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Doing the “right” thing

Most “spiritual” and “morally correct” individuals, are concerned about this: “Doing the right thing in Life.”
A veil of sainthood, righteousness is coveted by the “I.”

There are many “rewards” (Just like a credit card reward point system) associated with DOING a morally accepted script, allowed by society, religions, nations, fraternities, schools… all of those institutions which are regimenting/conditioning (also known as teaching/educating or preparing ) the individual.

As we are “right now,” there are many scripts in our minds deciding what “a right action” is.

A young person may want to “DO” the right thing in choosing a career. That same man, may want to “DO the right thing” as he fathered a child out of wedlock. Later, he may want to “Do the right thing” while deciding whether to put his ill father, permanently in a hospice.

The phrase to “Do the right thing” has many meanings according to time, circumstances, beliefs, traditions.

Definitely, to “Do the right thing” is merely a cover, for we cannot know the ramifications, the extent of our DOING.
Carl paid for his son to go to the “best University,” even though his son did not want to go. Carl thought that he was DOING “the right thing,” for the welfare of his son.
His son was killed in a car accident, on his way to a class.
Of course; guilt surrounded Carl, for the rest of his Life.
What is the “teaching” in that story?
In the Western society, everything has to have a “moral” teaching, something the mind can apprehend so “I don’t do it again and I can teach others.”
Fear creeps in.

In Life, there is no teaching but a mirror.  That experience of “losing” a son, will be colored with Carl’s conditioning. It is that conditioning the one that will come out.
But Carl is too “busy” with his guilt to realize about his beliefs.

If we were just aware of all the conditioning going on in our minds!

We may try to figure out Life, to get ahead, to be clever in Life; but the “I” does not make Life by himself.
The spider web of associations and timely interactions are out of the reach of the clever “I” but yet; “I” believe that “I” can “control” my destiny, by DOING “the right things.”  I can use the support of the “law of karma” to spread “righteousness” around me. (If I “do this right,” then through karma, something right will occur to me.)

The only issue is that “righteousness” hasn’t been defined.

What is to “be right”?
Life is not concerned about our trivial morality. Life is beyond moral standards.
Was Carl “right or wrong”?

We will not able to understand Life until we clean ourselves up from all those concepts, moral precepts, traditions and beliefs clouding our awareness.

It is not a matter of rejection.

If we have our hands dirty and wash them, it is not out of rejection of dirt.
But unless we “unlearn” with the same attitude as when we wash our hands, we will be rejecting society, religions, schools, etc. as radicals and unfit members.

The path of Awakening may take someone through that route, however; we may learn that it is not the destination, but only a side scene. 🙂




In our quest to have the “truth,” to be “right,” and to find “meaning in life,” we look for ways to self validate our own worth in the realization that Life otherwise, may be a meaningless trip.

How about a belief in the hierarchies of the afterlife?
How about a belief in a religious system or philosophy to get salvation?
How about the belief of having found the only truth?
How about the belief of having found the only God?

All of the above “searches” are only giving validation to an ego looking to survive, to become something valuable.
To be someone.

“ I have read all the books from this wonderful Guru”
“I have known your holiness, for many years. I am very close with him.”
“ I have the mission to teach humanity.”
“ I am the chosen one.”

Pettiness looking for self-aggrandizement.

A fanatic lives through others. He is on a mission. That mission will give validation to an otherwise, empty life.

“You are a peaceful being” “You are wise.” “You are deep.”
Those are the elements the ego looks for validation.

When that validation turns into a mission in Life, then a fanatic is born.
When many individuals are “part of it” the idea of “righteousness” appears.
Righteousness requires supporters to be “right.”

Observe how we have created many icons to follow in what we call Life: The “Jet-set,” the Glamour of the rich and famous; the world renown experts, the “somebody in a world of unknowns.”
None of that has value in Life beyond the borders of our imagination.

It is meaningless to have read all the books of some Guru unless we have recognized in those books, what we have personally gone through, our own experience. That recognition only gives labels to what we already know. Otherwise, it is just to accumulate more information, like reading Wikipedia. Not “bad,” but a good source of Trivia.

It is meaningless to worship someone. That only shows fear.
It is meaningless to believe in only a particular God, when we have experienced that everyone has their own perception, and that perception has equal validity like anyone else.

I am truly amazed on how this thing which we call “spirituality” has been altered into another fad, another marketing scheme to take advantage of desperate individuals or not so desperate.

That clinging into a philosophy, into an idea creates fanaticism.

This “spirituality” thing is merely to look into yourself.
“Salvation” is within.

Do we want the meaning of Life?
Appreciate it.
Do we want a goal and objective?
Enjoy it.
Do we want to find the truth?
Self-honesty has it.
Do we want to worship something?
Start with Life.
Do we want to know a wonder in Life?
Recognize and acknowledge your own Life.

As much as the “Office world” has taught us to look “outside of us” for meaning, and “spirituality” teaches us to look inside, let us not make the difference between outside and inside… it is all One.

A fanatic will support one side and reject the other.
A “Life walker,” a seeker; embraces all and lives in balance in that unity.

On Self-Righteousness


Our attitude in life, which is naturally perfected through observation and openness to life experiences, is of great importance to take life one day at the time.

Let us say that I entered into a gym to exercise.
The gym features strident music among other things, it could be a mad house if someone turns the volume on of their wall mounted TV while using the stationary bike or headphones or just to see the different TVs displaying different programs with blistering images in all of them.

If my “ego gym” has been built around a tranquil, noise-less scenario; obviously there will be a reaction.
“ I am not exercising in that mad house. Why should I do that? All those people must be deaf in there!”

The above scenario happens in many other aspects of life very often.
We may discriminate “them” for being crazy, out-of touch-with reality, impure, savage, profane, impious, etc.

Then a commandment to live by, is necessary which will give us the sense of “being right” and for “them” to be “wrong.”
That self-righteousness will not allow someone to integrate into the Totality of “what is.”

“You shall have distaste for noisy places,” utters the commandment.

Someone who plays “rebel” to that commandment will support the opposite view: “ Noisy places are good.”

That is life in duality.

When we learn to integrate, there is no questions about “commandments” even if there is a belief that “a higher God has said so.”
Why? Because life is not “black or white.”

When we learn to integrate we will be mindful of our own state of consciousness, how we feel at that moment, the circumstances and the overall context, in such a way that our response is not a rejection, but it is harmonious, in balance with “what is.” That response is non-intellectual, by the way.

The above requires far more sensibility than following a “black and white” commandment. It requires a different state of consciousness.

Sometimes to integrate with the craziness of the noisy Gym is what is required. Many times our minds need a change from linear activities, “the same old thing.”

At other times, to leave the place will be harmonious, yet at other times to go inside for a brief time.

What is important is to acknowledge, “what is,” to appreciate it without an inner rejection just because it goes against our beliefs or commandments or any other idea; for there is a recognition that something that “is” has a reason to be there. Integration is not to “go into it” but to know when to do it, without hurting others, without “teaching” others, without the “ego” of believing that our ways are the “righteous ways.”
Because our static ways could never be the standard of “righteousness” in an ever changing, surprising Life.

Believe to self-enclose


Every time there is a belief in our minds about anything, every time there is a space where we come from or a particular identification with some idea or thought; at that time we have created a personality, a little enclosed wall is born….thus, life itself will crack it.
The experiences of life will break apart that wall, for life is like the wind: “We” flow with it unless we want to fight it. That “self” appears alive to stand in the current of life, cementing itself through ideas, beliefs, traditions, etc. which are all static, unmovable.

As the wind of life gains greater force and momentum, as the wind transforms into a hurricane, that self will be vanished. That struggle calls for suffering.

That process of awareness, we call “self-transformation,” “spirituality,” “dying alive,” etc.

It does not matter which belief we have. Any belief becomes a static “reality” withstanding in the continuous movement of life.

That enclosure that a belief creates becomes a path of self-absorption, self-righteousness and rigidity.

In life, when something is rigid, it is dead.

It is my experience that invariably, every time “I” take a stand thinking that this is “the right way” and make out of that a self-imposed dogma of righteousness; then life will show me the opposite: Clearly, without a façade and then I could choose to “rationalize it” just to hold on to my belief.
My “belief” becomes more important than life.

What was “the right thing” at one time, may not be at other times.

My own definition or mental concept of something, which creates a belief, is not only a “half-truth” at the most, but a mental jail to cling to for security.

I no longer believe in anything. Isn’t that sad? 🙂
Not at all. It is refreshing, uplifting, liberating.

Life is not a mental construct made of stories and plots to segregate the “good boys” and the “bad ones.”
Life is way more than that. Life is too great to fit into a definition or a belief system.

Moving through the winds of life becomes the art of gliding through it. Use that force to move, to explore, to wonder. The winds of life will keep someone floating effortlessly as long as we do not become an obstacle for our own journey.

Take a stand. Take a position… and you will put your feet on the ground; the self has positioned itself to fight…yet another time.

How irrational…

Readers remarks, sharings and question

1.“Dear avyakt7 , first of all very thankful to your writing on the site which touches deep aspect of spirituality in every region . your answers of question are also so much helpful for a true seeker in this dogmatic religious surrounding.”

Thank you dear reader for your kind words. The aim is to share for the common good as everyone has to walk their own path in Spiritual life.

There are no books or practices to experience a different state of consciousness or awareness, but our sincere approach to experience spirituality for the common good will open the doors to something different.

A religious mind is a static mind, A still picture. To follow the dogma, the belief is the aim.
A spiritual mind is dynamic. Aware of the self under the background of the movie of life.

A religious mind has a reward in the future. A spiritual mind finds its own reward in the present. The now… for the “now” will be the future.

A religious mind is the first step of awareness towards finding Spirituality. Many times, that dogma, rigidity and self-righteousness are part of the process, as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The butterfly is no better than the caterpillar; just different stages of the same process.

The religious “doing” what is right will evolve into the spiritual “being” accurate, “being” right according to the movie of life and not the picture of the mind.

That is the change, the transformation.

Best wishes!


2. From a reader:

“This is an interesting reading for the no mind realization.”

Click to access whats-wrong-with-sample.pdf

3. “Brother Om shanti, What is your take on Dinosaurs, and other primitive animals? What do you have to say on radio carbon dating and its repercussions on the incidents of world history which states that the history of mankind is just lakhs of years old?”

Dear reader,

It seems that you are a new reader of this blog. Welcome! 🙂
This blog has changed its aim for the last 3 months already.

Avyakt7 moves as the wind. Today in this direction, tomorrow in another one. Still is the wind, but just in another direction.
Avyakt7’s current role is not to defend a particular belief. Whether that is religious or scientific. Those beliefs are of no consequence to spirituality.

How dinosaurs are related with Spirituality? 🙂

Dear reader, if you are looking for information, for intellectual stuff to defend a particular position, you could look at avyakt7’s earlier writings, by just clicking on the “scientific tales” tab you will find plenty about carbon dating, dinos and more scientific beliefs.

Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes!

Benefit of beliefs about God

“In the west I have heard the following attributes mentioned of God: Omnipotent – all powerful Omniscient – knows everything Omnipresent – His presence is everywhere. According to the gyan and understanding of God shared by Brahma Kumaris are these His (Shiva’s) attributes? If yes, how do these attributes play a part, become meaningful/significant or bring benefit to a student of Raja Yoga? Thank you.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your great question. I am assuming that intellectual debates as to why God is this and not that are out of your question. You are asking about benefits of a belief and I will answer based on my experience. Please bear with me.

Your question comes at the right time! I will be sharing in an article a couple of videos and insights about Christianity and how the life of an unparalleled historical man such as Jesus, could be made into a religion by followers who do not have spiritual insight but merely the will to promote and to maintain a dogma as long as possible.

The thought that spirituality is about following commandments, rules and regulations is in fashion. Of course, the “helping tool” is not spirituality in itself, but just a helping tool.

Many had experiences with Jesus throughout time; through “miraculous experiences,” attributed to God; but the core of the message, which has always been about “ inner change,” was replaced by devotion and self-righteousness. The popular “We have the truth.” “ We know God.”

A religion was invented. Followers are needed.

I can only answer your question based on Avyakt7’s own experience, but using my current awareness.

First, All of the attributes that you mention about God are just beliefs. A belief as mentioned in previous articles has its “good” side and its “bad” side. A “good” side is the sense of belonging. The sense of protection. The sense of not being by yourself.

When there is a belief, there is a group who has that belief as the means to maintain unity. The strength of that belief will be reflected in that unity.

In my experience in Brahma Kumaris; avyakt7 would have not been able to go through the changes in consciousness without that first “helping hand.” Definitely there was a special power helping me go through those changes. My belief increased.

“God tells me that I need to do certain things to change. I love God, therefore, I will do those things.” End of report.

That “love to God” was an idea that I had with me. That idea gained a form and physicality through the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. I even had the chance to “see God” in “person,” to get messages from God directed to me, etc.
That increases your faith, your devotion, your sense of belonging … but not necessarily your self-transformation.

Avyakt7 couldn’t and wouldn’t change if there wasn’t that inclination to do everything for God.

What Avyakt7 realized later on in his path, was that all I needed to experience was a different consciousness. That was the “Godly help” needed, just to get me there. Once I experienced that consciousness, then the “method” learned to get there, needed to go away so I could see if the change in me was “real.”

Otherwise, if I depend on the method for a change, then there is no change at all. Those who have experienced this, will be able to understand what I am conveying.

Thus, to answer to your question; a student of Raja yoga will get benefit if their belief is wholehearted. That is total.

You can believe any attributes about God. That does not matter practically, in your inner change. Only knowing the attributes of God is of not much value, but as a belief it will give you certainty, it will give you a “little push” to go through the Spiritual metamorphosis with some certainty.

Up until the point where this “different consciousness” is experienced, the child stage of spirituality is still going on.

Every religious path where God, the “father” is named, has that same aim of bringing change or reforming the “child“ from previous “unrighteous” ways (and make him a follower.)

The issue is that without the experience of that “different consciousness,” then to be in a “dogmatic safety box” is all there is. Self-righteousness increases.
We start believing that we have “arrived” already even though our minds have not been observed. We believe that we have arrived when we depend on rituals and practices to maintain our spiritual life. We believe that we have arrived when all we have are beliefs and commandments to follow.

Evidently, there is more in Spirituality. But to be able to open that door of uncertainty is not something that everyone is willing to do.

The child needs to grow up. Going away from home and opening the door to other experiences does not necessarily mean to get “lost in darkness,” when the child has been brought up with kindness, knowledge and unconditional love.

Best wishes!