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Wag more, bark less


That was the bumper sticker that I saw today while parking my vehicle before entering totally into the “world at the office.”

That line has the essence of all teachings ever taught: From the Guru at the gas station to God himself. 🙂

Anyone who has observed a dog could understand that line because we could observe that behavior in ourselves.
That is called to learn by experience and to see the reflection in ourselves. That exercise has the capacity to open our awareness.

Any dog whether “Wilson,” “Fluffy” or “Spike” has no knowledge of the “world at the office” thus, if we observe them without preconceptions, (that may be the hard part) we could learn a lot from our forgotten “true” nature.

The “world at the office” is a colorful ego driven fast paced world of duality, comparison, analysis, marketing, certifications, book learning, achievement, and lots of generalized psychosis. We use that world as a prototype to understand and perceive life itself.

The “world at the office” is not “bad.” It is an experience and has a lot of value in our awareness and self-observation.
That world is a great teacher in itself.

To label the “world at the office” as “bad” and to advice anyone to stay away from it, is not only impractical but it shows fear and rejection of “what is.” To negate something out of fear is for little children. A grown up, has a different perception of life.

When aware, we will be able to understand that we may need to reconnect with the “reality” of Nature again to recover our sanity.
I have never seen “Spike” with psychosis nor “Fluffy.”
“Wilson’s” behavior has been always in the “now.” 🙂

How do we connect again to life as it is in Nature, the Universe?

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1) Make sure that you are outside in Nature every day for at least 1 hour. No matter what the weather is, no matter what the conditions may be… sit someplace at any time and just observe….
2) When you are there forget about everything else. Forget about your cellphone, your God, your job, your belongings and attachments. Just be there with your entire mind and your heart open, without any expectations.
3) Allow for any experience in that time to drive you. Learn to listen to the language of Nature by using your intuition rather than words and thoughts.
That’s all folks!
Enjoy… wag more and bark less.

A friend from India sent me this link to a video by Sadhguru (Some Guru from somewhere), which is appropriate to complement this little writing.

The Third Eye

In Spirituality, many times the words “Third Eye” are used. What is it?
I found the explanation of Sadhguru from the Isha foundation, very interesting.
He explains the significance of the third eye but also explains the meaning of the different chakras while an individual develops his/her spiritual life.

Obviously, what he explains matches in a way my own experience which was explained here:

For those who would like additional information about the chakras, you could find that information here:

Why is it important to know about the chakra system? (7 main chakras)
Because those are energetic centers of the self. Through those centers we could “ingest” energies or vibrations as well as to send that energy out. Thus, we could protect ourselves by closing those at will, or we could work on a particular chakra to allow for the energetic channels to “open up.”

When these channels are “clear,” there is the experience of bliss or peace, which may last for a small period of time, until we find a way to “clear” the issues. Those issues are usually psychological or emotional in my experience.

As we experience our own spiritual development, we could experience in which chakra we are located in that evolution at a certain time.