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The problem of “Reality.”

Our mindset pursues what it believes to be the “truth,” what is “real” according to conditioning.
Some type of human consciousness are self-righteous and have narrow perceptions, which they call “truth,” reality: “what is real is what exists, what exists is what I can perceive with my 5 senses.” Easy enough to make that “truth” into a commandment.

Our society and collective consciousness are in agreement with that, for the majority of people have 5 senses working somewhat in a similar way.
All is “good” until scientists “discover” that what we perceive is not necessarily what is “real.”

At that point, we may ask ourselves, what is “reality”? 🙂

That question in fact, synthesizes the main problem with our vision and understanding of Life.

The issue is not to concentrate our efforts in discovering what is “real” out there. The main issue is to understand ourselves and the way we perceive Life. Our perception of it.
In short, Life can be perceived in many different ways according to our consciousness. 

For example, imagine that all people in the world were born blind. They never perceived light through their eyes. Certainly, we could have built a “normal” society made for blind people. Other senses rather than vision could have taken precedence.
To speak about colors, rainbows, clouds, etc. in that world of blindness, will not make any sense. If someone speaks about being able to see light, that one could be crucified or labeled as “crazy.” That gift of vision may be a curse in disguise, for “normal” people will not be able to understand.

Thus, greater ability to perceive means an expanded vision of reality.
Our “standard” is the way of perception of the collective consciousness in society, but that perception is far from what could be labeled as “real.”

When we place our energy in understanding our own perceptions, rather than in using the convenient labels of “right, wrong, true, false, bad and good,” then any sort of judgment is out. Certainly we may need to act as our society dictates.
If someone harms another, there are laws. There are consequences, but judgment is a human invention that we have added into the personality of our beloved Gods.

Compassion arrives when we understand that there are many ways to perceive/experience Life. A particular way followed by someone may be condemned by the laws of our society and labeled as “bad,” but we know it is only a perception. That openness will free us with further understanding which will reflect in a peaceful disposition.

Moral talk says: “We must be peaceful, loving, etc.” but as our barriers of perceptions open up allowing us to have a greater vision of the valley of Life; that moral wishy, washy talk; will not be needed.
BEING peaceful is not morality. It is not to obey a law or a commandment. Those DOINGS are fake behaviors.

The “reality” of compassion and love is in extent of the openness of our consciousness, and not the openness of our mouths.

Depression and Loneliness in the Spiritual life


That is the word which describes depression and the feeling of being alone.
That separation could come through a comparison: “I have not achieved anything in life. I am worthless.” That is a comparison between the “I” from now and the “I” who should have been in “my” mind based on the teachings/standards of our society.

That thought arising without being checked, will damage our being. Our emotions will come to help deepen those thoughts, then we could feel a profound apathy which will lead us into carelessness.

“Today I don’t feel like taking care of myself. No cooking. No fun. I am alone in this life.”

Unless there is a chemical imbalance triggering a depression; most depressions are basically coming when there is this sensation of something lacking, something necessary to feel satisfied in this moment. That sensation creates a separation.

There is a “Me,” calling for attention. The “poor Me.”

The “poor Me” syndrome brings ego to the highest. Ego is not only to feel like the “top dog” but also and perhaps more damaging, to feel like the lowest being on Earth.

The greater is our ego, the greater will be the experience of suffering.

Even though, “I” exist in relationship; the concept continually stressed is that “I” am “individual,” thus; that concept which was learned someplace; comes to perform the magical act of separation.

When this separation happens, the sense of communion or “common-union,” with everything that exists; dies in such a way that our feelings become completely shut down.

Without feelings but just with thoughts and emotions, we cannot be merged into every second of life. We cannot live life as functioning human beings but simply as lonely machines looking for self gratification of the senses.

In that world of emptiness; pleasure is all there is to fulfill the senses and to feel some sort of gratification, which will be then called “happiness.” Happiness becomes a moment, an instant. A climax. The rest is something just to put up with.

If your spiritual life leads you to live alone; to be surrounded by 4 walls and to come home to hear your own internal voice; please don’t take it as punishment; but as the opportunity for that ego to dissolve.

Loneliness is ego in disguise.

The need to be with someone, to relate with someone to call “yours,” is just ego trying to live with the thought of possessing someone. We can share love, our time; but to try to possess someone under the name of “love” is one of the most spread out mental diseases. Almost like the flu.

If you have the courage to observe and at the same time to learn to relate with everything around you; there is the opportunity to discover that Nature is alive and has so much to share through its sounds and colors that we could learn and feel more about oneness as long as there is emptiness in us.

That emptiness appears when ego dies.

A person experiencing that healing emptiness cannot have depressing thoughts. That individual cannot feel alone.

When we become merged in that communion with everything else, when we learn that whatever is happening to “me” is not that important; when we learn to laugh about our “silly” selves; then we have created that space for the sounds and clarity of Nature to heal us.

That healing is the beginning of a honest smile in our outlook of life.

Then, life appears again… slowly.

Consciousness: Know the Elephant by being it


If God was something like an Elephant, but If you never experienced what is an Elephant; how would you describe Him?

As in the picture, every person had a partial “site.” Our senses are partial as well. Some are visual, some use their tact to gain an experience; those differences make our experiences unique.

When we are dealing with Spiritual matters, such as God or a spiritual experience; our physical senses are out. We can visualize, but we know that this visualization or this perception is beyond the typical eyesight. It is beyond the physical realm.

One point which is very important to know is that in Spirituality, everything that we know or experience is related with our level of consciousness.

Why if God is one, there are many religions?
Because there are many perceptions. Different people touching different parts of the Elephant. That perception is equivalent to our consciousness.

If our consciousness is based on previous experiences, then we will use those experiences to explain a newer experience.

“God is a point of light.” We know light. We know what is a point. Mentally we can draw those images. However, those images cannot be equal to what actually exist, for a picture is never the same as the experience.

Please think about this for a while and you will find out that there is an element of uniqueness in every experience and at the same time an element of mystery for not being able to totally know something “new.”

For some individuals, consciousness is equivalent to something “tangible.” For others, it is at the level of the “timeless,” yet for others, consciousness is equivalent to awareness, being a witness without naming; without the “you” and the “I.”

According to that level of consciousness, we will have different understandings as well.

Someone who is living at the level of the “tangible,” will not be able to understand the experience of someone living the “timeless.” This is not a matter of intellectual understanding but it is experiential.

When we hear BapDada or some other person explaining his experience of what a detached observer is or a “witness,” or a “charioteer,” we understand the words that are at our level of experience and with that we pretend to build something which is currently beyond our experience.

We don’t realize that we need to gain a different level of consciousness, that what we want to experience is not in the realm of the “tangible,” the words and definitions.

To gain further consciousness means to go beyond the physicality of our existence. It means to welcome a newer level of subtleness which will allow us to experience something naturally.

We need to start by experiencing the self. That is the only place where we can start without fantasizing, without following ideas or dogmas, without being lead astray into a wild goose chase; it is the only place where our experience is authoritative; where no one could ever know more than us.

For that reason alone, to know the self is the most important item that anyone who calls himself spiritual could ever undertake.

Your religion doesn’t matter. Your beliefs don’t matter. Your dogmas and your ideas or philosophies are worthless.

Just experience that who you are.
The Elephant could be truly known when you become that Elephant yourself.

One more time: Who are you?


In Spirituality, there are words which mean absolutely nothing.
Only if I become that which I am naming, then that means something; but that something cannot be the same thing that I name. The meaning is in being, but naming has no meaning.

What I know in Spirituality, I cannot describe accurately through words. It is indescribable; but unfortunately; I need to use words to express somehow what is known.

If you take my words as the “truth,” you will know “falsehood.”
If you take my words as an “opinion,” you will know that everything we convey are just opinions.
If you take my words as my experience; then you will know that what is true for some, may not be for others.
If you listen to my words without thinking about more words to say or clarify, you will become a good listener.
By becoming a good listener, you may realize something which you didn’t know before.

That is the meaning of “my words.”

Who am I?

I am…. This label or that label. But not both. That is not logical. 🙂
Those labels are merely descriptions. You are not a description.

I am a soul.
Wrong! 🙂
Another label. Another word to define.
You cannot be a definition. That definition is meaningless. A concept means nothing.
More words to confuse one another.

Where is the experience?

Close your eyes. Close your mind. Close your senses. Feel. Experience.
That is “you” without using the meaning of the word “you.”

I am who I am?
You are not!
“You” does not exist. Another label. Another concept. Another word. Separation is the illusion of not perceiving unity.

Who am I?
That word “I” does not exist because “you” is not real. It is just a verbal representation. A concept.

Who am..?
Now, we are getting someplace!

Then, I could discover that without words, there are no questions to be asked. Then, there is a new world to discover.
A world beyond words and labeling, a world beyond the domain of the unstable mind.

Question: I wanted to say that we souls and the bodies which are made of 5 elements of nature are different and seperate. If we souls and the bodies are different and seperate,then how do we souls feel the touch of body? How can we souls see through the physical eyes? How can we souls hear through the physical ears? How can we souls smell through the physical nose? How can we souls feel the taste through the physical tongue? How can we souls also act through the body? How do we souls take birth in the bodies and also leave the bodies? Do we souls take birth in the bodies to experience our spiritual mind,intellect,sanskar,nature,qualities,virtues,attributes,power,specialities,resources,khajanos,relationships and connections?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
What you are talking about is the “mystery” of Quantum mechanics which is also known as “being and non-being.”

If we say: “I am a soul and not the body,” we automatically deny all of those things that you mentioned above as not being “us,” which we perceive through the physical senses. We couldn’t know what “smell” is without the nose, but the perceiver is the soul, who in all gyani understanding, does not really perceive but it is experiencing the role of perceiving through the nose, the sense of smell. See?
Everything goes back to a role. Thus, we are souls; but our perception is related with our consciousness. We are human beings as well when our consciousness is in the physical world. We are beings of light, when our consciousness is in that realm.

Language is very limited. If we are BK souls we know that our perception of us as souls have been understood with the consciousness of having a body, although that consciousness was in soul consciousness at one time.

Best wishes!