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Points in depth: The duality of Mr. Gulp – or why repetition is “good for you”

Mr. Gulp was learning about the intricacies of the Drama and its repetition.
Mr. Yolo (You Only Live Once) was his teacher and he wanted to explain how duality came into the picture of an eternally repetitive Drama.

Mr. Yolo: “Here is my example of duality for you. Duality is like having “good news” and “bad news” at the same time with the same episode. Once we learn duality we see that life is just about experiences and that we label those experiences as “good or bad,” but because those experiences are repetitive, those experiences are necessary; rather than “good or bad.”

Mr. Gulp: “ I do not understand what you are talking about. Be clearer, please.”

Mr. Yolo: “I have “good news” for you; Mr. Gulp. Remember that Strawberry shortcake that you eat by yourself in our Diwali celebration?

Mr. Gulp: “Yes…it was soooo good… I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Mr. Yolo: “Well, You will eat it again… It is “fixed” to happen exactly every 5000 years.”

Mr. Gulp: “But then I had stomach cramps and I had to vomit, for I eat too much… is that going to repeat again as well?”

Mr. Yolo: “Those are the “bad news,” I am afraid… but then you will be here to talk about it. At that point you can “choose” to think about the taste of the cake or to remember the stomach pain you experienced, that is your choice.”

Mr. Gulp: “ But I cannot separate both. One was a good experience and the other was bad. Thinking about one, brings the other. I don’t like this repetition business… I think, I don’t want to believe in it. It is nonsense.”

Mr. Yolo: “ I thought you like strawberry shortcakes?”

Mr. Gulp: “ I do. I love them. That is why I cannot stop eating them.”

Mr. Yolo: “ That is duality. The same event which made you happy has the exact same opposite force to make you unhappy. Do you believe in duality now that you have experienced?”

Mr. Gulp: “ Of course. That makes sense. Is the repetition which I don’t like.”

Mr. Yolo:” I see… but there is a cure for that. It is the duality of remembering and forgetting. You remember the episode now, but once it repeats again, you will not. So, it will be “new.” That is called a paradox. When you forget something, it doesn’t matter if it repeats. Only when you know that it repeats is when you can be careful of not making out of your life something that you will regret. See the benefit of repetition? Everything is beneficial, because it is a circle after all. A cycle.”

Point in depth: The carousel of repetition

Picture yourself sitting in a “carousel.”
That is you, “now.” While the carousel moves around in a circular manner, you will end up at the same point again. Just a matter of “time.” Eternal return.

    No matter what you do
    No matter what you think
    No matter if you scream
    Can’t go away from the stream.

Therefore, in the unlimited; it is “guaranteed” that “you” will be “you” again.
That is a certainty or your money back. Guaranteed.
That is why, it is so important from the minute we understand this knowledge; to “shape up,” and to “do the best we can” that is to become soul conscious. (Is there anything better than that?)
Simply because we are certain that whatever we are living “now” will repeat again.

    This is not in “your next life.”
    This is not in a futuristic “golden castle.”
    This is not a “let us imagine/visualize…”

This is “reality” if we have understood this knowledge.
We can even say that everything that will happen is “beneficial” because it will allow you to be “you” again.
Do you like that? 🙂 Do you like yourself?
Then better start changing things around.. or better yet; better start changing yourself.

    This not your dress
    This is not the shelf
    This is your own self

What is the teaching out of this realization?
“Unlimited disinterest” could happen when our vision is “unlimited,” beyond the “Me,” who is stuck in “time.” Why?
Because this knowledge brings the “calmness” to know that whatever “I” do will be, to be “me” again.
And again…

It doesn’t matter what I “do.” I will be “me” again.
Isn’t that nice? 🙂

BUT, it matters if; what I want to see of me in the future, is a more refined version. 🙂
That is why the “Confluence age “ is so important; because it is the opportunity to be fully aware of “going up,” and that is why; it only exist for Brahmin souls… “now.”
Just like an elevator; we are “going up,” now.

That is the paradox of “Me today VS. Me tomorrow.”
Be easy, relax..enjoy life BUT make intense efforts…

Question: Ji, In your reply you mentioned that “You are not “bound” by the Drama. You are the Drama! The Drama is in you… what you need to “understand” is that “YOU” does not exist… neither “me.” WE ARE IT”. Do you mean it is incorrect to use the word ‘bound’? I remember reading in Sakar Murlis – I do not have the date with me where Baba mentions that He is ‘bound’ by Drama because it is only in the Confluence Age He comes to give us Gyan. The Sakar Murli of 26.7.12 bottom of pg. 1/3 Baba states: This programme of every cycle is eternally fixed for Me. Other kings have a programme of perhaps eight to ten days, but God’s programme is eternally fixed in the Gita for cycle after cycle. Eternally fixed is not equal to bound? …”eternally fixed in the Gita for cycle after cycle”. Please explain “fixed in the Gita”. Baba always mentions Gita in the Murli. I know it is not the Bhagavadgita. Thanks.

Thank you for your follow up question. It is a challenging question.

Here is where our language makes it hard to express the sense of unity. Ego separates. It is YOU and ME, when for all practical purposes, we depend on each other to exist. The Drama manifests its changes through us souls. The Drama flows in us.

To separate the Drama and us, souls is merely for illustrative purposes, so we could understand. We are ONE…. In that sense, when we are separating things, we use the word “bound.” Sakar Murlis uses that word: “God is bound by the Drama” to illustrate that God cannot do whatever He wants.
Note that this is a basic understanding for God is part of that Drama. Ego on the other hand, wants to separate God from the Drama. Then, we come into the dilemma: “Is this actually Baba doing or is it the Drama”? 🙂 Have you noticed that? Since most BKs are heavily influenced by devotion, God will be selected.

Through gyan, we can see that those separations are artificial. The same happens with us, we say:”Why should I do anything if it is already predestined in the Drama what it will happen?” Again we separate ME from Drama, ego and the “unlimited.” Please see this issue.

There is a universal consciousness which manifests through souls which plays a part through individual bodies according to time. That is all.

“Eternally fixed” is equal to bound?
After the above explanation, we could realize that it depends on our consciousness. If we are “ego” centered, then yes. It is the same.
If we are not ego centered but “Unity” centered; then NO. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t even know what the word “bound” means.


”eternally fixed in the Gita for cycle after cycle”. Please explain “fixed in the Gita.”
Basically it means that whatever has been said/written, it will be said/written again in the same way and at the same time after a cycle.
The word Gita translated as “song,” denotes “sacred” scriptures or “sacred” oral teachings.

Is this to be bound?

It depends on your state of consciousness. Do you feel that God feels “bound” by the Drama because He has to “repeat” his role all over again after 5000 years, exactly as He has done with the additional “pain” of remembering what was done before?
No way. God is Egoless. From an ego bound perspective, it may seem like a “broken record” type of activity. See this?
Otherwise, God would be the most miserable being there is, for He has been condemned by the Drama to do the same thing over and over again forever… 😦 See that?

That was a very good question, I hope that the answer could be understood.
Thank you.

Reader’s input: “Why this drama was created? And why 5000 yr repetition?”

From this article.

“Drama- is eternal- timeless, ageless,pre-ordained, precise, repetitive and very very meaningful.Souls are also ageless,timeless, eternal, indestructible.So is God or Supreme Soul.
Creation – Destruction and once again creation is an active process. Naturally it is very interesting. It adds spice to the life of we souls on the planet earth.When we are in soul-conscious Deity like status, we are unaware that we are souls.We are very happy, healthy, peaceful, joyful and prosperous.That is why we are called Royal idiots in Sat-yug and Treta-yug.We do not even remember our Supreme Father.We don’t have the trikaal-darshi knowledge.Body-consciousness gets the pure souls to pursue the path of Preyas- i.e the path of pursuing materialistic gains and sensual pleasure.Brahmin stage brings knowledge of the past , present and future; the knowledge about our Supreme Father, about the futility of path of preyas and short-term gains, about the pranik energy depletion by this path,and about the ultimate gains of becoming soul-conscious.The whole time-cycle is full of varied experiences.

If we remain in soul-conscious state eternally,we would not realize what is meant by expectation, hope, pain,suffering and thus we would never realize what a happy state we are in when we are soul-conscious. In fact,THIS SHALL BE MONOTONOUS AND BORING.

The pleasure always lies having an active part in the games or the drama as actors.There are millions in audience or spectators.We would prefer to be Sachin Tendulkar hitting century after centuries rather than a non-descript person cheering amidst the crowd.

Cycle of 5000 years- In USA, in Central Park an unique tree is existing whose life-span is always 5000. At present, the tree is nearing the end of it’s life-span.So this may be the proof for the kalpa being of 5000 years only.

Only 5000 years, kali-yug only 1250 years,instead of 40 million years, should be a news for great joy.Already, millions of suffering souls are feeling “Enough is enough.No more of Kali-yug.”Secondly, our life-span is just 100 years.So why bother what happens before it or after it. Making the best out of the present under Shiv Baba’s Shrimat.”

Avyakt7 responds:

1. “When we are in soul-conscious Deity like status, we are unaware that we are souls… That is why we are called Royal idiots.”

According to Baba’s gyan, being soul conscious means to be aware that we are souls. In the golden age we are aware that we are souls. The term “Royal idiots” as you say does not translate into the English word “idiot” which means: A stupid person, a mentally handicapped person. Certainly, it has to be a translation error, for Deities are far from that. The best word that I could find is “innocent.”

2. “We do not even remember our Supreme Father.”

There is no need for that. In the Drama everything works according to need of the time. A deity is no less because they do not “remember our Supreme Father.” “They” are US, in another time.

3. “Cycle of 5000 years- In USA, in Central Park an unique tree is existing whose life-span is always 5000. At present, the tree is nearing the end of it’s life-span.So this may be the proof for the kalpa being of 5000 years only.”

Here is a link of the oldest recorded trees. Let us remember that “The Americas” (USA included) was a “picnic place” which emerged from the Ocean later on. Thus, it is not possible for any tree to be close to 5000 years unless it is found in Bharat, because as we know, everything else was under water.

4. “If we remain in soul-conscious state eternally,we would not realize what is meant by expectation, hope, pain,suffering and thus we would never realize what a happy state we are in when we are soul-conscious. In fact,THIS SHALL BE MONOTONOUS AND BORING.”

🙂 Being in bliss is not “monotonous neither boring.” Those are expressions (monotonous and boring) which only exist in body consciousness. The Drama is about experiencing duality and expressing duality as well. For Brahmin souls, that duality is between soul consciousness and body consciousness. One more item: There is no “happiness” in soul consciousness. Happiness is only known when we experience suffering. In the Golden age we do not experience suffering, therefore; we cannot experience happiness. The right word is Spiritual Bliss, which is a “natural” expression of a soul.

Best wishes.

Question:The kalpa (cycle) repeats after every 5000 yrs exactly. What is way to remember the act we performed 5000 yrs back so it will be helpful for me to solve today’s problems?

🙂 Great question. Thank you very much.

What we have done before, is what we will do again.
In that sense, past and future..are all the same!
(it even rhymes! 🙂 )

Even though we know that we are going to “die,” (leave the body) there is nothing that we could do to stop that. It has to be experienced.
Similarly with the so called “problems.” We need to go through them if it is in the Drama of life. One of the greatest point in knowledge is that:“The Drama is beneficial for all.”

Whatever happens to you now, has benefit because will allow you to be “you” again…in 5000 years. 🙂 We will learn some lessons, we will move in time with different experiences, but the bottom line is that every experience will take you to “now” again and again. Every “now” is eternal.

Therefore, “enjoy the problems.” They will go away to come back. Once we are aware of that through knowledge, we see the futility of worrying about the future. What matters is NOW.

Gyan gives us the tools to clear our minds from all perceptions and enjoy a worry-free mind. Last, “we do not solve problems.” Problems solve themselves.

To answer your question right to the point; you do not need to remember what happened 5000 years ago. You do not need to solve anything. You just “need” to enjoy the ride, because if you do that NOW, it is guaranteed that you will do that again! It will be eternal. 🙂

Best wishes and thank you again!

Points in Depth: Repetition: one more time. The deepest point of all

9. Repetition one more time

The world will be destroyed. You will get the lowest status of all in Heaven unless you do service, remembrance, give your bones to the yagya, etc. This is the only time to make effort. Hurry up! Little time remains.

Sounds familiar?
Is the aim of experiencing life to get to the Golden age? Is life worthwhile just because of the Golden age?
Everything that we have done will repeat. The “good,” the “bad,” the “ugly,” the “beautiful”…
Hurry up sacrifice your life to pay your “karmic accounts”? You need to be an “emperor in the Golden age.” It is all about the Status. This is called “outside pressure,” don’t stop to smell the roses because they will be gone anyway and then you will get attached to them and suffer… 🙂

It is a good method to move someone by using the “punishment/reward” duality. It has been a good method to control children and the masses in general. The method is according to our consciousness.

For some reason, that does not sound right for me.
Whatever I do, whatever I may be, it is guaranteed that I will be me again….avyakt7; and If I am a BK, if I have heard the Murli even once….then Baba guarantees that I will be in Heaven. Perhaps someplace in the Silver age, perhaps at the end of the silver age to enjoy another “destruction,” but certainly I will experience that again and again. There is newness in this repetition.

The amazing part to understand is that I cannot “learn from my mistakes.” I cannot rectify what I have done, for there is nothing wrong or right. It is a role that needs to be performed. Please see this. This Drama does not allow me the chance to rectify things, and I have been in complete “darkness” for the last 2400 years and only have 100 years or less to “settle” my accounts. Notice that if you weren’t born in the “Yagya” and had 70 years plus of yoga; you weren’t fortunate enough to make it among the 8 “jewels.”

Do you feel “bad” about this “unfortunate” event? What do you think if I tell you that, this will repeat again and again?

This is something that not everyone is ready to understand.

You cannot “fix” anything “broken” in the Drama. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing broken.

The Drama happened as it was. It is all good. By all means if you feel it within you to explore and experience the self and what is like to be a “master of the senses,” do it. If it is not imposed from the outside and if it comes from your inner knowledge; you will do it. It is guaranteed.

When discipline comes from the “inside” is not discipline. It is who you are. You are expressing the role that you need to play, you are flowing. That discipline to “become” needs to be really who you are. “Becoming” kills you. “Being” is pleasure…

At that point, there is no need to feel “pressure.”
“This thing will end. Have disinterest, forget about it, otherwise you will receive severe punishment.”

When the bird flies in the sky, the sky is all there is for the bird. If the bird knew that this moment will repeat, the bird will start thinking and then the sky wouldn’t be all there is but just thoughts about the sky disappearing and appearing. Interest with disinterest appear. Reward with punishment comes along.

The moment of beauty, the flying moment is gone and so is life…. and it will repeat again just like that…

Question:if the drama happens every kalpa the same way, as if it was ‘already’ created and happening identically every kalpa, is it not ‘predestined’?

if the drama happens every kalpa the same way, as if it was ‘already’ created and happening identically every kalpa, is it not ‘predestined’?

Good question. The word “predestined” as defined means that God or some other entity has created the Drama. The Drama hasn’t been created. It has always existed.
The word predestined means that our destiny is “fixed.” The truth is paradoxical for there is no destiny in this Drama. It is a circle, it just keeps moving on.

Therefore, the word predestined does not fit what actually occurs.
The Drama is eternal. This is the correct description of the Drama. Because the Drama is eternal. it has to repeat as a mental concept, although that it is not our experience. Why? Because every moment in the Drama has to be eternal as well, so it has to “happen” again; otherwise the Drama wouldn’t be eternal, it would continue to move on.

Nevertheless the word “repetition” provides another layer of obscurity, a layer of disappointment. Repetition is merely a concept, an intellectual concept far from our experience.
Our experience is not that “nothing is new” (which is a mental concept to make sense of the Drama) but our experience is that everything is new, even though mentally we can understand that we have gone through the same thing countless times. Still is new. The Drama is newness at every second. even though mentally we know that it repeats… a paradox.

This is the danger of mental concepts which do not match our own experience. This is why gyan can be dangerous and why few people can really understand its depth.

Baba uses this concept of “repetition” to assure us that we will be deities, that we will enjoy Paradise, heaven. However, He doesn’t remind us the “complete package” as well which is that those sorrowful episodes in our life will have to be endured again, and then we think “AGAIN????, I don’t want to do it again…!!!” However, is the Ego selecting experiences without realizing that every single experience is necessary to reach the most “elevated” part, to come down again. This “going up and down” baffles intellectual minds looking for a reason, for an utility, for an objective, for a purpose of life. There is none other than expression of the role. This is not reasonable nor logical. It is not scientific… That is why it is the true.. 🙂

Here another paradox: ” We are not the role, but we are the expression of it, which is new at every second, and although it repeats… it doesn’t, for it is new.”
This is the beauty of paradoxes, the beauty of going beyond the intellectual box of logic and reasons. This is to think out of the box, when there is no thinking allowed.