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Question for May 24, 2013

Om shanti. Pl put light on my below 2 queries: 1) If soul exit in planet earth only than what is the reason for creation/having such HUGE big Universe with millions and millions of stars,planets etc.. Only a earth, moon and sun may be sufficient with few stars may sufficient to balance out gravity etc. etc. 2) In some other meditation type where they imagine/call cosmic energy from UNiverse to flow on them and onece they feel fill up, then they direct it to anywhere they want for healing/any other purpose. They are not connecting with Siv baba soul, the actual energy source insted connecting with the mass universe. Is really it happens and cosmic energy exits. Thank you———-

Thank you for your great questions!

Dear soul,

You are making assumptions here based on what science is currently able to decipher. However, that “current accepted theory” is not necessarily equivalent to the “truth.”

Let me ask a simple question for that: Is the Universe finite or infinite? 🙂 If someone says “infinite,” then how can we be so certain about it? Just because a telescope has a limitation; or a space craft has gone to a certain point and there is more, it doesn’t mean that the Universe is infinite.

Similarly, how do we know that Universe is finite? And if so, where are the limits? 🙂
It is unfortunate that many times we assume things based on information from current scientific beliefs which by the way, when it comes about non tangible “reality,” (out of our experience) any theory is just that, a theory; a way to explain things which are “out of our reach,” a way to make sense of “reality.”
Is the Universe infinite or finite? Here is when “logic” is of no use. We could easily get caught up with intellectual concepts.

Therefore, I am reluctant on accepting something that I do not know (as being it) and have no way on knowing physically. That is why, I base my own exploration in spirituality on my own experiences primarily.

We perceive the Universe from our perspective of “learned,” “educated” beings. Everything has to have a “reason.” Probably there is a “reason” to have a solar system and to see that the Earth is in the perfect position for human beings to thrive.

However, we can only guess the “real reason.”

Let me suggest this to read:

It talks a bit about quantum physics and another bit about Gyan. “Location” in time brings a certain consciousness. That consciousness is called “collective consciousness.”

Just as for many “normal” people it will be very difficult to think or feel as a Deity in the Golden age because of their current consciousness, which will not allow them to perceive something further; similarly, the knowledge that we have in physical terms is being challenged all the time. That is why I like quantum physics; because it represents a challenge in all of that which we thought we knew. It brings knowing to the level of paradoxes and thus, makes it unavailable for many minds, which are not trained to see through them.

The soul exists. It is not bound by our concept of a physical planet. It just happen that the “world Drama” the world scenario is the Earth.

On your second question, many people do not call the Divine, “shivBaba.” That is just a label. Avyakt7 is not me. It is just a label to describe that which you do not know, which is “me.”

However, because we are part of this “oneness,” in the Drama, we can connect and because energy is all there is we could deliver that energy through our intention. This is the easy explanation of the power of “good wishes and pure feelings,” which in other places could be known as “reiki,” or “quantum healing, “ or “prana healing,” etc.

When we get caught up with labels, we think that the label is the “thing,” and we could even fight for a label and die for it.
What matters is the experience of that unity. Call it whatever you want.

I wouldn’t call that practice “meditation,” even though some may like to call that as meditation. For me is just a way to redirect energy, either our own or as a channel.
Meditation moves our consciousness to a different “location” so we could see things with different eyes.

Best wishes!

Question: As Shivbaba comes and goes from the Bramha baba’s body. Is Christ comes and goes from Jesus body and is it similar for other establisher for religions?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

According to Gyan, God is the only soul who can “come and go.” For the rest, once they enter the cycle of time they need to reincarnate and in the case of “religious founders,” those souls will receive their own body in the following birth.

Best wishes!

Question: What do you visualize when baba mentions bapdada? brahma baba (sitting as form of white light) and shiv baba point of light on Brahma baba’s forehead?

Thank you for your question!
FYI there were about “6 copies” of this question in my inbox. SO, you really wanted to ask this question! 🙂 Once you submit once, I will get a copy. It is just a matter of waiting until I have the chance to look at it which happens within 24 hours, if you do not see it posted, then by all means… please let me know.

I mentioned in some articles here, that “visualizations” are not my “thing.” I feel. I could “visualize” Shiva the point of light now, but I do not use pictures for that now.

I used to look at the picture of Brahma Baba and feel “sweet” drishti. That gave me good experiences. I wasn’t thinking if that was Brahma Baba or BapDada. I had good experience with Shiva the “point of light” as well.. But I discovered that my experiences where in relationship with the feelings of my heart. This is how, I enjoy feeling the self, the soul and from that point I could go into God the point of light, through a brief visualization. The important aspect for me is to keep the feelings alive, love or bliss flowing, in that there is nourishment and transformation of the self.

Best wishes!

Question: As you said BAPDADA’s picture is Bapdada referred as BAP-Shivbaba and Dada- Prajapita Brahma baba,s combined form. In ayakt murlis, latest ones all 3 terms are used in one para or one page someplaces BAP ,,,some BAPDADA and Some BABA …what is the difference just for clarity otherwise everywhere it cud be BAPDADA only ?

Great question. Thank you!

You are right, many times the words, “Baba,” “BapDada,” are interchanged. Matters could be a bit complex when “God” is referred as “Shiva,” “ShivBaba,” or “BapDada,” as well.
To my amazement, those words are not clearly understood by many BKs, let alone ‘researchers’ in religious topics.

For the sake of clarity and simplicity, the word “Baba” has been used widely to represent God, BapDada or even Brahma Baba.
When that simplicity is not enough, then we could add further depth.

In todays’ Murli (8-28-12) Brahma Baba was speaking saying that “he does not remember Baba all the time.” That means that in the “Sakar” -corporeal days, the difference was there.
There was a “Brahma Baba,” and a “Shiva,” God. When the connection was forged, then that was “BapDada.”

In the avyakt days ( Brahma Baba in his subtle role – angelic role) is known as “BapDada,” for that connection is stable. As a matter of fact, the first avyakt Murli in 1969 mentioned: “In the confluence age, God will be known as BapDada.”

BapDada is God for a BK soul. This is very important because our connection, our relationship with God is through the “middle man.” (Brahma)
That connection manifests through us Brahmin souls, through the sanskaras of Brahma Baba.
In short, Brahma Baba gives “personality” to God, the point of light, Shiva.

Best wishes!