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Question: Dear Big brother, How will birth take place in Golden age ? In my centre it was said through Yoga where souls will be coming in from the soul world numberwise. But i want to know how will physical bodies be manifested for these souls coming in keeping purity in mind. And ahh i have said many times before and im gonna say 1 more time i love your churnings. :) Best wishes.

Thank you for your question and your kind words!

Dear soul,

That question was already answered. Please search under “reproduction Golden age” in the search article box.
Baba mentions about the “power of yoga.” That is communion between 2 beings.

There are no further descriptions about it. Whether it is the “regular” way or not; it is a different type of consciousness where duality is not experienced.

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Question: om shanti – How animals and other living thing in satyog reproduces as there will be no vices i.e. kam; whereas humas will do throgh yog ….. thanks

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

A “vice” is a state of consciousness. A vice is not an activity, but the activity becomes vicious through our state of consciousness. Therefore, when the state of consciousness changes then, activities will change accordingly to match that. “Being” is before “doing.”

Reproduction is reproduction. That is not a vice. What makes it a vice is our state of consciousness. Animals and other living things are a reflection of what is going on with us. As BapDada has mentioned, “the furniture.”

So, as the “masters” so the “furniture.”

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Question: Reproduction with out Sex – is that possible? Baba says it happens with Power of Yoga – How does Brahma Baba come down as Krishna (Vishnu) in Golden Age with out the act of reproduction?

Thank you for your question!
Short answer: According to science, it is possible. (How do you like my citation of science for a change…)

First, religions have described “immaculate births,” take a look at this link written by ‘sincerely yours’ sometime ago.
Then, we have a “nice” experiment by science with “Dolly,” the “most famous sheep in history.”
and to close the paragraphs of “evidence,” here an article about “sexless reproduction in human beings” according to an Indian geneticist.

Now, we have the versions of religion, which have been around for centuries and the versions of science from the last couple of years… 🙂 Who do you believe?

Baba says that it happens through “the power of yoga.” We need to be aware that this may be literal or may not. (For Baba’s audience had a child like mentality back then and also the traditional Indian modesty, when it comes to “sexuality” which makes talks about sexuality sort of a taboo.)

For a Brahmin soul, that shouldn’t be a worry now… for things will happen automatically without us figuring that stuff out now, specially since practicing celibacy at this time.

best wishes!