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Consciousness: Why some people achieve more and others do not?

“Dear Brother, After reading you blog on consciousness, i feel, being in body consciousness comes naturally to us while to experience that self inside takes lot of practice and effort. Why does that happen? At the end of the day i want to experience what i actually am. Why for some people its difficult to understand while for others its easy? Again is my state of consciousness, a role being played. If that is so, then don’t you think there is a bias. Regards.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for you great question!
Avyakt7 is sharing his experience, not the “truth.” Those states of consciousness could fluctuate. These sharings are meant for readers to recognize if they had the same experience, a glimpse or something like that. Avyakt7 is just trying to put that into words. These sharings are not meant for readers to “follow” those experiences and put beliefs in their heads of what they need to “reach.” This is not a game of “levels” where you get more points as you go “higher.”

Body consciousness is natural for us, because our consciousness is limited to that. Greater consciousness means to be able to experience different “realities” which will give us a greater openness to different views and perspectives in life.

If you understood the writings on consciousness then you will need to forget about body consciousness as being “bad.” It is not. It is just a state of consciousness. That is all.

Have you experienced other types of consciousness besides “body consciousness”?

If your answer is “no,” then how could you assume that it takes a “lot of effort and practice”? Please don’t put beliefs in your mind. Just keep it clear.

If your answer is “yes,” then you will know the answer of your own question: Why does it happen?

Dear reader, the spiritual path is not about “wanting” something or trying to “achieve” something. Those concepts are related with the “reality” of the world of achievements, what “normal” people call the “real world.” Anything that you achieve is not you. You cannot achieve yourself.

Once that mentality of striving to get someplace or to desire to be someone else is over, then we could be at ease, calm and let things be by themselves at their right time.

Consciousness will open, just be quiet in your mind, be still, be serene. That is the “effort.” 🙂

Why something so natural as being serene and calm has to be such an effort? 🙂

Dear reader, please see that this is not about “intellectual understanding.” There is a need to experience and that comes through the experience of your own natural serenity, so you can “see” and not be in a hurry looking for something to achieve, something to do, something to believe in.

There is no bias but only if you think about it. That is a human invention in the first state of consciousness.

Just allow yourself to “be” as you are now. Let that natural serenity emerge.

Best wishes!

Discovering calmness

Calmness & Peace

Harmonious movement: Take your time. Smile. Breath in. Clear your thoughts. That is it.

When you become acquainted with solitude, in that silence of being just with yourself, when the inner chattering disappears; that is the time when serenity arrives.

To maintain that state of being is a matter of becoming more and more acquainted with that solitude.

There is nothing to “do.”

Thoughts will be moving slowly, in such a way that we can perceive them passing by and to catch the dreamer, dreaming again without effort.

If we have the chance to sit by a park and just look at a tree; Is it possible to look at that scene without thinking about it? Can we stop counting the number of branches or the birds passing by? Can’t we stop thinking about anything else?

If we become acquainted with this state of consciousness of just looking, we will be able to perceive that all of that rush, all of that “being late,” all of that “having so many things to do and so little time,” all of that will vanish; because in the experience of that state of serenity there is peace, there is fulfillment.

We truly want that.
Then, this will become our priority without “effort.”

In that experience, we will automatically look for it and we will realize that there is no place to go, no belief to believe in, but just to be there, observing, feeling, smiling, moving in harmony, taking our time….

Just living life in calmness.

Early in the morning, when we wake up; we could sit, breathe in and out and acknowledge the little movie going on in our minds.

The minute we realize that “show time” is on again; that is the moment when the movie will finish. If we place our attention to that sacred moment when all inner chattering is gone; we are in a good position to discover more about ourselves.

It is in that calmness, in that serenity when our consciousness could open to experience something more.

It is in that space of solitude when deep changes occur.

Becoming acquainted with that solitude and that silence will turn little by little in a very fulfilling company.

We will no longer feel alone.

The Energy of Anger – Part 2


As mentioned in the previous article, anger is energy. Energy has the power to transform matter. This means that anything touched by that energy depending on the intensity of it, will be colored by that energy. If you are cooking, you will put the ingredient of anger in your meal. If you speak with someone in angry mode and that person is “unprotected” (energetically) that current will go through in the form of fear or further anger.

Please be aware of this: To say that anger is “bad,” is to go back into the duality of it. A person who has the understanding of things as being “good” or “bad” has the understanding of the level of spirituality 101. This is not “bad,” it means that it is a beginner understanding.

A little puppy is told “bad dog,” when we would like to correct the behavior of the puppy. Because the dog does not have complexes related with moral teachings; what the dog merely understands is: “do,” and “don’t do.” The dog does not comprehend the complexities of “heaven and hell” and “punishment forever… ”
We may need to learn from that puppy dog 🙂 and rather than qualify something as “good” or “bad,” just refer to that as “do it” or “don’t do it,” for in this way guilt and repentance are avoided, for we know that in spirituality, whatever we “do” or “don’t do” has a return; thus, it is wasteful to resort into meaningless thoughts, when we will have to “pay the bill anyway” or “obtain the fruits of our activities.”

“Not doing” is actually doing. Not acting is acting.

If we consider that anger is “bad,” we will repress it. In a few words, we will be allowing that energy to cause damage in our being. The “healthy” alternative given by “experts,” is to send it away, to “others,” in adequate doses, 🙂 to “express it.” “Experts” recommend to hit a punching bag or to go for a 15 mile run, etc.to dissipate that anger. That is to merely waste our own energy unnecessarily.

As we know, in Spirituality, the “other” is non-existent when it comes to karmic returns. Basically, that anger will just come back to the originator.

Therefore, whether we keep it inside by labeling it as “bad,” or whether we send it out by calling that “healthy” or “good,” it just comes back to us.

It is very important to understand that anger occurs because we are not aware of it at the moment something is triggered in us, and the ultimate reason as to why we are not aware, is because our state of being is chaotic. Something we will not hear from the latest M.D research or “expert” advice.

That is our mind is not stable and nourished with serenity and calmness.

Thus, we cannot expect a method to deal with anger when our minds are not experiencing continuous serenity.

On the other hand, if we nourish ourselves continually in the morning with the experience of serenity and lightness coming from Nature or by some tranquil activity such as meditation or a combination, then our state of mind will be tranquil; and when something may likely trigger anger in us, we will be able to recognize it and to feel the consequence of it in our own bodies and beings. It just takes a second.

The stove of anger is burning, but we keep putting our hands in it as an automatic, learned response. If on the other hand, we are aware of the heat coming from the stove, we will learn about the pains of being burned… which we call “living life,” until all of a sudden, we know better by experience.

If we awaken to the awareness of anger without labeling it, then we can transform that energy in us BEFORE it happens by being serene calm, observing it… until it goes away…
A serene, calm mind will feel the disturbance of anger and self correct by itself without the need of remembering “moral codes.”

Question: Beginning the journey of Spirituality

Brother, Often concept or so called knowledge for many satisfy the egoic mind, but it is only some who go beyond the egoless stage and truly realize the meaning of our true being, question here is what would be the fundamental and first step for someone who is beginning their journey of spirituality? How can this be applied in daily life that will deepen this experience?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
From my experience, nothing could happen unless there is the realization that all changes start from within and that there is a need to change from within if there is no experience of serenity and joy in our lives on a continuous basis. Suffering is not “normal.”

That realization may take a long time. In the meantime, some may find relief or a palliative time through beliefs, religious dogmas and devotional practices, rituals, etc. All of that is an important step for many to spend time in knowing the self. However, many as well will stay in that “soothing relief” all their lives hoping that God or a ritual will help them reach “illumination.”

Paradoxically, that Divine help only comes when we help ourselves first; when in our minds and hearts, reaching a more conscious state of being; becomes our life for the common good of all.

When we live life with gratefulness and appreciation of all that exists, we are applying practically that realization of inner change. That experience can only deepen into a harmonious unity with all.

Best wishes!

Questions chosen to be answered for May 20,2013

Questions for May 20,2013

Om Shanti Bhaiya/Behen, I am 2 year old of Baba’s child. I am learning to churn the knowledge and I usually come up with many questions. One of the Bk brother suggested me this blog, and hence I am writing to you. Few of my questions are: 1. When the sanskars are recorded in the atma, why should we be soul conscious? Irrespective of soul conscious or body conscious, it is the sanskars that we enact. All that we do is based on these sanskars only. Then why should we be soul conscious and what is the importance of this? 2. How does the action be always right when we are soul conscious? 3. What Is the difference between being soul conscious and Swaman? 4. Is swaman necessary, even when we are in soul consciousness? Which practice becomes more important as the first thing in the early morning? Practice of different swaman’s or the soul consciousness? 5. How do I start looking life as a drama? i would also like to know, where can I find the replies – will they be published in the same blog or mailed? Thanks for the replies in anticipation.. From Baba’s child, Anupama

Dear soul,
Thank you for your very good questions! You will find that many of the questions that you may have; already have been answered in the blog. All you need to do is search them by typing a keyword in the “search articles by keyword” box.
Yes, churning brings many questions; thus, you are churning; but also churning brings the answers as well for many of those questions as we go deeper.
On your first question:
1. When the sanskars are recorded in the atma, why should we be soul conscious? Irrespective of soul conscious or body conscious, it is the sanskars that we enact. All that we do is based on these sanskars only. Then why should we be soul conscious and what is the importance of this?

Answer: Are you a soul or a human being? 🙂 Both. Right? For if you say that you are a soul, then I would say; great… you don’t need to eat anymore. In this knowledge you will find that as we go deeper there is no just ONE answer but it all depends in our state of consciousness.

As you said, We don’t need to be soul conscious, there is no one forcing us to do so…it will happen anyway but not “now” for most. If it is in your fortune, you will become soul conscious “now” as the “sanskara” plays (as you mentioned.) Because we know about the law of karma, unless you “do” something, to get you out of “entropy” (coming down) then, things will keep on going down. No constant soul consciousness will happen by just sitting around. Your “doing “ becomes your future even though it is predestined as such. So, you “do” but it is predestined. This is called a “paradox.” Gyan is full of paradoxes.

According to Gyan, the time for soul consciousness is arriving. If you are aware of the “call of time,” then you will do the needful; otherwise; you will not; which is alright as well. The only difference is that the Drama is having “auditions” for soul conscious actors for the next 2500 years. If you are interested, you can “try.” If you don’t, you can be comfortably sitting in the soul world for those 2500 years where there is no experience of time. (That means that you will not experience that as a “long time.”) The “good news” is that you will experience soul consciousness in your first birth anyway, but then, entropy will quickly change that stage.

As you can see, there is no such a thing as “we should” be soul conscious. Everything is easy. Make your “choice.” 🙂 The importance of soul consciousness is in your awareness of experiencing a state of non-duality “now” rather than “later.”

2. How does the action be always right when we are soul conscious?
Answer: Because in soul consciousness there is no duality, the word “right” is not used. Words such as “right or wrong” are useless in soul consciousness. In soul consciousness you will flow with the Drama as a leaf floats in a river and you will be OK with your destination. There is nothing to fight against but just to enjoy the ride. Because you are flowing, your activities will be according to the call of time and according to your nature. Soul consciousness means egoless, and when there is no ego, activities will be egoless as well. That is what we call “right.”

3. What Is the difference between being soul conscious and Swaman?
Answer: Swaman (self-respect) is soul consciousness.

4. Is swaman necessary, even when we are in soul consciousness? Which practice becomes more important as the first thing in the early morning? Practice of different swaman’s or the soul consciousness?
Answer: They are both the same. It is an experience not a practice. We could practice things to experience; but “practice” by itself does not bring the experience.
The first practice that becomes important early in the morning as well as late at night is soul consciousness. Self awareness.

5. How do I start looking life as a drama?
Answer: By changing your vision, which comes automatically as you experience the self, soul consciousness.

Dear soul, in this knowledge; the experience of the self or soul consciousness is the single most important aspect. From that, we will understand everything else.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, How to remain tension-free/relax while taking responsibility?

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
Serenity is a stage of consciousness which comes from the experience of the self on a regular basis. From that experience, anything else is colored by that serenity. You are not “taking responsibility,” you are playing…It is a game to be enjoyed with serenity.

Best wishes!

I found this question/churning on the internet while looking something, which I thought will be good to share…

1) The final stage of Remembrance

Baba says Nirandar – always remember me. And at the same time Baba says be in your Self Respect – Swaman Always.

Are these two sentences not contradicting?

If I remember Baba, My Intellect is involved in remembrance and when I am in swaman, my Intellect is aware of my original nature….

What does really Baba mean by the above two sentences?

Does it mean that when we are in remembrance, we are in swaman or when we are in our swaman, we are in remembrance of Baba?

When we remember Baba and surrender every fikr – worries, thoughts (when I surrender everything to God including mind, how can I have thoughts on my own), then we become Befikr – worriless keeping our Intellect free, by which I am able to stabilize in my Self respect – swaman giving sakash to the whole world, being in my original form, being a Narayan…..

So it is like, Based on our remembrance of Baba we achieve Swaman. Like when the child knows that his parents (Baba) are there with him, he is able to carry out his studies (being in swaman) without any botheration for food, money, shelter. The remembrance of Parents are merged in Child’s mind that because of that remembrance the child is able to concentrate himself on his studies.The remembrance is Natural.

The conclusion may be , We can achieve Swaman only if we remember Baba and have full confidence – Nischay in Baba and His Powers (Baba says He even changes the Karmic sins-accounts for the ones He is responsible because He knows the secret of Karma). And when we are in Swaman , it is only due to awareness of Baba and His actions.

Your clarifications please……………….

Avyakt7 responds:
Aha! Great churning by that soul…
The experience of soul consciousness is to remember the Father as many times have been expressed.
The answer is not one or the other, (remembrance of Baba or being Swaman) but both at the same time which become one.
In soul consciousness there is that Oneness.