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Bathtub meditation


One of the best ways to become conscious and aware of “what is,” I have found while taking a warm bath.

Sitting there, relaxing to feel at ease and enjoying the experience is the first step.
Second step, turn down all lights. If possible everything should be pitch black.
Nothing to see.
At this point, a fear or darkness may arrive. That is OK. Just become aware of it.
Not moving in the warm water, means that there is nothing to hear, then, there is nothing to smell or taste. It is at that point of “shutting down” all senses, when there is consciousness and then our mind will reveal to ourselves.

Any thought the mind experiences at that point is a belief.

Without seeing our bodies, without having eyes to see; how do I look like?
My response is a belief. Then, I realize that what the eyes “see” is just a perception.

If I decide to touch my body and caress it, all sorts of beliefs will arrive: This part is “clean,” this one is “dirty,” this one is “sinful,” this one is not. My memories from what “I knew” have arrived.

All of that are just beliefs at that point.

There is nothing wrong with beliefs until we believe that our beliefs are the “truth;” at that point we become rigid to the changing experience of living life.

To select a possibility as the “truth,” means to live the world of possibilities through a dogma.

The World and life only reflect ourselves… our beliefs.

Everyone has their own experiences in life. That could be labeled as the “truth” of the moment. It may change later.

Observe that someone else may have a different experience.

The point of the “bathtub meditation” is to realize that we can only perceive according to our consciousness. Our beliefs will shape up that consciousness.

A religion or a science or a philosophy claiming the “truth,” is unaware that a perception is merely a way to look at life.

That perception denotes a state of consciousness.
There are no “right questions” nor “right answers.”
What we are able to understand does not mean “truth” but rather shows our state of consciousness.

For example: If sitting in that bathtub without senses, I ask myself “who am i?” then, I will know that it is the “wrong” question for without senses there is no way to know that I am separated from “what is.”

Thus, senses allow us to enjoy the experience of being an individual, however; senses are not the benchmark of “reality.”

To label our senses as “bad” or an “illusion” is to deny ourselves the experience, the flavor that they could offer. I may want to integrate the flavor of the senses into my consciousness rather than deny it.

If we become aware of our beliefs in life, we have created the openness necessary to accept someone else’s view without labeling it as ” childish,” “stupid,” “wrong,” etc.

It is at that point, when our consciousness expands.

Meditation as I see it today, is the opportunity to open my consciousness by becoming aware of my own beliefs which will narrow down my experience of life. A warm and relaxing bath may be the sacred, peaceful space to offer the greatest opportunity for that. 🙂



Typically a “normal” person will go through life without having “realizations” about his own life or life in general.

For most people, it is about using their own experiences based on the location of the consciousness that they currently have. That is their “truth.”

Their life “catalog” is usually tinted with the colors of “bad,” “good” or “neutral” experiences and through them, there will be a reaction towards life.

That reaction becomes their actions and thus, because they come from a certain location of consciousness, the consequences of those actions are “limited.” They are unable to see the overall picture.

In which way are they limited?
My religion is the “true” one.
People who wear several rings in their hands are tacky.
Einstein is the greatest scientist in the world.

All of the above beliefs are limited in their scope because they come from the perception of a limited consciousness.

Generalizing something or segregating are two sides of the same coin originating from the same type of limited consciousness.

Please see that the above is not a religious thought. It is not a “dogma” or an “ism.”
It is just a realization coming from observing life through observing the self without being colored by defending a particular belief system or making life fit my belief system.

That is what I call being “honest.”

A realization typically impulses someone to perceive things in a different way. Those realizations are not intellectual reasons, but a perception, what is called an “Aha! moment“ which is driven by your intuition and supported by your feelings. There may not be a way to put those realizations into words, but it is not necessary unless you want to write those in a blog… 🙂

Depending on the integrity and self-confidence of the individual, then his actions will be according to those realizations. Nevertheless; a realization cannot be set up as the “ultimate truth.” It is evolving as our circumstances and consciousness changes. It has a timing and a purpose like everything in life.

That is what I call “openness.”

The above may not be for everyone. For it entails a life of discovery. There is nothing there to take as a dogmatic truth or as the “way things ought to be.”

It is far easier to accept something coming from someone else. Someone who we may see as “illuminated,” or “awakened.” We could just follow and relinquish our own life of discoveries.

Nevertheless, someone who is already awakened could see that not everyone is in the same conscious level and rather than proselytize to feel good about his own “truth” or ideas, that individual may want to allow for every person to discover according to their particular capacity.

That is what could be called a “spiritual teaching.”

A teacher in spirituality is not someone who necessarily has the gift of gabbing or someone who has lots of information in his brain. It is not about reciting a dogmatic view of the world either.

A teacher merely gives the environment for realizations to occur. A teacher does not give the “truth” but the initial soil for a new seed to grow into a tree.

That tree ultimately will need to feed itself through its own foliage, that is; those things which it left behind through realizations, will be the leaves falling around that tree in time, which paradoxically are the true source of nutrients for that tree to grow strong, beautiful and happy.

The belief in Science


In the mental world, life could be perceived as something to fear, for nothing is completely reliable. There is uncertainty and there is a mystery to it, which bothers our minds but we rely on our minds to figure the mystery out.

Father: “ I am sending you to religious classes. You have to believe in something.”
Son: “ Why? I don’t need that. I believe in Science.”

In one extreme we have the mysterious beliefs. That is, “magical” stories and experiences out of the grasp of the thinking mind. We could find this in many Eastern beliefs. It is so magical to be true, but yet when there is a strong belief there is a reality.

When someone experiencing that side of the coin of the mental world is no longer satisfied, then inevitably that person will change to a “rational” belief. That is Science, that is the Western world in general.

Interestingly a person is still in the realm of beliefs. What changes is the use of rationality to make sense of life and the world.

Science is continually evolving so there is nothing to call “true,” for it could change the next day.
The mystery of life is non-rational. It is non-logical. Until we see this point, we could be still immersed in scientific beliefs.
Science is not “bad” nor “good.” It has its place in society. The inventions that are made to improve the quality of human lives could be seen as questionable, for Science has a tendency to separate humanity from Nature. That is the consequence of using thought.

An invention most of the time is “massified.” When that happens, then that invention could prove to be detrimental for the overall health of society in time.

A light bulb means electricity. To make that power available means to find ways to create that electrical power. As more people depend on it, then the 80-20 rule (80 % of the wealth is owned by 20 % of the people) comes into effect. That creates “inequality,” the “haves” vs. the “have not” which means further division.

In our society nowadays, the pursue of every “educated” individual is to become a “salesman.” You have to be a “salesman” to “succeed.”
You want a job? Sell yourself.
You want a date? Sell yourself.
You want more money? Sell widgets to everyone by creating a need.

Inventing something new is great, but in our society is of no utility unless that could be “mass-ified,” that is sold to a greater amount of individuals, that is to create a “need” for it.

For that, we need lots of people to sell things to. That is what keeps the “economy growing…” or that is what our mental made up world will tell us.

Nevertheless, the greatest problem in this mental world, is paradoxically our increased population. In the wild, every species will have predators to balance things out.
A human being has no predators other than himself.

Please see how our mental understanding furthers segmentation and separation, creating isolation but at the same time, creating needs and competition to fulfill those “created” needs. That is how our minds could not be healthy if we are assimilated into that game.

The above does not mean that we need to reject the “status quo” of things, but just to be aware of what is going on, so we could liberate our own minds from this chain of human conditioning.

Things evolve, as they need to. Everything is as it should be, however, the quality of being awake in life is not found in a thinking mind.

No wonder mental diseases are not uncommon these days. Our reality conflicts with someone else’s reality. Our beliefs will be in opposition to someone else’s etc.

That is why to be “educated,” to be “religious” to be fit to enjoy life should start by taking a look at our own minds, by taking the time to see its operation, the way depression and anxiety appears, to observe the quality of our thoughts, to observe the quantity of aimless thoughts and to experience how those thoughts influence our own bodies.

That is to be a scientist of the self, just to become healthy again.
Could you “believe” in that? 🙂

Until March 15th or so… 🙂
As always, my deepest feelings of appreciation to all of you…

Readers remarks, sharings and question

1.“Dear avyakt7 , first of all very thankful to your writing on the site which touches deep aspect of spirituality in every region . your answers of question are also so much helpful for a true seeker in this dogmatic religious surrounding.”

Thank you dear reader for your kind words. The aim is to share for the common good as everyone has to walk their own path in Spiritual life.

There are no books or practices to experience a different state of consciousness or awareness, but our sincere approach to experience spirituality for the common good will open the doors to something different.

A religious mind is a static mind, A still picture. To follow the dogma, the belief is the aim.
A spiritual mind is dynamic. Aware of the self under the background of the movie of life.

A religious mind has a reward in the future. A spiritual mind finds its own reward in the present. The now… for the “now” will be the future.

A religious mind is the first step of awareness towards finding Spirituality. Many times, that dogma, rigidity and self-righteousness are part of the process, as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The butterfly is no better than the caterpillar; just different stages of the same process.

The religious “doing” what is right will evolve into the spiritual “being” accurate, “being” right according to the movie of life and not the picture of the mind.

That is the change, the transformation.

Best wishes!


2. From a reader:

“This is an interesting reading for the no mind realization.”

Click to access whats-wrong-with-sample.pdf

3. “Brother Om shanti, What is your take on Dinosaurs, and other primitive animals? What do you have to say on radio carbon dating and its repercussions on the incidents of world history which states that the history of mankind is just lakhs of years old?”

Dear reader,

It seems that you are a new reader of this blog. Welcome! 🙂
This blog has changed its aim for the last 3 months already.

Avyakt7 moves as the wind. Today in this direction, tomorrow in another one. Still is the wind, but just in another direction.
Avyakt7’s current role is not to defend a particular belief. Whether that is religious or scientific. Those beliefs are of no consequence to spirituality.

How dinosaurs are related with Spirituality? 🙂

Dear reader, if you are looking for information, for intellectual stuff to defend a particular position, you could look at avyakt7’s earlier writings, by just clicking on the “scientific tales” tab you will find plenty about carbon dating, dinos and more scientific beliefs.

Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes!

The best study of all: Your own mind

When there is knowledge of any kind in our intellect (scientific, religious, beliefs, etc.) we will believe that knowledge to be true and we will try to act accordingly. This activity based on intellectual knowledge is what is commonly known as doing “good.” Every religion has its own body of knowledge. We have commandments, laws, spiritual guidelines, codes of conduct, traditions, instructions, etc.

Nevertheless, many times we fail to realize that any of those “good” laws or their combination cannot fit the immensity of life and living life, those things cannot fit the many possibilities of living life. Thus, many individuals will choose to live a life of restriction based upon the understanding of certain laws. Their lives could be described in a piece of paper as the commandments they follow.

Those “laws” are not life. Those “laws” or guidelines are “fingers pointing to the Moon.” The Moon cannot be described in lengthy books, thus, it is an illusion that 10 instructions or 1000 could fit every aspect of life.
To experience the Moon is the goal, not to be stuck in the fingers. Experiencing the Moon is not just one experience. There are many, based on timing, circumstances, sensibility, state of mind, etc.

When I appreciate a bird singing in the morning, my sensibility is opened. This wonder is not man created. This wonder of life comes from a pure source of beauty which is Nature. No one can dispute the existence of Nature. It is there, every day, every night. It is just that TV has a greater pull, the cubicle at work and plenty of coffee has more to offer to our sleepy minds than the kiss of the handsome prince from Nature, to awaken us; the sleeping beauties, from the nightmare of living life in the “rat race.”

Nature is not metaphysical. We cannot make a religion out of Nature as we could out of God, however; the sounds of Nature, the vibrations , the colors; the experience is completely alive and when there is sensitivity for beauty, we could perceive it; and that brings its own change to our sleepy minds. That receptivity to beauty is all we need to “do.”

Then the commandment comes: “ I must not be attached to Nature.” That is when the “fingers pointing to the Moon,” become our worse nightmare. Intellectually I can understand attachment and intellectually I will force myself “not to be with Nature on a regular basis so I don’t’ get attached to it.” 🙂 for this is my perceived “truth.”

That is the time when our “spiritual life” turns into one restriction after another.
We have not understood our mind. That is the problem.

The mind will like something. It will not like something else. It will be indifferent toward certain things. That is all folks! 🙂
If the mind “likes something,” then it will get attached to it. If the mind, does not like something; then it will reject that. If the mind is indifferent, then nothing will happen. As long as there is “mind” in us, we will fluctuate between those 3 states. As long as the mind “likes” Nature; that is the thought of “liking,” has entered; then the commandment to “regulate,” things will use the other aspect of the mind; that is to reject something. “I must not be in Nature for too long..” Note that this is the war of the mind.

Indifference is not the key either, for indifference does not allow appreciation; when appreciation is lacking, life loses its zest, its sacredness. It becomes the “same ol’ thing.”

Here is where the teaching of “no mind,” or to go beyond the mind or to have an empty mind, becomes important. Even though, we have knowledge that life is a movie; our minds are continuously playing its own movie. We believe that movie of the mind to be true and become entangled in the issues which are merely a reflection of our own liking something and being attached to it or fully rejecting something else which could turn around at any time.

Finally, in that state of duality of the mind, there cannot possibly be love.

To experience the Moon with the mind, is a recipe for trouble. As a matter of fact, there is no experience as long as the mind is in between.
What do we do?
Observe. That is become aware, conscious that this is happening. That is the study.

Is the mind “bad” then? No. Neither “good” nor “bad.” It just is. Imagination comes from it, dreams come from it; that is why life is really a dream for most of us; thus the need to wake up. 🙂

“The boy with divine powers”: Profit, religion and science

I’d like to recommend this 46 minute long video. It is a well done documentary from the “Discovery Channel.”
It is the story of Ram Bomjon a boy living in Nepal, who meditated for months without receiving food or water.
This “feat,” was catalogued as a “hoax” by some scientific minds. In the video you will notice how the lady who is a well versed dietician, changes her mind; from assuring that no one could live for more than a few days without water according to scientific knowledge; to acknowledge the limitations of her “science,” or knowledge when “seeing” the fact of someone who is not “normal.”

Also, we can see how a personal, spiritual practice by the boy is readily made into a “profit” based thing, thanks to the devotional feelings of some and the incredulity of the “researchers.”



Question on Brahma Kumaris beliefs

“SCIENCE VERSUS 5000 YEARS OF TIME CYCLE ! following are my questions.. 1.)5000 years of world drama is said to be like a recorded cd ,which plays the same thing even if repeated N no.of times if so, then what is the significance of the KARMIC ACCOUNT, what is my role here? all my thoughts and actions become predetermined then how can we say we create our own destiny? 2.)If the destruction of this world is going to happen with NUCLEAR WARFARE it will make the entire planet inhabitable for the next hundreds or thousand’s of years,{ japan is an example,even now radiation and related diseases persists in those regions} earth will become more polluted and hostile than ever before ! if so then when will SATYUG the GOLDEN AGE start? it will have to take a long break! 3.)The existence of DINOSAURS and other extinct life forms on EARTH is confirmed by SCIENCE, fossil remains and carbon dating results are proofs for their existence but, there is no mention in our 5000 year cycle that such species existed, did GOD FORGET THEM?.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your questions!
I am afraid your questions came a bit late… This blog changed its path a couple of months ago from Brahma Kumaris knowledge to Spiritual knowledge in general and for all.

However, i will use this opportunity to give additional explanation and then answer your questions.. so bear with me! 🙂

Beliefs are out. Experience is in. A couple of days ago, it was shared that once the realization about our own eternity is experienced, then beliefs are useless.

Beliefs are “good,” when someone experiences protection and support through a religious system. It is the time for reformation.
Beliefs are “bad,” when they “box you,” and seclude your experience of life and make you part of the “cookie cutter” machinery.

Therefore, beliefs are neither “good, nor bad,” but useful according to someone’s timing in life.

In my experience, out of all the beliefs systems that I have been exposed to (Many, I need to say) Brahma Kumaris knowledge is the most complete, the most reasonable, intellectually speaking. This blog has plenty of articles about that.

The issue has been the way it was interpreted.

Here a little example:
So you know about an eternal, repetitive cycle. Then, why make so much fuss about “destruction,” when we can realize about our own eternity? Think about that.

So you know about an eternal, predestined movie; therefore, what you think you do out of your free will, is part of that movie. Your free will is predestination and predestination is your experience of free will. 🙂
This is just an intellectual concept, but there is the experience which is most important.

When you realize about your own eternity, then the movie of “doing things,” should not matter, when “being” is the most important thing. As it is “being” then “doing” aligns. This is what this blog has emphasized.

When the “little child” needs reformation, the “scary” thought of “destruction is just ahead,” makes you do something to earn your “paradise..” Do you see that? Death by itself is not scary enough, for everyone will die some day… But to be “saved” from destruction, makes it special… There is no death, but we die. I hope you could grasp this.. I know you will 🙂 There is “destruction” but we are eternal? I hope this is not hard to understand… 🙂

In my experience, the whole “experience” in Brahma Kumaris was to “reform myself.” Celibacy is the main ingredient that Brahma Kumaris uses for that. This does not mean that celibacy is “good” or “bad.” It is the “tool” used for reformation.
Even though it is one of the toughest “tools” for reformation, celibacy will allow you to experience a different consciousness when we are not repressing ourselves. This is the challenge. This is not only physical repression, but also emotional and how you approach life despite your unusual practice, will dictate your degree of “advancement.” Once you have experienced that consciousness, then you know better.

That is my experience in a “nutshell.” I would have not been able to go through it, if I did not have divine help. Here is where your “karma” comes into the picture. This “spiritual bug” comes from many past lives not just this one.

OK.. now into your questions 🙂

1.)5000 years of world drama is said to be like a recorded cd ,which plays the same thing even if repeated N no.of times if so, then what is the significance of the KARMIC ACCOUNT, what is my role here? all my thoughts and actions become predetermined then how can we say we create our own destiny?

Your karmic account is your own movie included in the “big movie.” The Drama. Your role is what you will experience as “doing.” In reality, you do not do anything… 🙂 but because you believe you do; then you do. 🙂

You “create” your destiny when you believe that you have “free will.” You do not create your destiny when you believe that everything is “predestined.” If you do not have “beliefs,” then everything moves as it should.

2.)If the destruction of this world is going to happen with NUCLEAR WARFARE it will make the entire planet inhabitable for the next hundreds or thousand’s of years,{ japan is an example,even now radiation and related diseases persists in those regions} earth will become more polluted and hostile than ever before ! if so then when will SATYUG the GOLDEN AGE start? it will have to take a long break!

Please see how many “beliefs” you are introducing in your question. Your belief of Nuclear warfare, is not completely accurate if you studied the Brahma Kumaris daily scriptures. In that belief system, there is a mention of natural disasters, famine, drought, diseases… Things that you did not account for in your belief. Also, It is mentioned in the Brahma Kumaris belief system, that there will not be a nuclear issue in Bharat and the rest of the continents will go under the oceans. Scary movie… huh? 🙂
Thus, your belief of Nuclear disaster surrounding the whole planet and making the Earth poisonous to live… is just another belief. 🙂

3.)The existence of DINOSAURS and other extinct life forms on EARTH is confirmed by SCIENCE, fossil remains and carbon dating results are proofs for their existence but, there is no mention in our 5000 year cycle that such species existed, did GOD FORGET THEM?.”

Dear reader, “confirmed by science,” is meaningless when we are talking about life. Your belief in science as the holder of “truth,” is just a belief.
Life is more than the physical realm which is what science deals with. here is your definition of science:
“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”
In spirituality we can experience that there are many realms beyond the physicality of life, which are integrated. The proof is your own experience.

Quantum mechanics is getting closer to that “reality,” which makes “randomness” and “probabilities” scientific terms to use, when they only denote lack of scientific certainty.

Now, dear reader, I will ask you to please read the tab titled “scientific tales” for a through and convincing ride into the realm of tales for grown ups…

There all your questions about the 5000 year belief deal, the dinosaur belief deal and all such beliefs, are answered there. Otherwise, you could type the keyword “dinosaur” in the blog, and you will find articles related with that topic.

Dear reader, It has been a pleasure to reply to your questions, but let me inform you that avyakt7 has “retired” from intellectual debates and logical thinking when related with spirituality and the experience of life. At work I may need to use those skills, but then after those hours of earning my “paycheck” have gone away… those skills are “submerged.” 🙂

However, avyakt7 had his time in that “realm” and articles are available in this blog for those who would like to spend time on such things…

Best wishes!