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Attraction in relationships.


Mathias the wise tree, was sharing with his friends Ananda and Raysha, about the significance of human attraction.

Mathias:” Attraction brings a collision. It is like a magnet. When that magnet attracts another object, a collision is unavoidable. Attraction has the ability to make someone lose their own essence. A “Life walker” does not reject attraction. He simply observes it in himself, smiles at the scene and continues on, not forgetting his life purpose. When a “Life walker” forgets his purpose for a few days, then that attraction will distract his mind, then his thoughts and his feelings will deepen that attraction.”

Relationships made out of attraction will experience that collision, a crash of “selves,” which is in direct proportion to the attraction being felt.
For many in our society, attraction is “good.” That is love for many. Songs and poetry are written to reflect that enchantment. The “Blue lagoon” syndrome. 🙂
Is attraction “bad” then?
No. It is “what is.”
Choosing between “good and bad” is known as “living in duality.”

It is childish to reject and suppress attraction, when that is a teaching that Life is giving at that moment. For a self-aware individual, that is a brilliant opportunity to observe himself.

Although the question: “what is the purpose of life?” may be meaningless as life is the mirror; the question of “what is my life purpose?” may have some meaning.

Ananda’s life purpose is love.
That is his essence.

Someone else may have a different purpose in life, as everyone brings his own essence into this huge game.

That “inner-purpose” is the compass to be observed.
Everyone and every circumstance brings something in life, like colorful advertising. When the mind engages into that “free ad,” a story will be built. At that point, the story becomes our “inner-purpose.”

Is that “bad”? I must never think about anyone?
No. That is rejection. Rejection brings greater strength to that which is being rejected. For example,”hate” is rejection; and that is the “best way” to be fixated in someone to the point where we lose our own essence. Someone who hates something is sentenced to be a slave of that which he hates. He will remember that thing and he cannot let go.

Nothing is “bad” or “good,” we just need to observe, experience, enjoy and move on. Life is change.

Our awareness makes the difference. Someone who is “studying” himself will take advantage of every moment to know something about himself.

“Know thyself” at this point, has meaning.
The mirror of life will only reflect that who we are, back to our own perception.