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Question: Karma and Remebrance

Dear divine brother, Please clarify : Our ‘karmic bondage'(sins / vikarma) is reducing by Remembering Baba or by being in Soul conscious stage ? And how it is happening ? or what is happening in subtle way?

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question!
You are asking if our “bad” actions, our “sins” could be reduced by remembering God or by being in soul conscious state, right?

Let us start from the beginning, so we could demystify the meaning of “karma” and its need to be “absolved.”

One of the things to understand about the Drama of life is that nothing is “good” or “bad.” It is as it is and it is necessary. That is why the Drama of life, the movie; is beneficial.

The issue is our vision. Let us say that Peter lost his job. Is this “good karma” or “bad karma”?
According to your vision, that is what it will be. Losing a job could be the opportunity to find another “better” job. It could be the opportunity to spend greater time in spirituality, etc.

When we are trapped in the concept of “opening and closing” karmic accounts, we miss the opportunity to live life as we only see “good or bad,” but we are unable to see beyond the thing appearing right in front of our eyes. All actions are related.

Here is the latest realization.
Forget about settling karmic accounts. Free your mind from that dualistic concept.
Become a detached observer instead.


Because a detached observer is beyond the effects of Karma. A detached observer is a soul conscious individual or an individual who knows and understand how to change his vision, his perspective of things in life.

For example:
Peter lost his job. If Peter changes his vision by trusting the Drama of life in the understanding that “things happen for the best, as long as I do my best;” then his vision will allow things to change. If Peter’s vision is fixed in “how can I make money now… this is terrible…etc,” then obviously that vision will make Peter’s existence miserable.

A karmic account is the opportunity for us to realize that still we have some inner work to do. Is that “sinful”? ๐Ÿ™‚ Some will keep suffering. Others will try to find a way out.

How do we get out?
1) By going through the experience. Some may refer to this as suffering. Others as learning. What is your vision? ๐Ÿ™‚
2) By doing an inner work and finding the issues. Usually a lack of acceptance of things as they are due to inner rejections and repressions. This will lead into #3.
3) By becoming a detached observer.

In my experience, any other word that we like to use such as “remembering God” or “yoga” or “meditation,” etc; means only to become soul conscious. However, this soul consciousness is a process and it will lead into being a detached observer, little by little; not all of a sudden.

Moreover, we will become a detached observer when we have resolved our inner issues, that is our emotional problems, our fixed ideas and concepts, our own complexities, our inner struggles, our “baggage,” and are capable of embracing life as it is. This is called inner observation. Inner work on the self.

In my experience, we cannot expect that “yoga” alone will be all we need. As we know, that “yoga” is not the same for everyone: the same power and intensity. Therefore, we will need to observe the self, to become a detective of our inner world to find things which are making us to behave in a certain way. This “effort” will be rewarded through the law of karma as we know and whatever we find will be gone permanently.
Yoga can make us experience what is soul consciousness; but our emotional baggage will bring us down as soon as that yoga experience finishes.

It is a balance.

Best wishes!

Question: Does this mean that according to our stage before coming to gyan we can understand how much we took from baba in the previous cycle and how far in the golden age we came? Because brahma baba and mama had very good stages before. As an example if someone’s stage is very good before becoming a Brahmin does that mean that that Brahmin has come at the beginning of the cycle? And in my case my stage was very bad before does that mean I came at a later time in the cycle?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

We cannot generalize. No one could say a bad thing about my physical Father, but yet he is not a BK, even though he truly behaves with lots of spiritual wisdom without being spiritual. If I am asked to write a book about him; obviously I will not describe the instances when I was punished by him or when I thought that he had made a mistake. I will write this book to show his greatest qualities.

There is no relationship in coming to Gyan in a “good or a bad” state with coming earlier in the cycle. What gives you a number is your capacity to settle those karmic accounts. That is all.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother, Where is Dharmaraj puri ? When shall it be formed ? Who is Dharmaraj and what is his role ?

Thank you for your question!

Let us review some “pure gyan,” to find that out.

“Dharamraj” is the equivalent of “purgatory,” in Christianity. It is a “land” where souls will be purified before entering the soul world.

Once a soul has performed all the roles assigned to “it,” then there is a “transition” for that “purification.” (meaning the experience of being completely body-less.)

Since this cannot happen in the physical world, neither in the soul world; then.. where could it happen? ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is where the knowledge of the “3 worlds” comes in.

It can happen in the “subtle region.” As we know, every human being has a subtle body. Through that subtle body there will be this experience of “suffering,” if there is no awareness of the soul conscious state; there will be clinging to the physical body and physical relationships.

This is “settling” of karmic accounts which are pulling us back to the physical realm. The more attached we are to the physical world, obviously; that means greater experience of suffering.

The subtle world has always existed.(This is one of the tenets of “pure” Gyan; everything that exists has always existed.) We just became aware of that according to time.

There is a connection with our subtle bodies; although we may not be aware of it.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, Would it help us to escape from the suffering before going into the land of happiness if the idea of โ€œdonโ€™t give sorrow and donโ€™t take sorrowโ€ applied in our practical life?

Thank you for your question!

Absolutely. The issue is to recognize that even though, those wise words describe an attitude; we will not take sorrow gradually, as we are settling our karmic accounts. One thing is to say โ€œ I am not taking sorrow,โ€ and a different thing is actually to feel that without โ€œmaking any special effort,โ€ so it happens naturally. Easily.

Not giving sorrow is the same exact thing as not taking sorrow. Something to churn about. There will not be sorrow when the โ€œIโ€ is gone and so the separation between โ€œyou and me.โ€

Best wishes!

Question: Is there any differeence between “Test” and “Settling karmic account” ?

Thank you for your question!

A “test paper” is the opportunity to settle a “karmic account.” You can “pass” or not. Your “tests” will be based on your weaknesses, your karmic accounts.

You may have to pass many “tests” before you settle a karmic account or just one… The issue is that when that “test” does not affect you anymore, then the karmic account has been settled. ๐Ÿ™‚

Best wishes!