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5 minutes Sharing: Consciousness of Eternity

Catharsis: Short sharings via MP3 files


Since there is a recurrent issue with the quality of the audio in the “BlogTalk radio” website; there will be a change in the format of sharing.
Avyakt7 (Ananda) will be recording for 5 to 10 minutes only. Short sharings in different topics via MP3 files.
These sharings will be available through a link here.

The purpose is to fully express what cannot be put into written words.
Hope you enjoy it!

Totality and Individuality:


La Individualidad y la Totalidad: Las 2 caras de la moneda en la Espiritualidad.(Spanish)

This is the last one via BlogTalk radio.

Being conscious of totality and individuality- Sharings-


“Individuality and Totality the 2 faces of Spirituality” (English)
Spirituality is change of consciousness. Our consciousness usually resides in individuality, thus; our perception of the world becomes an individualized matter.

As our consciousness opens up, we will discover Totality. It is in that Totality where current spiritual teachings reside. Brotherhood among human beings resides in the consciousness of Totality.

When we are situated in the consciousness of individuality, all we have available are moral codes, laws and regulations to interact; however, these changes in behavior do not reflect a change in consciousness.

Note: The quality of the recording is not that good. Phone is IP based. Sorry 🙂

“Que cosa es conciencia?” (Spanish)

Vacation time coming up!


Today I just wanted to say “thank you,” to all of you who in one way or another support this blog.

Avyakt7 feels happy to know that these sharings are welcomed by many individuals from different paths, all for the common good.

The last post for this year will be next Monday, December 9th and then, the plan is to resume writing on January 1st, 2014.

This year has been full of changes and realizations in my spiritual path. Avyakt7 hasn’t planned things to happen this way, but has allowed things to occur as they have to.

Changes in life will occur as they are destined to happen, but the spiritual traveler is unencumbered, light and ready. The game of life plays its own cards, and we can enjoy that game when we are there for the “fun of it,” rather than “to win.”

If there are winners, there must be losers. In this game of life; neither winners nor losers exist… that is unless you want to see it that way. It is your own perception. That is all.

It is that “reality” of stubbornly trying to get something out of life; which is not allowing us to, sit back; relax, unwind and become enchanted by the opportunity to live, to be in relationship; to appreciate life….

Empty yourself from all of those preconceptions, beliefs, thoughts and judgments… You cannot be wrong when you are not looking to be right…

Appreciate, breathe, relax, smile… move on like the wind… that is live life to the fullest… No fees required for that, nor exclusive memberships… It is free, so you always get your money back… Guaranteed! 🙂

Ps: Time to enjoy the sun…