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The “law” of attraction in life


Life has many students coming from a diversity of consciousness.
To learn to “knock at the door” in life is what typically has been called the “law of attraction.”

Think about something that you want and it will appear. Many books have been written to share this wonderful “Secret,” only known by the selected ones and now being shared for mainstream.

If the door opens then we could tell the “Secret” to others 🙂 However; if the door does not open, that only means that destiny wasn’t meant to be in that particular door.
Keep knocking at different doors.

There is a “Secret” in attraction, which is experienced by all, nevertheless we may fail to realize.
When 2 magnets attract each other, they have to be from opposite polarity. There is a collision through that attraction.
Similarly, when we reject something in life we attract it, for the polarities are opposed. Isn’t that paradoxical?

Ananda couldn’t stand to be in the presence of smokers. When he moved into a new apartment complex, his main request was not to be around smokers. As months went by smokers started to appear, then 2 heavy smokers arrived nearby.

Ananda wanted to get out of that apartment complex but he couldn’t. His lease wasn’t over.

Mathias the wise tree, suggested to Ananda not to feel rejection towards those who smoke.

Ananda said: “ But the smoke gets into your clothes and it is unhealthy for you. “

Mathias replied: ” Even more harmful for your health, are the sentiments of rejection that you are emitting in that moment.”

Ananda changed his ways and accepted the smokers around him. Every time he was close to one of them, he thought that it was a “test” and that he had to “pass the test” by not feeling rejection and by having a friendly conversation with those smoking.

The “test” game is interesting. The game is to pretend to be “good” by tolerating. In that toleration, there is separation between the “I” and them, the source of my tolerance.
Mathias the wise tree, informed Ananda that he was still living in that place despite his wishes to move out, because of his rejection to smokers.

Obviously, Ananda had attracted that which he was rejecting.

One day, one of the smokers had a small conversation with Ananda, while smoking his cigarette.

Ananda did not think anything at all related with smoking in that conversation. He saw how the smoker got rid of his cigarette after a little while. Ananda did not feel or think about this episode to be a “test.”

3 days later, a new management took over the apartment complex and with that unforeseen change the opportunity for Ananda to move out appeared.
Ananda’s feeling of rejection finished and with that, the need for him to be in that place.

Have you seen a person having fear (rejection) towards roaches?
But… they are ugly despicable vermin, dirty, repulsive etc…. rationalizing our motives will not do anything to hide the rejection. It is not the “fact” of what they could represent but how we FEEL about that “fact.”
Usually that person rejecting roaches is the one who has most encounters with roaches.
What about the one who rejects a religious group or a philosophy or a group of people?
Their life will be full of that which is rejected.

That is the law of attraction in life.

Another example?
Ananda believed that garlic was “bad for the mind.” That belief became so extreme as to reject any food touched by garlic in the grocery store.

One day Ananda became very sick due to mold growing in the bathroom of his apartment. He was feeling tired and his lungs were not breathing to the full capacity.
Mathias the wise tree, recommended to Ananda to drink apple cyder vinegar in the mornings and to eat raw garlic before lunch and after eating lunch, for 3 days…

Mathias mentioned to Ananda: “Let your food be your medicine.”

But… garlic is “bad”… Any alternative? 🙂

To be tormented for a long while by doctors’ tests, insurance companies and secondary effects of medicines.

Ananda changed his view about garlic and his belief as well. His awareness changed once he became well again.

Everything that happens in life has benefit. We choose to call those episodes as “good” or “bad” according to what we perceive as convenient, without realizing that there is a journey made up of life experiences that every individual needs to go through.

Wisdom comes through those experiences in life, which will be converted into insight from lifetime to lifetime. When we are AWARE we could observe and obtain a valuable teaching from those experiences in life.

If everything is beneficial in the journey of the “life walker,” how is it possible for something to be “bad”?

When we reject any aspect of life, we cannot flow with life. A belief becomes the protector to preserve a particular type of consciousness, but at the same time, that same belief does not allow for consciousness to flow, to change… for life is change.

Question: A particular soul keeps coming to my mind. In this life i have a good relationship with that soul. Our relationship is quite formal. I have tried sending good wishes, i have even once or twice cancelled appointments so that I don’t have to meet that soul. I have even used the tip given by a BK whereby I have discredited the soul over a very minor, minor matter which that soul was probably not aware of. The discrediting technique I heard in a talk given by a BK. This soul is particularly not overly nice to me nor sweet talks me. Although he does not say much I feel uncomfortable (I am not sure if uncomfortable is the right word to use). When I first met this soul I used to feel quite comfortable but now I feel uncomfortable. I feel I cannot be my natural self. A very nice soul, polite but there is a change in the energy. In the beginning I used to feel light but now I don’t. I know it is a bit of Karma. I don’t think that soul sends me negative energy. Please don’t tell me it is attachment . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME & ENERGY.

Thank you for your good question! 🙂
No, I will not tell you that it is attachment, because is not.. 🙂

It is “just” a karmic account “starting” to unfold. I had similar experience as well. There are some souls who have the “task” of becoming “instruments” so we can discover our own weaknesses. We never know how the other soul feels, so we cannot assume anything about another soul.

Avoiding a person is not the answer. It will make you think more about that person and that may change your feelings.
Avoidance could be used when you do not feel adequate at a particular time and rather than making mistakes, you want to “postpone” situations which you know may happen.

Remember that attraction is the same thing as repulsion just different polarity. As a matter of fact, one feeling may take you to experience the opposite as well. 🙂

Through my experience what I suggest is to avoid “bowing down” to the energy that we feel from someone.
If you feel repulsion, uncomfortable, “not yourself,” sooner or later you may “bow down” as being submissive while in contact with that person. If that feeling develops into attraction, you will definitively “bow down” and will lose your self respect.

I wouldn’t use a “trick” like discrediting, for a trick is only tricking your own mind for a temporary time.

If you want to see real changes practice the “a-temporal” stage as shared here or what Baba calls the stage of the point (Avyakt Murli April 19, 1969) and have always good wishes for that soul, even when your interaction may be harsh or sweet. Maintain equanimity, that is self respect.

Become aware of your “freedom,” value it and when the thought arises about a particular soul, be aware of it and choose “not to go into it,” that is “remain free,” and determined.

Finally, those things are common. They will go away as long as you maintain your self respect, meaning not “bowing down.” There are souls who will put a “fight,” and when the other energy is too strong, they will bow down. There is no need to “put a fight,” just to maintain your self respect.

Just be aware and do not let the “seed” of a weak thought enter your mind. Always respond maintaining your self respect, your freedom.

Best wishes!