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The stages of “seeking” (2)

The first phase of a seeker is to be unconscious of the “I.”
The “I” wants to change the world. The “I” wants to be someone in the future. The “I” needs to make sure that God is with him. The “I” wants “divine” experiences to assure him how “special” he is. All about enhancing “I.”

The above is “pure” ego. That ego can only be increased through a “method.” That method is called a religion, a philosophy, a “truth,” a commandment.
To increase ego is important, awareness will come out of that.

Even though ego is an illusion, it is “real” when there is no awareness of it.
The illusion can only be increased until it becomes unbearable.
Ego is a function of living in a society, thus to step away from it, is the first step into the exploration of the “self.”

Nature is the “natural path” away from the influence of a society. We are “naturally” that. Artificially, we are the mind, separation, I-ness.
In the observation of Nature, there is a connection of sustenance, as a mother does with a child. The sense of belonging is born again.

This is how seeking turns around from the search of the “divine,” to allowing the “mundane” to be divine. The divine is not separated from the mundane. It merely unveils. It is there, but some eyes cannot see it.

Nature is Life. The “office world” is a human creation, but it is part of Life as well. That is how “integration” rather than “separation” is understood.
Little by little, the mind will let go its grip on things. In Nature, when we are part of it, there is no need to use the mind to “solve” any problems. Allow yourself to be “touched” through the sounds, lights and movements of Nature.

Concepts are not needed there.
For someone who has the “concept” of being a “soul” and not a body; the word “soul” merely replaces the word “I.”
“I am an I.”
When consciousness is located in the ego; the reality of “no-I” is completely unknown. That “soul” concept is truly “no-I.”

To say “I am a soul” is not accurate for the “I” does not exist. The soul is not an “I.”

The above cannot be understood by someone trapped in the mind. That is why Nature is the catalyst to be free from the mind.

There is a human vessel identifying with labels, relationships, stories; creating a “center” which is known as personality.
That vessel has “things” inside. The exploration of the contents of that vessel is the peeling of the “I.”

When a seeker arrives to this place, emotions, traumas and beliefs will need to be explored to empty the baggage. The realization that there is nothing to acquire, but rather to unlearn, to take away, to release the baggage, will be there. That is healing.

Even though it is said: “You are peace, bliss and happiness.” Still some want to GET peaceful, blissful and happy through some DOING, through some practice. There is nothing to GET, but rather to peel off, to give away.
The irony is: “You” ARE already, but cannot see it. “You” ARE what you are searching for… To be accurate, take away the “You,” then you will know what “I” am trying to convey.