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Question: Dear brother, As realized, separating the role from the actor is what makes us more loving equal to the father, detached, as you mentioned, where the acts of Hitler and Ghandi are just roles, nothing personal nor one is better than the other, this is with the knowledge of gyan. If we were to meet these both souls right now there is no differentiation in terms of our view as god would not differentiate . Your thoughts?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

You are right. That is in “theory.” In practice, the recognition of “I” the soul will allow me to perceive the reality of souls in others. When I “see” that, then my vision changes and with that, my attitude towards those Gandhi and Hitler roles.

Otherwise, it is just “another idea.”

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, you are doing a wonderful job so don’t you stop or limit the churning that you do!! :) Here is my question: Here we have BK souls and the other which make up whole players in the drama, as you have previously mentioned There is no question about if we (BK) are better than the others because we get to enjoy the golden age and sliver age Party – it is according to each souls capacity and the role , however where I get confused is when we play the role of bk souls, sometimes we tend to get attached to the label of BK , is that attachment due to ego? After all, should not it be that it is just a role as of a non bk ?

Thank you for your words of encouragement… Now, I feel free to “churn” on what comes to this role and use precious time on that… All is good… 🙂

I believe your question is answered in the recent article: “Demystifying Heaven and Hell.” Being a “BK” is a role as you mentioned. We can assign to that role a “value” to increase ego or “uniqueness” to separate from others, or we can give that role a sense of “responsibility” which comes with it. After all, we know that every soul is a “Brahma Kumar /Kumaris,” right? 🙂 It is the responsibility of an “effort maker,” of someone who is committed to reach “his” highest destination by “forgetting” about the consciousness of “I” and “mine.” When in that consciousness, the label “BK” is non existent, we will be free from labels. but at the same time we will have reached our destination. Another paradox of being and non-being.

Best wishes!

Musing on “Doing” and “Being.”

We believe that “we do things.” We make them happen.
I watched a gymnast performing her routine.
What are the odds that she will be able to perform “perfectly” on a competition?
She has done this routine many times, but to have it done without mistakes at the right time to obtain a medal is something out of the ordinary.
Why was she able to do it and not someone else?

Nadia Comaneci

The Murli says: “Is the soul the one who does everything. The body doesn’t do anything.. ” Going a bit on it, we can see that the soul does not do anything as well. There is a role playing which manifests through the body. The soul will feel duality (happiness/sorrow) as long as there is identification (ego, attachment) to the role and to the body.

The only “I” that exist is the “I exist.” That “I exist” paradoxically cannot manifest by itself. It is always in relationship with others or through related circumstances coming from another situation.

The “I do things” is just an illusion. Through that illusion ego grows, develops and takes over. If there is no “I,” there is no “mine.”
The “I of existence,” which only points out existence does not need anything to exist. It is attachment free.

We don’t do anything. Things happen through us. The only desire that is “sorrow-less” is when we desire for things to happen according to the Drama.

Flow with the current; let it take you to your destination, for whatever it is… it would be the best thing. That is faith in the Drama and thus, faith in the Supreme soul.

The “i desire” this or that is an illusion, a mirage something which does not exist except in our heads.. that is the illusion, Maya… the ‘devil.’ 🙂

The role of that gymnast (Nadia Comaneci) played at that time. It was “her time.” If you would have asked her to do that routine again, there is a high likelihood that it wouldn’t happen.

The time was perfect, the circumstances perfect. It was the right time. That is Drama.

Reader comment on article: “Musing on following Shrimat”

Om Shanti.
Upon reading this great perspective, two thing that stood out immediately in the below statement were:

Naturally, I will be making a huge dis-service if I see a BK soul crying and I told him/her “Baba said you must not cry. She just left the body and is taking another. Follow shrimat.”
That is lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the particular, numberwise stage of that soul.
Lack of respect. Lack of tact.

1. To be in line with the acting position and playing different roles, it is best to say the soul playing the BK role. This will separate the soul from the role.
2. Oh, but the one saying it with lack of tact, is also in his/her limited consciousness and thus numberwise and dis-service is part of that soul’s role. In your own words:
“See, that to be detached from a “role,” is to be a “detached observer.” It does not matter if the role is “good” or “bad.” It is simply a role.
And it being simply a role implies that even the one doing the dis-service is in the play, and I need to remain detached both from the cryer and the corrector, so, I can do the real service, being in the NOW and in a true detached observer mode.”

Response by Avyakt7:
Let us get a bit “technical.” 😉
1) it is best to say the soul playing the BK role. This will separate the soul from the role.
It has been mentioned as well that this Drama is ONE. How can we perceive separation? There is a role being played through a soul. There is a BK role playing through a soul. 🙂
2) The “perception” of “dis-service” is just that, a perception of reality. It is another role being played, which “hurts” souls. That is the “bottom line.”

After the “mental logical game” is over, we have the head playing with words, reason and logic…..and we have the heart which does not care a bit about the former, the one that suffers.(yes, we know it is the soul…)
Therefore, if the heart feels pain, is because the head is not connected with the heart. Another painful “performance,” which reason and logic cannot help.