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Questioning ideals

You may ask: “When I question myself for the ideals I have, I will look for the “right answer.” Isn’t that a way to go back to the mind?”

That indeed is a great question.
For instance, we may question ourselves if “Marriage is a “sacred institution” or just convenience.”
The mind will go on into finding the “right answer.” The research will start, the quoting of authorities will follow, the comparisons and statistical data will be there to support the “right answer.”
That is the way of the “Office world,” supported by “data.”

Someone who has understood the trickiness of the mind, is not concerned with the “right answer.” What matters is to observe if you truly feel that marriage is a “sacred institution.”
If you do, then embrace the other side as well: Marriage is a convenience created by society. When we embrace both ends, then we are open. There is nothing that we reject about it. We are at ease.

“But… why learn to accept the opposite, the contradiction?”
Because in Life all opposites are one.
You see, in the “Office world” we are taught to make a selection, to show our support to a particular idea. In doing so, we reject the other side; thus we create a duality. If we embrace one side and reject the other side, then we have defined ourselves. EGO likes that.
Because it makes it alive. Observe those who fight for ideals. They are defining themselves. Society likes that for it is easy to label someone. Their rejection to that which they do not believe to be right, good, true, will sooner or later be experienced by them.

History has some examples: Malcom X, Martin Luther King, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln… Observe their ideals, observe their support for those ideals and how the opposition took their lives.

For the masses, those individuals are “heroes.” That label is alright, but observe how their ideals are not living at this time.
They fought for justice, peace, equality, non-violence… Interesting fight to obtain non-violence. Those ideals are not “real” at this time, many years after their death. We could say that “we live better” that there is “more equality,” “more peace,” etc. but the issue is not the ideal, the main issue is within the human being. To “act” peacefully is the works of a con artist. To BE peaceful is something not known by most of humanity.
Observe how their fight, their rejection created their destiny. However, everything is perfect as it is, for their acts were part of the process of evolution of human consciousness. AWARENESS of that process, brings the understanding to open up in Life.

To try to change the world is infantile. To try to change “yourself” is ego driven.  What is the need to change things when Life is change and you are not separated from Life?  Become AWARE of it.
The way of the “Life walker” is not understood by the masses. This “inner revolution” has nothing to do with recruiting the support of people to “win.”

The ideals are left aside, the “right answers” discarded for what matters is the feeling of embracing all, the Totality.
When you are all, you cannot cease to be.
But before being all, we need to be nothing.
That may be the journey.