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Fixed in the “truth”…

Life stages

If we were truly aware and conscious we could perceive that we are never the same, thus even though there is a “me,” in another reality there is “none” that “I” could call “me.”

That is how “emptiness” comes into “being.” Someone may affirm, “We are empty.” 🙂

What is the truth?

Are we something, no one, several … 🙂 There must be an answer, the only “true” answer someplace…

Out of that simple inner question, at least 3 religions could be born…if not more… 🙂

Why is this?
Simply because we have our minds fixed that the “truth” is some concept. Something that we could write and worship. Something that we could speak and “convert others.”

We could die believing and fighting for any of those concepts. Our life could be full of fights but none of those concepts can “give us anything.”
Nothing at all.

Nevertheless, the history of the world is full of fights due mostly to ingrained conceptual living. Due to a belief about something that we call “truth” and that we are willing to die for it.
Others may call “my belief” as greed. Others may call it something else.

We may believe that to be firm with our beliefs no matter what, is synonymous with “greatness.” An example for “others” to follow.
My statue will be placed somewhere when I die so people can “remember” me. I am such an example! 🙂

A society will push their ideas and ideals as traditions. In other words, “this is the way we do things around here.” That “way” becomes another “truth” to worship and to praise.

Avyakt7 is not saying that those things are “bad.” Avyakt7 is merely pointing out how something becomes a “truth” to believe in.
Beliefs are not “bad.” They are just beliefs.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Does he truly exist?

Meaningless questions.

Because it just depends in your state of consciousness to “see” something or not. A child is not less intelligent than an adult. He just has a different consciousness.

Have you taken your picture with Santa? Have you received gifts from Santa?
Heck, I was even Santa at one point in my career to cater to my little cousin’s beliefs. Of course, after he saw such as skinny Santa who did not have the traditional deep “Ho, Ho, Ho!” voice who happen to look like his cousin… He may have been a bit disappointed until he saw the gifts I brought… He said to me after I took the Santa apparel off: “You were Santa.”
Then I emphatically said “No!!.”
what do you think, did i lie to him? 🙂
If you understood the first paragraph in the article, rigorously, I did not. In the common mainstream, collective consciousness.. I did lie…and for that I should be “punished.”
However… I saved his belief… 🙂
He had this look in his face that showed some doubt in his assessment…
Uff!! I thought in relief… his belief is intact. He got gifts after all… and that is the main focus of the Santa deal…
However, it is my understanding that this belief vanished from his mind as years went by…

What is so important about this belief?
Ask any parent who have kids in the Santa age group. To receive a gift from your own parents is not big deal. But a gift from a magical figure who is thinking about you and who feels that you are a great kid…That is something!

Do you believe that “Avyakt7” exists? 🙂
Who among you know Avyakt7?
No one. Not even “me.” 🙂
But some may believe that they truly know Avyakt7.
See? 🙂
Now the million dollar question: Is avyakt7 for “real”? 🙂

The lie that can show us the truth


When Paul was a small kid, there was no question in his mind about the existence of Santa Claus. Near Christmas time, every TV program he watched, every song he heard somehow presented the image of this magical being who gave free gifts to “good” kids.

He had some pictures taken with Santa at the mall. At Christmas time, he had some gifts under the tree in his home, coming from “Santa.”

The question if Santa existed or not, wasn’t lingering in his mind. Of course, Santa was real!

As Paul grew up, he didn’t remember how, but he realized that Santa wasn’t “real” after all… He lost interest in him… but he never made a big deal about this finding. As a matter of fact, Paul continued supporting this belief for the other small kids around him and even for his own kids….

Is Paul a dishonest person? Why doesn’t he disclose his “truth” to everyone and why he doesn’t make a campaign to reveal that Santa Claus is a gimmick, a lie?

Simply because Paul understands the “timing” of everyone. He was a kid. There are some kids that also are experiencing that phase. Paul understands that the most important part about Santa, is not about his existence, but the gift that he brings with him. That gift will be taken by several kids in different ways, but those kids will know for sure, about the importance of being a “good kid.”
Paul is respecting everyone’s process without thinking about it, because in his heart he knows about the smiles and sense of gratitude that he experienced at Christmas time, because of receiving a gift from Santa.

Mr. Brainy Morality may add: “Paul is a liar. Lies are bad.”
Avyakt7 may add: “What a beautiful lie! Isn’t beauty what is truthful?”

Many times in the world of Spirituality, we have different religions with different beliefs. Religions will claim to have the “true Santa” with them. Their task will be about demonstrating others that they indeed have the “true Santa” all for themselves. In this way, they will be limiting the universal appeal of Santa… and his gift.

However, those religions will forget the most important thing about Santa: The gift.
Santa is important because of the gift. That gift is given if you are a “good kid.”

Being a “good kid” is not related with “doing what a good kid is supposed to do.” It is foremost about having that innocence, that sensibility, that openness and trust that a kid already has but somehow starts losing when his belief in Santa begins to disappear.

The gift that keeps that innocence shining is indeed a valuable gift.

Beliefs come and go. That gift is the “real” thing.
The truth without words. Paradoxically,there is no gift from “Santa” without Santa. 🙂

Question: Hello, I have been churning on how our experiences are created. I might be wrong but i have narrowed it down to God, Drama and our self. Is it God that gives us those experiences to inspire us to grow spiritually? Is it the drama that presents those experiences? or is it our awareness that perceives it as an experience? Thanks in advance Om shanti

Thank you for your thoughtful question!

Dear soul,

What you have churned is good. I you have experienced that, we can say that for you, it is all of the above. Baba/Drama/Self.

However, in the Sakar Murlis, Baba has mentioned: “The role is recorded in you.” Also Baba has said about God: “I am in bondage of the Drama.” and .. BapDada has mentioned: “whatever happens, that is the Drama.” 🙂

Some souls may experience that “Baba is guiding them in their next step in life by showing them signs.” Other souls, may express that:” According to Gyan, this is the right plan of action for them,” and yet other souls may say:” I just let myself go and the Drama showed me this…” Those are experiences.

If you would like to believe that Santa Claus is giving you gifts for Christmas. There is nothing wrong with that. There is magic in that, there is an innocent belief in goodness and receiving a gift for being good by someone who you do not see but who knows that you are good. It is inspiration to work “harder” the next year. It gives you a sense of being taken care of.

If you know that your parents are the ones giving you the gifts, then likewise you feel loved, protected, etc; but the magic is lost. It is no longer about “being good,” but convincing your parents that you are good. 🙂

If you go to the store and buy yourself gifts, then you believe that you have to rely only in yourself. The magic is gone. The sense of love from others is finished, you are alone and depend just on you.

The bottom line: You get a gift 🙂 Depending on your consciousness and experiences in life, you will believe.

There is wisdom in God being hidden most of the time…

Best wishes!