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Question: dear soul my query is regarding ayakt bapdada milan how it is declared before so many months ahead that on such and such dates god will come in dadi how it is declared so well in advance,or can we interpret it like how we interpret sakar muralis that if we follow strict srimat of baba all life long including bramhcharya,strict vegetarianism,not eating outside,doing amritvela,atleast 8 hrs dyan even in daytoday karma,feeling merged with god the point of supreme light,feeling light and flying shtithi,then perhaps one can invoke god the supreme energy into us,this is the last stage of rajyoga feeling one with god in combined swaroop.your comments and interpretation.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Many times when we want to understand something Spiritual, we use as our reference, the physical world. This is the world of schedules, unforeseen circumstances, etc. At the Spiritual level, BapDada is ALWAYS available. There is no need to set up a “meeting.” In the subtle region there is no time. Therefore, those dates basically come to us as a convenient means for us bodily beings so we can “arrange our busy schedules.”

Dadi Gulzar is the appointed instrument to receive BapDada. In this way, we can avoid misunderstandings.

Dear soul, If you want to be “merged with God,” all you need to “do” is become soul conscious, the experience of the “true” self. As I have mentioned many times already, at the soul level there is no sense of “separation” even though we are different souls, just like in the subtle region there is no sense of time. However, in the consciousness of the body, we are stuck in thinking that GOd is the “other.” That is the conceptual view at the physical level.

One more item, “to interpret sakar Murlis” is not the more convenient approach, for everyone has their own interpretation. Then, we can appoint someone as the “bona dife instrument” to interpret what “Baba wanted to say,” however; we forget about different experiences in life and we cannot make a “blanket statement” that should apply to all for them, we will miss the gyani concept of “numberwise.”
Experience, then share your experience.
Following strict Shrimat to the “dot,” is interpreting what is meant to be the experience of the “spirit of the law.”

For example, if Shrimat says that brothers should sit in the left side and sisters in the right side and never mingle among them; then your strict interpretation of shirmat will be to “never” sit on the same side of the opposite gender.

That is not the “spirit of Shrimat,” which is basically to allow for people of a particular tradition to feel comfortable while maintaining at ease any feelings that they may feel while in the process of conquering sex lust. Once we have conquered sex lust you can sit with anyone on your side. It is numberwise.

In other gatherings, where “sex-lust” is “normal,” it doesn’t matter where you sit as long as you feel comfortable. Different “interpretations” according to experience.

It is important to remember that all the things that we practice are meant to help us in the experience of soul consciousness. As Baba mentioned in one Murli : “Be soul conscious and then do what you want.” 🙂 This is not meant to be a “religious ritual” but a tool for self transformation.

Best wishes!

Reader Comment on the Shrimat of going to the center

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Getting sustenance from the centre is also very essential.

In one murali Baba said, “Even if the centre is very far, even if you have to walk for 6 hours, you must go to the centre.”

And when Baba has given the shrimat in the murali, there is no need for us to use our own intellect. There is benefit in this only. (in following shrimat)

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul,

Please read this Murli excerpt from the Avyakt Murli of February 2, 2011:

“You continue to receive BapDada’s love and remembrance every day. Look, even while sitting at home, if you are reading a murli with discipline every day, then you don’t miss out on receiving BapDada’s love and remembrance for even one day. He doesn’t miss out on giving love and remembrance for even a single day. You do receive it, do you not? You receive love and remembrance every day. All of you receive it, do you not? This is a sign of BapDada’s love. If you miss a murli, you miss his love and remembrance. You then don’t just miss that murli, you also miss out on BapDada’s love and remembrance and his blessings. You can catch up on the murli, but the time that is fixed for receiving love and remembrance from BapDada was missed, was it not? BapDada is pleased that you are zealous about this. Achcha. Is there anyone who misses a murli? Among the double foreigners, is there anyone here who misses a murli? For any reason? There isn’t anyone. No, they don’t miss it. One person raised her hand. ,, do not miss it! Do not miss the murli! You can even listen to it over the phone. If you can’t read it, then, somehow definitely listen to it. Definitely give your present mark. Achcha.”

Now. let me ask you: What is the reason of going to the center? Isn’t it to hear the Murli?
Then, I would like to ask you, which Shrimat would you follow? The avyakt or the sakar? 🙂

Dear soul,
When we interpret things literally, we miss the “spirit” of it. As a matter of fact, when there is no interpretation, we will be able to feel the “truth” of something rather than to put it in dead words as a commandment for someone to follow it.

If you want to live in the setting and time of the 1950’s and perhaps you have the time and strength to walk up to 6 hours everyday to hear the Murli, that is great! Congrats!

Just remember that “reading or hearing the Murli” is not the end result, but to change the self. To transform the self.
That is why, it is important to read this excerpt from the avyakt Murli of March 2, 2011.

“This is because, wherever there are waste thoughts, you will not be able to keep in your awareness pure thoughts of remembrance, sweet words of knowledge, which you call the murli. You may be listening to a murli, you may be reading it, and that is essential, it is the discipline of Brahmins, but it will only remain with you just until hearing it. There won’t be any churning in your mind. You will think and also say: “today, the murli was very good. I am thinking about it. The blessing was also very good, and yes, I will remember it shortly…”.

Now, do you see why I stress so much current avyakt Murlis?

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti. I would like to learn from a Gyan perspective the fact of quantum entanglement; the notion that we actually are intinately and dynamically connected with each other, with the environment… with the cosmos…with Everything. How does this reconcile with Shrimat when Baba says you have to remember none but One. How are we to disconnect from our relations when we are fundamentally tied with them at a most fundamental level of existance. It would be apprecaited if I can understand Gyan’s perspective on this issue to get a better handle on how one may go about trying to “remember” Baba to the “exclusion” of everything else. Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your very good question!

It appears through your question that you have a greater capacity for depth, thus; I will respond likewise.

The following line is from a recent Sakar Murli (December 24, 2012 – page 1)

“Only when they become soul conscious can they remember the Father.”
If there is anything about remembrance that a Sakar Murli mentions, I would request that you remember that line above any other.

Why? Because it clearly states that you need to be soul conscious in order to remember the Father.

Please read the answer of a similar question about remembrance:
http://bkgyan.com/2012/11/27/question-dear-brother-please-clarify-this-point-as-it-is-not-clear-to-me-when-we-become-concentrated-awareness-of-the-point-feeling-the-self-how-is-it-possible-to-remember-god-as-remembra/ I would suggest to pass this article around as “service,” for many times we forget to look at Gyan from a deeper stand point and we just want to remain with a childish understanding throughout our lives. Numberwise.

Now, to answer to your question. Once we become soul conscious, we have arrived. There is no separation between “ME,” and the “Father,” because there is no separation as 2 different soul conscious entities between souls, even though paradoxically; they are 2 distinct “points of light.”

And here another paradox: To love only the ONE, means to love everyONE. We cannot love just the ONE in soul consciousness, without loving EVERYONE, for WE ARE ONE.


Because there is no exclusion in soul consciousness. That exclusion only exists in body consciousness.
Therefore, your use of quantum mechanics to explain spirituality is correct. You knew the answer. Now you see how “Pure” deeper Gyan, supports “quantum entanglement.”

In Gyan, we see that we are pieces of the “jigsaw puzzle” which is the Drama. Everything is the Drama and we are part of it, BUT our meaning in this puzzle resides in being in “entanglement,” in relationship.


I wish this post gets in the hands of every BK out there. WE have truly deep knowledge hidden in childish understanding.
All is good according to the Drama.

Best wishes!

Spiritual Efforts: “You have to remain very firm in the disciplines, and also be fully independent.”

This is another Avyakt Murli which is self-explanatory when we have experienced gyan in our lives.

I understand this one, because I have experienced this Murli in my own life. The code of conduct is what keep us in the “race” in a numberwise manner. To learn to be “by yourself” and at “ease with yourself,” is something learned in this knowledge as well. The world doesn’t know about this, as a matter of fact, many individuals without the experience of “detachment,” will think that “detachment” is “bad, unhealthy, crazy, etc.” when for all practical purposes, detachment is part of love. Part of understanding our eternal journey of continuity, of moving, of flowing. Not to understand this fact of life and to try to “possess,” to cling to something is truly unhealthy…but under our society “norms and expectations,” is considered “normal.” 🙂

Note that Baba is explaining the meaning of being independent. There is independence within a relationship. There is no independence without a relationship. That is called “isolation.”

Nice, sweet and short avyakt Murli.

Avyakt Murli, April 24, 1969
Are all of you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? BapDada thinks that there should be no need to ask this any more, because all the children have now grown up. Each of you has now put on the crown of responsibility for changing hell into heaven. One who wears a crown asks others about their well-being. When you become the kings of satyug you will ask your subjects about their well-being. So you have to be filled with that sanskar here. The sanskars that you fill yourself with now will continue for many births. And within those, the main sanskar is that of being independent. Being independent does not mean that you do not depend on the disciplines of the divine relationships. You have to remain very firm in the disciplines, and also be fully independent.
To the extent that you keep yourself tied by the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan, accordingly you will remain loving and detached. The main code of conduct is to follow shrimat, and everything is included in that. If you let go of the code of conduct, you move yourself away from the clan, and there isn’t the intoxication of being a Brahmin. Shrimat is only one word, but it has very great significance. Shrimat tells you what thoughts you should have, how you should see, how you should speak, with what consciousness you have to perform actions, how you have to eat food. Shrimat even tells about how you should sleep; you have to be in remembrance first and then fall asleep. It is the code of conduct of shrimat to check your chart and then go to sleep. You know what the code of conduct is even in terms of thoughts. everything is included in that. So check every action. What is your attitude, vision, and consciousness? Every aspect should be within the code of conduct. In some cases you have to set yourself free, and in some cases you have to tie yourself. This temporary, sweet bondage liberates you from many other bondages. Look at your daily chart, check it, and move forward. All of you are going to look after kingdoms in the future. So can those who are going to look after others not look after themselves? If you cannot look after your chart, how will you look after a kingdom?

COMMENTS: Shrimat is the sweet bondage that liberate us from other bondages. That Shrimat is represented by a code of conduct which starts in our thoughts, vision, attitude and actions. Checking the self is not “normal,” in a society when checking others is preferred. This “new” knowledge requires that we unlearn many aspects and that takes time. Note how the emphasis is on transforming sasnkaras. However, this is not a process that occurs through “learning,” for we already have those sanskaras in us. It is about emerging them by….remembrance.

Reader remarks on: Question on following Shrimat by a new BK

The original question and answer could be found here:

Reader’s remarks in boldface type.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

The person here is asking for clarity. There may be or may not be a book.

However, a compilation of important guidelines that Bapdada has given would
help a newcomer to be “Last so Fast.

The person is interested to know about Shrimat and would it not be appropriate when somebody asks for something, then we need to share those compilation of important shrimat.

In such cases, we need to be to the point in answering.

The main Shrimat:
To remember the Father Alone is the Shrimat. that is to be soul conscious and God conscious. And not to remember the bodily beings. One Father and None Other. None but One.

All other shrimat is to attain this above goal.

the 4 pillars of rajyoga are the basic Shrimat,
Daily spiritual class (Satsang),
Inculcation of Divine Values,
Pure Food,
Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Also, the 4 arm of Vishnu (Aim Object) tells us:
that we need to Study Daily,
Practise Yoga daily,
Inculcate Divine Virtues Daily
Do Godly Service Daily.
this is also Shrimath.

(Because only when we have these 4 Alankars (Decoration), that
Ahankar (Ego/body conciousness) will disappear)

And also for Brahmin lifestyle, Bapdada has given us the timetable to follow.

Yes, while following the above, one needs to do it according
to the person, the person’s stage, ability, situation, time.
After all, all are not equal, it is a numberwise family.

One important Shrimat, not to leave Bapdada’s Hand come
what may! Bapdada says that He does not leave the children’s
hand, it is the children who leave Bapdada’s hand.
Always Hold Bapdada’s hand and to hold means to follow the Shrimat.

Another Shrimat, is that the Fire of Yoga should always be lit,
just as when a yagya is made, they ensure that the fire is always lit,
So also we need to maintain some connection with the Supreme.

How to maintain such a connection with Supreme?
By remembering the points of knowledge, murli.
By Sharing the points of knowledge.
By Seeing others specialities, By seeing one’s own speciality.
By Churning the points of knowledge.
By writing the points of knowledge.
By Reading the points of knowledge.
By keeping in touch with the centre.
By doing some service either subtle or physical.
By remembering the past memorable experiences with Bapdada.
By remembering Madhuban.
By practising meditation on virtues – peace, love, happiness etc.
By remembering Baba in different relationship.
And so on.
In one way or the other always maintain some link with the Supreme.

Some say, i am far away from the centre and I dont get everyday murli.
Then read any murli. Sakar murli or Avyakt murli. And later on read the murlis
that are regularly coming to centre.

If you have any doubt then ask yourself, What did Brahma Baba do?
or If Brahma Baba were in my place what would he have done?

If we are unclear to what to follow and what not to follow,
then Bapdada’s Shrimat is accept the decision of the instrument sister
and if we follow that, then Bapdada is responsible, the burden will not come on

One important Baba’s Mahavakya (which contains both His direction and
His Promise,i.e, God’s Promise to us)
“Dear Children,
Take one step of Courage towards me,
Then I will take thousand steps of Help towards you”

Baba says to follow His directions, His Shrimat
take the step with courage and then He will be there to
Help for every step of courage taken.

No Courage, No Help.

Answer by Avyakt7:

Thank you for your remarks. I see that you feel that you are “giving to the student what he wants” by writing quotes from BapDada along with some other advice on “How to” do something.
That is not the approach that i like to take when answering questions, because it is not about me writing stuff to be repeated which is already out there, but for the new student to be encouraged to experience and find out for himself.

He wants to see written Shrimat someplace and you offer him what he wants to see. I advice him: experience it by listening to the Murli yourself. 🙂
There is no Sakar murli which does not mention the “remember me alone and forget everyone else.” If this student is “last and therefore go fast,” he will realize that himself. He already came equipped with the intellect to do so, according to the Drama. The proof is in the quality of questions being asked by newcomers at this time.

All what you have written is good but it has to be experiential not a mechanical repetition of some instructions/directions. It is a process of understanding (“unlocking the intellect”) which comes by listening to the Murli day by day. That is what the article written was about and what I believe in through my own experience in gyan. It is about self discovery.

Best wishes.

Reader comment on article: “Musing on following Shrimat”

Om Shanti.
Upon reading this great perspective, two thing that stood out immediately in the below statement were:

Naturally, I will be making a huge dis-service if I see a BK soul crying and I told him/her “Baba said you must not cry. She just left the body and is taking another. Follow shrimat.”
That is lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the particular, numberwise stage of that soul.
Lack of respect. Lack of tact.

1. To be in line with the acting position and playing different roles, it is best to say the soul playing the BK role. This will separate the soul from the role.
2. Oh, but the one saying it with lack of tact, is also in his/her limited consciousness and thus numberwise and dis-service is part of that soul’s role. In your own words:
“See, that to be detached from a “role,” is to be a “detached observer.” It does not matter if the role is “good” or “bad.” It is simply a role.
And it being simply a role implies that even the one doing the dis-service is in the play, and I need to remain detached both from the cryer and the corrector, so, I can do the real service, being in the NOW and in a true detached observer mode.”

Response by Avyakt7:
Let us get a bit “technical.” 😉
1) it is best to say the soul playing the BK role. This will separate the soul from the role.
It has been mentioned as well that this Drama is ONE. How can we perceive separation? There is a role being played through a soul. There is a BK role playing through a soul. 🙂
2) The “perception” of “dis-service” is just that, a perception of reality. It is another role being played, which “hurts” souls. That is the “bottom line.”

After the “mental logical game” is over, we have the head playing with words, reason and logic…..and we have the heart which does not care a bit about the former, the one that suffers.(yes, we know it is the soul…)
Therefore, if the heart feels pain, is because the head is not connected with the heart. Another painful “performance,” which reason and logic cannot help.

Question: Om Shanti. I have a question on “Shrimat”. In various murli’s it is said that follow shrimat. Is shrimat published in a book form ? If I have joined BK in just a few months back, how will I see all the shrimat ?

Great question. 🙂 Thank you.

There is no book with “Shrimat,” because as the article mentioned “we need to see the spirit/aim of the directions rather than blindly follow what is being said/written.
That is the reason why we hear the Murli, for we need to hear the context, the circumstances and apply that according to our situation.

Religions are usually adept into having commandments for everything. A single line which “must be followed.”
In Christianity for instance, there is the commandment: “You shall not kill.” However, we can see wars in the name of God or defending the idea of God. Killing people for the sake of defending ideas. Same thing with animals. Is that Ok to kill them to eat them? Even if they feel suffering like us? Even if they want to live as much as us? Even if there is no need to kill them to survive?
then, ideas such as “God has created us to be the kings of creation and all nature is for our service” or ” the sacred scriptures say that it is ok to eat some animals.”
My question then is: is there any book to mention all the exceptions of killing? Is life supposed to be lived with rules and regulations? We should have been born with a booklet under our right arm, like a manual with instructions on how to behave. But that is not the case. Life is not a box. It is dynamic.

The beauty of the Murli is that it will give you advise for particular situations which you will recognize as Shrimat. Let me give you one example:
At one time in my BK career, I decided that I wanted to hear the Murli over the phone and forget about going to Murli class, because of some XYZ issue. Then, Baba mentioned something like “Sanyassis run away from their family. That is cowardice.” I took that as “shrimat” for me because it was related with the issues that I was going through at the time. It came right to me. I heard it. Others in the class may have not even paid attention, but i did and it pierced me. That is what we call the “magic of the Murli.”

There are other souls who listen to the Murli via the telephone according to their circumstances. I can go to the center, they cannot. Therefore to say:”Baba says that you are running away from the family like a Sanyassi because you are not coming to hear the Murli” is just a gross misinterpretation of Shrimat. See? 🙂

This is why we hear the Murli everyday. There is some sort of personal advice which will be just for us according to our circumstances. That cannot be put in dead letters for everyone to “follow” in a booklet. Shrimat matches our life circumstances.

Best wishes!