortable ride” of just believing what someone “important” says.

“He is an expert.” “He has 500000 followers.” “He is wonderful, divine.” “He speaks very well.” “He has special powers.”

All of that creates an organized faith, which eventually replaces spiritual knowledge with just rituals to “follow.”

Spirituality is meant to uplift by sharing experiences rather than “truth,” for everyone of us has to discover their own truth. Yes,  No one can walk your own path for you.

That is why, courage is needed, for there will come a time when following is not enough, for it is a matter of living life with authenticity.

At that point to throw away everything we thought we knew, may be needed.

That takes courage. It is the time to be humble and have the openness to learn.

When we are attached to our own ideas, we suffer as we do not allow ourselves to change according to our inner voice, but rather follow comfortable, well-established, traditional patterns.

Some things need to go away, before “newness” arrives.