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Questions for June 12, 2013

brother, there are many freshers bk who works in night shift. what can be the approach for amritvela for them?

Dear soul,
Thanks for your question.
Amrit Vela is a matter of consciousness. Where is your consciousness at 4 AM? That is all.

You could be sitting, standing, doing things, etc. Where is your consciousness?

Best wishes!

How do I experience Baba as the child?

Dear soul,
By letting the inner child be free.
You can only experience a relationship as long as you believe to be that which you want to experience.

In my case, “I” am a friend, not a child anymore.

But if you want to have all relationships with the Father; then become a “detached observer.” That is as paradoxical as Gyan could get.

Here some Murli points taken from the avyakt Murlis:

Avyakt Murli dated October 28, 2012. “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” that is to “become combined and become One.”

“By being a detached observer, you will easily become companion of the Father and equal to the Father.” – Avyakt Murli June 10, 2012

“Unless you constantly have the consciousness of a detached observer, you cannot make BapDada your companion. The experience of the stage of a detached observer enables you to experience the companionship of the Father.” – Avyakt Murli, November 25, 2012.

Let me ask you this; why “make effort” to have one relationship when you can have all of them? 🙂

Let me recommend to read this:

Best wishes!

Om shanthi Brother… What is the difference between being Powerful and in silence? Are they same or different? Can you also define each of them. Thank you Brother.

Dear soul,

To be powerful is to be in a constant stage of inner silence. That means beyond thoughts and thinking.

Please do not be content with more definitions. If you define, you cut off the totality of the experience.

No more definitions. Experience the inner self and then everything will come to be understood without definitions.

Best wishes!

Silence, Movement and Calmness – By: Mathias

(from “the Awakening”- Mathias – translated from Spanish)

Many times we limit our thinking by talking to ourselves and by talking to ourselves in a negative way, through the use of language in an improper way. Together with this; we are continually ingesting toxic emotions which have brought our planet, physical and emotional damage.

How do we finish these habits?
1) By becoming conscious of silence
2) By having undivided attention to movement
3) By taking things with calmness.

1. Becoming conscious of silence:

Silence allows sound and symphony to build and shape up everything that exists in this world.
Silence also communicates, meaning; it transports subtle information to far away distances with great intensity.
Silence allows restructuring of our language and its form by nullifying the effect of a destructive atmosphere.
Silence gives life to “space.” Without space there is neither form nor harmony.

When rain drops down, it has sound. The wind has sound. The combination of both is symphony.
The space between each sound will bring stillness to the mind.

In that stillness. there is emptiness and in this emptiness, it is possible to expel or eliminate any type of energy from the physical body, even the one which has introduced itself in the heart.

To begin the “healing dose,” it is important to bring an attitude of celebration, cheerfulness and then dance. All of this is in relationship with others.

Many times in the “party of life,” the sounds coming from the mouths or hearts of someone, are like noise, but still we need to dance. For movement will not allow us to accumulate that given energy, and they will hesitate to give the same noise again.

Celebration of life is a song. The symphony of silence.

In order to heal and regenerate we need to use:
Light + sound
Space + time
Silence + Stillness
All of that will equal cellular regeneration.

We could call everything mentioned thus far, the “structure of the symphony” and this should be combined with the other “doses” to intensify its effect.

This effect with affection is called magic.

Before trying to take the next step, let go of all structures from the past. Don’t fix anything without making sure that you have let go before.
Let go, give a space to yourself. Now fix a “theme” to work on at a time, then give it form. Then, let it go; do not expect anything. Let it go. To know that this movement has harmony with life is known as celebration.

2. Bring complete attention to movement.

In this movement there is power. That harmonious movement utilizes this symphony; that means time and space which together along with harmonious breathing in total consciousness, will bring the renovated restitution of energy in the self.

A relaxed, fluent movement increases performance. It improves the distribution of oxygen, allowing us to better absorb the essential nutrients of life.

Movement with attention and consciousness will allow us to reach self-mastery of the physical senses with greater agility besides clarity of vision.

This extrasensory perception will speed up the manifestation of what is emitted in matter. The mind in its state of density usually stops this movement.
To move means to let go. To bring attention means to fix, to establish, then our consciousness will be able to give that a new form.

3. Take things with calmness

Psychological time and the structures from the past, need to be eliminated. To go beyond time, we need to finish with all interest in physicality and all its different roots.

To be in calmness is the art of disinterest. It is to generate a redirection with the unlimited. To break all barriers brought by time means to move at great speed. That speed without harmony, creates chaos.

For example: One morning John went for a walk to know the town but with the excuse in his mind of “not having time,” he wouldn’t allow himself to enjoy anything.

To take things with calmness, is to introduce in the mind a new habit, a new behavior, which means to observe and then to emit, to act and then to perceive , to perceive and then to transport.

Transformation of that which is perceived, means to dissolve and generate new spaces, where the physical senses do not play an important role, since these are limited by time and space.

For example: To listen in silence is only possible when you are capable of going beyond the influence of any physical sense. This is done through the stability of vision. That is, to look for a space where the mind is free from the influence of time. To be in a hurry or to believe to be in a hurry does not help to relax the mind. The “information” will flow through you and because you are unable to “catch it,” this information will naturally dilute itself.

Calmness means to feel the absence of the unknown, is to surrender to certainty in an appropriate way. It is to feel that that which has arrived to you has necessary motives to exist and requires total acceptance.

In this conformity with that which exists, a natural skill will emerge in you and the nutrients for life will arrive to you and all of the sudden only gratitude will emerge in you.

The harmonic movement allow us to take things with calmness; that is to feel total respect for that which comes without any further labels as good or bad, because this labeling will not allow its manifestation with a null state; it will avoid the development of communication and healing through a healthy use of the energy of words.

While things are happening, only there is a need to celebrate life. To use our time in healing that pressure of our own mental belief that everything should happen faster. Sometimes, that movement in our life stops because we are not ready; and this will bring great consequences; which could last days, months or even years.. . and even though that could happen, still take things with calmness because in the least expected moment, perhaps a door will be open! We could come in, but to remain there, means to maintain that harmony and thereby understand that everything is coming to us in the right moment. This does not depend on no one or anyone. It just happens. When? At the right time.

In the meantime, celebrate, smile and dance with life.

Energetic Nutrition 2 – By Mathias

Being alert through the day is how we can stop this process of deterioration from taking place. When our energy is directed for several hours in a natural and conscious way; our magnetic field increases. Also if we maintain a state of calmness while in movement; this conscious attention will mobilize those energies stuck or dispersed in our magnetic field.

Silence is very important as a tool to create emptiness, which in turn is important to create an energetic movement.

Our energetic nutrition can be transformed. This means that it depends in our state of consciousness and the ability to “switch“ from one dimension to another.

To take nutrients is a very complete phrase when we understand that it is something multidimensional.
Some things which will help us to bring more attention to our nutrition are sounds, attitude, conscious silence, and emotional and physical nutrition.

Using our state of being as instrument for change: To change our state of being is to change the instruments which we utilize for our own nutrition. That is the equivalent of “utensils” to eat food.

We will talk about some states of being:

Mental state: For many years now, human beings do not use this in an adequate form and for that there is aggression of the mind, that insensibility is more evident every day.
The mind requires doses of calmness. A state of calmness is the instrument adequate for the mind. In a conscious way we need to inoculate calm energy from Nature. In that way it will become strong and it will finish any state of alteration along with an adequate breathing.

To inoculate is to take from emptiness/voidness. To give form and to incorporate it into the mind. This should be done with firmness, with stability with self-control.

The emotional state: To be in stillness is necessary. In stillness we do not manipulate, control or direct everything that is apparent in our surroundings. To know how to wait, comes from being still.

That stillness which has the knowledge that things will happen as long as we are vibrating in the same syntony. In stillness there is no rejecting. That rejection is the form how we open our energetic cells. When we reject, we allow that which is negative to us, to enter us with greater strength.

Physical state: Rhythm is the key to use this instrument. Each one should observe the load in your own being and from there generate your unique rhythm.
When we consolidate these energetic instruments, there rest of instruments will be utilized in a natural way.

There is no explanation for something which works naturally. This is the way it is.

It is in this way, that people will awaken consciously and they will not be sleepy due to an incomplete nutrition.

If you pretend to eat soup with a fork; the sensation will be there; the heat of the food will be felt but the difficulty to consume that soup will alter the state of being of the participant, creating aggressiveness in his interior. When that situation is rejected, then the energetic cells will open and that which we emit or is in the atmosphere will be absorbed with greater speed.

The awakening of consciousness has the most complete consequence called: perfection.

Enjoy the Silence

Tampa Bay

Many times we hear “ to be in silence.” For most that means, not to utter any word. Yes, that is silence; but in Spirituality we go beyond the common dictionary definition of that word.
We need to go into an experience of Silence.

“Not to talk before Baba’s meeting,” has become very fashionable. But not to think waste or even not to emit judgment or opinion, is something that not too many can “do.”
In fact, we don’t “do it,” it happens. 🙂

How does it happen?
When there is a realization of the value of not thinking mundane stuff, that is to be in silence.
As I was looking through the window, my mind had “plenty of stuff to do.” Needed to talk with this person, write an email here and there; purchase things, etc. Just mundane stuff.
Then, when the realization came of such activity without the label “this is mundane,” but as a “weight to carry,” some sort of “heaviness;” then, I was able then to really look outside the window and perceive beauty of trees and the clear shiny sky of that morning. At that point I was able to hear birds emitting sweet sounds, while my mind had stopped generating “noise.”

The realization of this change only lasts “1 second.” Because of that awareness; is that I am able to write this for otherwise; that state of beauty will go unnoticed. Almost like when we see a sunset, we become peaceful; and then we think: “If I want peace, I need a sunset.” There was no realization that our inner stage was “ready” for that experience when there was no expectation of that “peace” to happen and that the mind had stopped emitting wasteful noise. Beauty comes when that “noise” goes away.

Birds are “talking,” but their talk through singing is sweet. It is regenerating, it is fortifying. When that space of “silence” accumulates in the self; then automatically there is change in the being.

Those spaces of silence will be needed to recover our sanity when surrounded by a world of noise and activity.

Calmness, coolness, easiness; comes in the appreciation of that state of “non being.”
The beauty of dawn is appreciated when there is “no-one to emit judgment of it.”

That beauty penetrates our being as if we were sponges thirsty to engulf that holy water of silence.

Another realization comes, when we perceive that our state of being is not only dependent on “my own thinking, and feeling” but when I am able to feel the outside atmosphere. That is that heaviness which is made up by many human beings emitting “noise” through their thoughts as well as outside “entities.” That is the vibrational energy which many are not aware of.

The atmosphere brings its own energy. That energy may have different types of “noise.” If we are unaware of it, as “sponges” will be absorbing all of that and as a consequence our “stage” will be affected.

What is the cure for that?
What is the “effort”?
To be aware.

Being in Nature without nourishing ourselves with those vibes, is like going hungry to a food store, but just to feel content with the taste of candy bar.
Nature is the best “meditation room” ever created.

Enjoy the silence….

Silence: Our Hero

To much of this life has been lived unconscious
Have I been present to witness it’s fullness?

Constant chatter, distractions galore
Mindless matters, & looking for more

Skipping from one automatic half-hearted action to the next
Missing the timeless exchanges, connections and contexts

Only when Silent does the debris start to clear….
Only when I Listen can the wisdom appear

How much of the worlds problems would be solved
If we suddenly became mute and had to evolve?!?

Emptiness: Another name for sweet silence


In the laboratory of the self, meditation with loving words in the mind is one way to express feelings and to learn to feel again. However, there is a distinct flavor when the “inner chatter,” of thoughts and words diminishes. There is freedom, there is emptiness, void, healing, silence, sweet silence, nurturing void.

All problems, what ifs, scenarios, dramas and deceptions are gone at that level. It is not that they do not exist, but looked at them from that level of consciousness; it doesn’t matter at that time.
To keep the mind free from that clutter, is known as to keep the self away from waste thoughts. To produce thoughts and feelings of good wishes is an additional step which will have the force of an empty, void, silent mind. Otherwise, there is mixture and in that mixture there is inner struggle.

If we didn’t know how to speak a language, we wouldn’t have inner chatter. That is why to be silent is not really not to talk; but to come from a place of void, of stillness.
To increase that space, we may start by not talking, then by living in solitude, then by realizing that the mind is the culprit of our inner agony of waste, and rather than using violence to silence it, we could discover that space where there is no inner chatter.

Listen to your favor music. Feel how the sound takes you to another land. Music becomes the “bus” to that land rather than a “meal” for the spirit.
Now, listen to the same song in the state of void, of emptiness. Here is when we truly listen. We can listen to the different sounds of the instruments playing, even the voice of the singer, the words are no longer important, non-emotional. We can listen and move on. We can smile and go back into emptiness, into that sweet silence, then we could smile again.
There is no reason to smile, other than tasting sweet silence.

The joy in being empty
resides in feeling null
silence can only tempt me
if my smile becomes full.

Question: I have noticed that even after coming to knowledge there are vices like (lust,greed etc.) that still comes out,what is the best way to settle or finish these vices especially if it has been done in this birth and pomp up when is been triggered?

Thank you for your question.
A vice is not like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that we can get rid of. Any vice is just a manifestation of Ego in different forms. Lust and anger in their gross ways are highly visible. The same with greed, but then the “subtle threads” appear. Those are connections with those more obvious vices. Those connections when they are reinforced, they trigger the “old” vices.

For example, I want to become egoless. That wanting “rejects” ego; therefore, I become a “double actor,” and start acting “humble” (in my perception of what is humble.) My act is convincing to others, but then “I” write this superb article. I believe that to be “me” writing. I believe to be a great writer. I may not say it or express it, but that is my belief.

That means that my ego will increase without me noticing it due to my belief and my humble act will change its quality as well. Ego will be noticeable to others in the expressions that I use while I write. I will not realize it.
My belief in “being extraordinary” triggered ego which I thought went away due to my humble act.
Here is when Baba talks about “checking and changing.”

However, ego is not “bad,” it just shows us that we need to transform.
That transformation will happen gradually through yoga (as we know) and the experience of “void,” “inner silence,” or being “a-temporal.” Those experiences will make us aware of the vices as if something does not feel right. When we reach this point in our “effort making” life, there is no need to “double act,” as pretending to be “virtuous.”
That transformation needs to be deep to stay. Otherwise, we will feel changes (old vices coming back) when the atmosphere changes around us (for example around the company of certain individuals or particular places or because our inner state has some fluctuation i.e. Feeling overly emotional) as long as our sensitivity/awareness is awake, we will notice those changes; otherwise, because we are still half-awake, we will get influenced.

Therefore, the best way to finish the vices is to increase our awareness through the experience of what is known as inner silence, emptiness or void, or just the experience of the soul. That will come as long as we do not reject something in us, but when we fully accept it.
Because Baba has said that good wishes and pure feelings are necessary to have yoga/ silence. The mind will not remain still if there is a rejection, a “something to get rid of” type of thought in ourselves.