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Reader’s request: Hi brother, This is not a question but a request from my side that you please explain the full murli the way you did while explaining 1Dec murli where you have explained most of the points ,me and my sister both ready murli at home via internet only but this time we both are able to understand it in its deeper perspective and not take the words of baba literally so whenever its possible for you please do the needsome. Thanks

Dear soul,

Thank you for your request. I will do the best of my ability to fulfill that request. Note that sometimes I may not have a copy of a Murli available, so I will have to rely on what I hear. Note that sometimes I may be in a “time constrained situation” ( worldly work issues.)

As an aside, you may see many copies of Murlis floating around. It is very easy just to “forward” those Murlis or read them before eating breakfast.

What takes time is to sit down and “churn it,” to get some points and see their relationships. Literally it takes me at least almost 1 hour, from the time I assimilate it, start writing it and then correcting mistakes so it flows. Out of all the articles that this role shares here, the “Comments on the Murli” takes the most time.

I would encourage every soul out there to do the same thing. Plenty of insight about the Murli will be gained and we will remember it at the end of the day, not just by merely repeating a point; but by giving the “butter” of it.

The bottom line is, to imbibe the Murli by getting to the “spirit” of it rather than repeating literal words.

Certainly, your request is encouraging and I thank you for giving this role the opportunity to be useful.

Best wishes!

Note: The points I share are not to be considered the “last word” by no means. As some souls have done, we can discuss some of the points and get a better insight from different perspectives.