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The Spirituality of sensuality

Perhaps most “spiritual gurus” out there will not take this topic into consideration. It is a taboo.
For most individuals, pleasure through the senses is confined through moral standards and preconceptions of what is “good” and proper and what is “bad,” sleazy.

Our senses and the pleasure that they can bring harmonize our existence in the physical plane. Sensuality, sexiness, eroticism, seductiveness, etc. All words relating to sensuality. “Sinful” is the connotation most have in their minds.
Because of ideals of morality and prudishness; the simple enjoyment of our senses is limited and even avoided. 

Out of all the pleasures that man could enjoy, to eat is considered “good” by most cultures.
As other senses are included, restrictions will arise. Pleasure becomes a mental task limited by imaginary lines. Fulfilment is not experienced through these self-imposed limits which appear through our conditioning.

What is the result?
A human who is incapable to relax, to enjoy. Deep enjoyment is deep relaxation.
Our society has been conditioned to accept that to endure pain and suffering is a way to show “spiritual maturity.” Pleasure on the other hand, which is the other side of that duality; is dismissed or secretly embraced.
Sex is one of those pleasures which humans have looked for ways to control, deny or splurge on in the name of “spirituality.”

The acknowledgement of sensuality starts in little things: walking in grass barefooted, taking the time to smell the fragrances of flowers, swimming in the Ocean unencumbered of thoughts,  taking sunshine and becoming aware of the Sun’s rays caressing your body, etc.
When pleasure takes effect, an automatic relaxation will be felt as our breathing slows down rhythmically: We have surrendered to that experience. The moment will cease to be when pleasure transforms into uncomfort, even pain. That is the natural course of this duality.

Nevertheless, for most; it is the mind and thoughts which will end the experience in a premature way; thus there will be unfulfillment.

This continuous state of unfulfillment craves for more pleasure to counter pain/sadness/anguish/anxiety therefore, addiction sets in.
An addicted individual will end up hurting himself. That is why our moral standards, our prudishness is there as protection, but the emotion of guilt is the outcome.
The culprit is not pleasure or sensuality. The issue is our constant thoughts who will not allow us to enjoy.  Thus, “(I can get no) satisfaction…”  🙂

Therefore, many “new age” spirituality concerned with “freedom” of expressing ourselves and sending the message to the masses to “liberate themselves” through the experience of sensuality; are missing a very important point: When there is mind, there cannot be fulfillment. Without fulfillment, there is no joy. Thus, inner awareness of our mind, beliefs and traumas is the first step, without it there is exhausting debauchery.
Sensuality starts when the mind ends. That state of “spirituality” hasn’t been experienced by many. 

The connection of feelings and sexuality

As our feelings are, so will be our intention and thus the outcome of our actions.

The above could be misinterpreted as: “Let me have good feelings before I do that action.”

That is an inner lie.
Our main feelings are always with us. We may be calm, but closed. Enjoying “peace of mind,” but having a controlling nature, speaking sweetly but jealous.

How do we change that state of consciousness into a loving one?
Inner work: Less beliefs means less judgment. Lesser emotional reactions means greater openness to Life.
Feelings will be able to transit from our lowest chakra to the highest without any obstacles. That energy is clear. It flows.

That happens when we are aligned.
This is not just a matter of having the “healer” align our chakras.
This is a matter of “doing” that inner work for the healing to take effect quickly.

Therefore, it is not a matter of saying: “I need to have good feelings.” We cannot make something that we don’t have.

What is the practical, Life related event of the above?

If a person is full of emotions, beliefs, sense of guilt and different hang ups; that person will be suffering, for a wall will be built between him and everything else.
Obviously, that person could be a “good person,” but his feelings are not open, thus; he does not love.
We could make ourselves believe that because we “do” something labeled as “good,” we are “loving.” That is the religious trick.

The majority of individuals at this time, are in continuous suffering. But, rather than listening to the signal that suffering is sending, these individuals rather continue on in their pursuits.
“Suffering is bad. Pleasure is good.”

It is in this state of suffering when a pleasurable sensation such as sex could become an addiction.

Here is their motto: “Life is suffering. Sex is pleasure. I want more pleasure and less suffering.”

Nevertheless, observe the feelings of that individual. That individual is suffering but yet, wants the experience of a pinnacle of enjoyment, love, total emptiness, letting go of self, that a human could consciously engage in.

That is how sex became a problem. A personality full of pain, wants to be rescued from it through the easy fix which will last a couple of hours, but it becomes his reason to exist.

Any expression of sexuality when it is the outcome of feeling joyful, sensual and alive will have a positive outcome in our minds, which in turn will translate into an overall feeling of wellness.
That same sex performed while feeling down, angry, frustrated, fearful, unsatisfied will have tiredness, emptiness and a feeling of being wasted as an outcome.

That is the practical teaching, the “spiritual” teaching of knowing the value of our feelings.

As we are energy; there is an exchange of energy through sex.
That exchange could be nourishing or could be a way to drain our own energy.

A human being energetically aligned will be joyful naturally. A human being who is in connection with Nature and who lives life from his heart, will be connected with the Totality as fish is connected with the depths of the Ocean.

It is that depth which can take a human being to the stability and openness of the one who is one with Life.

Question: Dear soul. Its being said that if we hold on to that energy level which has reached the 2nd chakra it may cross over to the third level. What does it mean by expressing that chakra through higher levels and opening up our heart chakra to let those feelings out ? And how to open our heart chakra ?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
There is symbolism in that explanation which will be fully understood by those who have experienced that.

The second Chakra symbolizes sensuality, reproduction, emotions. The first Chakra is survival. The third Chakra, is will power; the “black or white” sense of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Most people in the world live and express their energies in the first and second Chakra. At that level, to practice celibacy is just a “bad idea,” something that will not be pursued at all. Sexual energy flows and it needs to be released. There is no inner knowledge of transforming sexual energy. At the second Chakra our emotions will run our life: “I feel like this, therefore; I act like this.”
This is what is called to act without restrictions, or as “you feel like.” It is a reaction based on stimulus.

Once the third Chakra comes as a way of expression, the energy is usually felt at the “mouth” of the stomach. It is the Chakra where we rely on will power, determination and a clear cut “law,” to act. To follow scriptures, to avoid temptations, to fight against “evil” etc. is part of that necessary expression to ascend. Usually Sakar Murlis are expressions of this Chakra. This is the Chakra to “reform” the self. Thought is important. To think things over before action is important, to review what the “holy book” or the “holy person” thinks is important in our decisions. We live in the world of “decisions.”

If you feel those characteristics as yours, you are perhaps there. Most BKs as well as spiritual minded individuals are there.

The 4th Chakra (Heart) is the origin of feeling love. Things are no longer thought out, but the “feeling” is important (not an emotion.) Expression of love becomes important. The “law” without “love” is perceived as foreigner. Sakar Murlis also have this ingredient (love) in them. It is the devotional love to God and the perception of something which is unusually beautiful, that is spiritual beauty. From that point is the expression of love through words (5th Chakra) and other means.

In my experience, the heart Chakra could be opened at the spiritual level by intense emotional suffering to the point of surrendering our thoughts or by an intense experience of love/bliss through the experience of God in meditation. There may be other ways, I don’t know.

It is good to understand that feeling love is not the same as knowing how to express it. There is a learning there, an art.

At this level of awareness you can do things out of love, when before; you could do things out of fulfilling a personal need as the main “reason.” This is why, someone who does not have a previous work on the self, cannot know “true love” for in the second Chakra, it is about emotions, sensuality and what it feels in the moment. That is what is known as “love” by the world in general.

In the 4th Chakra and above, you can experience the other things as well but the driving force is beauty, harmonizing beauty of inner expression beyond neediness, transactions, expectations and such things which “normal” individuals are used to.

Also, it is good to understand that “arriving” at one level does not mean that we can stay there. It is an “up and down” for most. That is why BapDada always talks about being stable, “constantly..”


Best wishes!