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Cyber morality


Mitch bought a pair of tires for his bicycle on-line.
They were a good deal!
A week later an email confirmed that Mitch had already received the tires.

Mitch did not get anything. Mitch called the company a day later after going through their “black and white” system of questions on-line.
“Where is my stuff?” was the right selection to get the company to call Mitch within 5 minutes…

Ms. Bianca explained to Mitch that it was the policy of the company to wait for a week before sending a replacement order, for the tires could be with a neighbor! Nevertheless, she was going to send a replacement order immediately…Ms. Bianca emphasized that it would be appreciated if Mitch completed a survey about his experience on resolving this issue, which he should have in his email inbox in no time… 🙂

Mitch was happy. Mitch assured Ms. Bianca that he was going to complete the survey. Mitch was going to receive the tires exactly in a week!

Three days later, a neighbor showed up into Mitch’s place with the tires…

Mitch went to the website to stop the shipment of the replacement tires. He was able to find the “I don’t need the items” option in the system.
But… the items needed to arrive first before they were sent back AND because to return “something that Mitch didn’t need anymore” wasn’t the company’s “fault,” Mitch needed to pay the shipment back to them.

The moral/ethical question, ladies and gentleman is:
Should Mitch return the tires or not? 🙂

If a poll is open, we will have many “Yes” and many “No.”
Shall the “right” answer be “Yes and No”? 🙂
Certainly that cannot be the case.

Someone has to be “immoral” and the other side “moral.” 🙂

That is exactly how we label someone in any “big moral issue.” We judge. We think we are right.
Our belief is supported by some religious idea or some philosophy that we made up and labeled as “reason and logic.”

To be called “right or wrong” is of no consequence in living life, when we understand that every action has a return. Our human labeling has no consequence but to inflate or deflate someone’s ego.

Our morality based on “black or white” teachings that we have learned, could assure us that “we are right.”
Life however, could demonstrate otherwise… but we will not realize that or just overlook what is happening.

All we care about is to get the label: “ You are right, Mac!”

A week later, Mitch received a coupon to save money in his over due car oil change. The week after that, the passenger power window in his car wouldn’t open. Mitch drove the car to the dealer twice before it was fixed…however, his car was under warranty, and so he did not pay anything and got a free car wash… 🙂

Cause and effect in action… but humans are so caught up into being morally “right or wrong.”

By the way, what was Mitch’s decision?

That is a huge mystery to this day… 🙂

Why the Drama has to repeat?

The following will be somewhat deep stuff. Intellectual answers which will not help in our self progress but definitively will help if a student asks that simple question and we know the answer; otherwise, answers such as:”That is the way the Drama has been created, “ or “This is the law,” or “Let me ask a senior sister,” somehow may leave a lot to be desired…

 The Drma repeats because it is eternal. It has to repeat because things are not “static.” Nothing is “static.” everything changes, everything is in movement.

The point of “movement” is very deep.

Because things are in continuous movement, knowledge cannot be static. It has to be dynamic to fit that movement, that reality.

Because things are dynamic, words are unable to describe them, simply because words are “static.”

See that?

No one is never the same at any point in time. We are always “becoming.”

Here are the paradoxes: “Being is Becoming.” “We become what we have been.”

 Therefore, statements such as : “This is the truth…” It is not the truth.

“We have the truth,” there is no “we” that can hold something that is dynamic.

 The Drama moves, we flow in it. Predestination and free will are just “static words,” death labels, descriptions, little boxes with definitions…that cannot be the truth.

 Being “easy” is more than playing “Mr. That is OK” with everyone. Being easy is to flow with the Drama, to be one and not two.

 The Drama has to repeat because it is always “new.” 😉

But yet, “nothing “new.”

This is the depth of gyan…go to the depths of the ocean, the only thing that could stop you,

is your capacity to “hold your breath…”  for a long time…. 🙂