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Question: Om Shanti, Dear Brother, In this spiritual university, there are 4 subjects. My question is whether all the 4 subjects have same weightage or service have more weightage than the other subjects?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

The 4 “subjects” are related. The beginning or foundation is “gyan” and the outcome is “service.”
Gyan by itself is useless unless there is the experience of yoga which brings “easy transformation.”
Gyan + Yoga makes our Dharna, which is the expression of our imbibing in a practical way. That Dharna when in relationship with others becomes service to humanity.

Thus, service contains all the other subjects, but there is no “unlimited service” unless the other 3 subjects are contained.
Nevertheless, the basis for all of our “marks” are gyan and yoga.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, one thing is bothering me for sometime, the time from when I have decided that I will follow shrimat and be with baba only while doing all my lokik jobs. In gyan, a time comes when you don’t find attachment to any lokik relative as well as lokik profession, I want to do service and want to follow brahmin code of conduct honestly. At that time, It is very difficult to decide how to go further? I am in scientific profession where nobody accepts the knowledge and many theories are opposite to the real understanding (according to gyan). I have come so far in this profession that I can’t leave it but if I continue, I won’t be able to give time for sewa and regularly go to centre which I really like… While I also think that If I am really following brahmin code of conduct, I should be more satisfied with my work… Could You please give me some suggestions if I was successful in making you understand this problem? Thank you…

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Follow your heart, not your mind.
Service is no only talking gyan and doing public events or socializing with people so they come to the meditation center. “Service” is unlimited when we “show the Father through our actions.”
We are “numberwise” in this path; so if you listen to your heart, you will know what is next.

Best wishes!

Readers remarks: Your Godly service is indeed great. I have now become a regular reader of your blog which provides wonderful presentation on each and every aspect of BK Gyan – interesting and inspiring and thought provoking. Your understanding, approach and clarifications on various doubts raised by thousands of BK Brothers – in a clear and simple manner – are truly amazing.

Thank you, dear soul… As BapDada mentioned today, this is not the time to “eat the fruit,” 🙂

It is not “my” service; but something that this role needs to do to “survive” in Brahmin life at this time.
Rather, I have to thank all of you, readers; for “keeping me alive.” 🙂

I am glad to know that you are taking benefit of this as well as others. That is an inspiration to continue.
Every role has their own specialties and all we need to do is to share them once we are aware of them…..

Thank you again for voicing your kind thoughts and Best wishes! 🙂

Question: Baba talks about this imperishable knowledge all the time, is that enough for some souls to get a role in golden age or silver age without the yoga and the effort? or is the is number-wise too?

Thank you for your question!

When Baba refers to “This knowledge,” that is the “4 subjects,” gyan, yoga, dharna (inculcation) and service in their “PRACTICAL” form.
All of those 4 subjects are related. However, gyan is the first ingredient which makes the “cycle of 4 subjects” move.

Gyan allows you to have accurate yoga. Gyan and Yoga together allows you to have natural “dharna.”
Gyan, yoga and Dharna together means “service to humanity.”

Yesterday Baba mentioned about the “signs” that we attain when we are the embodiment of every particular subject.( a good review of the Avyakt Murli 10/21/12, is suggested.)

“The percentage in those 4 subjects needs to be equal,” As BapDada mentions.
As we know, the practice of that is numberwise.

Best wishes!

Sakar Murlis and the aim of Service for “Double foreigners.”

The avyakt Murli from yesterday (8-26-12) made me think in many ways.
BapDada mentioned that the aim of foreigners should be to “wake up the Kumbakharnas of Bharat.” “The Drama has that fixed in it.” That is the aim of service for “double foreigners.”

One of the realizations that I had was based on the use of the Sakar Murli these days.
Many “double foreigners,” who have been in Gyan for sometime, will be fond of the avyakt Murlis.
Let me disclose as well, that I am. I used to love Sakar Murlis in the beginning of my BK days in this life, now; it seems as if I already now how to add and subtract; so I am happy to know that “multiplication and division” are out there for me to learn; so I do not get bored.. 🙂 As you know, it doesn’t hurt to review addition and subtraction either 🙂

That incentive to learn by experience is the Avyakt Murli for me. I am learning more through them at this point of my BK career.

However, the majority of Indian/ Bharat based BKs now that I know of, love the Sakar Murli.
They rather have a Sakar Murli. 🙂

Let us not forget that “double foreigners” now have been residents of Bharat for many lives, probably form the “beginning.” 🙂
Therefore, according to BapDada’s instructions, “service” means that I will cater towards “my customers.” 🙂 More Sakar Murlis for everyone! Bharat is the land of Brahmin souls, so it makes sense to serve in that land even from abroad and use the openness that Bharatwasis have towards learning from Foreigners. Western culture and ways are everywhere!

Nevertheless, the way we view those Sakar Murlis for “service” will change.
Because according to time, we cannot have an “exclusive” vision ; that Is “God has adopted BKs” and no one else.
God is helping BKs now…. BKs get heaven by studying this study… everyone else will settle their karmic accounts through punishment and go back home.
No heaven for them, just punishment and the experience of “hell” now.

The challenge now is to “Globalize” those teachings; not by changing them but by going into a deeper understanding of those points. Depth is the answer rather than simplicity.
The problem with simplicity is that it generalizes statements (Black or White understanding) which does not fit an “unlimited” view of the Drama.
Because this knowledge is “true” and deep, then it should fit all souls in the Drama in a “numberwise” fashion. That aim, is what I am encountering more and more in this blog. (It wasn’t “my” thought.)

As times are changing, methods change; but it is the same “aim and objective,” nevertheless.

Question: How to differntiate between: “Behad ka vairagya i.e. unlimited disinterest” and negativity? Because sometimes I feel that I do not have any role to play anymore in my “Soul” in lokik (and I should totally dedicate myself to Godly Service) so is it unlimited disinterest or Negativity towards”Karma”?

Interesting question, Thank you.

“Unlimited disinterest, ” is not a dictionary word to look up. It is an experience and if you have experienced it, you will see that it is the most “positive” thing there is. It is the complete “opposite” of negativity.

Let me describe what I have experienced. “Unlimited disinterest” is a sense of knowing that everything which happens in our life is just an scene in the Drama and we have experienced that before.

Please do not take that from the “intellectual” viewpoint, but though gyan we are able to feel it and to watch things happening from a “distance.” That means that “normal” things do not bother you at all. One example in my life is the ‘importance’ that I gave to having a job. I had a well paid job at one point in my career and money in the bank as well. Once i lost that job, I started to panic. Even though I had money in the bank, I wanted to get a job similar to the one I had. This happened early in my BK “spiritual career.” I did not have faith in the Drama. I heard that many times in the Murli, but practically, I had none. I wanted things my way, and i wanted those things NOW.

I learned through life “pains” to have trust in the Drama as I saw how things worked out beautifully as long as spirituality was my main objective. I have been in so many jobs since then, and even though my monies were gone, I have never had a problem as far as how I will survive tomorrow. The Drama/Baba took care of me. Recently and after many years, the Drama gave me a job similar to what I had before, even when my “skills” in that particular trade were obsolete. That gave me faith in the Drama, so when a person is suffering because they lost a job; i am “detached” from that suffering.

I understand the suffering of that person, because I have been through it; but at the same time I had the faith that the Drama will provide when the time comes. In a few words, That episode of losing employment does not affect me anymore. Not because I have a bank account or because I know a VIP in such and such position, but because I know about the Drama. This is unlimited disinterest based on gyan. In that stage I could be supportive of that person without her “issues” affecting me.

In your case, doing “Godly service” can happen at any place at any time and in any circumstance. You are doing Godly service when you are with lokiks, no when you go away from them. BUT, you will “do real Godly service” when you have imbibed this knowledge, when there is “self service” first.

I have the impression that you feel that doing “Godly service” is to be a center niwasi, (being away from lokiks) dress in white and wear your badge for ‘official service.’ Nothing wrong with that if that is your call in life, but that is not the only way. Service is unlimited and for that, we need unlimited disinterest for then we become a “care free” emperor, a true child of the Almighty Father.

To answer your question now: It is unlimited disinterest if you feel that you want to help others. It is “negativity” if you feel that you want to get out of this world, this “lokik” world to be with “Godly Swans” only so you can serve the “lokiks.”

There couldn’t be service when there is division between the “lokiks” and the “alokiks.”

Best wishes!