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The art of sleeping to be aware

Sleep is of paramount importance for our well-being, however; many will live life without the experience of proper rest.

There are the classic “tips,” like going to bed early, or disconnecting from computers, phones and TV a couple hours before sleeping, or even not to eat too late, etc. Those are “good” tips for most individuals (especially to shut down electronic devices.) Many will take a pill to snooze fast and will go along with the consequences of secondary effects. Nevertheless, there are suggestions that may be needed for other types of people.

In my years as a “seeker,” I used to wake up before 4 am to meditate for 45 minutes every morning. This practice has great benefits if and only if, we get a good sleep the night before. This reduced my sleeping time from 8 hours to 6 or less. I used to take a nap in the afternoon as well but, there were times when I was very tired from lack of sleep.

Even though our society considers that 8 hours of sleep is needed to recover properly, there are different sleeping needs as there are humans. Those needs will change in everyone, as we age in Life.

Sleeping is not a matter of quantity, but on how profound we let go of that which we call “I.”  That is not “quality” but depth. “Sleeping like a baby,” happens when we become babies.
When we dissolve that consciousness of “I” with its perceived problems, and allow ourselves to disappear into the Totality, we will sleep very well, profound, even if for 3 hours.
As we become more sensible to other energies surrounding our environment, we may be susceptible to noises at the gross level or to energies around our bedroom, at the subtle level.

If there are noises caused outside and there is nothing we could do to stop it, we could integrate with that rather than reject it. If we reject, we will trigger heightened emotionality inside us. Our mind will go on with insults, complaints, ways to get even, etc. That will produce in turn, wakefulness of the “I.” An empty mind is helpful to avoid heightened emotionality.

Integration is not a “practice.” Animals will do it naturally in their environment despite their very sensitive senses. They are able to rest.

At the subtle level, there are many energies around our bedroom. Those energies sometimes interfere with proper sleep. For instance, sex is energy and there are subtle entities feeding on that as there is a continuous interchange with the environment. Also, if the bedroom is used for anything else but to sleep and to have sex with a loved one; then this “sacred” space is polluted at the subtle level and we will have difficulties to fall sleep. One way of cleaning is through the use of harmonious sounds. I use a “Tibetan singing bowl.”
This sound needs to be applied in all 4 corners of the bedroom (subtle energies prefer to dwell in the corners,) from the floor to the ceiling. Standing, hold the bowl and then bend over near the floor to play the bowl with the mallet and as the sound starts, raise the bowl as high as you can go towards the ceiling. This “practice” has worked for me very well. Here is an easy one to try: Change your position in your bed. Place your head where normally your feet are located for a couple of days. This is another  practice that has worked for me.

The art of sleeping well, requires from us to let go of our personality. Many individuals fearing death may have a hard time sleeping well, for the “I” fears to lose control of its own existence.
Crowded cities present a sleeping problem. Buildings and apartment complexes are too close together and subtle energies do not know about limiting walls. Many times, it may not be “us” but others.

As we get closer to Nature and its rhythms, then balance reappears.

Time to sleep!


Deepest changes in personality may occur during our sleep time.

Those changes are consequences of our attitude and vision expressed in actions, during the hours that we are awake.

Therefore, the quality of our sleep is very important to enjoy a vibrant day in consciousness.

Unconscious behavior occurs while we feel tired, fatigued or not “fully there.”

In our society, we have been trained to ingest caffeine as a sure way to become alert. Please see that this behavior only promotes dependency on a substance, which could have unforeseen effects if we continue to experience sleep deprivation.

Beyond the “brainy” explanation of the REM state and the importance of experiencing deep sleep, there is the practical experience of a good night sleep.

Mathias, the wise tree explained to his friend Ananda about the importance of sleeping.

Ananda: “I understand that during the hours that I sleep, I am not conscious. It is like experiencing a “mini-death,” I feel vulnerable at that time, is this feeling correct?

Mathias: “Correct, friend. When you leave your physical body at the time of sleeping, your energetic field is open to all sorts of energies coming from the outside.
Electro magnetic energy from different devices created by humans, will affect your own electrical field, unknowingly. Likewise, you will attract different entities vibrating at your level. It is like giving food to those entities. For instance, if you are constantly feeling sad, that vibe will attract energies with similar polarities and your feeling will be enhanced in your waking hours.
To know how to sleep is extremely important.”

Ananda: “ What do you suggest, friend?”

Mathias: “ Night time is to rest. Follow Nature in that. Slow down at night-time. If you drink liquids, they should be warm or hot, for they will be easily absorbed in your body. Help your mind with enjoyable sounds, or music and as you are getting ready to sleep, send your own energy throughout your whole body and then expand that energy into the room where you are sleeping, so you become one with the totality. Your bedroom should have only your own energy, full with it; so there is no space for anything else to enter. In that state of fullness, you can let yourself go.

Ananda: “Interesting, friend. What about waking up?”
Mathias: “ Waking up is as important as going to sleep. Embrace your own self, send energy to your own body and generate feelings that will make you smile, with appreciation and gratitude of being there … it is with that attitude, that your day should start.”

Electromagnetic radiation and its effects in our health

“Om shanti brother: I have read Energitic Nutrition – 1 on this site. I feel my body is too sensitive for EM Field/Radiation. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Please help. Om shanti.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your great question.
I am glad to know that you are taking advantage of the tab titled “The Awakening” by Mathias. The article that you mention is located there.

Last week someone asked about improving her sleeping habits in a spiritual gathering and now, you are following up with your question.

Most individuals at this time, are not aware of the damaging effects that cell phones have for the human being. I truly recommend that your bedroom should be completely free of electronic devices especially cell phones. Also, try to use a “hands-free” headset to speak using your cell phone. The radiation that your head receives is detrimental for your health.

The advice above is something that avyakt7 practices diligently.

Let me share some advice based on experience:

If you need to wake up early and need to use an alarm clock, just use one with batteries. The place where you sleep should be dark without any sort of EM source nearby. Last piece of advise, when sleeping your head should be located facing “North” and your feet “South.” In fact, North East is the most recommended position. If you have an iphone, there is a “compass” app that you can use to find out where “North” is.

Just imagine the terrible damage that is going on when you wake up early in the morning and still feel tired. Even if you sleep more hours to “catch up,” it will not matter; for you will feel weak little by little and prone to make mistakes throughout the day due to not sleeping well. In due time, that weakness of your body will develop into an internal inflammation: that is manifested as an overall feeling of exhaustion and if you go to your friendly Dr. Pill for his advice; he will probably give you something to “knock you out” at night; nevertheless; you will continue to feel tired.

Slow down at night, let sleepiness come to you while relaxing with soft music or by a brief walk around Nature.

As the article by Mathias mentioned, to be close to the Ocean is a good way of charging your own energetic field. A lake, a river could have the same effect; what is important is your state of mind. If you are in a calmed mood, in a good mood; you will be able to replenish yourself with negative ions and reverse the damage in your body\subtle body in due time. It will take time to reverse something which has happened over a long period of time.

Finally, allow you skin to breathe early in the morning, by allowing the beneficial sun rays to touch you. Allow your self to ride the wind like a Dragon, by opening your arms in signal of opening yourself to life. Look at the sky at night, to admire that forgotten twinkling star, feeling gratitude for experiencing life… and amaze yourself at the beauty and selfless love of Mother Nature.

Always go back to “her” to recuperate your health.

Best wishes!

PS: Corrected the position to sleep from “North West” into “North East.” My apologies. 🙂

Question: As per the article on healthy celibacy ===There is a link between celibacy and sleep time specially when dealing with the subtle level of consciousness. Learn to balance the dual energies within yourself, called “ying-yang” popularly. Cud u kindly explain how sleep time affects .Thankyou

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

For most healthy males there is a period of “automatic arousal time” usually at early morning hours. Here is a chance for “unconscious” emissions to occur. If you keep the healthy habit of waking up early, let us say 3:30 am or so, meditate and then exercise, cook, etc; that time of arousal will not be there. To be able to wake up at 3:30 AM, you will need to go to bed early; which as we know is another healthy habit.

“Normal” people retire to bed after midnight. In Spirituality every hour before midnight will only increase the quality of your sleep.
Sleeping need varies according to individuals, thus; find how many hours you need and work it out accordingly.

Another unrelated advice to your question, but very important to keep your sleep time profound and sound, is to turn off all electronic devices in your bedroom. Unplug them completely. Phones should be out of your bedroom even if they are not connected to a power source. Their electromagnetic field will interfere at the time that “you” leave your body to sleep; thus you will feel tired when you wake up.

I learned this tip from a wise friend of mine. It works like a charm.

Best wishes!

Question: om shanti, i am bk for more than 10 years., i want make progress in my effort but i feel my effort so slow. the questions is; how to conqueror sleep and laziness ? thank you. om shanti

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
Many times I hear this word “making effort.” If I was a competitive runner, I know that it means, running longer, running faster with lesser recovery periods. When I hear that from a BK soul, the only thing that I can relate to, is to follow the Maryadas. That is effort until it becomes part of your life style.

The Maryadas will give you the environment for your sensibility to spirituality to grow. That will make your AWARENESS to grow. That awareness will create a new consciousness in you. “Effort” resides in maintaining that awareness, that “new” consciousness. That can develop into soul consciousness.

We conquer sleep by sleeping enough and no more than that. Numberwise. I use a clock alarm for that. 🙂 Laziness goes away as part of that awareness. When we realize through knowledge that this is the “age of benefit,” then we take advantage of that. If you have been a BK for more than 10 years, you may need to check what type of newness you are bringing into your Brahmin life. Any routine will develop apathy and lack of enthusiasm, that is laziness. Practice meditation to feel the soul. Feeling takes you away from a routine.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti. Dear brother, In one of the murli’s, It is said : “Knowledgeable children should have half as much sleep as those who don’t have knowledge. Go to sleep at 10.00pm and wake up at 2.00 am and sit in remembrance. ” Have you tried this any time? Does this really work?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Yes, I have tried that some years ago. (3 AM) It didn’t work for me since I was involved in many physical activities and required a nap. 🙂 I woke up at 3 AM for Amrit vela, but it was more a sitting exercise than a connection.
My sleeping needs are currently 5 to 6 hours. My Amrit Velas are always at 4 AM. I wake up by 3:40 AM (I get extra 10 minutes for I do not take that long to get ready) 🙂

I could go to bed as late as 11 PM, but 10:30 PM is my regular time. I take a nap after work.

I guess, I am not as knowledgeable, but I sleep good. 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: What exactly are dreams? How to win over sleep? When we have dreams, we are observers, yet we are not aware of it….Can we become aware in dreams that we are dreaming? At times, in amrit vela, when we are fighting between sub-conscious mind over conscious mind, sleep takes over it, how to win over that state, without taking outer efforts of music or commentary?? I hope I am able to put across my question with clarity.

Great question!

Dreams are dreams and life is a dream!
“La vida es sueño.” – Life is a dream. Is a play by Pedro Calderon de La Barca from Spain. In this play he acknowledged the “mystery of life.”
Those words have become a cliche in Spanish and certainly something that I learned as a kid.
“La vida es sueño y los sueños…..sueños son.” – Life is a dream and dreams… are just dreams.

“I dream that I am here
of these imprisonments charged,
and I dreamed that in another state
happier I saw myself.
What is life? A frenzy.
What is life? An illusion,
A shadow, a fiction,
And the greatest profit is small;
For all of life is a dream,
And dreams, are nothing but dreams.”

Dear soul,

Life is a dream and dreams are nothing but dreams… 😉
You said: ” When we have dreams, we are observers, yet we are not aware of it.”
That is true. Just like living “life.” We are supposed to be “detached observers,” but we are caught up in it all. We are dreaming life! Therefore, a dream is exactly life.

“To wake up” to be “enlightened” may be the task. Awakening is related with our awareness. I hope that you are not looking for the Ph.D answer of the “subconscious fighting with the conscious for a taste of Freud’s cigar.” 🙂
Accept your dreams as such. Enjoy the ride just as life. Enjoy the mystery. Do not try to control anything, learn to watch, to observe in life and then this will happen in your dreams as well. Then you are “controlling without controlling,” which is the best type of control.

The mystery, the magic of life; many times is unfolded through dreams. That has been the way the divine had access in to my “thick head” of thoughts, analysis and logical concepts.

Many changes in your personality will happen while you are sleeping. A good sleep is as necessary as a good dream… or a good life !

Let changes happen in you naturally. Please do not force yourself to go with 2 hours of sleep when you are not ready for it. If you practice the “maryadas” accurately and you practice feeling the self (soul) without interfering thoughts and you experience peace beyond thoughts… you will not fall sleep. Only when thinking takes over as well as tiredness from not having a good night sleep, is when you will fight to be awake.

In my own personal practice I always take a shower before Amrit vela. That helps a lot.

Best wishes!