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The path is to learn to live with yourself

A seeker is born when he becomes aware of suffering and death.
It is no longer about blaming someone such as the politicians, the enemies, the economy, a person, etc. but to recognize that despite all of those things, suffering is there and death will be waiting at the “end.”

That is when the search for answers starts.
We could think that a philosophy or a belief system has the solution. We may believe that finding God or an angel has the answer, or we may turn into human thought and science to escape from suffering and death.

Those experiences will be just the process towards maturity, the journey of the seeker.

Out of that journey there will be no definite answer, but the experiences lived through those paths sooner or later will lead someone to face himself.
The “answer” is not a bunch of words, but to live the experiences that Life will bring through that seeking. It is that process the one offering “answers.”

The level of consciousness and understanding about Life is different when we are searching outside ourselves.

It is easy to only believe in something that a guru or a God may “tell us.” It is easy to have “experiences” with the world “beyond”… Those things will not change our being, but only will prepare us to face ourselves.

Death and suffering are experiences and as such could be understood, when we experience those things in our process, our own catharsis.
Without death and suffering, there could not be a different human being with a different consciousness.
In the infancy of our seeker consciousness, we learn to repress the idea of death and suffering, but later on; we will learn to embrace them as they are part of living.

When ego dies, that is the only death. What remains is at peace with death, part of death. The process of dying is brought about through suffering. If ego survives there will be fear of death… and to suffer.

You see, ego is unknown to most human beings until they become AWARE of death and suffering as part of the human condition, once they are faced with that, there is change. As long as we try to escape from death and suffering through fancy beliefs, promises and self-deception, our consciousness will be in  the infantile stage. Nothing wrong with that. It is just the beginning of “seeking.”

Religions, beliefs and philosophies are merely intellectual explanations unable to touch BEING, but the experience of those will give us invaluable insight.  

When we face the “I,” life will bring a secluded environment for us. It could be a hospital bed, an extremist religious belief, some sort of disease, loss of someone or physical/mental handicap.

You will be alone. Secluded from society. If you cannot escape and DO something; You will discover how afraid you were of being by yourself.

Loneliness will set in and through that suffering, aloneness will come out. Because you will be secluded from society, perhaps Nature will be open for you to explore and harmonize with “mother Nature” by discovering “real Life” away from the human narrow minded version. In great part we owe our Ego to the teachings of our society. It is the price to pay when we are looking for certainty and security, comfort and control.

To harmonize with Nature is a breakthrough that will only lead us into the core of that which we call “self.”

Finding that harmony, we will be ready to go back to the human society and discover that it is just a game to play. A role is given to you based on your form. Nothing serious about it. If you are serious, pressured, in a hurry to accomplish objectives… you will not enjoy the “game.”
It is in that relaxed state, how you will be a child again.