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Reader remark: Duality

Picking one side means to acknowledge the other, for one side exists because of the other.
Free your awareness from duality and all of the sudden, we will see something different, which was hidden from the “intellectual” mind. That is freedom from the known.

Dear Avk 7,

The gap between these 2 sentences speaks a lot.

The first sentence (in italics,) has a meaning only in night i.e. Copper-Iron & Confluence Age. It is meaningless in the day as there is no darkness, no contrast.
When u free ur awareness from duality there is only one side of a coin or same thing on both sides of the coin. Only Happiness, Peace…..etc. Ichchha matram avidya (= ignorance of even the word desire.)
Even in night though both sides are there but there is no clarity. Happiness & sorrow will be there, but we do not understand them accurately as they are, as our intellect is corrupt.
This Confluence is the only time where everything is crystal clear, if our intellect is S. P. (Sato Pradhan).
Even in day G. A. & S. A. though there is no contrast there will be superlative or whatever they say in English. (It is not my mother tongue, so excuse me.) That is some one will be better than other and still someone will be best or one of the best in some skill or speciality or wealth or…
But no one will feel anything abt. it. (anyway he is my brother)

Dear soul,

There is the world of non-duality and the world of duality… For us being conscious of the world of duality “now” the phrase in italics still apply. We pick non-duality, but still experience duality. On the other hand for a being like a deity who is unaware of duality; there is no duality at all.

When we free ourselves from duality there is no happiness, neither peace as a concept. Those concepts “happiness and peace” have their opposites as well. The experience of being beyond duality is beyond words. WHy? because our language expresses duality.

The experience of being beyond duality could be expressed as “bliss,” however that is just a label to express something that cannot be put in labels… When we are caught in the rationality of words, we miss the experience.

In the confluence age we have knowledge, but as you realize it is numberwise. So that “crystal clear” addition is numberwise. We are finding “new” things about gyan and going deeper than what it was possible before.

The words “better than” are words used in duality only. Such a word couldn’t exist in a world where duality is non-existent.
You value wealth, skills, status, etc. Over there, they realize those are just roles. Once you are blissful, how can you think that you are “more blissful” than someone else?

Only here in duality and without the full experience of bliss.

Best wishes!

Question: Sweet Brother, your churnings of gyan are really beneficial for me. Thanks to BABA, DRAMA & YOU. I feel and believe that I was there in golden and silver ages but is it possible to remember the incidences or the experiences that I had at that time?

Thank you for your appreciative words, dear soul!
The aim of this knowledge is for us to “remember.” That “remembrance” happens to different souls in different ways.
Some may have “flash backs” of that time; others may have dreams about it; yet others have soul recognition of other souls and the self. For others; it will be a sense of belonging, of being part of; and yet for others it will be to understand gyan at different depths. All of the above, will give you that “clue” that you are looking for.

In your case, if you appreciate the churning shared here, it is evident that your understanding of Gyan is what gives you that “clue” about belonging to the Golden and Silver ages. As you know, not many can understand these things, and even less put it in practice; that is to be “practical” knowledge.

Best wishes!

Question: s the pole shift &mayan philosophy says destruction happened just 2500 years back.Did it happened at end of silver age?did deity souls recieve any idea about it like we are getting now.how can they be part of that when they were in karmateet/life- liberated stage with negligible karmic accounts.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

It appears that being a BK soul and enjoying “21 births of happiness” comes with the price of “enjoying” 2 “destructions:” The one at the end of the confluence age between the Iron age and the Golden age along with other souls… and the one at the end of the Silver age, which is just for BK souls to “experience.” 🙂

Those destructions happen when “duality” starts and when “duality” finishes. Duality starts when body consciousness starts and it finishes when soul consciousness starts.

Best wishes!

Many questions…in one question

The following questions were formulated by a BK soul. I would like to remind all of you that I am not a fortune teller. My answers are based on churning gyan. Many of the questions are repeated questions. From now on I will just say “that question was asked before,” and as I showed many times how to search terms in this blog, I trust that the articles will be found.
I will answer the soul’s questions in between his questions:

Om Shanti
Nummers of the FAMILY members in the FIRST LINE;

Pick a number.

The Divine Intellect Whom are the 8 First BK Family members?
Or what is meant by the First 8 members?

It was responded before. See “rosary.”

Then you have the Rosary of 108 Also Baba mentions 16,108 what is meant by that?

That question was asked before and responded as well.

Is it correct that GOLDEN AGE has ONLY a maximum of 900,000 souls to enter over the entire era of 1250 years EACH having 8 births? Or is that the number of souls whom are directly to be transferred into the next Kalpa (all be it numberwise) are these INCLUDING the subjects?

900,000 souls at the beginning of the Golden age. They will reproduce in the duration of that age. If you read the “Mystery of 21 births” you will see that it is difficult to know who has 7 births or 8 births in the GA. Your last question needs to be clarified.

What is the number of souls at the end of Golden Age? What is number of souls at the end of Silver Age?

The Murli mentions 330 million souls at the end of Silver age. That is it as far as I know.

Now my question to you:
How is that information helpful to you in any way? If it is just out of curiosity, please don’t do that to me.

If you plan to figure out the different numbers by extrapolating them and figuring out that out of 900,000 to start if they have each 2 children knowing that their life expectancy was 150 years, and if you put them together in the 1250 years duration of the Golden age then you could figure it out the end population of the Golden age and to double check if the 330 million at the end of the Silver age is the correct number; let me use this opportunity to briefly say that to be a waste of time. Why? Because estimates are based on “fixed realities.” Rate of growth is not constant because not everyone lives 150 years on “the dot.” Those differences make a difference overtime in larger population; AND you don’t know that those 900,000 in day “1” where “really” in their first birth of the 8 permitted in the Golden age, or in their second… (???) 🙂 That was answered before as well.(see mystery of 21 births) Krishna was in his “second” birth on day “1” when he became Narayan.

Divine Intellect: The Divine Intellect is like the Heart of the soul, however it can ALSO BE DESCRIBED as a Hand (Catching Power) I remember a Class given by Sister Meera Bhen Ji in BapDada’s Season 2009/2010 about the Divine Intellect and Catching Power. I would like to go deeper into Baba’s spiritual knowledge regarding how the Divine Intellect works and where does the Divine Intellect consists of in spiritual terms? Does the Divine Intellect consists of 5 ‘fingers’ or ‘members’ of the ‘GOVERNMENT’ ? Whom is at the Top of the Government? It is DESCRIBED that soul consists of 3 faculties ( Divine Intellect, Mind & Sanskars) though there must be much more to learn about the Divine Intellect.

Divine intellect: Absence of waste. That is as deep as it gets.

Best wishes!

Best wishes!

Question: I haven’t understood this clearly please explain… A Christian priest who follows celibacy (especially Christian priest who follow celibacy “out of love for God”) will not even be a subject at the end of the Silver age.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

This point is one of those things of gyan that is truly “food for thought.”
Sakar Murlis gives great emphasis to celibacy (purity) Even though a BK soul leaves gyan due to sex-lust. It is mentioned that this soul will go to the Silver age, where he could be a “subject.” Then you wonder if celibacy is really the main qualification to be in the Silver age of the cycle? That is why I am bringing up the case of catholic priests who follows celibacy but yet, according to the Drama; they are not “worth to be in the Silver age.” See the point? 🙂

This brings to my mind, the fact that souls belong to a particular “section.” Recognition of Baba is what makes that particular section in the case of BK souls. At the same time, it brings the awareness that there is no such a thing as “the Silver age is better than the Copper age,” for every soul will feel at “home” in their particular age. Intellectually, we think in terms of “better” or “worse,” we like to compare. The beauty of the Drama is that “intellectualism” is not able to understand the perfection of it.

We never become “better. We can only become what we have been. 🙂 and that will eternally repeat.

Best wishes!

Question: Hi brother, My question is how the golden age and silver age all ended? Had it all happened due to the natural calamities that had destroyed all the golden palaces ?

Thank you for your question!
According to gyan, there was a destruction towards the end of the Silver age which marked the beginning of “body consciousness.” That destruction is remembered through the stories of “mythical” places such as the “Atlantis,” “Lemuria,” “Kumari Kandam,” “Mu,” “Mount Shasta,” etc.

Best wishes!