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Question: In murli it says every kalpa is 5000 years, and the same act repeats in the next kalpa also, and we are just actors repeating the same act, since the act is fixed , why should we put effort for changing the act?, since we know that we cannot change the role or act. pl unfold this mystery

Thank you for your very good question!

I have been doing some reading about “quantum physics,” and found there the “key” to spiritual understanding of gyan through a purely intellectual level. For those who just want to know spiritual things intellectually, without “making effort.”

Here is my response:
Watch this short video about the “uncertainty principle” of Quantum mechanics. This principle is explained using the popular example known as “The Schrodinger’s cat.” ( named after Erwin Schrodinger, Austrian Physicist)

While watching this video think of the cat as being you. Think of the scientist looking at the scene as Baba speaking gyan to you. Now, you can wait for the 50-50 probability inside the box or…. you can get out of the box! – If it is in your role to understand gyan 🙂

This is the paradox of doing and not doing. Even though we will do what we have done before, we have the chance to “choose” now what we have done before… 🙂

Best wishes!