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Serving God

In the child stage of Spirituality, the aim of living, the purpose of living becomes to “serve God.”
All religions have such an aim whether; they call the “ultimate” with the label of “God” or something else. Atheism is another religion in itself.

To believe is the same as not to believe. We are still caught up in more beliefs.

The idea of “serving God,” brings the best out of the child. The child is doing something not because of his own will, but because “God has said so.”

The child moves and acts because his knowledge of God through his beliefs acknowledges that this is the “right thing to do.”

The issue becomes interesting when many religions have different views, different beliefs of the same God; thus their idea of “serving God,” maybe different; however, the common factor between all religions “serving God” is to “spread the word of God” to all. 🙂

In other words, “my belief is the truth. Accept it if you want salvation.”

Thus, conflict arises between believers. They may talk about respecting each other’s beliefs but the fact is that even though someone may play “respectful,” in the back of their minds there is the believe of having the “truth,” of being “right.” 🙂 This is the game of believing…

Is it wrong then, to spread what I believe to be the word of God? No, it is not “wrong.” That is a sure way to strengthen your own beliefs, but keep in mind that you are not “serving God,” by doing so.
How is it?
God does not need for anyone to serve Him. God has been “un-served” from many centuries now… 🙂 What truly needs to be served is humanity. The common good.

Would you serve humanity by changing their beliefs through your own take of the “words of God”? Is that what truly means to “serve”? 🙂 Or is it just a way to “serve” our own ego of having found what we believe to be the “truth”?

Food for thought.

Serving humanity is not related with changing anyone’s beliefs.

A belief is a means of separation between human beings. We cannot serve anyone when we only have beliefs to give.
We need to give more than that to serve.

Avyakt7 was invited one time to a group interested in “showing God” to others. Avyakt7 did not join that group for Avyakt7 understands now that those Godly qualities in me when developed, when used for the common good, will show others those Godly qualities without changing their beliefs. All it matters if for “others” to see those qualities. A talk about who is God or other things “about him” is of no consequence if I care for someone else’s beliefs, if there is care for someone else’s beliefs…

It is in this self transformation how serving becomes offering the most precious thing any human being can give to another, that is your own time.

Organized religions are not needed for this, although serving humanity could happen through them as well. To serve is a game of variety according to needs. Everyone is needed.

If you are a father or a mother in a household, that change can start in your own relationship with others in your family. There is no need to convince anyone.
Just change yourself. That is convincing enough for those who know you already. Spread virtues to everyone. That is serve them.
That is to serve God beyond a childish understanding.

Humanity is “you” and at the same time, you are part of it. God is part of it as well. The only divisions are made inside our own heads through those worshiped beliefs.

That is why, the first step in self transformation is to serve your own mind by “cleaning it.” A religion may offer that “service,” at some time thus; nothing is “bad,” when we appreciate each moment of our journey.

Everything in Spirituality always points back to “I” to see then totality. Cleaning the window of the mind, will allow us to see with clarity what truly is outside… but we may just find a mirror there…:-)

Want to become an angel?


One of the best explanations I have found about this “process” could be read in the “Hua Hu Ching,” Chapter 59.

“Greed for enlightenment and immortality is no different than greed for material wealth.
It is self-centered and dualistic, and thus an obstacle to true attainment. Therefore these states are never achieved by those who covet them; rather, they are the reward of the virtuous.
If you wish to become a divine immortal angel, then restore the angelic qualities of your being through virtue and service. This is the only way to gain the attention of the immortals who teach the methods of energy enhancement and integration that are necessary to reach the divine realm.
These angelic teachers cannot be sought out; it is they who seek out the student.
When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow. This is the path that all angels take to the divine realm.”

There are many beings of light who are helping at this time. This is the “Godly team.”

This is important to know because your affiliation to a particular religion or creed does not determine that these “divine beings,” will “choose you.” There is more to that. Many lifetimes are behind that.

It is more about our own qualities and capacity to live a virtuous life of service to humanity, which is not related with belonging to an organized group or devotional practice. It is basically your innate quality to help humanity without looking for an ulterior motive. Being self-less. Humanity is you.

Sincerity, honesty. Back to the basics.

Moreover, those qualities do not appear all of a sudden in this “lifetime,” but as we are aware of the law of karma, we recognize that what we are here “today” is nothing else but the consequence of other activities in our past lives.

Thus, angels are “meant to be,” not something that happens all of a sudden out of just joining a group or performing “important” deeds. Angels are helping hands to humanity. The rest is devotional imagination.

It is important to know that in life, every experience that someone goes through will lead that person to his destination, which is none but to experience the range of his own spiritual capacity.

The inner work of a person who will become an “angel” is not easy, for there is nothing as hard as to take the “rust out of the self,” it is like peeling your own skin of cover ups, weaknesses and complexes; just to be free and light, again.

Light so you can be light for others.

Life “tests” and experiences are meant to clean up an individual. The tests are many and there is no “failure” there but just the appreciation of your own capacity for spiritual growth.

The bus of destiny will unload some individuals at different corners according to their roles in life. That is their capacity. Stop signs are located at every corner. Only few will go the whole ride to the last bus stop and this capacity, will bring help from “up above.”

All is good. Life is good… 🙂

Question on Mansa Seva

om shanti sweet brother.all of ur explanations help me a lot to realise the gyan in depth and also gives me the power to overcome the blockages that come in the way of my spiritual journey.thank u to my Bapdada and to u,dear soul.Now i am asking another question to u.brother.BABA often says us to do mansa seba as it will be the strongest means for the final period.i want to clarify it.does it mean 1 give positive vibrations 2 create positive thoughts to spread in the atmosphere 3 to give vibrations through dristi and smiling 4 to take the farista swaroop and tour around the world or placing ourselves on the globe spreading positive vibrations etc.my question is does the vibrations i send really works?how can i realise that?it may be that by doing so i feel good bt do the souls or the nature really receive it? how can i get the practical proof of their improvement?may be it is an unneccessary doubt i am creating bt to me ,who does not get enough chances to do yagya seba for being a housewife ,i want to do much of mansaseba for the painstricken souls allover the world.pls suggest how can i remove this doubt.thank u in advance.om shanti.

Thank you for your nice question!

Dear soul,
BapDada is giving you that “end result.” Smiling is not something that we “practice.” It is not something that we “act” and fake to others. Smiling is what appears automatically when we are content, happy. If you have seen someone with a very frank smile, you will know what I mean. It is not about showing your teeth or making a face. A spiritual smile is the outcome of a happy heart. Likewise with thoughts. You think something, we can put it into the “wasteful,” “negative” or “positive,” baskets. BapDada teaches us to transform “negative into positive,” but also He has taught us to “be” merged in remembrance so we could be used as instruments.

Dear soul, as a housewife you have plenty of opportunities to do “seva.” Your immediate family, relatives, when you go shopping, etc. The only thing that matter is your internal stage. “Service” comes from that. Therefore, I urge you to have greater experience in meditation, then those vibrations and that drishti and that smile will come out automatically without your thinking about it. That is “unlimited seva” dear soul… 🙂

The proof that it is working for others, is when it is working for yourself. Check that you are changing, transforming and “others” will tell you that, when they see that; you know it is working…

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: The “ideal center” – A step towards paradise

Dear brother, if a brother cant attend class in the centre, he should be helped by supporting through the net or any site. This is because there are many souls who cant go to centre. In some centres the rights of students are denied. For example, the centre i attend, a brother who is ADHAR KUMAR who is in charge, does not like kumaars and he tries to undermine them. I truly believe that 99% of the centres are properly managed in the whole world but there are centres where powers are abused and misused at the detriment of the spiritual progress of many souls. So it is better to follow classes through PMTV and get murlis through email than to go to the centres and suffer the deprivation of the many spiritual rights of students in the hands of people who are not well experienced in gyaan and wh have become in charge jjust for name sake . Not everybody can follow brahma baba to become large hearted like him to uplift the children. The sustenance that brahma baap gave to dadis and dadas are unequalled. Therefore, i am kindly requesting you when you advise souls here to keep in touch with any centre, please specify a bk centre where the in charge is selfless, altruistic like brahma baap like those where sister jayanti is in charge. I strongly believe that the best place where bks are well-versed to serve is in madhuban. That is why i keep in touch with madhuban and not any local centre here in mauritius where some in charges have crooked mind. And i am not going to limit my mind in any centre here, but always remember my baba, my madhuban and murlis. OM SHAANTI

avyakt7 responds:

Thank you for your feedback, dear soul.
Your opinion is respected and appreciated.
In this blog, the main interest is to explore gyan and go deeper than in a typical “7 day course.”

Once we explore gyan and get to understand it, we will know about the law of karma. Your experiences are there because you deserve it. That is the bottom line.
However, you have the “choice” of solving that issue. That is to settle that karmic account.

Some may choose to stop going to a center. If you feel that this is the way of settling a karmic account; that is your call in life. That is why we have this knowledge.
Some others will choose something else. That is fine as well.

In knowledge, we also understand about the concept of “numberwise,” so i will not go into the game of “which center I think is better.” That is pointless when we get to go where we need to go according to the Drama.

In your note: “Therefore, i am kindly requesting you when you advise souls here to keep in touch with any centre, please specify a bk centre where the in charge is selfless, altruistic like brahma baap like those where sister jayanti is in charge.”

Gyan is meant so we can deal with anyone at anytime. For that we need to be able of dealing with ourselves first. Searching for “motherly love” is good when we are babies; after that, we are the ones who have to develop that love to give. We cannot be taking “baby formula” all the time, we need to grow up and become strong.

Last but no least, what you think is good for you may not be for someone else; so I will not “advertise” any centers here. That is not what this blog is about.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, Am in gyan for some years , i enjoy listening to murli and attending classes,,,listening to sr brothers and sisters . But am not sure what seva i can do .This question haunts me . As others would expect me to give small talks ,meet people and give gyan ,dont know why it drives me far away. Can u guide -what seva means and its importance

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

“Seva” or “service” is the consequence of self transformation, through Gyan (Knowledge,) yoga (experience of the self and God) and Dharna or (inculcation of divine virtues.) That is Raja Yoga 101.

In a nutshell, as you change yourself then automatically there will be service on the same extent, because we exist in relationship with “others.”
“Service” is not something that you “do.” It is the consequence of “being” transformed. In that, you can make “photocopies for Baba,” if your consciousness is the right one, so you are irradiating peace; that is service.

One more time, your “doing” is always in function of what you are. You cannot benefit anyone unless there has been benefit on the self first.

“To do things” or adquire things for the benefit of others, depends on your resources; your “karma.” But to “do things” as to everything you “do” is service; that means to be “service itself,” then you do not need to worry about “what to do” anymore.

Best wishes!

Serving the Yagya

Lighting a Flame to All that is old
Honest & Warm, never cold
Allowing Everything to Be
Except false Reality

Uncovering lies and Old defenses
Finding masks and Hidden pretences
Proactive to leave duality
Journey to Breathable clarity

Serving the Yagya, seen Anew
Is not something that I “Do”

I am Delighted when I see
That which is un-pristine in me
Then I know where to Burn the Embers
Of releasing to remember

What is Serving the Yagya to You?

Angels Way



Angels have Intellects that are Deep and Well-Rounded,

and although Beautiful Contemplations fill the Atmosphere

of their Moments, they can Easily go Beyond to

the Fullness of Silence,  Stillness and Peace.


They are Born to Bring World Benefit, which comes

to Fruition when they are in Tune with Who they Are,

What they need to Do and How they need to Be.

Being an Angel is predestined but is No Accident.


It is a choice to take Flight, using the Energy of

Positive Returns.  This comes Naturally from their

Integrity, Commitment to Serve and have a Loving

Relationship with Nature, the Self,  God, and Others.


They listen to whispers of Truth and check that they are on task.

If they are not, they simply realign and keep flying. No time to waste.

You can enjoy the company an Angel, but you cannot capture one,

they know the value of Freedom and Delight when others take Flight!