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“Brainy” questions :-)

Questions keep turning around in my mind, cannot sleep … Here are some: – why does Baba keep saying that he is not omnipresent .. (I keep explaining it to myself but it is like rationalizing) – why is there the mentioning of a sort of elite group the BK’s (not just some group somewhere in the cycle but no, elite (Baba;s special children, loves you the most etc.). I have difficulty in accepting this, also because of what I hear non-BK’s say, very wise souls too! – why does Baba limit his teachings to our own actions, he is not giving a wider picture than f.e.: the stars are there to lighten the stage etc. Also of Paramdham he does not give a lot of info, etc. it is like he focuses on souls IN the world but then he speaks about what they should be (future) IN the world. – why do we have to be so “obedient” why not more encouragement to use your own heart/mind/forgotten powers and qualities. Just because of ego’s sake? what is good about obedience. I can follow someone who’s qualities I respect (if my heart feels ok), why obedience, ego-problem? – why not more encouragement to use the virtues in the old world (lotus like), to spread pure vibrations in our actions? sometimes I feel that the idea is that i should not be here anymore, should ignore the old world as much as possible. Sometimes I feel that Baba (sakar murli’s, children) /the jagya is just keeping us busy with all the “assignments” so that we can do as little as possible in the outside world. (also: avyakt points for the month etc. etc. , I noticed several times that no one at the centre notices if yesterdays point is read today again. So many “duties” just done for the sake of doing). If I am to be of some “worth” then it should be now, and now, and now and .. not just obedience. I know: actions should be in state of egolessness etc, still I keep stumbling over “obedience”. What about studying/learning to practise to be self sovereign .. Om shanti 🙂

Thank you for your questions, dear soul!
Let us hope that these answers will allow you to sleep good.. 🙂

1) Why Baba keeps saying that he is not “omnipresent”? Because He is there, but there is the belief that He is everywhere.

2) BK elite group question: BapDada plays the role of the Father, as explained before in another article. When BapDada plays that role, He does a “good job.” 🙂 For a father, their children are the best of all.

3) BapDada’s teachings: Every teacher has his own style. Why does Christ had to teach using parables? BapDada uses “now” but also the “future” for to know what will happen in the future is part of this knowledge unlike any other.BapDada is like a poet in his way of teaching in avyakt murlis. Poetry does not know about logic or reasons. It is about feelings of the heart and when we are open to feel that, the heart feels fulfilled. If we are looking for teachings for just the mind, we have ” raw gyan,” which is intellectual, mechanical thing about how the Drama occurs or works and repeats. However, we can only admire the beauty of it when we forget about our “analysis” and our “logic.” That kills the beauty of the heart, feelings… and poetry.

4) Why do we have to be so obedient? 🙂 We don’t. We are still in this “thing” for many years, right? Probably we have not been that “obedient” after all. 🙂 In the “childish” language for the “children,” obedient is something that my dad would ask me to be, specially while living in his house and under his rules. Fortunately, I grew up and that line does not apply to me anymore.

Dear soul, don’t get caught up in the “baby-ish language.” As BKs, we are at different levels. Spirituality is not the same for everyone. However, BapDada will always “talk to the very beginners,” that is the “little children.”

If you become a spiritual “teen-ager,” and you are still hearing “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed,” everyday; even though you realize that the “doctor” in that nursery rhyme is like BapDada; you will realize that you could do many things besides “going to bed to sleep.” Here is the song, if you never heard it… You will get my point on this… 🙂

You need to keep in mind that Sakar Murli’s settings and circumstances are not like now. At that time, Baba wanted for the “little children” to be there and study so they claim their “inheritance,” and was looking for ways to motivate them to “make effort.” Situations are different now, although the aim may be the same.

Dear soul, in Spirituality, obedience is not to do what someone else tells me to do, but to listen to the inner call in life. However, to be able to listen properly takes sometime, it takes some discipline, some reformation. Otherwise, it would be to listen to our own vices.

That is why, in life; we are students first and then hopefully we will move on to something else where we could make our ow desicions in life. To be a “mamma’s boy” or a “daddy’s boy” “forever” is to hurt our own capacity for growth.

Best wishes!

Question: Brother Awesome site.. Keep it up.. What specie points of knowledge do you churn.. I understand you mainly try to experience self and feel it. Would like to know what specific points read in Murli that u churn constantly. Do u have a list that you revise that can be shared here. Most importantly to keep away from maya Om shanti

Thank you for your question and kind words!
This site is “awesome” thanks to all of you who participate by sharing your experiences and asking questions for further realizations.
That has been one of the main interest in this site, to share information which typically we will not see any place else, because it comes from our own experiences in this path, when applying this knowledge.

Dear soul,

I do not have a list of topics to “churn,” or realize. The inspiration comes and “I” write. Many times that inspiration comes while hearing a Sakar Murli. As a matter of fact, many of the things shared here as “intellectual gyan” was because of the realization that there was “more to churn” and not just take things as a “finished product” by repeating things literally. The Drama has given this role the time and the experiences to realize things from another perspective, what is known as “out of the box.” That is all.

However, in the last few months, different experiences and information has arrived which has increased my interest in Avyakt Murlis, for they really have lots of “hidden” information which many times our devotional sanskaras will not allow us to see. To find out that Spirituality is universal, explained in different ways through different experiences at different times, is one of those realizations.

From that an “openness” to what life brings has allowed me to change from “intellectual gyan” into practical Gyan. Thus, many of the sharings here are based on experiences.

That is how we arrive at what you have described as my main interest: To experience the self. The soul.
It cannot be otherwise, once we realize that “we are not the body. We are souls.” Intellectually, that sounds great but it doesn’t do nothing to change me into that awareness. It becomes just dead words to repeat in another talk and to debate about in another forum.

If there is no experience of the soul, we will not know God. Even though, we have the “theory,” even though we have experiences or we see BapDada in the meetings in Madhuban, we will not really know HIm but just know ABOUT Him.

In spirituality to know means to “be.” In our case, to become. It is not related with thoughts and words to debate about.

That is why the emphasis in knowing and experiencing the self. Because if I do not know the self (Being it) how can I know others, How can I know God if the point of reference, which is the self is unknown? 🙂

To study the self, to watch our own thoughts and emotions arise and to be able to detach from them as when watching a movie or a TV for we have the knowledge of being eternal, is something to be experienced and not just talk about. To be the embodiment of that.

Therefore, the “churnings” will come on that as the Drama brings the necessary information for me to understand and share, not as the “truth,” but as my experience.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Bro… Since your role no longer churns sakar murulis which i liked when you brought up many new points in them. Can you please refer me any site where i can get the whole muruli in english ? All i have found till now is only Question,Dharna,blessing and slogan of the whole muruli. But i want the whole of it. I am into gyan only for about 3 months so kindly help. Best wishes. :)

Thank you for your question and request!

Dear soul,

Welcome to the BK world! The world of reformation of the self. 🙂

First let me tell you the reason why I stopped sharing my “churning on Sakar Murlis.”
As you know, some souls liked the points. Others, totally reject them. Nothing new. We cannot please everyone. However, whether someone likes or dislikes the posts shared here, is not the issue; for they are free to “like or dislike” as I am to share them.

Sakar Murlis are talks of a Father with his children. In this case; it is believed by us,BKs to be God through the “filtering” of Brahma Baba’s experiences and understanding. It is a mix of knowledge with experiences of Brahma Baba at that time, with sound advice on behavior (moral standards.)

The advice of father Brahma will be for the Brahmin children only, not for the “neighbors’ children.” The advice is usually related with a particular viewpoint, which cannot relate with the general world. In my view, the main aim in a Sakar Murli, is to bring about the challenging “reformation of the self” through a Divine link, which is not necessarily the experience of the rest of the world.

Without this reformation, for a BK soul; there will not be any other avenue to start spirituality and to grow from a child stage into spiritual maturity.

I felt that by “analyzing” the Murli, I was taking away the benefit that this will bring to new BKs like yourself. That is, for you to go and hear Murli class everyday ( As a Maryada) and for you to churn your “own ingredients,” (Shrimat) so out of those realizations and experiences; you could recognize your “next step” in life. Reformation is first and needed. Please take that “benefit” as it was meant to be 🙂

I am still sharing Murli points in articles, but as mentioned many times already; my main “meal” are avyakt Murlis at this stage of my BK life.

Therefore, I don’t know of any websites with the full Sakar Murli in them, and if I knew; I wouldn’t share that information.

Best wishes!

Question: I want list of terminology used in everyday murli….I become very much confused with difficult words and some time not able to understand the murli so can u help me with this problem by listing all terms which comes in everyday murli we listen so that we can understand it very easily……

Thank you for your request!

Dear soul,

If you want more words, here is a list in this link, which will grow as time permits:
(terminology tab in this blog)
If you want to “understand,” then perhaps you need to listen to the Murli everyday, let us say for the next 5 years, so you will have time to experience what Baba says in your own life. ( I am picking 5 years so you can listen to everyone of them (SM) as they get recycled every 5 years or so.) and of course, to continue reading this blog every now and then as you are already doing it, hopefully that will help… 🙂

Best wishes!

Readers Remarks: Today’s Sakar Murli – March 26, 2013

Om shanti. In today’s murali Baba says, “…So the Father sits here and explains: Remember the discus of self-realization. Remember your Father and the land of happiness and forget this land of sorrow. This is what serving through the mind means. Only those who do this will cut off Maya’s head and gain victory over Maya….”

Only by practising soul consciousness (in order to spin the DOSR accurately,one needs to be s.c.)and understanding the drama (how it repeats itself every kalpa)we become complete, perfect, and karmateet. A lot of service could happen through our spiritual stage as people get attracted more to the vibrations of a spiritual soul than to a wonderfully delivered lecture by a non-yogi soul. *

Question: If one do not remember god in the end then also he will be liberated,will not take rebirth due to that “last thought” because new age will start then.Also it is mentioned in murli if one atleast know this knowledge / read murli then he will come into golden age,then how come it is so important to b aware about last thought to decide where to go next..as many time we hear from murli “Ant gati so mati”.

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

Please remember the first “rule of thumb” in understanding Sakar Murlis at this time:
“You shall not take things literally.”

Sakar Murlis had a purpose. That was to “pep talk” (instill enthusiasm/ bolster morale)to the “little children.” For that Baba’s methodology was to “make the children tough,” in preparation of the experience of “destruction.” ( This is a “dirty, old, impure body;” this is hell, a tasteless world, you just have to tolerate a few more days of this, before you rule in the Golden age, etc, etc.) As we know, even though in those times, it looked like a “third world war,” was coming; it did not. Brahma Baba had visions, but certainly he didn’t know when they were going to happen. Many assumed that to be “soon.”

It is believed that the “children” could make “more efforts,” if they knew about “destruction being just ahead.” That has been BapDada’s training line as well due to his role as the “Father,” for otherwise (as the Murli stated a few days before) we have very lazy sanskaras in us. As stated many times, the number 1 role of BapDada is not to allow lethargy, laziness and lack of enthusiasm to overtake us. For that He has a “bag full of tricks.” 🙂

Destruction will happen. It is a law in Nature. Every culture has reached a pinnacle and then disappeared. Nevertheless, we know that it is a cycle which is eternally repeating.

Unfortunately, many souls are “terrified” by the thought of “destruction,” letting us know how much they have really imbibed the knowledge. At the same time, those souls looking for “life insurance” have searched for ways to live in India or around Mt. Abu, just in case and they feel “safe” there.

I guess they do not realize that they are eternal. That it is a repetitive cycle and that this birth is one among many others. It is about saving this “old skin” after all.

Similarly, Brahma Baba wanted for the children to “do service,” by letting everyone know about this “destruction,” which was near; because Baba wanted for everyone to know about “salvation” through this knowledge. That was his selfless motivation to serve and to spread this knowledge based on the divine experiences that he had. Then, if everyone at least heard this knowledge once, or if they heard a Murli once; that meant that these souls had some interest in Gyan due to the “doings” of a serviceable child. At the same time, if a “child” remembered God at the end “accurately,” that meant that this soul could go to “heaven,” after going through the soul world also dearly known as “home.”

However, to “remember God accurately at the end” it is not a “child’s play.” To get to that point, there has to be previous inner work, when we will not be affected by nothing externally or internally.

Therefore, hopefully in this long explanation your question was answered. We need to be aware of the reasons as why Brahma Baba related Gyan the way he did and have understanding of the “times,” and “circumstances,” and his own experiences.

Best wishes!

Question: As far as I understood when Brahma Baba started giving knowledge,it was the point when he reached at his super consciousness and with that consciousness ,his words became the words of God.Little confused.Is it the immature thought? No intention to hurt anybodies feeling.Please give your comment.

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
The aim of “churning” (realizations) knowledge is to discover possibilities, to see different avenues, to be at awe with the perfection of the Drama. We cannot possibly do that, unless we are free from the box of a religious story, the box of the “official story,” the box of defending a dogmatic view rather than exploring Gyan based on the knowledge disclosed. Please do not feel that you are “hurting anyone,” if someone feels hurt by reading something different, perhaps they should take a look at their own pre-conceptions and be open to “variety.” We cannot be in fear of “different understandings.” Obviously, because the aim of this website is to “explore gyan,” I cannot have an “agenda.” I cannot defend a particular position, but merely be open to explore… and here we can share those findings.

Brahma Baba, even though his great human qualities which are known to us, was an “effort maker;” just like you and I. Brahma Baba went through the same process of realization that many BKs go through. His realizations changed in time. There is a great difference between a Sakar Murli and Avyakt Murlis, even though; it is the same Brahma Baba as “instrument” in both cases. If someone prefers to live back in the 1950’s ideals, bhakti, etc; that is OK with me. If someone rather live with the 1950’s understandings, that is OK with me. I see it more as learning how to add, (Sakar Murli) so we can learn how to multiply later. (Avyakt Murli.)

When Brahma Baba became “karmateet,” then he became “equal to the Father.” It is a wonder that we just read avyakt Murlis on a Sunday, when those are the most recent, the most accurate pieces of knowledge that we can have at this time. We have read so many avyakt Murlis, but there is no study of them, we do not remember them… why is that?

Nevertheless, it is not for me to decide what should be done, but it is for this role to express his thoughts.

Best wishes!