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Enjoyment with intensity


Ananda was looking at the spectacular display of “natural” lights on a late afternoon during the summer.

The sky was displaying a unique palette, which no human artist could ever imitate.
As night was approaching, those colors were displaying different hues with such intensity that anyone could feel the liveliness of that moment.

The clouds were displaying unique, fashionable shapes thanks to the doings of a graceful, cooling breeze blowing from the east, which combined with the whole Totality of that moment, gave the seer a unique perspective on the art of appreciation.

Ananda realized that as long as he had no thoughts in his mind from past or future, he was able to enjoy.

As that moment became all there was, the idea of having a “seer” (Ananda) separating himself from that which was seen, did not exist.

That is called integration.

Nevertheless, because Ananda is able to describe all of these details, there had to be an observer observing. That is the sense of self.
As that “self” dilutes, enjoyment naturally appears and with that, the intensity and brightness of the moment enhances the experience of being part of all.

The understanding through an experience is extraordinary, because if we ever thought that “ego” was “bad,” now we could see that it is not.

Ego is merely not allowing a different experience, which is to be integrated with all.

Happiness does not reside in manifesting ego, although; there could be moments of happiness in that consciousness… 🙂

A pond could be a source of great joy for some who do not know about the Ocean or a Lake.

It is relative to our consciousness.

That is why, the art of enjoyment is not related with comparisons. It is not related with having things or being in the “right” circumstance.

It could be in being… nothing.