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In Tune with Life

So you grew up in a nice family or a not so nice family, then you had a nice childhood or not so nice, then you had relationships, jobs, money, kids, (Nice or not so nice) became older, had diseases, watched TV, went to Disney World, etc. … then “You” die.

Everyone more or less will go to the same experiences, but some will make “big traumas” out of those experiences, thus; those experiences will be felt with greater strength.

Lighten up! Don’t take it seriously… It is just a game.
All your beliefs go with you. All your dramas go with you. All your needs and wants. Paradoxically, all of that stuff gets released when “you” are no longer there.

That is one of the main teachings that Life has for “us.”

When “you are,” you have. When “you” are not, then you don’t.

Some say that it is “better” to pretend not to have all of the above experiences while being “alive.” The paradox is that by doing that, “you” are anything but “alive” even while living.

Every one of us has a mission in Life. We could observe those things that are happening to us from different viewpoints, take any perspective… Just don’t hurt yourself.
But if you do, that ain’t bad. It is a learning experience.

At the end whether you go left or right, you will end up in the same place… just like everyone else. (Like my rhyme?)

Do you see that? No? Oh… “Your” belief will “save” you. I see. The “I” must continue.

Life is such an interesting experience!
“You” are exactly right now, where you wanted to be.
Nevertheless, your experience as it is right now, is exactly what is needed for the Totality, the Universe.

Experiences do not last forever and every experience has the potential to change our consciousness one bit at the time.

When the “I” feels overwhelmed by uncertainty, by an emotional sensation while singing in the back of our minds: “I can’t get no satisfaction,” it is at that point where the door of not being that “I” may open.

Are you scared? Are you afraid to open that door?
Who is afraid?
Find that one. Get to know that one, to be free from that one.

You see, we have been taught to avoid “bad company.”
That is childish. As you are, so your company will be.

Start by hanging out with “you.” Get to know that “I.”

“But …why bother with that?”
So, “it” cannot be.

Do you know what is like to be alone? 🙂
That is to know the one, who does not allow you not to be.

A riddle?
Just like Life. A riddle made to be remembered, until we forget. 🙂

Scientific logical riddle: Proof is required

One of the greatest things about Quantum physics is the “fact,” that is able to put classical physics’ concepts into a different light.
Consider this: According to Quantum physics a world of “probabilities” is all that exists which changes the very first moment something is measured or observed. Also, being a particle or a wave is such another possibility. Moreover, a particle/wave could have an unknown location or be in 2 different places at the same time (http://www.nytimes.com/1996/05/28/science/physicists-put-atom-in-2-places-at-once.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm )
What we do not hear that much is that this tiny world of atoms and particles/waves is what composes a tiny cell which in turn makes up a larger human being.

Therefore, how is it possible to assert that we are made up of matter, with all the laws which have been figured out by classical physics, when in fact; our composition is nothing like “matter”?
Any scientist who is able to answer that riddle? 🙂 I would love to hear a “scientific proven” answer on this.

Now, just imagine a world made up of things which are really “illusions,” things which we believe to be “real” because our physical senses dictate so. Because our consciousness is attached to this world, we believe that to exist.

If scientists find out that those tiny particles /waves do not move randomly (as they think) but that there is a “plan” which expresses through the simple knowledge of : “ A seed becomes a tree just so the tree dies to turn into a seed.” If scientists could explain the “illusions” of the real world through their mathematical equations (which represent “reality”) to convey the meaning of a dynamical world which follows an eternal pattern of self-preservation; then; we will be able to say that science is finally catching up with Spirituality, for those realms which science is unable to understand; are already “tangible” for awakened beings, who are explaining that reality using a less convoluted and obscure language.

“There is no matter as such…. “ Words from the father of Quantum physics.
As the comedian Billy Hicks said about the world of “reality” : “Don’t worry, it is just a ride.”