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Fight to survive

Our society is built upon the idea of separation. There has to be a nemesis to make our Life interesting, to have a purpose.
Humans have developed their little colorful country flags, their little national anthems and the idea that they are “representing” something “special” over everyone else. That sense of identification is misguided through chauvinism.

It is team A against team B. It is “Me” and what I am identified with, against everything else.

To separate, we could use jerseys of different colors, the color of our skin, or ideas. Anything helps to make a separation.

That idea of separation is in our core. When “I” am not representing “my” country, “I” am representing my town, my church, my political party, my “ism,” my race, my social status, my education, my age group, my sexual identity….

It is that idea the one that needs to be flushed out from our system for the repercussions are tremendous. This is a matter of consciousness.

I can litter the streets because those are not “mine.” It is “my” country but my separation mode is different now. Among same countrymen, the streets, the Ocean, the air are not “mine.” Those are “mine” only when someone from another country, someone “different” wants something with them.
That is the stupid idea deeply ingrained which books do not talk about, nor the priest, the religion or the politician.
Those only “talk about” peace, unity, love… Cheap talk.
When we ARE separation, how could we be united? By DOING something?

That conditioning of “survival of the fittest” is flawed as most humans believe it is.
“I” cannot survive without the other things around for the “other” things are truly part of “I.”

Pollute the air, pollute the Ocean, displace animals from their habitat… What happens then?
In our society, economic interests are first. We live in this human made realm to compete. That is our fight to survive.
That is the extension of the conditioning.

With the above in mind, how a man will act with a woman when united in sexual intercourse?
In separation.
Deep down it is a fight. A competition. A struggle to subdue the other. It comes natural! Although we may label that as “love” or “making love,” or use another “nice” label. We cannot hide who we ARE.

Anything a “modern” conditioned man DOES will only reflect who he IS.

So, am “I” preaching to “change,” to be someone else by “practicing” some idea? NO. I am merely stating my perception. It is just a perception.

Change does not happen when I try to DO the opposite of what “I” understand to be “wrong” to make it “right.”  That is infantile.
Change happens when I can clearly see who “I” AM without any additional emotions to defend or condemn myself. Just SEE it completely.

For as long as we do not SEE it, we will only believe it or we will not.
We will add yet another belief in our deep and huge bag of beliefs, that sooner or later will be lost in forgetfulness. All we will have left then, is another “nice” talk about Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity, etc.

The mind can live with the ideal, but “reality” cannot.

Everything is connected

When many perceptions are possible out of a fact, depending on the state of consciousness of the observer, then to select a particular option as the “only truth” will only strengthen the ego of an “I.” He will say: “I have the truth.” That is ego. The idea of “Having the truth” enhances the “I.”

“Who Am I?” has many possibilites. “Who am I not?” The body/soul/mind/spirit cannot live by itself, there is relationship, a connection with everything else.
Is the truth that “I am a soul”?

Ego needs a concise idea to thrive. That ideal is strengthened through the denial of those things which “I” do not believe to be. 

The physical body is related through the subtle energies. The energy flowing through the “nadis” or subtle channels are in relationship with how healthy our physical and subtle bodies are. It is only the mind which is stubborn enough to make distinctions, separations where there cannot be.

Where does the soul start and where the body ends? That is an intellectual question, which has no answer. It is all together, all connected.

So, to say “I am a soul not a body” is wrong then?
Please forget the duality of wrong and right. Things are not black or white only. There are many colors in between, many perceptions for those who have eyes to see them.

The rainbow has many colors. The rainbow is only white light (day light) viewed through a particular lens. Could I say that day is only white light and call that the “truth”?

The mind is caught up with empty answers. Enjoy the rainbow! That is all…

An answer such “I am this and not that” does not matter. What truly matters is your ability to enjoy the experience. That enjoyment will change your attitude, your perception, your BEING.

The “I” wants to connect with his third chakra. The “I” wants to connect with God. All of that “wanting” is merely the cry of the petty “I.”
Connection, relationship is all there is, but if there is no AWARENESS of it, then the “I” will need to DO something about it; practice, make effort, study, ask for forgiveness, etc.

Because everything is connected. Everything is One.

The conditioning of “working towards an objective.”

What is the point of living, if we are going to die?
What is the purpose, the objective, the reason of living?

I hear that question a lot from many “baby” seekers.
That question comes from a conditioned mind.
What sort of conditioning?

The conditioning is that everything has to have an objective, a reason, a purpose, an aim just like in the “office world”: Whether that “end” is labeled as “success,” “fame,” “money,” “paradise,” or “god,” it is the same thing.

A person looking to fulfill his life through the achievement of some ideal, is living an illusion.
That person believes that life and death are 2 separated things. Just as eating and hunger.
Eating is one with hunger. Just as Life is one with Death.
There is no way to “escape” through some ideal that whole experience,  if a part of it has been experienced.

Therefore, the point of living is to experience death…. And the point of death?
Certainly to experience Life. There are many experiences in between.
The point of being hungry is to eat… and the point of eating? To be hungry.
“NO! The point of eating is to be nourished…!!”
…and after feeling nourished, why do you feel hungry? 🙂 It is a full circle.

The point of evil is good and the point of good, evil.
Logical? No. If one side is the “point” of the other side, then both things are different degrees of the same thing. Societies make an artificial division. Societies draw the line, when “convenient.” That is called “morality.” 

All of those separations are ONE. Our conditioned minds do not see that unity, but separation. The insanity is to “choose” one side and reject the other.
“Why is that insane?”
Because that which we reject must appear. The egotistical approach of man is to repress something or to force something to appear when it is not ready yet. It is that DOING the one disturbing the balance.

When a seeker “awakens,” that duality is discarded, not as a mental “reason,” such as “duality is bad;” but as the capacity, the openness to be without division.

Every action has a consequence. But to label something as “good,” or “bad” in itself, is the work of a conditioned mind.

“Could we label this teaching as “non-duality”?”
It is not a teaching. It is a perception coming from a different consciousness, but for those without the experience, this could be labeled a “teaching” or a “concept.” Then, those will be interested in “practicing” the “concept.”

The world is merely a mirror. What you see is what you ARE. What we DO has the capacity to hide who we ARE.
That is how inner dishonesty is born in the conditioned mind: Lots of DOING to hide BEING.
To be open to Life  without divisions, is the same as “surrendering” ego.
Only those who are already experiencing this could understand immediately. For the rest, it will only be a “mental concept” to repeat, to believe in, to make a religion out of it.

Life is your teacher. When your teacher becomes one with you, then there is no teacher… but only Life… then you arrive, without going anywhere…without DOING anything…  🙂

Separation will bring unity

The “I” cannot fix Life, neither self…but the “I” can fix things and do things.”

Once a person learns a concept, and “buys it,” then that concept becomes an investment to protect, to treasure.

“Separation is bad. This world is the way it is because there is separation, animosity, fights, quarrels, etc. We need unity to bring peace in the world.”

The above phrase is a politician’s talk. It is the magic of empty words. Use certain keywords such as: Life, Freedom, Democracy and some method to support those “values,” to have the acceptance of the “majority.”

The other day I heard a politician trying to explain to the public, how 2 commercially competing neighbor countries, could “complement” each other. If 2 people compete against each other, there cannot be a possibility to complement each other, so is with nations for they are the extension of individuals.

The “power” of appeal over depth of understanding.

Through concepts, through thinking, through believing totally in the accuracy and truth of our own minds, we create space for self-righteousness and because of that, we are biased towards anything that goes against our “investment.”

Nevertheless, Life will teach us the lesson. Whenever there is a belief that someone is “great,” that is the exact path to diminish that one as small, minor, modest. It is just a matter of time.

Observe how your “high” at one point due to something, will become your “low” at another time, when that something is gone.
Then the advice for “others” will be: “Stay away from that.” There is no understanding of a process.

Every experience is meant to show us who we ARE as the sky reflects a cloudy afternoon in a tranquil Ocean.
The clouds are not the problem between you and the Sun. The problem is that we are incapable to enjoy the clouds…
All clouds move, they go on, never static… Once they are all gone, then we could discover that we “miss” the clouds for we realize that the Sun is too bright, too hot… suffering sets in.

“SO… What do you want me to do if “I” am burning?”
Jump into the Ocean. Don’t think too much.

Labeling separation as “bad” is not a solution. Separation does not require a solution for it is not a problem to be “fix.”
It is merely a state of being. Once that state reaches its fullness, it will change itself through a Life process of dissolution. Merely observe how Life brings the perfect setting when we are ready.

“That does not make sense. I want to help the world to be united. I want to help people who are in need, I want to make a difference and not just sit there and watch…Go with the flow…”

Then, allow for that “I” to be dissolved. Otherwise, any activity that you “do” will be tinted with egotism. Do you want change “now,” right?
If you force that to happen because it is your goal, you will be acting with violence as you will not be respecting the natural process of Life.
Please see this: If something is currently “left,” it will move to the “right.” It has its own timing to be natural. If you force that because you feel sorry, because you want change in your Life time, etc. Violence will be executed unavoidably. There are consequences for that.

“So it is better not to act, then…”

An action coming from the unity of the heart, mind and soul and expressed through the body is a wholesome action. That is a “pure” action. Typically our actions are fragmented not wholesome. There is a difference.

Would you like to spend your Life thinking about solutions, thinking about ways to bring “good” to this world by fixing it “now”?

That attitude only shows the strength of your “I.”

Life does not need of an “I” to “help it” improve.
Separation brings unity and unity will bring separation. Duality 101.

Dance the tune, move with the song, it is not about “fixing” the music, changing the song; but to learn to enjoy and appreciate “what is,” for it will change for sure.

Note: I came upon this blog: http://lonerwolf.com/ I was fascinated to find “newness” there. FYI.

Division, separation, antagonism


Most of the collective mentality in the world could be “defined” by using the words: Division, separation and antagonism.

That is the “sin.” Those are the vices. That is the devil. Those are the evil ways. That is Maya.

Morality, laws, holy scriptures, mediumship of beings of light or no-light, God, etc. only represent the search for that “long lost” unity again.

Laws, holy scriptures, etc. have their own language on things. Their explanation is based on the audience that will more likely receive it. Some are for a childish consciousness others are not… All is good, for we are in different consciousness.

The perception of Division, separation and antagonism as “bad” is utterly childish.
One becomes two… just to become one again. Oneness knows about division, to be One again.
The journey between one state of being into another are experiences. Life.

“Do not do/think/feel that because you will be punished” is different from: “Everything has a consequence.” The former gives birth to the duality of “good and bad.” It is a “black or white” statement. We could add fear to it so the “point gets across” if we wish to proceed under the premise that “fear makes it happen.” 🙂
Nevertheless, that is also called manipulation.

“Everything has a consequence,” will give the opportunity to experience and to find out for ourselves. That is the opportunity to be our own teacher if aware, if honest, if conscious….

When our minds are full of division, separation and antagonism, our vision in life will carry that belief.

We see political parties. That is division. We choose one against the other. We pick what we “think to be the best.” We may not realize that for someone else, another party is the “best.”
Conflict will arise.

We have been trained to “fight” against the “other” to “get what we want.”
We could embellish the above behavior by giving those a “nice” word:
“Holy war.” “Justice.” “Freedom.” “Independence.”

Change happens when we open up, when we let go, when we join rather than oppose, for there is nothing that could remain the same. It is just a matter of timing.

Let things flow, observe and wait for the opportunity to act. That is the teaching in Nature.

If we oppose, we could either win or lose. That is Duality.
Regardless of winning or losing, we will be hurt.
When hurt, we cannot enjoy.

The river will change its course and so is the wind. The same is with us.

To try to be the “same,” unchanged, stubborn despite the circumstances is truly an aberration. It is a way to continue our ego-centered ways.

Life is not an unchanged dogma. Life is not something that we could possess. It is something to enjoy while it is happening… 🙂

I’d like to dedicate this post to a “life teacher” who just passed away, his name was Anthony Strano.
To me, he had the openness to understand his faith under different perspectives and the courage to express his understanding for the common good, and not just for a group.

I met him for a couple of days and we became friends in that time…. I found him approachable, light and with a humorous giggle which could turn into a good laugh. 🙂 We never spoke each other again after that meeting.
Never read any of his books.
However, some of his classes and the “Tao Te Ching” have been the only “spiritual” things in m
y Iphone to date, which I consider worthwhile to listen to besides “smooth jazz” music and “AC/DC…” 🙂

The virtue of Oneness


A virtuous life is the one lived with oneness.
Oneness in our personality. Oneness in our emotions. Oneness in our relationship with life.

Any sort of perceived separation and thus, rejection; will take us away from that Oneness.

The above is not a matter of belief. It is not a matter of being a “selected one,” it is not a matter of being an intellectual full of information.

It is a matter of being empty of all those things, which create a personality ready to reject, to separate, to analyze to live in duality, to live in the perception of a wall of insurmountable dichotomy.

Rejection of a religious group. Rejection of moral views. Rejection of people due to some belief. Rejection of any being, which we find “ugly,” “no good,” “despicable,” “abominable,” etc.
Rejection of any circumstance that is surrounding us at any moment in time.

When there is no rejection, then enjoyment is and in that enjoyment, oneness appears.

A collective consciousness which is fragmented, will see a set of virtuous living behaviors: Generosity, detachment, love, toleration, friendliness, compassion, contentment, joy, etc.

All of those dictionary words represent a fragment of Oneness. A particular person may exhibit what we call “generosity,” but that is a ray of Oneness in the vacuum of darkness of the fragmented self.

Love is a misunderstood feeling.
It is not a romantic trip to Disneyland where the lovers could love each other forever… A person exhibiting a fragmented personality cannot know what love is.

It doesn’t matter if the object of that love is the world, another person or God.
A fragmented personality is not able to become one… that means; to be empty of all beliefs, emotional traumas and fears.

How on earth a person could know about oneness, about love in that condition? 🙂

A typical person only knows about the “master and slave” relationship. It is “me” over you. It is “me” under you. That is all. There are no equals, because to be equal means to be empty.

Empty so we could listen. So we could provide emotional comfort to another, so we could harmonize… so we could be intimate.

Otherwise, our fragmented personality will not allow us to experience oneness with someone, with God or with the world, with life.

The above is not a religious belief. But it could be for those who are not looking to understand themselves, with honesty and with their whole hearts.
That is with passion.

When someone does not wish to understand himself, then to be lost in another is desirable. Whether that is God or another person, or a belief, the aim is for someone else to “drive” the car of our destiny.

The interesting thing is that nobody can do that for us. Not even God.

We live in fear.

Fear of tomorrow. Fear of the past. Fear of that person. Fear of God. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of pleasure. Fear of dying…. Fear of living life.

And then we wish to know love… 🙂
Isn’t that contradictory?

Love is Oneness.



The intelligence of Nature


Have you seen ducks flying in V-formation by the beach?
It is one of those wonders of Nature. Their formation is not linear as in a peloton of bicycle riders; the ducks place themselves a bit below the duck in front.

That “V” formation will change slowly but it works in unison. Scientists, who wonder “why” out of everything in life, have “discovered” that this formation preserves the energy of the ducks. It is great aerodynamics! The ducks rotate their positions cyclically with the front duck.

Military flight missions have copied this formation from ducks and geese, in their flight “missions.”

I wonder, how is it possible for “uneducated” ducks to have learned those things? Is there an “Embry Riddle Aeronautical University” for ducks and geese? 🙂

A duck “knows” this.
Flying is not separate from being a duck. In human language that knowing of animals have been simplified with the label: “instinct,” for in that way we could avoid using the term “intelligent” to refer to these animals.
However, that intelligence truly belongs to Nature, which manifests in a particular form such as a “duck” form, which in turn has a “mission” to perform something for the Totality, the common good.

How could we see this intelligence in “action”?
For example, when predators and prey live in the same location, there will be a balance in their population. We call that “instinct” but again it is the intelligence of Nature.

On the other hand, intelligent, highly educated human beings have no clue about the balancing act of living in the Totality.
Overpopulation is the “proof” of that.

How is it possible for a highly intelligent human being who is highly informed through “Wikipedia” and who “invents” cool things to keep us “communicated” in a global environment, to overlook the “basics” in living in balance in our world?

Mr. $$: Listen, Jeeves. I want a house there.
Jeeves: But, Sir… that is a place where many wild animals live.
Mr. $$: I don’t care. I want my house there… I want to build something to show the world who I am. Animals and the wild will not stop me. There is no Tarzan here to do that…

Somehow, at one moment in history; a human being decided not to listen to that “intelligence” coming from Nature. He decided to separate himself from Nature as 2 different things and “created” a different world, which he named “Progress.”

As the human being noticed its own isolation from the Totality, then different ways to “connect” again were “invented.” (Religion, morality, laws, philosophies, dogmas, etc.)

Because that progress wasn’t giving happiness to him.

Have you seen an unhappy bird?
What about “angry birds”? 🙂 Perhaps only in the human imagination.

I have seen birds caged by human beings, just to be put someplace in a home. Humans may say that they “love” birds so they can look at them and hear their morning songs… A jailed innocent bird who would rather fly, free as it was meant to be! That human “love” is obviously neurotic.

That is a human being who is afraid of being in Nature so he can appreciate that bird, untouched in the wild. That is the human being who would rather buy a CD with “Sounds of Nature” in it rather than stepping out of “his home.”
It is that isolation from Nature, which has destroyed our sensibility to appreciate beauty… in turn we have learned to possess it, to “have it” (we call that love) and to dispose of it when it no longer serves our purposes.

That ego-centered way of relating with Nature will have its consequences.
We cannot deny where we belong to. We can believe in something “out of this world” to “spruce up” our ego, but the very basic of living life does not reside in isolation of the human species from everything else.

Too many beliefs. Too much thinking which brings separation. Those things are not allowing us to hear the inner voice of “intelligence,” which has been always there.
That is where we may need to learn to “connect” again.