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To “practice” is to remember

Jack told Betty: “I am meeting with some friends to talk about spiritual matters.”
Betty replied: “The challenge is to practice it. Anyone can talk.”

In our society, to say: “Practice what you preach,” it is the “wisdom” used to look intelligent on “spiritual things.”

When we approach that saying with further depth, we may discover another story.

Betty IS an angry person. Anger is within her. She hears a “spiritual talk” that preaches: “Anger is bad. You should never get angry. Practice being cool at every time.”

In Betty’s mind she found the “cure” in the opposite of anger. That is to be “cool.” Betty IS not cool, but she will practice it. Betty will practice the idea of “coolness” that she has in her mind. She will practice what she has heard or seen or read from others. Her extent of “coolness” will be only that. She will recognize the situation and she will try to remember to practice “coolness.” When a different situation which is not in her experience comes up, it will lead her into anger. She will not be able to recognize that anger until it is too late, until it comes out; for after all… She IS anger.
Then, Betty will feel guilty, for she has failed the “test.”

In “Spirituality 101” for the masses; DOING is preached over BEING.
The “I” has to DO something to change things. Nevertheless, as shared many times, DOING cannot change BEING. As a matter of fact, that is how inner dishonesty appears for we pretend to BE someone who we AREn’t.

That is why the importance of OBSERVATION and AWARENESS is being shared. Those 2 things which are really one; cannot be “graded” by the external world. The external world can only judge us for the action, the DOING they see which complies to some standard. That is why, dishonesty appears in the world. Many are just acting out a commandment, a moral standard but that is not who they ARE.

Thus, AWARENESS is forgotten. We are no longer aware when all we need to DO is to comply with a sacred text, a moral code, a paragraph written by someone holy.

Remember the state of coolness. Feel it. Don’t use words or descriptions, for then the mind will engage and then further dishonesty will appear as the mind will try to comply with past experiences.

If coolness is within you, it will emerge. Remember it. That is the “practice.” In the meantime, observe that anger, acknowledge it; let it teach you what is truly there, in that way you will have the chance to know its origin. It may be in your childhood, due to a traumatic experience; observe your triggers; become a “scientist of yourself.”

Once that energy is released, (Life will provide the method) then the energy of anger will not be there as a “ruler,” but it could be still accessed when necessary.
 If there is anger, there is coolness as well; for one cannot be without the other.

Remembrance is always of the self.

Questions for May 31, 2013

Dear avyakt7, thanks for answering my yesterday question. You have nicely place the question to second part of my question Great!!!!!!!. When I thought over it, It has created some different question:A) Whether Shivbaba have role from copper age onwards i.e in Bhati, “Sakshatkar” etc. or B) it is due to the experience of sangamyug that the bhakti sanskar emerges?If the question A) is true then baba must have consciousness atleast from the begining of copper age?.Hope, I am not wasting my and your time as you mentioned many times “Ego Trip” or too inteletual. Thanks and Best wishes.

Thank you for your good questions!

Dear soul,
The role of God or Godly knowledge is just to make us remember what we have forgotten. What have we forgotten?

Please let us not spend our time personalizing God once we know that He is a soul residing in the soul world.

That is all we need to know. Everything else is in the Drama. Once we are aware of that through the knowledge that we have “churned”/realized and have gone deeper into it, we could see that the rest is about self-transformation.

To go into more details as what Shivbaba does? Or as the Sakar Murlis mention: He works hard for us…or anything of that nature, from my perspective is useless. However, I understand that there may be souls who would like to know those details, so I invite them to search for those answers in this blog, for I was one of “those individuals” at one time and this blog has plenty of that sort of information.

The “bhakti” or devotional sanskara is a sense of awe in comparing ourselves with what we perceive as a higher power. We do that with BapDada all the time. Rather than using our energy to self transform through the experience of the knowledge, most are happy asking for things to Him, becoming afraid of not having His favors and singing His praise as if that was the reason why BapDada is here among us.

He teaches to be like Him. Equal to Him.

In your question: “is true then baba must have consciousness at least from the beginning of copper age?”
I believe that I responded that in your previous question yesterday, by using another open question.

Let us be mindful of the diversity of readers.

Dear soul, I can see that you can realize many things about Gyan, you have a sharp mind; that is great! Let me just share that not everyone will be able to agree with you, but at the same time see that what you know and realize should help you in your inner transformation, otherwise, it just becomes more information, more concepts to think about.
It is good to check ourselves when spiritual knowledge becomes just another concept, another logical premise to blindly defend. We need to check that against our own experience on self transformation.
Gyan is referential; but it is not needed to self transform once we have a clear awareness of our own vices. That is why the most important item is awareness. To be awake.

A sharp mind could become our worst enemy as well, once we become engaged in trying to understand concepts which cannot be grasped by a dualistic mind. That sort of mind makes a good mind for debates and ego trips, but definitely lacks the experience of something which cannot be described through words and logic. That which is beyond a thinking mind.

Best wishes!

Om Shanti. If the whole drama is based on TO REMEMBER & TO FORGET ( Smruti & Vismruti). What is the role of God?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
Answer: To make us remember what we have forgotten, that is ourselves.

Best wishes!

Question: Sweet Brother, your churnings of gyan are really beneficial for me. Thanks to BABA, DRAMA & YOU. I feel and believe that I was there in golden and silver ages but is it possible to remember the incidences or the experiences that I had at that time?

Thank you for your appreciative words, dear soul!
The aim of this knowledge is for us to “remember.” That “remembrance” happens to different souls in different ways.
Some may have “flash backs” of that time; others may have dreams about it; yet others have soul recognition of other souls and the self. For others; it will be a sense of belonging, of being part of; and yet for others it will be to understand gyan at different depths. All of the above, will give you that “clue” that you are looking for.

In your case, if you appreciate the churning shared here, it is evident that your understanding of Gyan is what gives you that “clue” about belonging to the Golden and Silver ages. As you know, not many can understand these things, and even less put it in practice; that is to be “practical” knowledge.

Best wishes!

Question: I know that the intellect is used to focus the mind and to analyse the thoughts which come from the mind. Therfore, I don’t understand precisely what is the signification of this point from the murlis : “All the knowledge is in your intellect children…” It means that the intellect is able to store information like a memory…? Thank you in advance for your help.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

We can get easily carried away by words… “intellect focus the mind and anlyzes thoughts” sounds good. Those words could make you look like an erudite, a scientist, a psychologist, etc. According to Raja Yoga gyan, we know that knowledge is one of the characteristics of a soul (along with peace, bliss, etc.)

It was mentioned here before: “We do not learn, we remember.” Therefore, “knowledge is already in the intellect of the children” in a numberwise manner. The only reason why a BK soul “accepts” this knowledge is because it has experienced what Gyan proposes. A Bk soul has that experience because gyan is already “recorded” in the role of that soul. The chicken or the egg dilemma. What is first Gyan or the experience of what gyan proposes? 🙂

We have learned through “school” that we “learn” stuff and accumulate that info in our memory. That is not true, although it “appears to be.” We cannot “learn” something “new.” We cannot add something “new.” Otherwise, roles wouldn’t exist and then we will go back into the discusion of “free will vs. predestination,” which only add a layer of confusion if we have not realized Ego. Once we realize Ego at some level, the confusion is gone and those 2 “bad words,” (predestination and free will) will be out of our vocabulary and only left for those who are unaware of Ego.

That is why, when we try to interpret this “new” knowledge based on what “school” and society has told us before, we will not be able to experience the “newness” of Gyan unless we put aside what we think we know. That information becomes a handicap for a new experience. Paradoxically, to learn means to unlearn. 🙂

Best wishes!

Topics with Depth: ” We do not Learn. We Remember.”

Topics with Depth
1. We do not learn. We remember.
“Baba is making us into Deities.”
We are already that which we will become. This sounds like a nonsensical phrase. However, with gyan ; that phrase has plenty of meaning. The role plays. We can only become that which we have been. Nothing more, nothing less.
Of course, we do not know what we will be. We don’t need to. It will happen as it has to happen. It is guaranteed. That is the game of being and becoming.
All we need to do is to stay in the path, the consequence will automatically manifest as a consequence, not as a desire. Please see this point.
Every time something happens in our life, we are remembering something to increase our remembrance of our own self, the experience of it. Baba repeats the same things in the Murli, those things need to be drilled down so one good day, we will remember and experience what he is talking about in a numberwise manner.
We have not learned anything new. It has happened like this before and will happen again in the same manner.
This point of gyan should automatically “free us” from striving, from “wanting to become” from letting our minds run wildly, from allowing the “spiritual ego” to rise up.
If we live with happiness now, happiness will be the consequence in the future.
Life experiences are valuable to make us “wake up” and remember. The Drama is there to help us see and recall who we are.
Baba is there to tell us that we are not alone. The road, the journey is always easier when we are not alone. Baba works through others, let us see that connection.