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Question on moving away from the BK belief system

“I have noticed the change in the naming of the site and the move away from the BK. Just a few observations/comments: 1. BK teachings is for the childhood phase of spirituality- I find that the teachings are subtle and keeps changing as and when we move to the next phase- To write it off as something that is meant for the childhood phase is a little premature. 2. Belief systems: They may seem ritualistic and have issues related to what if that belief system fails- I can say from personal experience that I lacked understanding of what was being communicated. If belief systems need to be questioned then even the words spoken in the Avayakt Murli’s need to be then re-visited- who is actually coming and speaking these murli’s etc.. the list goes on. How does one then use these support systems of the BK’s if there is no belief?”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your very good questions!
One of the things that we should notice as well, is that every single question posted by readers, have been placed here and answered here at the same time.

Hopefully it was noticed that the realizations on Brahma Kumaris knowledge posted here, have benefited many Brahma Kumaris followers as they themselves have expressed that. Obviously, there will be others who do not feel the same. That is just life.

Finally, it is important to say that this blog has changed to reflect the changes in Avyakt7. There needs to be transparency and congruence. Avyakt7 is not here to make money, sell you something or to “self promote” (for what?) or to defend a particular belief system. Avyakt7 is sharing here for the “common good,” realizations and experiences in the spiritual path. The common good, dear reader; implies that divisions are out. This is BK, this is not BK..is out. “My religion is the truth” is out. There cannot be a sense of world family while at the same time we make any sort of divisions.

On your questions:

1. BK teachings is for the childhood phase of spirituality- I find that the teachings are subtle and keeps changing as and when we move to the next phase- To write it off as something that is meant for the childhood phase is a little premature.

I’d like to apologize if what I have mentioned as “Bk teachings is for the childhood stage of Spirituality” has been taken as “lower than” by many. I have acknowledged my deep appreciation and gratefulness to the BK path as well.

Which stage of human development is “greater”? Adulthood, childhood, teen, old?
The label of “childhood” denotes, the “beginning,” the phase where support from the Father is needed.

Many do not understand the role of BapDada as a Father to provide that needed support. Dear reader, God or the Divine has many “facets,” roles…We cannot define “God” by just a particular “role” that He is playing with particular human beings.
BapDada is the first one showing changes as time goes by.

Nevertheless, dear reader let me share this with you. A spiritual walker does not depend on any group to spiritually flourish. A spiritual walker, is not dependent on anything. However, without completing that stage of “childhood” in my experience, it would be very hard to go onto the next step.

In my experience, completing the childhood stage means to conquer “sex-lust,” and to have openness to life. To move on with gratitude and thanks to life for that invaluable experience of childhood. This is the difference between an Ex- follower and someone who is still walking spirituality.

2.Belief systems: They may seem ritualistic and have issues related to what if that belief system fails- I can say from personal experience that I lacked understanding of what was being communicated. If belief systems need to be questioned then even the words spoken in the Avayakt Murli’s need to be then re-visited- who is actually coming and speaking these murli’s etc.. the list goes on. How does one then use these support systems of the BK’s if there is no belief?

Dear reader, belief systems have the tendency to be ritualistic when in a religious context. However, a ritual is not what will make someone move to another step or level. As mentioned, a spiritual walker cannot depend on anything not even on rituals. If you depend on a ritual to “be good” and elevated, your change is not “real.” Hope you could see this point.

There is nothing which needs to be “revised” in the words of Avyakt BapDada. It is just that we need to understand his role, that is all. As mentioned in a previous article, when we realize about our own immortality, there is no need for a belief. However, when we do not have that realization, a belief system is that initial protection to grow, just like a planted seed, needs to be taken care of by the gardener until it grows. That is when a belief becomes necessary.

As a spiritual walker, you need to go through the changes in life and become stronger and vital so you can be “like the Father.” This does not mean “dependent on the Father.” Obviously, all of us, spiritual walkers; are in different stages.

Every person has to look at themselves with great honesty and see the call of time and their own destiny.

I appreciate your question and hope that this time, I have clarified those items that you mentioned.

Dear reader, wish you all the best in your particular path.
With deep gratitude for your role in life.


Purity, Family and the World

There was a reader who asked about following “purity” while living in a family setting and how “all actions of those who are worldly (lokik) rather than spiritual are wrong because at this time solutions are made using wrong means.”

It is important to see how those “black or white” understandings, those “all or nothing” viewpoints are not necessarily a match of what is happening in “real life.”

Dear reader, BE PURITY. That is it. The rest around you are just who they are. No labels to define them. No need for that. Actions are merely a reflection of our consciousness.

Laughing is an activity. Is it “good or bad”? It depends on your consciousness, which is in a setting a circumstance, a time, a place.

Please read the article “On Purity” (http://avyakt7.com/2013/07/28/on-purity/)

Purity is way more than celibacy alone. Celibacy alone does not mean “purity.” Take care of your mind, take care of your feelings, those are very important in following purity.

One of the things that we found in this blog is that actions by itself do not have a “moral” value. It is our state of CONSCIOUSNESS, what dictates the consequence of our activities.

The above is very important to realize by experience, because everyone is in a different situation.

Let us say that you have a husband and 3 small children. Your husband is a decent man and he is used to being intimate with you. There are no issues in your marriage; but you understood that “celibacy” is your next step in your spiritual life.

What would you “do”? Would you leave everyone? That has a consequence. Leaving everyone is not necessarily the answer. Circumstance, setting, place, time…No “black or white” answer.

Your husband may change, but you cannot count on that. Your consciousness is what will make a difference.
BE purity. Be that loving being who is beyond the physical, offer yourself to life and love your husband without resentment in your heart. If you have this “test” in life, it means that you have the capacity to go through it. Work on that purity of feelings and purity of the mind. That is plenty. To be truthful, many practicing celibacy lack purity of mind and feelings. That wholesomeness is lacking.

Please do not allow “black and white” concepts to dictate your life. God is not reflecting “black or white” understandings for there are many situations in life (reality) where we need to observe and BE that which we are looking for without the support of the ones surrounding us.
That takes a special soul. That takes one with greater capacity to adapt and to accept things according to the situation without forgetting your spiritual objective in life.

Life changes all the time. To be trapped in concepts and understandings of “what should be,” is to put yourself in the road of suffering, repression and a peace-less mind.

Obstacles in life are like tall Ocean waves. If you feel that swimming underneath the wave is not “royal,” or “good,” then try walking straight through the Ocean and you will experience where your “concepts” take you. That is how many people have been hurt in life due to being trapped in concepts without looking at life. The Ocean changes. Today is a high tide with tall waves, tomorrow it is not. If you maintain your “black or white” concept with you no matter what, then you are approaching life without being sensible to those changes. Part of wisdom is to adapt according to situations.

Purity is not related with rituals or religious practices. It is a state of consciousness. Know “purity” in yourself, in your mind and your heart so your actions will reflect that purity.

Situations will change. That is life. When we “push” for things when the world is not ready yet, we will only damage things. To learn to wait and consider others is also part of purity.

The above is written for those whose life is experienced in unusual situations and are searching to make their lives “pure,” that is wholesome.

Many religions have the dogmatic idea that everyone has to fit in their “cookie cutter” ways. That only shows lack of understanding about “variety of people.”
It is true that a religious path has the aim for the most part, of reforming a human being’s state of consciousness, by giving the option of a more virtuous way of living; however, those are options not “laws.” Everyone will fit into those options in a “numberwise” manner. There are not 2 alike.

At the end, it is the individual with his own consciousness alone. No one knows his own story better than himself.
A wholesome human being , has the wisdom to conduct their own life without being dependent on anyone. Nevertheless, this is also accomplished in a “numberwise” way.

A good father is there to take care of the child while he grows up, knowing that his child will become an adult to take care of himself one day. At that moment. he still will be his child but not a child anymore. That is the paradox of life.

Our consciousness will dictate if we are children or adults. There is a time for everything. This is true in spiritual knowledge as well.

Spiritual Rigidity


One of the paradoxes in spiritual life comes alive in the spiritual seeker reliance of something external to himself/herself. That same thing will become a hindrance later on in his spiritual development.

Support at one time. Burden at another time.

That could be a ritual. That could be a commandment, that could be anything that allows that person to change into something else, just to be able to see a different perspective, to shift the mind to another point of view, so learning could take place.

The issue comes when we are totally colored and “blind” by the belief that “everyone” has to be like us or everything that I am close to has to have a determined shape or form because that is the “right” thing.

This rigidity is expressed by the mind as thoughts.
Our inability to appreciate a different perspective. Our inability to acknowledge a different view just because that view has not mentioned the “key words” of spirituality according to our vocabulary.

God becomes one of those convenient keywords. Unless someone uses the same exact words, then I will not listen. I will not acknowledge their perspective. As a matter of fact, I will try to convince them and “prove” them wrong and give them the “right” keywords to repeat and memorize.

Any spiritual practice that we hold dear will divide us from the very same practice and then, we will consider that our life as spiritual seekers is dependent on that particular practice.

For instance, going to church every Sunday becomes more important than being benevolent with your neighbor. Going to church every Sunday is not the “end” of that practice but rather the “means” to practice that benevolence through receiving spiritual knowledge.

If someone decides to go to church every Sunday, hopefully it will be due to an inner motivation to hear further spiritual knowledge and not just as a ritual, as something to do every Sunday, which by the way; will get that person “points” with the priest or the “higher up” at the church.

Spirituality has nothing to do with a ritual like that.

Rigidity then, comes when the “form” becomes more important than the “substance.” It becomes a performance, and act just to belong.

We become “free” from that rigidity, when there is no difference between the “form” and that “substance.”

Let us say that I believe in some disciplines of life. That is great if I become those disciplines without looking for recognition, without needing someone to “check on me,” but at the same time, unless there is a recognition that someone else may not feel the same way about those practices as me; and be OK with it; then rigidity will take place.

Rigidity is not the way to go through life transformations, changes. Many times we set our selves up with an idea, just a belief and we are willing to die for that belief. That is we become two: Me and the belief.

Whenever there is a division like that, we have opened ourselves for suffering and different tests in life, which will show us that this belief was perhaps true for us at one point in our life, but is no longer that.

The reason is that until I have not become ONE with my belief, until there is no separation between “me” and my belief; then life will just show me that I am still divided.

It is great to think about God, There are 2 things, God and Me. That is the division.
Rigidity comes when I am merely defending concepts; the concept of God.

There is no longer that rigidity when there is that Oneness, that is the experience of being “combined,” or even the experience of “I” being out of the picture, so you can be.

In that experience, there is no need to defend anything. No one to fight against, for there is no “me.”

When there is no “me,” there is no “others.” Then we cannot have beliefs anymore to separate “US,” then; there is no place for rigidity to appear.

Rigidity is dogmatic. That means death in the long run. To survive in life challenges, we learn to be flexible, to accommodate; to yield, to become malleable as Gold.

In a hurricane, a palm tree is able to survive the ferocious winds as a non-rigid person will be able to overcome the obstacles in life. Discipline is good. We need to be firmly grounded, but flexible at the same time. A paradox.