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Is Oneness another belief?


The short answer: Yes it is, as long as it is an intellectual matter; something that we can debate about, something that we could defend, give “our life for,” something to convince others, etc.

AND it is not. If this knowledge does not come from a thought, from an inference, from a deductive skill, but from the observation and feeling of it; that is when true intelligence emerges as recognizing something without the need to put it in dualistic thoughts and words.

Here is when the well-known phrase “The truth does not need to be proven,” comes. It shines by itself for those who are able to see it. There is no need to defend it, rationalize it; but not for lack of logical or reasoning skills; but simply because you either “get it,” or you don’t. 🙂 But still, whatever someone perceives as “truth,” is “the true” for them, for that goes according to their consciousness.

It is a matter of awareness, of consciousness, that is all.

Could we describe the color of the sky to someone who was born blind? Or someone who can see, but does not dare to look up above for fear of losing their own beliefs?

In the first case, to tell him: “Look; the color of the sky is the color located between violet and green, in the optical spectrum.”
If that doesn’t ring a bell to him, then an intellectual could say: “It is the light with a wavelength between 450-495 nanometers. Don’t you get it?” 🙂

In the second case, all we can do is to point upwards. Hopefully they will not believe that the finger is the thing to pursue.

Even with a brainy scientific description, there is no way that “that blue” could match the color of the sky. Is the color of the sky the same all the time? No. Nothing is static. Everything moves. Everything changes.

Poetic language based on feelings could come close but never close enough. That is why spirituality is closer to poetry than rigorous science. Feelings bring closeness. Thoughts, separate things.

“It is a celestial shade: soft enough to bring a smile in your lips and bright enough to lead your path in the day. The sky has moving visitors flying at a distance: the Sun, the Moon, the stars and the clouds. Their games of “hide and seek” will change the colors from a clear light to the absence of it. The color of the sky is light and darkness and in between, all the other dyes.”

It is important to recognize that we are dealing with dualistic language. In that type of language to make myself understood, avyakt7 needs to “take a side.” Obviously for an intellectual mind, taking a “side” means that there is a belief in that. Something to debate about.

How could be possible for avyakt7 to convey “oneness” without writing about it? But that does not mean that “oneness” is my ideology, my belief or that avyakt7 is copying other religions which believe in omnipresence. Avyakt7 is not defending something.

Thus, it is important not to take what avyakt7 is conveying as the “truth,” or as some special thing; but just to be open minded so, the message could be accepted.
Your own awareness, your own state of consciousness will do the rest.

Avyakt7’s experiences are just his experiences which do not apply to everyone.

Avyakt7 is catching more often his dualistic thoughts and his own beliefs and clearing up his mind from all that cloudy, rainy, foggy night of thoughts… and learning to see for the first time with his own light.

The lullaby of Dawn


In the sacred temple of dawn,
i hear her voice sweetly calling me,
“wake up little son.”

Birds chirping the new morning song
delighting the audience of countless flowers,
who applaud the advent of light in a chord
in a new day for embracing the Lord

That freshness is the aroma of life
nurturing the spirit to be alive
just as a holy scripture touches the mind
or faithful love pierces the heart

As the wind pronounces our names
the mystery of freedom still remains
for love is meant to be free
untamed, ready to break all chains


Without inner fight.
means to behold the pristine sky
mesmerized in the reflection of its might
but only with the beauty of an open heart.

Poetry: The Mundane and the Divine in the middle of the night

Life is a dream.
to wake up is enlightenment,
in the middle of the night.

Mundane is to shop at Walmart in the middle of the night,
Divine is to go outside and taste the brightness of the starts!
Mundane is needed to survive,
Divine, to breathe and be alive

Mundane is to watch TV just to relax
Divine is to wonder at the birds flying in the sky;
There is no fear of the deepest heights
for that is teaching my wings on how to fly

Being drunk in the middle of the night
extends a dream when is time to wake up,
a divine call will not let you sleep
as a mundane bill won’t let you breathe

Deep depth comes from your heart
Rest assured, that is Divine,
Mundane is superficial shallowness
coming from your own mind.

Your possessions aren’t yours
That is Divine,
As the Aurora of Dawn
brings that beauty
which is not mine.