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Question: What is the status of sukshma vatan. Is it exists for ever or only exists in sangam yug ? I know it has nothing to do with spiritual growth but sometimes becomes necessary to know.Hope you will not mind it. Thanks.

Thank you for your question!
“Sukshma vatan,” is the “Subtle region,” in English.

Let us find out.. 🙂

Gyan tells me that there is no time in the subtle region. If there is no time, can the subtle region be created or destroyed? 🙂

It is always there. We just become conscious of it at the Confluence age (Sangam yug.)

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Question: 1.Baba says duration of sangamyuga is 100 years ..beginning of golden age is that period when shri laxmi,shrinarayan sits on throne…&coronation ceremony….now it is already 75 years of sangamyuga when shri krishna will take birth……? 2.In context with todays murli (9/15/12) what do you mean by destruction of all religions? a) do their values become extinct? b) do they fight in them selves? c) does their religion disappear ? d) do they become complete dharmabrishta/karmabrishta?.. e) do they divide? what exactly happens even today at the end of sangam yuga …jainis are one of the best in their culture?/life style- muslim mosques vibrate with tranquility/peace…some churches are vibrating with serenity it is not complete destruction of these religions silence…can you explain in depth…how exactly these religions vanish…i think these vanish only 33 crore dieties remain stable on this planet???? 3.What spiritual efforts brahmins can make using subtle region.

Thank you for your questions!! 🙂

Dear soul, without further delay, let me go into them:

1) I have written extensively (more than what i am interested in) about this topic here:
However, for the sake of practicality, I will post what I consider the main points below:

Today was a very interesting Murli (5/14/11)
Why? basically it terminates once and for all, all the BK mythology about “destruction,” I mean; the “business” of giving dates. Some thought the “100 years” of Brahma (following Indian Bhakti) came about when Dada Lekhraj was born (1876.) Many BKs left after waiting for destruction on that date (1976) and it didn’t happen… and then Baba didn’t tell the children: ” I never told you when the 100 years would have started, why do you make stuff up? stop doing that, you are making me look bad” but rather, He went along with something like ” why are you upset if destruction didn’t happen? You have another chance…”

Baba is not in the business of “I told you so” but He lets the “children” go along with their games…. “destruction consciousness” I like to call it.

In the murli today it was mentioned that “There is no time when Shiva came” so, why are BKs giving dates such as ” 1876 (Brahma’s lokik birth ) or 1936 (when Brahma still thought that he was God due to the things that were happening to him.) Why go along with such childish games?

In the first avyakt Murli (1969) Brahma Baba mentioned about the 100 years of Brahma and that “certainly he will complete those in the subtle region.” We don’t know when Dada Lekhraj became Brahma. He hasn’t disclosed that.

Today’s Murli basically mentioned that “destruction” will happen before the 5000 years of this cycle are up. Destruction and the birth of Krishna happen at the same time as “visions of the future” points out, and that goes according to “pure” gyan, for “good” and “evil” have a common vortex. (destruction of the impure world, birth of the pure world.)

Then, there is a 35 years wait to complete the 5000 years cycle. At that point Narayan marries Laxmi and 1/1/1 starts. Therefore, we do not know when the 100 years countdown starts. All we know is that once destruction happens, there will be 30 to 35 years before day 1 starts.

Dear soul, we are not “75 years into Samgamyug.” That is incorrect. We are “75 years into the “official” beginning of Brahma Kumaris.”

2) This question was answered in today’s “Comments on Sakar Murli 9-15-12.” Basically, it is another “translation issue.” The word Dharma was translated as “religion” when it means more than that, a life style, traditions, a culture, etc. As we know, all of that will disappear and then the “Deity life style” will take over. It is not even a “Deity religion” as translated, for there is no need there of “spirituality” nor God. That is the Drama!
As we know, every culture changes with time. In this case, everything will change at a faster speed after “transformation” also known as destruction. Here is where the “Advance Party” takes over as “survivors.”

3) As far as “spiritual efforts” using the “subtle region,” I do not know of any.
I have not experienced the subtle region (yet.) So I do not know.
I have experienced the avyakt stage as I shared in an article and I have experienced BapDada’s help (magic) through “others”.. 🙂 to help me in my spiritual “efforts.”

Best wishes!