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Question: Dear brother, As you have mentioned below- ““ The role is recorded” already in every soul; then we could wonder if “punishment” is something received for the “fun” of it. If we add that “only 8 will pass with honors,” then, the odds are high that “punishment” will be part of our experience.” This clearly explains, if we can’t make it in 8, the punishment is definitely part of our soul recording :) that does not mean our effort should decrease, however the question that arises is no matter what the role needs to roll….even knowing that there is the punishment…..so is it then matter of how much punishment?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

“Punishment” is a “little child” word. We cannot be “punished” for a role running through us. The issue which give us suffering is when ego comes up and would like to control things based on intellectual thinking, analysis and morality ( as following black or white laws in our understanding of what is good and proper.) There are different levels of consciousness. If you tell “John Doe” to follow his heart and do what he feels to be natural; he will certainly think that his vices are part of that. That is why, to align with “our” Drama, requires a previous work to understand the self, which very few people are willing to do.

The right word is “settlement.” That word does not have the meaning of being “beaten up” as punishment does. In fact, “settlement” is the end of the experience of duality for souls. As we are numberwise, some souls are able to settle their accounts (duality) and when “death” is experienced there will not be any suffering. That suffering increases in other souls, but at the same time settlement is proportional to a soul’s capacity. In other words, nothing could be overwhelming for a soul to experience. The proof is that we are still here.. 😉

Let us say that John Doe lived a life surrounded by all sorts of pleasure. He was into the senses and the pleasurable sensations of them. John had many people in his life to fulfill his needs and whims because he thought that “variety is the spice of life.” Thus, he developed serious attachments to physical things. When it was time for John to leave his body, John wasn’t ready. He was fighting it. When death came he was suffering for he wasn’t prepared to leave his current life style. That suffering means “lots of suffering” for John; due to his inability to cope with changes. That same experience of death may not have the same impact on another soul who has worked in the self. That is the difference. That is what is known as “punishment,” in “the children language.”

More vices means more suffering.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, It is amazing that how a test in life can show you how much faith you have in god and drama, my experience in last week, with the initial test of high blood pressure and possibility of high cholesterol made me go through the test of attachment to the body, family and put the power to pack up in work. The mind which created fearful thoughts were finally overcome by being in a solid remembrance and soul conscious, the end test result of my blood work showed it was not a big thing after all, how ever, the realization I had with this test was, in a difficult situations, nothing will help other than the remembrance of baba and the ability to be in soul conscious as I understand karmic accounts are being settled. Nothing is new as we all have to settle our account one way or another. The question for you brother is how far does our account go in terms of settlement? many births or couple of births? Does it mean that brahmin soul will have lots to settle as we would have taken many births in a numberwise manner?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your great experience!

Dear soul,
Karmic accounts started for a Brahmin soul towards the confluence of the Silver and Copper age. From that point on, we have accumulated many karmic accounts. This does not mean necessarily “sinful” accounts but accounts with just a return as well, like getting a good education, good health, etc. The issue for Brahmin souls that no other soul experiences is that when you signed up to be a BK, you signed up to settle karmic accounts in order to become “karmateet.” We cannot think in “numbers” as in life we have done many things, but we can get an idea by the “theme” of accounts; for instance for some souls most of their karmic bondages are related with health issues, for others, relationships; for others a combination, but once you overcome those accounts through suffering and yoga, you may have “greater” tests or perhaps those accounts are over. We never know. All we know is that we have the capacity to settle those accounts, which will be done in a numberwise manner.

It is important to realize that “numbers” are not as important as the INTENSITY of those accounts. A very intense suffering means the settlement of a “big account.” That goes according to the capacity of a Brahmin soul to settle accounts, which is pre-ordained in the Drama.

Best wishes!

Points in Depth: The Law of “Zero Balance.” (or no ticket no laundry.)

**Note: for those who are not familiar with BK terminology, a brief explanation of terms will be used at the top of the article.

1. Sanskara: impressions and personality impulses derived from past experiences (past life) that form desires that influence future responses and behavior.
2. Parandham: realm or dimension where all souls resided and go back in a cyclical way.
3. Baba: affectionate term to refer to God. aka as “daddy.”
4. Murli: Bk scriptures/talks where Knowledge aka “gyan” is taken.

17. “Zero balance at the end.”
Everyone receives liberation.

The beauty of “predestination” is completely understood when we see that at the end everyone will settle their karmic accounts. We go from neutral, to “positive” and “negaitive” activity to a balance of “zero”… to start all over again and then the cycle repeats

Another way of looking at the cycle of time then, is to say that it is about opening and closing karmic accounts. Sanskaras express themselves through us and then they go back to the origin, the seed. It is expansion and contraction.

Baba mentioned in the 3/21/11 sakar murli that “there are some karmic accounts which will be settled by suffering and others by yoga…“Therefore, we will experience these methods in our life, if we are aware. We do not know which accounts are settled by which methods. As a matter of fact, we don’t even know when a karmic account is settled until we feel that the “effect of whatever we felt before” is gone.

I find that we need to recognize that there is something which needs to change, for change to happen. Nothing extraordinary here, but still we forget to acknowledge that.
This awareness needs to bring a strong desire to change, to settle…. Then, the Drama will do its own “cure” and settlement. Yoga not only is a method for healing but to bring awareness of things that are not quite feeling good inside us.

Let me go into the real life scenarios for settlement:
If you “fell in love” with another BK (“normal” situation since it is a karmic account which needs to be settled) and that brings you suffering because of the inability to express your feelings or being rejected or being accepted but still feeling like a “traitor” to Baba, how do you deal with this situation?
The typical “Grandma remedy” is to run away completely from the person… to “fight” the desire to be close to that person, to busy the mind with different activities, etc… hoping that time will eventually “erase” that karmic account. However, that doesn’t happen, simply because the sanskara hasn’t been submerged. Thus, whatever we do is just a temporary fix. The” lovey dovey” sanskara of the iron age, is still there, ready to burst at any time.
Until the individual realizes that it is a karmic account and not a sentimental, romantic trip to happiness with another; there is no chance to settle anything. Once the realization through awareness or suffering wakes up a person, then the strong desire to change needs to overcome the whole being of that person.

“I” need to change. “I” must change.
At this point, yoga helps to fulfill the emptiness, that feeling that something is lacking, to fill the void of that unfulfilled sanskara manifesting. The Drama helps, by providing unique experiences where the opportunity to realize new things will be readily absorbed, because of our own awareness and openness. The Drama can only help us if we are open to be helped. We can call this “Godly help” as well, because it comes through spiritual endeavors at this time.

Self-respect will help; because a “deity” does not “bow down” to anyone but treats everyone with love, thus the discovery of love in the self; “to give” becomes the solution to the problem of “needing love.” Therefore, to give is to receive… another strong reason to fill ourselves with Godly love through yoga.

This leap of awareness creates the “zero balance” effect. Suffering triggers greater awareness which creates the desire to change. This isn’t to change someone or the situation, but to change the self.
Similarly, “zero balance” allows an aware soul to see that no matter what we do in this eternal play, we are not “guilty” of anything, but paradoxically; we are responsible at the same time; therefore, we experience the fruit of those actions. To see responsibility and not guilt, requires greater awareness.

This world will experience destruction thus, Who is guilty of that? Nobody. Who is responsible? Everyone of us; for predestination assures that all the activities which are expressed through us have synchronicity in them. Those activities happen at the right time and have the effect needed at the right time.

Every soul in this Drama is part of the whole, the unity.. and as that unity in Parandham gets divided into 7 billion plus souls coming down at their own time, we can see that the Drama is about “One who becomes many and many who becomes one.” That is the name of the play. 😉
All of our actions are synchronized to obtain a common goal: the eternal repetition of this movie. No matter what, there is zero balance for everyone and always. Feeling guilt is over. Time to move on.