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Sainthood or Angel-hood?


Actions by itself do not carry a moral value. The intention behind the action becomes the important ingredient for every action. That intention cannot be faked to ourselves.
We could lie to others but never to ourselves.

I could donate tons of money for the welfare of “others,” but my intention is to get a tax break. For society, I may be a “great soul;” but for Life it is all about “my tax convenience,” which is not “bad” either.

Life returns an action based on the intention.

Moral codes and religions are caught up in the “Do not.” The actions.
Those “moral codes” automatically create saints and sinners.

A saint is a repressed individual.

Religions create saints.
Want to be a saint?
You know the path.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a saint. Our society supports sainthood. A saint follows to the dot and beyond what our society perceives as “positive.” To take away those behaviors, which are deemed as “impure”, is the task of repression.

That is the reason why repression has been taught as a way to “purify” the self.

For example, if the Buddha embraced celibacy in his late years, for the follower that means that “we have to be celibate now to be like him.”

Forget about that the Buddha had a kid. Forget about the fact of his age compared to many younger followers. Forget about the fact that the Buddha embraced celibacy, as a natural state of his consciousness, thus there was no conflict in him.

For the rest, that repression becomes a sign of sainthood.

Let me share a secret.
Saints cannot “become” beings of light also known as “angels” until their life is harmonious with Life itself.

BUT WHY!!!!!

Any form of repression does not lead into enjoyment of Life. That is balance, harmony in Life is very important. How could you be an example to “others” if you are not naturally cheerful after going through all experiences in Life?
Do we think that by repressing, sucking it up and trying to forget about “it,” we will “conquer” our longings? How do we think this will affect our emotions?

Nevertheless, let me share this second secret with you. 🙂
To have the experience of “being a saint” is necessary to understand by EXPERIENCE rather than intellectually, one side of the swing of Life.

For example, Mike does not want to join a religious group because he finds that group to be repressing. Mike wants to “enjoy life.” “Enjoyment of Life” means for him to taste every single pleasure that Life offers to the extreme.

Mike will do that “tasting and more” in his life as he did it in other lives, but in this Life as Mike, he will experience something different. He will find himself completely drained, unhappy and looking for something “better.” Suffering will appear in his Life for the first time.

Even God may go across his path at this point. He may even have a “spiritual experience” to seal his destiny into a religion just to find the “path of sainthood,” the opposite of his current way of living.

Do we see the pattern?

Life will present to us as an oscillating swing in the playground of Life. One side of it, as Madonna could sing is to: ”Express yourself” just to go to the other side, in sainthood as: “Repress yourself.” Both are experiences of having a “Self.”

Even though, we have understood this intellectually, we must experience it ourselves to know. That is why, in Life; knowing is being. To know is not to keep information in our heads by reading books, listening to “experts,” etc. However, in the “office world” “information is power.” Thus, a balancing act is needed in a Life that integrates everything.

In Life unless we become our own “expert” by being awake, aware; we will be in the position to rely on a belief system.

As mentioned before, relying on a belief system is not “bad” but part of the oscillating swing of Life for some people; not all, but some.
To be caught up in a belief system means not to be able to enjoy the full oscillation of the swing.

A “being of light” is the one who had the experiences of the full swing and he is able to live harmoniously in Life, not taking sides, labeling and rejecting for he understands that the oscillations of the swing of life are “teachings” meant to be enjoyed. Integration with “what is” at every moment.

As we go into the air by swinging in that swing, we will oscillate to the other side, which will serve as propulsion to gain greater momentum, just like a pendulum. As you are up in the air, going back and forward, then an automatic, natural smile will appear… You are enjoying Life! 🙂

That enjoyment is not artificially made by something like: “You must love God” or the religious, “Be happy… you have been saved from experiencing x,y,z in Life.” That enjoyment is a natural offspring of the oscillation of Life.

Balance, harmony could be explained as the “middle way.”
Interestingly enough, the Buddha taught about the “middle way.” So did Christ, but Christianity is not the “teachings of Christ” but the teachings of Paul and later on, Popes and other “authorities,” people without the insight of Jesus.

That “middle way” teaching has been interpreted in so many ways that it has become a source of inner abuse or even organized abuse.

Here is another secret: 🙂
That “teaching” is not a teaching. It is a faint description of Buddha’s consciousness by using dualistic words and many translations, which obviously were misinterpreted by followers.

To know what the Buddha is talking about, we need to walk the path. “Walking the path” does not mean to join a Buddhist temple, or Buddhism, No! That is to regress into human interpretations. (Which is not bad either, but necessary for some) It is to be aware, awake, and conscious of the teachings brought to Life at every moment. Life is the “temple.”

Humans even as keepers of “Godly teachings,” can only teach about sainthood.
Only beings of light could “remind” someone about their own angelic nature. Not humans.
Life has it exactly in the way that it has to be. Perfect and complete.
All experiences will take us to our destination. Whether we choose or we don’t; we will get to our destiny in our own particular time. To trust Life is to love Life.

Enjoy the oscillations of the swing of Life!

Understanding repression


Ultimately the way most individuals perceive the world, is tinted with heavy duality.
This idea of “becoming better” is very critical in our society.
Who needs to become better?
The “I,” “Me,” Myself.”

That simplicity of thought shows the issue behind comparisons and illusionary triumphs colored with setbacks. That is the “duality of Life.”

Don’t we want to “become better” in Life?
Yes. The ego loves that. It does not mean, “I shouldn’t get a better job.” It doesn’t mean, “I shouldn’t be a better person.” It means that whatever we believe that we have attained, does not mean to “be better.”
It just means a change. Growth. Just like a child becomes a teenager or an adult becomes an older individual.

What happens if that which we want does not occur in Life, no matter what we “do”?
We automatically become a “loser.” The comparison mentality keeps coming back.
When we understand that every moment in Life is what it needs to be and that there is complete benefit in it as it is, no matter how our perception at the time may be, then at that point, we cannot fight with Life.
At that point, we can drop the dualistic views about becoming “better or worse.”

By all means do your part to get that “dream job.” That is the meaning of “knocking at doors” in Life. A door may open or it may not. Change may happen or it may not… but we know that eventually everything is change…

All we need to do is to get out of our minds those magic words in duality, which bring so much suffering and misunderstanding: better and worse, good and bad, winner and loser… Those words and their ideas behind them.

A world arranged by those words is a complete illusion, when we understand that the “I” is not running the show of Life, although it may appear. Although it may be “desirable.”

Repression is therefore an ideal to manipulate Life in pursue of some other ideal.

We could repress opening our hearts to people and to situations for fear of being hurt. What is the ideal?
Not to be hurt. The ego doesn’t want to feel that pain of rejection.
What is the plan of action?
Not to allow a feeling…or to redirect the feelings towards someone else, such as God.

In childish language:
1) “Do not” for every sentence. Live in your cage for it is safe that way. 🙂
2) “This is good. That is bad.” We call that “choice.” Free will.

Repression occurs when the nature of an individual is not being considered for the name of some ideal.

In that way severity towards the self sets in.
“I must not eat rice pudding because I will get fat.”
The inner child is hurt with that severity which is meant to obtain an ideal of “not being fat” which we could embellish by using more labels, like “fit.” The ideal is to be “fit” by denying those things, which we know are “bad.”

The culprit in “gaining weight” is not in eating the rice pudding but the lack of balance of an individual.
In repression we learn to take away those things which are pleasurable and that will allow us to enjoy Life for the sake of an ideal.
Repression embraces completely the “black or white” mentality.

In childish “spirituality,” it has been taught that by following the life style of a person considered to be a “saint” is what is the ideal of “desirable.”

For example, Yogananda was a “renunciate.” Does it mean that any individual wishing to “love God,” may have to follow the same path of renunciation?
Why is that?
It depends on the nature of the individual and his mission in Life.
Yogananda’s guru was a householder with a wife and had children. According to Yogananda’s biography, his guru “knew God” but lived a “normal” Life.

Repression will occur when the aim is to escape from “what is” as a permanent solution. That “escape” translates into a rejection. It is in that life of rejection how it is impossible to assimilate new experiences in Life.

In short: Our consciousness gets stuck in a personality, which is completely artificial.

To understand repression in our lives, is a step forward into freeing the natural way of things. When repression is let go, there is an opportunity to integrate every aspect of Life, which we were taught to completely reject.
By learning to reject, we have ben set up in the world of duality. The way to live beyond it, is never “achieved” by rejecting it… but paradoxically, by embracing it.

To conquer something means to embrace it. 🙂

Changing “bad” into “good.”


“… It’s one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it’s because that’s what’s inside. It doesn’t matter who does the squeezing: your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don’t like, what comes out of you is what’s inside. And what’s inside is up to you, it’s your choice.
When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything other than love, it’s because that’s what you’ve allowed to be inside. Once you take away all those negative things you don’t want in your life and replace them with love, you’ll find yourself living a highly functioning life.”
Wayne Dyer.”

For most individuals the teaching expressed above is great. Life squeezes you and the juice that comes out is what you are…

Let us take a look at this phrase: “What’s inside is up to you. It’s your choice.”

Going along with that consciousness, we are taught to change what we ARE by DOING several things, here are some of the ones that I recall in my life experience:
Praying, meditating, having yoga with God, feeling guilty every time I had anger and asking for forgiveness by confessing my sin, pretending to be good by rejecting my anger, keeping that anger inside and learning not to express it because it is “bad.” After all, I am supposed to be “love” and I need to act that part to be considered “good.”

In a subtle way, this is how we learn to be dishonest with ourselves.

Here is another realization: “If we want to change something in us, don’t change it, but observe it instead.”
The “I” changing the “I” is the illusion of an illusion, changing another illusion.

If we willfully change something, which is not ripe enough in consciousness, that will be a repression.

When we observe something, we realize the triggers and the consequences without judgment and labeling.

This is not an issue of “choice.” It is an issue of awareness. Until we are not aware, we will not have choice. Paradoxically, when there is awareness there is no need to choose.

The “choice” of replacing “negative things” for “positive” turns into a repression when it is not the natural consequence of observation and the assimilation of life experiences.

When we “choose” to live in love, that is not love but a belief of what we think love is. When our consciousness opens up through that observation, we may find that love is not an “action” or a “thought of being loving” but a continuous state of openness to “what is.”

Anger is not “bad” in itself. It is a mismanaged energy which has a consequence in the self and others.
The energy of anger could be transformed into strength when needed.

Typically all “spiritual” teachings in duality, will teach us to suppress and to “replace” with something else.

Replace your “bad” thoughts with “loving thoughts.”
Thoughts are a reflection of who we ARE at that point in time.
We change who we ARE, when we are AW-ARE…. paradoxically, without willfully making a change.

That change is non-intellectual, it is not to replace concepts in our minds and to make ourselves believe that we are “doing” good because we follow some law, code or commandment.

When there is awareness, there is flexibility to change without being asked to or told to, but it is a natural expression of being harmonious with our perception of “what is.”

Our ability to be conscious of our relationship with everything, changes our interaction naturally.
Until that point arrives in our lives, then it may be necessary to live under the “black or white” world of duality for as long as it is necessary.

Below, those “spiritual” teachings is a nutshell:

This is bad. That is good. This is right. That is wrong.
This is positive, take it. That is negative, reject it.
Sounds familiar? 🙂

A deeper look into Detachment


When Rose learned about “detachment” in her yoga meditation class; it was the first time that she heard that word.
The explanation her teacher gave, was something like this:
“Detachment is good. Attachment is bad. You don’t want to be involved with someone else’s karma.”

The above explanation sounded convincing. It made sense! Rose wanted to put in “practice” detachment. That is when problems started for Rose….

The first ones to know about that new “detachment” business were her family members. 🙂

Rose’s mother couldn’t believe how cold Rose had become. It was as she didn’t care for the well-being of everyone else. If Rose’s younger brother fought with her younger sister; Rose just stood there, watched the fight briefly and left as if nothing was happening. When Rose’s mom asked about that behavior; Rose said: “It is not my karma. I don’t want to be involved.”

Whenever Rose tried hard to implement that “detachment” in her life, the general perception was that she was out of her mind.

Detachment is a misunderstood word in our society.
Attachment is the word used by most to acknowledge care, concern even love. Obviously when Rose wanted to implement something foreign in her life and cultural setting, such as “detachment,” which she was recently aware of, that setting was the preface for disaster in her life.

That is how it became known that: “Those who teach about detachment are aloof birds of a very cold nest.” The stereotype for the masses to believe and follow was set.

“Detachment understood as a dictionary word to implement in our lives, is a complete failure. Detachment as an experience in our lives means joy.” How about this phrase for the quote of the day? 🙂

No one can teach detachment to a human being whose experience and consciousness is ingrained in being attached. As a matter of fact, detachment cannot be taught.

No one can “work on” being detached. It is an illusion to “make effort” to be detached.

Detachment does not come as an intellectual idea.
To say “You have to be detached” is meaningless. As a matter of fact, it is even rude when the intention is to “correct” someone.

We could BE detached, but we cannot DO detachment. Most are only willing to DO detachment, to act in certain ways which their minds believe to be detachment.

To truly experience detachment, an individual needs to experience emptiness, silence of the mind. That experience will automatically bring that individual into that detachment which is non hurtful to others. It is in that experience of emptiness, where “your” detachment will be “their” benefit.

Detachment brings easiness in behavior. It brings a smile in the face. It brings acceptance. It is like being an open door to life, where things come and go without being entangled by them. That detachment is not concerned in intellectual understanding of “theoretical karma,” for that detachment is not fabricated by a repressed mind, who closes itself for fear of being affected by “others.”

The leaf floating down the river of life


Living deals with the quality of our feelings.
In human history, a thought, an idea of “what should be” was the ingredient to repress feelings and with that, the mind entered in all affairs of human beings.

Religions, morality, governments and authorities came into existence as a way to point out the “way” for a society. That way was created through a thought, through the mind.

Tell someone not to do something and automatically, the drive to do it with greater force will appear.

Tell someone that cigarettes are what is needed to become rich and if commonly accepted, that idea; that mental concept will become the rule and the reality.

Tell someone that pleasure is “bad” and the urge to pursue pleasure will be inculcated.

Systems, organizations, societies are ruled by regulations which become dogmatic and unyielding… known as the “proper way” for people to survive as a society. Add the concept, that those rules are “the words of God,” and automatically a devilish way will appear… It will be hidden and will manifest in the shadows of our consciousness, it will linger and come out in the spare moments when the mind goes away…

Many individuals have realized the above for ages, but their realization led them into a reaction, that is a movement in the opposite direction, where chaos and “do what feels good,” came into existence; whatever “your mind thinks” is a go… Don’t you worry about a thing… 🙂

Obviously, in that reaction there is a hidden repression, there is a hidden opposition and rejection to what is.

Very few will realize that it is the mind putting yet another idea, another thought, another philosophy which merely represents a small fraction of the totality of life. Nevertheless, that “piece of the pie” could be named with the holiest names to allow for followers…

Any true change does not start as a “mass driven reaction,” a revolution, an “ism.” The change is not about rejecting our perception of what is there to embrace the opposite, or something else. That perceived change only deals with the mind, the thoughts, ideas and for that, they will always be limited and they cannot go along dynamically with the changes of time.

A human being needs to let the mind free to go, to freed himself from the rigidity of thought patterns and to embrace the spontaneity of feelings of appreciation and acceptance to all; that is enjoyment. It is in that space of emptiness when something new appears.

That newness cannot be put in words. It cannot be put into a dogma or a religious teaching, for the leaf floating down the river of life, does not have a rigid pattern or view of when or where it needs to be. It just flows, and to learn to flow in life means to trust, it means to let go of all beliefs and self-created stories.

When the leaf learns to be part of that totality; when the leaf does not look upon the river as something different than its own nature, when the leaf learns to relax, unwind and appreciate the path as a traveler of its own destiny; then at that moment; the unspoken, sacred newness will be born.

That leaf, will be born again.

Self control


In the world there is this idea that self-control is about repressing something. For instance, if someone wants to drink wine, we usually tell that person: “You need to have self-control not to drink.”

Self- control is usually about going over the “temptations” in life, for the sake of feeling beyond our “normal” wants and desires.

The word “temptation” is truly a misleading word. All of the sudden, to drink wine becomes a “temptation,” something “negative,” something which we must resist… 🙂

In fact, the problem is not wine, but it is our own “whining” 🙂 our mind-set and lack of “self-control” to behave in a non-damaging way.

The world of duality is the one that we live in. There is every object, every situation, every thing which could be easily put in convenient opposite labels. The most common: “good and bad.”

Please see how our mind is set up to believe in things as merely representing one side of the spectrum: They are either in the light or in darkness. Our beliefs then, can make a religious ideal, a dogma or way of living based on a static idea of something, which is continually changing in time.

Wine is neither bad nor good. It could be useful in some occasions and not useful in others. It all depends on our circumstances, our state of consciousness and our own openness to see things beyond a defining label.

If someone is an addict of drinking wine, obviously the issue is not “wine” itself but the issue is with a personality, but to extend that personality to all people, that is; to assume and place everyone under the same label… is a very costly but comfortable assumption.

When we observe the movement of life and duality, we could see that there will be things bringing pleasure and pain. Many times we reject one side and try to get a hold of the other, not realizing that things will change by themselves. The day changes into a night without our help, without our judgment, without considering our beliefs.

Nevertheless, enjoyment of the Moon happens at night. Enjoyment of the Sun, is in the day. To be in the day longing for the Moon to appear … That is the issue of many!

To call the day “bad” because there is no Moon there, is to reject what is there and to live without fullness.

Self control then is that art to move according to time and circumstances, to flow with life without having a mental label or script to determine how our life should be lived.

Self control is about knowing the right time for everything since nothing remains the same. When we act with self control there is neither rejection nor indulgence. There is enjoyment at every step for living is not a thought, it is not a static idea of how things should be, but rather is a flow, a dance where the steps in dancing are not the same for all tunes.

In this way our mental structures will collapse, they will not be able to construct a being which is constrained by ideas and beliefs; but rather a human being in tune with the totality, with the wisdom of knowing the timings in life…
There is time to live, there is a time to die. A time to smile, and a time to cry…There is a time to enjoy and… to keep enjoying…the movements, the seasons of life. 🙂

Question on the energy of lust

“How to have balance energies in order to conquer lust? Any physical and mental method?”

Dear reader,
There are no methods to conquer lust. Methods can only allow you to become more sensible to different energies and out of that sensibility, you could choose in life based on your current state of consciousness.

Let me explain this a bit further.
Lust is experienced through different senses. It is basically to lose ourselves in front of sensations or perceptions. In the case of sexual lust, it comes with a degree of violence to possess.

If your path is celibacy, any method that is used will be effective in the beginning. Usually the method consist on labeling sex as “bad,” “dirty,” etc. as well as the persons “indulging” on that “vice.” Therefore, you probably don’t want to be into those categories and will repress yourself and hope that “temptations” will not be around you. That is how many other “methods” appeared such as labeling women/men to avoid attractions or separating men and women or making men and women to look similar (shaving their heads) and any other “creative” method that humanity has created…Isn’t that so?

If a person persists doing this, that repression may be unbearable. that is how many individuals have finished their “careers” in the celibate path.

The key element is to change the quality of your feelings. For that you may need to open yourself for greater sensibility. To appreciate beauty in Nature, through feelings is one way of doing that. Because the quality of your feelings is distinct, possessiveness will not be there, because your feelings have been expressed.

Let us say that you are a “man” and that you “see” (eyesight) a beautiful “woman.” Observe yourself. Observe how possessiveness arises and desires. Observe how awkward you may feel if you “try to be celibate and to think good things.” Observe that a repression has happened and due to that repression your mind will play with that image of that person even though that person is gone.

Do you know why this has happened? Because you have repressed your feelings.

The issue is not that you cannot taste the “candy,” but your feelings about not tasting it and your mind reinforcing those feelings by “thinking about it.”

Even if you taste that “candy,” your feelings will be that “it is not enough, the dream was better than “reality”…” which will be reinforced by your thoughts:”I need another candy.” See?

That repression and lack of satisfaction is lust, which is an energy.

On the other hand, if there is appreciation; which means that you are open to what “is” and you have the sensibility to see beauty and express that through your feelings; then because of that expression of appreciation; your mind and your feelings will be alright.

Basically, it is like becoming a child again: Smile, appreciate without the thought of possessing anything or needing anything from another, sending beautiful feelings of appreciation to another.
That is all.

One more time, the key element is “pure feelings” as mentioned in many articles before. If you could engage yourself in becoming sensible to beauty in Nature and in the world without distinction, without labeling things as “bad” or “good,” then you will see a change in you. That is the “method.”

Allow yourself to enjoy Nature, to be part of it (Please read article “beach healing and therapy.”) Allow yourself to be wholesome by resting well, eating well (not only what you eat, but how you eat it ) and have gratefulness to life for giving you the chance to be in relationship with others at different levels.

If going beyond lust is in your path, it will happen. In the meantime, all we need to transform as preliminary steps is the quality of our feelings by becoming more sensible to beauty and its expression and the clarity of our mind, by being able to observe it continuously.

We know that “fear never transforms, but love transforms,” then let us use that love through feelings for that transformation to occur.

Best wishes!