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Question: Om Shanti, i want to know why some murlis are revised one, is it also the part of drama.

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
The thought behind revising Murlis as far as I understand, was to avoid using terms which may not be considered “politically correct,” at this time, as well as updating information to a current one.
For instance I recall the one where world population was thought of being 5 billion souls, now it stands at 7-8 billion souls in the Murli.

Revisions may be important for words which may be considered offensive by some. The “worthy” vs. “unworthy,” child comes to mind as well as the “traitor,” labels (may need to be revised;) however, when the figures are “updated” to change the understanding of it; then that is of no use, because now we understand that Brahma Baba had a particular understanding according to his visions at the time. Many times the Murli is portrayed as to reflect the image of an “infallible” God who tells us the “truth,”as if it was a history book; when spirituality is not related with that “book knowledge.”

Sakar Murlis are invaluable for they are the experiences of the founder of the BK clan. Sakar Murlis relate “easy morality,” for the “children” at the time. Sakar Murlis, have a blend of “divine knowledge” with Brahma Baba’s own churnings of the time.

That is all there is to it. Those divine insights is what I like to label “Pure Gyan,” which is the explanation on how everything works in the Drama.

Best wishes!

Sakar Murlis: The dilemma of eternal revisions

Gyan, this knowledge is amazing. As I mentioned many times; there is nothing like it when “revolved” in our minds and seeing its connectivity with life. It is Godly knowledge which is able to transform souls without the need of Gurus, expensive trips to ashrams, latest ”self-help” books or Holy CDs from a Ph.D.

It is just that our intellects require sometime to grasp it and even greater time to imbibe it. It is a matter of time.

However, as I had a talk yesterday with other BKs, it was brought up that one of the issues with current Sakar Murli is the translation.
Somehow many words have been used without an adequate translation which sometimes come across as “strong” and reminds me of the “catholic inquisition” times. When I hear that, I know that something is not “ticking” right. Now, things will escalate when that same translation into English is translated from there into other languages. We are not dealing necessarily with Hindi speakers translating the Murli into, let us say, Spanish; but we have usually a non-native English speaker translating that Murli into Spanish.

This game of translation will have a consequence if the language used in the original Murli is controversial.

The other issue is that the original Sakar Murlis have been ‘cut down’ and fitted into a nice 3 pages long Murli, where some phrases which may be considered “politically incorrect” to translate; have been left out. What we have left in the postings shared here from the actual Murli, is usually the “answer” to the question.
The essence for Dharna is an interpretation based on the Murli. Many times that interpretation is “black or white,” using language such as “never, only, you must, etc.” Commandments. Imposition. Orders.

Sakar Murlis have a force and magic, but at the same time; we cannot forget that it was meant for a culture different than western culture (and even current Indian culture) at a different time. Times have changed. There is greater diversity, greater entropy. Sakar murlis have deep points of knowledge which have not been fully “churned” yet, just to support current devotional behavior, traditions.

The paradox being to “break the traditional socio-cultural belief of that time- 1940’s” just to “settle down into the traditional devotional patterns of to-day.” This is interesting to note.
However, we have Avyak Murlis at this time. 🙂

BapDada is speaking those Murlis with the awareness of the time. There is extreme gyan in those avyakt Murlis which will help us in our current efforts. At the same time, BapDada does a great job incorporating those devotional, bhakti elements which are needed in the Indian culture (which are the majority of BKs, anyway.) Because of that simplicity and depth which is biased-free, I feel that according to times, there is a lot to be learned from those Murlis. Usually the “blessing” and “slogan” from a Sakar Murli are the points which a soul will remember …and that comes from an Avyakt Murli!

My point is, if it is possible to get those points of Gyan form an Avyakt Murli as it is starting to happen now (we are getting 2 short avyakt murlis every Sunday) that I feel is a great idea to start incorporating “newness” according to time. Those 1975 Avyakt Murlis shared so far, have deep points not found at any other place.
It is my “unlimited” wish to see more such Murlis at least 2 times per week.

Because, current gyan is there. The “drills” which Baba wants us to practice are there. Subtle efforts are spelled out there (such as concentration on the dot, pure wishes, service through the mind, the avyakt stage, etc.) which are not available in the Sakar Murli.. and, the ability to extend these teachings to a worldwide audience without restrictions.
May our awareness of the need according to time be greater than our love for traditions.